June 8 2019

Okay! Wow, this is a first for me. So, because I'm a polite guy, I'm gonna introduce myself. My name is Dick Grayson, which you probably already know cause I'm famous, I guess? So the multiverse is a thing. And apparently, in Earth Prime, superheroes have cool magazines and TV shows, and I'm kinda a big deal, which is why I can tell you that I'm also Nightwing. 'Cause you already know.

I have decided to start a diary. I can talk about my day, and stuff and give advice… because I always wanted to be able to talk to people and help them and this seems like a good idea. Also, I apparently have a lot of fangirls over in Earth Prime, and, uh… I'd hate to disappoint. Also I have fanboys! I'm not sexist, I promise. I'm a fanboy. Superman is awesome.

I think this will be less awkward as time goes on, but I'm gonna need your help. See, I haven't really done the 'talk to the public' thing since I was Robin and had a club, so I'm a little out of practice at this. But I'm gonna talk about my day, my family, whatever. Maybe ask for advice. Definitely give some advice. And if you guys have questions then, well, what's a hero for if not to help the people? I mean it. I want to help you. You got questions about dating, finance, religion… I don't care. Ask. I can answer at the bottom of the page or just respond to you personally.

That's gonna be called: Robin and You, because, even though I am not, currently, Robin, in a sense Robin is anyone who helps people for the greater good.

You may remember, from some of my earliest comics that I had Robin helpers who would help people across the street and stuff. I don't know how good Damian would be at that kind of Robining.

Maybe he could talk about being kind to animals. Who knows. It could work. But I'm gonna talk about my day now!

So, I'm a police officer in Bludhaven, and my captain's name is Amy and she's the best. (I should not that in your comics I lost my memory right now? That didn't happen. Sometimes your comics are wrong. I got my job back.) So, I chase this thief, I bring him back, and I'm hungry. So I stop for doughnuts. Don't tell Damian. He teases me.

So I get doughnuts, the powdery white kind, and it turns out that the guy had like, a grenade that he assembled in the backseat? He smuggled it in in pieces and then put it together like a real jerkwad.

So he throws it at me, cause it's tiny and also there's a hole in the glass separating us because BPD is underfunded. So I get out of that car so fast you wouldn't believe and it blows up but it's a small explosion. So I knock out the guy in the back real fast, but when I get back in my car… the doughnuts are no longer edible. Also, they are everywhere.

Now, the car works, because I made some adjustments myself and it was a little bomb. It's not in good shape but it can drive. So I go down the the precinct, and remember Amy? Not happy about the car, because not only does it now need adjustments, but there's also this white powder everywhere that's gonna take forever to clean. She said that next time I should wreck the car altogether so we can save time buying a new one instead of fixing mine.

So. That's not a story you'd find in your comics, but… I liked it. It was a fun Officer Grayson story.

So, for Robin and You you can ask for help or ask about my life or whatever. Here's some examples. "Hey, Nightwing, what's your favorite kind of bagel?" "Nightwing, do you like kitties or dogs?" "Handsome savior of the night, do you like sunrises or sunsets?" Or stuff like "If my parents are divorcing should I take sides?" You know. Whatever you need.

And, here's your Wing-tip of the day!

Wing-tip! Never give out your age or gender to someone you don't know online! Even if it's a survey from a fanfic writer! I've seen some people try to pull this, but don't get trapped! If someone asks, explain that you don't feel safe giving away personal information. If they're a good person, they'll understand.

PS: As this is a diary, I'll be posting everyday. Stay tuned for more of Dick Grayson's diary for fangirls! (and boys because I'm not sexist)!