October 16, 2019

Hi, guys. It's been amazing. When I started this June 8, I could never have guessed how big it was going to become. How many wonderful people I would meet. How much love and pain and sadness and joy would be rolled up into this one experience of being with you.

I could never have known what would happen. And I would never trade what did for the world. It's been… beautiful. Not because it lasted, but because of the love and the people that came together.

Because of the unique people that are you. Because of your trials and struggles and joys and questions. Because you wanted to help others. Because you could reach out to pull someone up and at the same time let yourself be helped. I love you. Each of you. Every one of you amazing, incredible people I've grown so proud to know.

I've never done something like this before. I may never be able to do it again. But I will treasure this, this shining time of love and people, people who care, for the rest of my life.

And if you ever need to talk, this will always be open for emergencies. If you ever need someone to listen or talk, and you have no where else to go, then we'll be here. If it looks like options have all run out, or you can't believe in anything, especially yourself anymore, then we will be here to love you.

I'm sorry we had to cut off early yesterday. I don't think we felt like we could handle finishing with all the care and love each response deserved. We're here now. And we just want you to know that we love you. I love you and you are all so amazing, even if people can't always see it, I can say how amazing you are because I know. I've seen it in you. Your goodness. Your strength.

And I hope that for every tomorrow that comes, you will remember that. Remember that no matter how blind people are, how much they don't understand and don't care, there is someone who's seen you and loves you.

And there always will be.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Spirit be with you all.

Robin and You

forever 122 asks: "Hi, Dick. I have been writing for hours now. I hope I get this done thoroughly and quickly. (stares at clock) And...go!

Ugh! I can't stop you with the compliments. I might as well accept them. I think you are a wonderful and amazing person who deserves love and affection and to be appreciated for how incredible you are too.

Oh, good. You were thinking about your dads. I'm glad you came to that conclusion on your own about being a hypocrite, because I was ready to point out that you were essentially doing what Bruce does, cramming all the bad feelings into a box a chucking it out a window. Defenestrate: to throw someone out a window. Comes from the Latin word, fenestra, fenestrae. Learned that in seventh grade and it is still my favorite word. I feel like I'm on a writing high or something. I have so much energy right now and all I've been doing for the past three ish, soon to be more, hours is sitting at my desk, writing and doing research on stuff for your brothers. Anyway, I'm glad you realized the hypocrisy of what you have been doing. Okay, I need to take a break to calm my thoughts. My heart is beating a bit faster too.

Okay, I'm back. What made you decide to let your walls down? I'm happy you've let yourself feel and won't be going back to the silly mask. Even though it hurts really bad at first, and it is so VERY tempting to go back to trying not to feel everything, I know you're strong enough not to.

Heh. I just went back to the first few chapters to find when I first posted something. (pauses for a moment) ...I...lied... about that one you missed. It...was pretty important. I didn't feel right letting this end without telling you. Ah, I have to do drop my sister at her psychologist. I'll be back.

Okay, I'm back. In short, there was a pick up in people and you were overwhelmed so I just told you it wasn't important. This was maybe a month ago, when we didn't have this many people, but still more people. I'm just gonna slide this here... "(insert deep inhale here) (insert deep exhale here) I was being stubborn, not saying anything to you. I've been told I'm too stubborn for my own good. Yet I deny it because I'm that stubborn. Everything is alright. I did mess up, but it wasn't that big of a deal. It could have been, but it wasn't. It was a stupid reason to get so depressed, but I hold myself to such high standards, that even the smallest of things can make me go down hard. I will admit, most of Sunday I spent in a blanket burrito. That was the one day I allowed myself to wallow. The night before was rough. Here, I'll give you the quick story. I was babysitting Saturday in a town I wasn't very familiar with. The kid wanted to go to this ice cream shop so I looked it up and drove there. I found this parking lot and was heading in, when I realized the are was facing me instead of in. I should have just gone in and parked quick, but instead I decided to back up. I don't know what happened, but I backed into this empty car parked on the other side of the rode. I immediately felt terrible, like my world had ended. I know, stupid reason to feel that way and get so depressed, but I couldn't help it. I continued on my day after doing what I was supposed to, and I got off late that night. Driving back...was hard. Suicidal idealization was something I struggled with hard when I was younger, in a rougher spot in life. There were no plans, but it was the constant feeling thoughts. I went empty on my way home. When I go empty, I just don't care about anything. The thoughts were hard, but I got home. I'm doing a lot better now. A whole lot better. None of the bad thoughts have hung around. The clouds are gone, and I'm relatively happy again. As my mom says, "This too shall pass". The previous year I had a parking lot accident on the first Saturday of September, like I did this year. I don't think I'm going to drive anywhere on the first Saturday of September for a few years. So...there. Now you know.

So...now you know. I could have left it as, you would have never known, but... I couldn't. In the message I had also put "If you could pass this overly large paragraph to Tim, I'd really appreciate it. I know he was worried too." Do with it what you will. I haven't had a thought like that than. So, thumbs up!

Jason's body was brought back to life from the reality punch, injuries and all. There was severe brain damage, the lack of oxygen when he woke up probably adding to it, the pit brought his mind back. Of course, Talia could have just stolen his corpse like she did in "Under the Red Hood" and dumped him in. If it's the first one though, after Jason clawed his way out of the coffin, he wandered around Gotham for awhile on basic instinct before Talia found him. It usually goes that she tried to bring his brain back naturally, but the damage was too severe. Into the pit with him. His mind wasn't the same, but at least he was actually aware of the people around him and could speak, decide things for himself.

Uhhh... Death poll? What death poll? Hahaha... FLUFF, look what you got me into. Okay. In the comics. About thirty(?) years ago. When you became Nightwing and they brought Jason in, the readers didn't like him. Too rebellious. Nothing like you. They wanted you back. The writers of the comics heard this and decided to create a phone-in poll to let the readers decide if Jason would die or not. They had flyers and everything. I found a flyer online. "Robin will die because the Joker wants revenge, but you can prevent it with a telephone call." "Voters can select one of two options: the (telephone numbers) number, a green button, casts a vote in Todd's favor: the Joker fails and Robin lives. The opposing (telephone numbers) number, a red button, dooms the troubled teen to a bloody end at the Joker's hands." Picture of Batman cradling Jason. Dates, times you can call. They've actually redone this "poll" Twice. The first time, 71% voted for to live. The second time, for the Titans series, Jason lived, but the voting system was in favor of him dieing by 51%. The one that decided Jaosn's original fate though... "The original poll's phone-in campaign lasted for just 36 hours at 50 cents per call. More than 10,000 votes were cast to determine the fate of the second Robin, who was less well-received than predecessor Dick Grayson." "Within the 36-hour period allotted for voting, the poll received 10,614 votes. The verdict in favor of the character's death won by a slim 72-vote margin of 5,343 votes to 5,271". That isn't the worst part though. "Years later, O'Neil said it was possible that hundreds of votes in the "Jason Dies" line came from a single person, adding a large degree of uncertainty to the honesty of results regarding a poll designed to determine the character's popularity. "I heard it was one guy, who programmed his computer to dial the thumbs down number every ninety seconds for eight hours, who made the difference", O'Neil said in a Newsarama interview conducted alongside writer Judd Winick during the "Under The Hood" arc." Jason could have lived... They even had an un-used ending page in case he was coted to live, where "The unused ending page shows Batman removing a bloodied-but-breathing Jason Todd from the wreckage and proclaiming his excitement at finding his young ward alive."

Good deduction skills! I didn't make it very hard though. You're close, but I'm a little older than eighteen. Won't say my actual age. (insert incredulous look here) You...defiled the shrine of the Goddess of Popped Corn...? I don't think I want to know.

Yay! Dami gets a plushie bunny! Does he have any other stuffed animals? Did you hear what he said yesterday? He wants to work at a bunny farm when he grows up. Damian is adorable. Now I have to go pick my sister up from her psychologist. I'm going to send this now, in hopes that it gets in. A few things left to say for today. when I get back.

And now I'm back, Dick. (looks at clock) Goin' on six hours, okay. I know I've been writing a lot, which means you write a lot, which I feel really bad about, but time is short.

Ah. Yes. You're..."vacationing"... (insert pace-palm here) This is not what I meant, but I guess I'll take it. ...A fleet of warships... I don't know why, but I'm smiling. What KIND of smile it is, I'm not sure. Maybe... I don't know. It kind of feels like a, I knew this would happen smile about something bad. Does that make sense? Or, maybe a " Young child, I just told you not to do that for specific reasons, mostly because you wouldn't like the outcome, yet you went it did it anyway, why am I not surprised, you're precious anyway" kind of smile? Anyway, I take it we know these invaders?

I'm trying to imagine how this mission will go. What kind of transport are you using? Is it big, or small? How do you plan to go undercover? How long will this mission be? I get the feeling it will be a few weeks. Damian showed an interest in carving pumpkins. (insert pout here) If you guys aren't back for Halloween, you need to carve pumpkins anyway. I take it Damian hasn't been trick-or-treating before either? If your back in time, take him out. He could invite his friends. Back to the mission. I doubt you can tell us the specifics of everything, which I would like to know but I understand you can't share, because of the enemy kind of...floating around here. I've actually gone back and read their conversations with Damian. It's...an odd situation going on. Not a good one either. Then again, I'm just assuming the alien invaders are them. Who knows if it's them. At this moment in time, I feel like saying their name would be like, saying Voldemort in Harry Potter for some reason. ...Dandelion. I spoke it! Anyway, tell us as much about your mission as you can without giving anything too important away. I just had a thought. If it is...Dandelion...you're going after, wouldn't they know you're coming and be hyper vigilant?

I'm very happy to hear you'll all be having lots of feelings conversations. And sleep. Lots of sleep for Jason, and Dick, and Damian, and Tim. Yes, I realize that was not correct grammar, I don't care. Be prepared for fights to break out though too, Dick.

Oh! How is everyone handling the situation with Bruce right now? Feelings? Thoughts?

Has Damian ever been to space?"

Hi, forevs. I'll try to be thorough too! With all 46 comments that came in for today! Wow, I could never have forseen how incredible this would've gotten…

You should accept the compliments. They are facts, and you should hear them more often.

I am being appreciated for how incredible I am. I have you guys! Thank you for saying… everything. People don't always tell you things like that in words and… well, it's really good to hear.

What made me decide… nothing, really. Everything. There wasn't some big event, it was just… lots of little things, piling up. Hearing you repeat that I should open up. Telling other people that opening up was healthy. I kept thinking about it in bursts, not really dwelling, but… thinking. And eventually, I guessed it just… sank it.

Thank you for telling me. That was very brave of you. And there is no. Such. Thing. As a stupid reason to be depressed. None. Depression doesn't make sense, it doesn't fall into neat little boxes to be logic-ed away at the drop of a hat. Nothing about it makes sense: it's a bunch of awful lies that don't get out of your head.

What happened to you was valid and your response was valid. No one should look down up you for a moment for a 'bad' reason to be attacked by depression, and you shouldn't look down on yourself either.

You didn't give up and you won't. That's what matters, not the specifics of what happened to hurt you.

Take as much time not driving as you need. Take care of yourself, please.

Okay. Death poll. I don't want to say there's something wrong with people over there because I don't know their circumstances. But. That's messed up. I mean… I don't think your universe controls ours, so they aren't responsible for what happened to Jason… but even so. And they voted to kill him twice?

Don't worry about how much you write. It's the last day. We can get in as much as we need.

Oh, we won't be on the fleet of warships. We're going to at least one of the planet bases: command centers. 'S where we'll get the information from. As long as we keep our heads down so they don't notice us, it will be like a vacation, more or less. A lot like going to an occupied country.

But we'll be together, we can talk and do bonding, and our missions will be more espionage and sneaky business than dangerous super villain fights.

The mission will be at least a few weeks, maybe longer. We got a mini attack ship from one of the cruisers and hacked its mainframe. We sent in to the mothership that it was destroyed, so they wouldn't be looking for it. Then we repurposed the ship so that it couldn't be tracked and we can trace its jumps and move back to their home planet.

Big or small… depends on the scale, I guess. More on the small side, though.

And, while it can be difficult to tell who's really behind anything in the multiverse, I do think you've waged a safe bet. But, no. I'm not worried about sharing. You see, the 'Dandelion' we've been talking with (or, rather, Dandelions) are part of the fleet that came to Earth, as has been established.

We've already attacked them. The Justice League is actually in the process of fighting them off, and it looks like they're winning. And one of the most important parts of fighting off anyone in an empire is blocking off communication. They haven't been able to communicate with home base for days, and they won't be able to until it's too late, if ever.

They may have learned about us, but we learned about them, too. We've been tracking them from the messages they've sent us, and that connection has let us hack into their systems. It helped that the girl, Risa, left them wide open for us. She's a real genius, that girl.

Mr Miracle broke her out of Dandelion a while back, and she's been living on OA peacefully ever since.

I think, as far as Bruce goes… the shock's worn off. And we're processing. I hope, that when we come back, after we've spent time together… I hope that we'll all be more ready to start mending some bridges. There's good in Bruce. A lot of good. I just hope we'll be able to all be together again, as a family.

And I do believe that will happen.

Damian has been to space. Multiple times, actually. I think he's gone with Jon before, and we've had to go a time or two to deal with inter planetary threats. Also, he's been to the Watchtower, but I don't know if that counts.

mild_mannered_apricot asks: "Retconned in: OKAY SO THIS IS A LONG ONE AND IT'S KIND OF INCOHERENT (reminiscent of my mental state rn) OK ENJOY

Hey Dick! Just wanted you to know as I am typing this, my hands are covered in fake blood. It's very sticky. The park is called Six Flags and I work as a zombie, hence the fake blood. It is really fun but it's also so exhausting. My entire body hurts. You wouldn't think so, but jumping out and scaring people takes a toll. Also I get like super cool park benefits even though I'm only working through the Halloween season.

Anyway, enough of that time 4 comics!

So we're going back to like the 1930s. the only thing they had was Comic strips in the newspapers. Then someone thought, "Hey some people only read the newspaper for the comic strips what if we put those all together in one place and sold it?" And so they did and the first comic books were made. Then people started writing their own stories for the comic books instead of simply republishing newspaper strips and companies were made to sell those new stories, one of which would later become dc comics.

In the beginning dc had a couple comic lines, whose names were pretty self explanatory: Action Comics, Fun Comics, Detective Comics, More Fun Comics, etc. the stories were mostly either slapstick comedy or dramatic war stories. Then, I think like 1938 or smth the first superhero was created: Superman, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He was really op at first, even though he couldn't fly until months after his debut. I've read some of the original Superman comics, and he's nothing like Superman as we know it. He's brash, antagonistic, he does fight in the name of justice but he goes to extreme lengths to see justice doled out. Nothing and no one could stop him. Also he destroys a lot of stuff for sometimes not very good reasons.

Still, he was immediately popular, probably because he appealed to nerdy guys who wanted to be like them. So someone at dc was like, "this superhero character is selling really good! Let's make some more guys like him! So a bit later, Batman was created by Bob Kane (notice how similar his name is to Bruce Wayne). Batman was created to be everything Superman was not, and he debuted in Detective Comics, the comic line that would later give DC its name.

Okay time to generalize some CENSORED. Superhero comics flourished and a bunch of other superheroes were created and then it was like the 40s aka the golden age of comics, mostly because of the war. All the superheroes, especially superman were like supporting the war effort and "buy war bonds" and Superman was like really popular with soldiers overseas. Anyway, when the war ended there was like a huge drop in comic sales and superheroes were not as popular anymore. At one point they started trying to appeal to kids more than adults and then began the age of superhero sidekicks. Literally every superhero had a sidekick, the most notable one being Robin, Dick Grayson. You. most of the other sidekicks were just bland comedy characters that didn't withstand the test of time. Robin even had his own series of comics. In a time when superheroes were quickly falling out of fashion, it was pretty notable that a superhero sidekick comic had as long a run as it did. Eventually robin was beaten out by Tomahawk. Western dramas were becoming really popular since there was the whole heading west thing happening at the time.

Ok so there were a few fluctuations in comic books sales over the next couple decades and I don't really remember them specifically so I'm gonna generalize a lot. The justice league was a big thing when it started back in like the 50s. An entire team of super heroes was unheard of. It had started as basically a place to gather all the less popular superheroes and try and make something out of it but it quickly became a place for the big name heroes as well, and people liked seeing their favorite heroes interact and so it became like a really big seller.

Wait okay so there's been like three different versions of the justice league, first there was the justice society of america which was the group of less popular heroes, then people were like hey that's a good idea and formed the justice league of america and then there was the justice league. It's kinda confusing because all the leagues still exist in this timeline I think, and there's more like the justice league dark and… that's the only one I can think of. I'm not sure where I was going with this but there's been like a lot of justice leagues.

Oh yeah Wonder Woman was created sometime in the 40s as well. She was created by a psychologist actually, and was kinda ahead of her time, being the first female superhero and all. There's some weird things about her creation and the guy that made her but I won't get into that now.


Ok so eventually the kids who were reading the comics were growing up and so Robin was growing up too and the creators were like, "he's a teenager now, he has to do his own thing", so they made him Nightwing, and then Jason Todd was Robin. The problem was, he was a lot less popular than Dick had been. So they had this scenario on the comics where Jason might die, and they created a poll, so readers could call in and decide Jason's fate. He ended up dying, by a very small margin of votes, and it was like one of the biggest things to happen in comic books, at least until Superman's death in the 60s. I'm not really sure what happened with Robin's after that, only that then there was Tim. Damian wasn't created until like 2011, he's pretty new. Oh, and Jason wasn't revived from the dead until recently too.

For a while in the 60s there was the comics code that basically regulated what could appear in comics so there couldn't be blood or gore or anything… bad? So they compensated with ridiculous villains who had no real threat to the heroes and it all became kinda basic for a while. You saw this in the 1966 tv show. Eventually after time the comics code let up and allowed more interesting stories.

The BIGGEST EVENT was Crisis on Infinite Earths in like the 70s where the comic creators decided that all the plotlines and crossovers were getting too jumbled and they just wanted to start all over so they basically put an end to every extra world in like a big battle and then the timeline just tried to start all over. They tried to do this in 2011 too with Flashpoint, but that one didn't really work because it's the same world, they just cut back on comics they're producing. They call it the "New 52" bc they're only doing comics about 52 characters now. It's weird. I don't like it as much.

Um i actually don't have much knowledge of dc besides what i've read in a couple books and this might be more confusing than enlightening bc it's kind of a jumbled mess, but I had to get it in before you all close connections, so here it is.

It took me like musltiple days to write this because depression. Also I didn't read over it so good luck deciphering this mess.

Anyway I love you bye"

Hi, mild_mannered_apricot. I hope your keyboard is okay! :) And awesome job+ awesome benefits = pretty stinking cool.

A Superman that just destroys stuff… sounds weird, but I'm glad it got better! And I'm glad we inspired people in your world. I was the best sidekick! Awesome!

We do have a Justice Society and League. But it's neat to know that's how they got started!

The death pole… like I said to forevs. Creepy. But I don't blame Jason's death on them, because I don't think your world controls ours.

Please talk to somebody if you need to. You deserve it. You are loved, you are important, and you are a special person who deserves affection.

This has been really awesome to read and I love it. Thank you.

I love you too. Good bye.

Feline_Luv asks: "Hi Mr Nightwing! It's sad to know this is the last time we will talk, but it was nice while it lasted. Thank you so much for being so nice to me, I really appreciate it. Remember to take care of yourself and remember to continue being the mother-hen you are so good at being. *tears up* I'm sending you goodbye hugs through the screen. *Sobbing* Salam alaycom."

Hi, Feline_Luv. I have to agree. It has been nice, and I will be sad to see it go. You deserve all the kindness and love I've given and you deserve way more of both, for the rest of your life.

I will mother-hen my siblings and friends in your honor. Do the same for me?

Goodbye hugs received and returned. Tight hugs. Wa alaikum assalaam, Feline_Luv. I love you and I hope you are very happy in your life and I hope you have friends and family who love and support you, through everything.

The world is a better place with you in it. And I am so glad to have been able to know you.

FLUFF asks: "Dickie! Those head canons and aus are meant for everyone! Why people head canon some of you for LGBQT? IDK. They just do it. They believe what they want to believe and disregard canon. Well, most disregard canon continuity anyway. It's too messy at this point.

Nose booping is fun on anyone! How do Jayjay and Timmy react to nose boops? Timmy Tim? Well besides the whole spleen thing, there was a close call between him and a woman. Cass saved him though. Tim hasn't said anything besides he had a run in with the Council of Spiders, so maybe that part didn't happen to him. I hope it didn't. It was close in the comics. The death poll. The poll where people on Earth Prime voted as to whether Robin! Jason should live or die at the hands of the Joker. They re-did it online, but I'm not sure if the votes even meant anything for the show…

That team up thing between Dami and Timmy was meant for Timmy. I probably should have labeled those things. I didn't cross my mind that they might appear out of order... Ah, well. Ugh! I meant, if you had a son and a daughter, what would you name them? You're still with Babs, right? Oh, Jayjay DID go undercover working for Black Mask for a bit.

Hey, Dickie? No...that would be rude of me to ask, and you probably wouldn't know. But it's my last chance... Do you know if in your world, Talia drugged Bruce to get his DNA for Damain, or just didn't tell him?

I hope I have entertained you and didn't scar you to badly! Bye bye, Dickie!"

Hi, FLUFF! Erm. Bad news. I can't actually get those back? But I'm pretty sure everyone agrees anyhow. Cass is obvs a queen of everything. Except paper mache and origami. Alfred will totally drug you if you step out of line, and so on and so forth. These are the objective facts!

Timmy is amazing with nose boops! He gets all crosseyed and confused and kinda forgets how to talk for a bit. I keep surprising him. Jason was better with nose boops when he was littler and didn't try to break my hand when I nose booped him. But if you're quick it's still lots of fun!

Wonder why they redid the vote if it wasn't gonna effect anything…

I don't know what happened between Bruce and Talia. Could be either. Bruce never talked to me about it.

forever 122 asks: "Hi, Dick! This is probably a bit too late, but I'm subscribed to both websites this is posted on. It bothers my OCD so much that the chapter numbers aren't the same. I don't expect you to change them. Don't know why I brought it up in the first place.

Okay. Whew. Closing remarks, huh? ...stay safe in space. Your brothers have been saying you guys won't be staying in your dimension? ...That makes me nervous for you guys. I wish I could know how yoour mission goes, and what all you boys will talk about when you're in space, but I know that s..won't be possible.

Deep breath, forevs, deap beathes. (phsyically chokes on emotion) Gosh darmit! Why can't I-Okay. Okay. I can do this. Just center yourself.

(ddep inhale) (deep exhale) It has been an honor and a privilege to meet you, Dick Grayson. You're an amazing person Dick. I know FLUFF said Tim was a precious cinnamon roll, but I think you're one too. You're so kind and you care so deeply. You care SO much, you're self-sacrificing. You tend to forget Dick Grayson deserves love and praise too. You're an older sibling anyone would be lucky to have. Words fail to express how much I admire you. I think words might jus be failing me altogether right now. I can barely see my keyboard right now. I'll have to go back and edit this.

Heh. So, if you get the first thing I posted, where I kind of broke down, don't pass that on to your brothers. Ignoring it would be preferabe. I found the time. I feel a lot better now, lighter. If you didn't recieve that message, good.

Hi, Dick! This is probably a bit too late, but I'm subscribed to both websites this is posted on. It bothers my OCD so much that the chapter numbers aren't the same. I don't expect you to change them. Don't know why I brought it up in the first place.

I'm assuming Gotham has noticed Robin isn't around. What are people saying? Are there any conspiracies about why Damian is staying with you instead of Bruce? ...Try and reach out to Bruce when you get back? (insert smirk and small crackle here) He never found out about this.

Oh, wish Mr. Pennywoth luck with his emotionally constipated son for me, would you? He deserves a vacation too. That can't happen though, can it.

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Has anyone ever hear of the cinnamon roll hug?

Urban dictionary: A cinnamon roll hug is when a group of people (preferably a group of close friends, otherwise it might be a tad more awkward) join hands and the first person in line turns their body inward. The next person follows until the group has essentially created a human cinnamon roll.

Okay. Whew. Closing remarks, huh? ...stay safe in space. Your brothers have been saying you guys won't be staying in your dimension? ...That makes me nervous for you guys. I wish I could know how your mission goes, and what all you boys will talk about when you're in space, but I know that won't be possible.

Deep breath, forevs, deap beathes. (phsyically chokes on emotion) Gosh darmit! Why can't I-Okay. Okay. I can do this. Just center yourself.

(deep inhale) (deep exhale) I started with you, and now I'll end with you. It has been an honor and a privilege to meet you, Dick Grayson. You're an amazing person Dick. I know FLUFF said Tim was a precious cinnamon roll, but I think you're one too. You're so kind and you care so deeply. You care SO much, you're self-sacrificing. You tend to forget Dick Grayson deserves love and praise too. You're an older sibling anyone would be lucky to have. Words fail to express how much I admire you. Take care of your family, but take care of yourself first. You can't help them if you aren't in top shape either. ...I've already said so much to you through this. Anything I say, would just be repeating what I've already said. I guess, stay true to yourself, let your emotions free. Good luck with Barbra! I'm rootin' for ya! (double thumbs up)

Just to let you know, Dami's going to try diagnose you for PTSD. He was really concerned after the "episode". Seek a professional, Dick. Everyone is concerned, and a professional can help in ways you might not think of. I said it before, it would be worth the time and resources to vet a therapist. Dr. Leslie Thompkins could probably help you all find someone.

(insert large grin here) It's been an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure to talk with you. I'm not good with goodbyes. Although there's pretty much no chance we'll talk again, no one knows for sure what will happen in life. So, instead of good bye, I'll say, see you later, Dick. I love you. (glomp)

I'm not good with goodbyes. Although there's pretty much no chance we'll talk again, no one knows for sure what will happen in life. So, instead of good bye, I'll say, see you later, Dick. I love you. (glomp)"

Hi, forevs. Honestly? Right now I'm breaking down too. I just… I just want to yell and scream right now that I love you so much, that you're loved and special and you should love yourself and know that I love you so so much... As it is, you will have to put up with the fact that all I can do is use type.

Don't worry about us. We've been in other dimensions before. We'll turn out alright.

O, there's all kinds of Robin theories floating around. Everything from him being kidnapped to dead, to retired to having up and moved to Krypton. Of course, Robins have all disappeared before, so it's not like this is unprecedented. And no. No, as far as I know, Bruce never did find out. Some World's Greatest Detective, huh?

I don't think any of us have heard of a cinamon roll hug before. It sounds amazing! I'm gonna get us to try it!

I'll think about a professional. Talk it over with everyone. Though Dami usually gets his way, doesn't he?

Thank you for being so kind and supportive, forevs. I know, I know, I'm repeating myself. I don't much care: I feel like some things just deserve to be repeated. It makes it easier to remember them.

As much as you've enjoyed meeting me… I've loved talking with you. Loved every minute, every second of it. You just have… so much love in you, so much enthusiasm, and even when you're feeling terrible and you don't have the emotion you still have the will and that's what matters… Talking with you is refreshing. Energizing. Inspiring.

I love it. And I love you. So thank you, for every word that you've written and every bit of love you've conveyed.

Have a glomp of my love. It is a very tight glomp and very long.

Thank you for what you've done, and thank you for who you are.

I will love you forever.

Ethan 1234 asks: "Two more messages... *deep sigh* two more... and we're done. Omg I really don't wanna cry on this one...

*tears start watering in my eyes*

Hey Dick! *swallowing lump in throat* dang it, I'm crying already and I haven't even started.

This is my last message for you. My last message and then, I can't talk to you anymore. That hurts. Really bad.

Dick, I'm just gonna get right into the thing I wanted to say: I have a secret. What's that?

Dick... in my heart, I see you as an older brother. MY older brother. And... I love you. So much.

Dick, I have accepted you into my heart as an older brother. Just like Jay. You two are like my two bigger, stronger, role-model older brothers in my heart and I can't believe I'm saying this but I really, really, REALLY wish I had an older brother like you. And the exact same goes for Jay.

I have a couple questions: what did you think of me the first time we met? Did you think I was a cool cat with a crazy concoction of a cranium (alliteration haha!)? How did your opinion change the more we talked?

Y'know, I'm gonna be honest. I didn't really expect to get as close to you as I thought. In fact... I was kinda scared of you, at first. XD Believe it or not! I was intimidated by you. You are so strong, so physically superior (I mean, you're an acrobat, you fight crime, and you can punch people in the face really easily and paralyze them), you're a powerful leader and you're extremely good-looking. Me? My only talent is tutoring people with a guitar or ukulele. I was scared that I would never measure up to you and you'd see that in me, and I was even more scared that you would continue to see me as weak. That's why I kept asking those questions; I was so scared I wasn't gonna be enough for you.

But, I came to the realization that it is not so. I could sense that you were starting to be affectionate with me. I sensed that you started loving me. I sensed that I could be someone genuine around you. I sensed the brotherly love between us and I couldn't help but develop a feeling where I started to see you like my bigger brother.

You are my bigger brother, and I love you so much.

So, I have a few things that I wanna say before we go.

Number one, please be safe. I don't want you to get hurt or die. Like I told Jay, if you get hurt, I get hurt. And I don't want to see you get hurt. That would kill me.

Number two, always protect the innocent and try your best to give second chances. Can I tell you something I told Jay? If I was someone living in Gotham, my dream job would've been to tutor kids in the streets of Crime Alley. I'm someone that sees opportunity in people who have it tough. I want you to do the same: I want you to see opportunity in those who live criminal lives. There might be some troubled but good-natured souls out there who don't deserve anything that's happening to them, but they turn to crime because they are really, really desperate. Give them second chances. Please don't try to hurt criminals. They need a helping hand. They need love. You're the master at loving others :)

Number three, try not to forget me or our conversations. Because I've accepted you into my heart, I will forever see you as a big brother always here with me. You and Jay are the big brothers that will walk with me wherever I go, and I will continue to love you guys so much. You guys are my big brothers and I will never forget you. I will always look up to you and keep you in my heart.

*full on crying*

You will always be my brother. And I love you, Dick. I wanna hug you one more time. This time, be as strong as possible. I want you to crush my tiny body with a big brother hug. BTW Jay said you should be jealous of his strength. He gave me a super strong hug. Let's see if you can top his strength!

I love you so much Dick, and I promise I will make you proud by trying my hardest to be the best I can ever be!

I love you so much, big brother. I'm gonna pray for you and for your family, okay?

*hugs you as hard as I can, place my head on your shoulder, whispered voice* Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen. *little squeeze as we hug*

I love you so much, Dick. Always remember that. Don't forget to be an amazing big brother to everyone else in the world, because we look up to you so much.

I love you, big brother. So much.

*hug one last time, me crying on your shoulder*


Hey, Ethan. It's gonna be okay, buddy. You cry as much as you want or need; it's all going to be okay. You're my little brother. I love you. I accept you for everything that you are. You're a good brother. You're a good person. You will make a diffence in this world and the world will be better because you were in it. I love you.

And you keep repeting that I love you until you remember and believe it. Until you can love yourself. That's important.

When we met, I saw a wonderful person, who wanted to do good and be good, someone who wanted to love and be loved and to give and be given to. To learn. To grow. And, everything I saw? I was right. And I love you. For everything. Everything there is to you.

Please. Please, no matter what. You gotta remember to love yourself. I repeat things more the more they're true and the fact that you're loved and special and amazing and worthy: that's true. It's true. So I'll repeat it till the sun burns out in the sky. Because I don't want there to be a sliver of doubt in your mind that it's all true. That you're loved.

I'll keep myself safe, me and my family and the people around me. But I will remember to stay safe myself. To take care of myself.

That is an amazing dream. And even if there isn't a city named Gotham in your world, there are other ones. Others that would be so lucky to have you. It'd be hard: extremely hard. But you could do it.

I will protect the innocent and remain true to myself and my humanity. I will always remember that people deserve another chance. Remember the truth and dignity of every living person.

I could never forget you, Ethan. Never. Not for one second. Who could forget their little brother?

I dunno if I can get stronger than Jay, but I can sure hug you as tight as I can, little bro. Here. Super super tight and I pick you off the ground and swing you in circles and then just hold really still. I love you. Okay, buddy?

I love you, Ethan. I love you so, so much.


forever 122 says: "Hi, Jason. Hopefully that "one day" will be before Batman eventually gets himself killed.

(sticks out tongue playfully) You're a total teddy bear, Mr. Hood. Perhaps you'd like prickly pear better? Tough and thorny on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside? There's no denying your fearsome. (lightly pokes you) But, you care about people. (retracts finger) You're not heartless. Yes, you can be terrifying when you want to be. You're a protector though, through and through. (insert large grin) That's one of the many things that make you so popular, you prickly pear.

Mm- Dick is freaking out about you and Black Mask. He may ask you when your stuck with him in space since he's afraid Roman did something to you because FLUFF said he was a creeper in the comics. I think they might have over-exaggerated. Sure, he's a bit of a creep, but not Ra's Al Ghul creep level. Seriously, that man has the weirdest obsession about Tim. Wants Tim or an heir from Tim. ...DID you work undercover with Black Mask in your world? If not, how did you meet Artemis and Bizarro?

You're close about age. I'm a little older than that. I was testing you deduction skills, duh. No, it's probably because I'm always mistaken for being older than I am in real life. When I was twelve, I went to game stop 'cause my brother wanted a new game. A high school or college student apparently flirted with me. I had no clue, of course, but my mom pointed it out. From the age of ten, whenever I rode my bike to the gas station for something, I would be asked, "Any gas, ma'am?" I would be SO confused and say no. Thirteen? Changed out of school uniform and went to movies with grandpa and siblings, who were still in uniform. Person taking the tickets commented, "Oh, parents in jeans and kids in khakis". I was way too embarrassed to say anything. My grandpa would have been about seventy then. Now, my grandpa does look young for his age, always has. Aged well. He does NOT look that young. How old did I seem if the guy thought I was married to my grandpa?!

Good choices for the shirts. What are we not allowing Dick to have though? Why did you eat an alive fire beetle?

Oh! Before the connection closes, you might want to try and get your hands on a copy of the Wonder Woman movie. It's pretty good. We have another one coming out next year apparently. Too bad you won't be able to see it. Although, you know the REAL Wonder Woman, so it isn't that terrible.

See you tomorrow for one last chat, Mr. Prickly Pear! ;-p"

Hi, forevs. Sorry for cuttin' out on ya there. Fell asleep in the middle of workin' through and decided I wasn' gonna be able to do any good finishing. I feel really really bad about it.

Well, it's not like detecting was ever my strongest suit. At least I was close. Man, the creeps that hang around all the worlds. My mom had the opposite problem. People used to think she was my sister. Annoyed my dad half to death…

The fire beetle was part of a competition between me and Roy while we are on Korugar to get a yellow ring to offer to a weirdo collector guy in exchange for a spaceship to go rescue Kori, who was bein' held captive by an alien slug who wanted to drain her life force to power his doomsday machine that would sprinkle salt over everyone on his home planet. We were tryin' to see who could eat the craziest thing without flinching.

There's a Wonder Woman movie? I'll do my best to look it up! That sounds pretty awesome.

FLUFF says: "How could I forget this question?! Jayjay! How would you feel if you were suddenly thrust into a different universe where there are no capes, but wait. That family is off vacationing. Instead, you find a young Dickie from yet another different universe who had been severely abused by his Bruce, having no social interaction with anyone but Bruce, doing everything to please Bruce, scarily touch-starved, and now your responsibility for the foreseeable future. It doesn't end there though. Oh know. You had originally been traveling with Timmy and Dami. They show up a week later and now they're all your responsibility while trying to gently break Dickie of his conditioning and making sure Timmy and Dami don't accidentally say something to set him off. I don't think I had any question marks in there, so here. ?"

Hi, FLUFF! Defender sent this one to me with the message that they laughed their head off for 5 minutes straight after reading this. Not sure why, but they seemed to get a real kick outta it.

If that happened? Phew. That'd be… terrible. I mean, I'd be completely unqualified, there. It would be terrible. No way to contact home? No way to get qualified help? Oh, man, nope.

I mean, seriously, being responsible for Dick? For Dick's emotions? With no capes? Somewhere between overwhelming terror, disgust and mindblowing helplessness. I mean. Can you think of anyone worse suited to that than me?

Don't know if I'd even be able to stick around once Tim showed up. I'm not exactly great around kids, 'specially one's that bad off. But I'd try. At least. Have a feeling I'd do more harm than good, though. Pretty specific question.


Hey, mild_mannered_apricot. Thanks!

Feline_Luv says: "Hi Jason! *Squeals* So-sorry, I'm just really excited for you! You were already insanely cool, now with the panther, I think you will break the scale. Though I can't approve attacking Damian, (he's just a little kid!), but since you said they were non lethal and I have younger brothers too (so I understand why you would), I'm not that mad with it.

My point? That family doesn't have to be blood.

The main character constantly deals with hardship, she deals with discrimination yet she stays a good person, a person that helps others in bad situation, she even encourages and inspires others that are bad to be good. Hopefully I can express that well.

Um, I ju-just want to say, since this is the last time we will talk, I'm... actually I really big fan of yours. Red Hood is one of my favourite vigilantes! *tears up* I've really enjoyed talking to you, you have been very nice to me and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. Um... I know you aren't big on hugs but... please let me give you a goodbye hug! *holds out arms*.

*Shuddered sob* Salam alaycom."

Hi, Feline_Luv. I gotta agree, this panther thing is the best decision I've made in a while.

I like your point, and I like your character! I am something of a sucker for stories with people who go through all kindsa stuff and end up sticking to their humanity. We need more stories like that. In and out of real life.

Thanks, Feline_Luv. Talking with you has been really good, and I'm glad that I've been able to be something good for ya. You deserve somethin good.

You're loved, okay. Remember that.

Yeah. Yeah, we can do a hug. Cmon. *tight hug*. Wa alaikum assalaam, Feline_Luv. It's going to be okay.

FLUFF says: "You, Jayjay? Join the Birds of Prey? You may be a CENSORED, but they are even more so. Oh my god. Babs censored me. BABS CENSORED ME! YAY! Take good care of Dickie, Babs!

Hmm...When I first started being FLUFF, I didn't think of it as being manipulative. Just having some fun that I wouldn't normally have. Sorry! I'm not a manipulative person IRL. Or, I try not to be. So you DID go undercover with Black Mask for a bit!

I hope I have entertained you and didn't scar you to badly! Bye bye, Jaybird!"

Pffft. Please, FLUFF. They'd be begging me to join. Only reason I haven't is that I've been otherwise occupied… that's literally the only reason I haven't hopped on already.

Can't speak for what else you do as 'FLUFF', but I don't think you're manipulative here. Although, I would consider what you do online 'IRL'. Like how you ship people, manipulating works the same way, I'd say.

And, yep. I did go undercover for Black Mask. No plans to do it again.

forever 122 says: "(raises eyebrow) Reduced to a spiny fruit, Jay? I wouldn't say reduced. (pauses to stare) No need to apologize. You need to take care of yourself.

Remember, you can't help other people unless you help yourself first. You're a good person, don't forget that. You are extremely kind. Like I said, biggest heart of the bunch. You help people through actions and words. I know you'll look out for your family and the citizens of Crime Alley. Don't die doing it if you can help it though. Lottsa people love and care about you, myself included. I can't think of anything else to say, although I feel like there's more. (insert shrug here)

Oh! Cupcakes ARE different from muffins! Cupcakes are fluffier than muffins, much less dense. You rarely use oil when making cupcakes, while you usually do with muffins. Butter is used in cupcakes, not muffins. Capcakes are sweet, muffins are sweet and savory. Cupcakes also have a higher amount of sugar. Cupcakes are (usually) eatern only for dessert, while muffins are usually for breakfast. Frosting only belongs on cupcakes, not muffins. I didn't forget.

It's been and honor and a privilege to meet you, Jason Todd. I'm not good with goodbyes. Although there's pretty much no chance we'll talk again, no one knows for sure what will happen in life. So, instead of good bye, I'll say, see you later, Jaybird. I love you! (glomp)"

Hi, forevs. I'll be careful. Take care of people who need it and remember I need it too.

Wow! You have the memory of the proverbial elephant. Well, after all this time, I stand corrected.

Look. Don't worry. It's okay that you don't have time. The important thing… it's the feelings behind the words. And we know. We know what you mean. Getting all the words perfect… well, that isn't what matters. We don't need it, us five.

We get each other. It's a family thing.

It's been a privilege to meet you, forevs. And it's okay. I'm no good at goodbyes either. I'll see you later. Love ya too. And you can glomp me all you want. I'll keep hold of ya.

Ethan 1234 says: "*deep breath in*

*deep breath out*

Okay... Ethan, you got this... this is your big brother, he loves you, you love him, just simply tell him that... okay. I'm ready...

...no, I'm not... *starts crying, tears flowing*

I don't know what to say, big bro. I really… really don't know what to say.

I just wanna hug you. Hug me, brother. You're the strongest Bat? Prove it. *wraps arms around you, crying in your neck* I don't wanna let'cha go. I love you too much to let you go easily.

This is the last time I could ever get to write to you, and after this, I can never communicate with you ever again. That breaks my heart. So much. It literally makes me cry (which I'm already doing! XD).

For the last time we could ever have together, I want you to say anything and EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to say to me up till now. This isn't the time to be succinct; if you wanna say something long, say it. I will read it to the fullest extent. Because I'm about to do this to you right now, for the very last time.

Thank you for always telling me the truth and that it's okay for me to continue saying "I love you". I love that you're always honest, and because you told me honestly that I deserve love, I will try my best to believe it. I will try my best to let people love me more. And I love you so much, Jay-bro.

You really are a strong Bat. I'm gonna give that to you. Always be a strong Bat, ya hear me, brother? Don't be afraid to show off your biceps, triceps, and every single muscle on your body, bro. In fact, you should go ahead and brag to Dick and your brothers about your strength. You know why? Whenever I'm with you, big bro, I feel safe. And so does every single little brother that's around you, okay? As I said, you are a strong, protective warrior. Always train to be stronger, both physically and mentally, so that you could protect your friends, brothers, and sisters and make them feel safe; but don't tire yourself out because we want our brother to be healthy, too. Be strong and healthy, Jay.

Don't forget about your emotions either. If you're not in a good emotional state, take some time and find a way to recover. But remember, don't be afraid to get help. Literally every single person around you (well, except for the criminals doing bad things) loves you and cares about you. Me included. We'd be so happy to help you out, my big bro. If you're the one that needs the hug, I'd be so happy to give you one anytime of any day. I love hugs!

Please take care of yourself, okay, brother? I love you so much and I don't ever want you to get hurt, okay? Always fight for what's right, but don't forget to keep yourself in check, my dude.

Always make new friends and brothers, Jay. Life gets better when you get friends and brothers. Do you know how I know? Because you came into my life as a brother and now I can live knowing that my brother will always be proud of me :)

Protect the weak, big bro. Always try protecting the weak and helpless and make sure they stay safe, Jay. I'm counting on you!

*still crying on your shoulder, hugging you*

I promise and I swear to you, Jay, that I will never forget you as my big brother. I will always cherish every single conversation that I've had with you and I will always have room for you to reside in the depths of my heart. My heart is a nice and comfy place, and it's a place that will always welcome you.

I also want to thank you for everything you have ever done for me. I wanna thank you for always being an amazing big brother to me, as well as letting me ask you so many interesting questions and asking some advice from you, my brother. I want to thank you for accepting me as a little brother as well as establishing love, friendship, and brotherhood between us that will last a very long time. Our brotherhood is something that I never once got to cherish with a real big brother in my family, so I am so happy that I get to cherish a sense of brotherhood with you every single time I get to talk to you and think about you brother.

Oh, screw that. You are my family. No matter what anybody says. That will NEVER change.

I also wanna thank you for the hugs and the jacket. I will always keep the jacket with me. Every 15 minutes of every day (or however much time life will allow me every day), I will always remember you and our conversations together. I will also imagine you and your super dang strong arms hugging me like a cobra constricting prey, except you're hugging me out of love and not a snake-like desire to kill haha! Every time I wear the jacket, I will also think of your hugs. You will remain in my life, no matter what happens.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for us, even though we might never get a chance to talk ever again, brother. I can't wait for you to get so much stronger, maybe you'd even rival superhumans one day! I can't wait for you to make more new brothers and act as their older brother like you do with me. And I can't wait for you guys to get a glimpse of the person I will become. I can't wait to be someone who will be much better and more genuine than the person I am right now.

But through it all, we will never forget each other as brothers. We will never forget the moments we made and the memories we shared together. I promise you that, big bro.

I will continue to cherish my siblings as much as I can, even after you're gone, big brother. In fact, my conversations with you have shown me how important it is to be a brother. I will use this so that I could be a better brother, both little and big. You are gonna so proud of me, Jay!

I love you so much, big brother. I love the way you listen to me and care about my feelings. I love the way you are willing to take the time and message me about anything. I love your honesty because that means I can always depend on you for advice. I love the way you are able to show how much you love me and accept me for who I am. I love the way you are willing to show love and be affectionate to me and everyone else you consider as part of your family. I love who you are, Jay. You are kind, caring, compassionate, loving and very VERY brotherly. I will always ignore every single lie people will make about you: that you are heartless, you're a savage, you're mean and cruel, and you don't care about other people. Although you look very intimidating at first, with your kinda scary-looking costume and your super strong and tough form, you really do have a soft center inside of you. And, yes. I do love your intimidating appearance, but I love the Jay that I know: the most caring, most loving, and most passionate big brother I could ever have. Everything about you: your character, your weaknesses, your strengths, your identity, your ideas, and your heart… I love and accept them into my heart.

I already prayed with Dick about you and your family, but if you want, I'll pray with you. *lowers voice to a whisper, closes eyes* Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

I love you so much, big bro. I. Love. You. So. Much. Big. Brother.

I can't say goodbye. I don't wanna say it. Not even "see ya later". I'm gonna continue hugging you instead!

*staying in hug, keeping my head on your shoulder, crying waterfalls of tears, hugging your body as tight as I can*

*smile forming on my lips, keeping my eyes closed*

I love you so much, Jay. I love you so much, big bro.

I love you and I will never stop loving you, brother.


Hi, Ethan. Hey lil bro.

You're right, you know. You are loved. You are. It won't go away.

Here. I'm huggin ya, okay? And not lettin go. Look… I'm just not an eloquent guy. I could make somethin up to just be long, but… it'd be just that. Just to be long. I'd rather just tell ya everything straight.

Look. You gotta… kid, ya gotta move on. Please don't purposefully dwell on me every day. I'm not sayin you should forget or stop caring, but… but don't rely on me. Don't need me. Don't hurt yourself on purpose. I don't want that.

Second… you can talk with us again if you need it. And I really really mean need it. I don't want you to be in a position that awful, where you need this that badly, but if it ever happens this will be open on an emergency - only status. Just like Dick said.

Say everything I want to… well, there aren't any secrets. I love ya. Keep pickin' yourself up. You're strong enough to get through whatever life hands ya. I'm proud of you.

It's not eloquent. I get it. But it is me.

Oh, I'm much stronger than Dick. Guy's an acrobat, but I'm the strongman. Plus I got pit rejuvenation powers. Dick can't even touch me!

I'll train to be stronger, alright. But you know that bein born strong, physically, mentally, however. It doesn't matter. All that matters is what you do with what you've got.

Thanks for bein so encouraging, lil bro. You make me feel a lot better.

I'll take care o myself and improve my social life, squirt, don't worry.

And me 'n my family will make sure I never cross the line. And I'll make sure I protect whoever I find that needs it.

I won't forget you, Ethan. But please. Remember me. But never let my memory hold you back. You never know what'll happen in life. But for the time we don't talk… live in the present. With the people you have with you. Your little siblings over there… they're more important to love and take care of than I am way over here. You gotta stay focused on what you have. What matters. Please. Please please please do that.

I'm glad you think I've been a help. That's really good to know. I am proud of you, Ethan. You're doing really good.

I do love you too. Your enthusiasm, openness, nicknames you pull out of the air. Thank you for the great conversations, questions, compliments and analysis. Thank you for the amazing time wwe got to have together. Thank you for all of it.

And thank you for your prayer.

I love you, little brother. All right. I'm gonna have to let you go. It's gonna hurt, but you gotta accept iit. Love and remember, but move on, okay. All right.

I let go.

I love you, Ethan. It's going to be okay.

Roy and Bizarro

Ethan 1234 says: "Hey Roy-dude and Bizzar-bro! My name's Ethan and I'm one of Jay's friends and little brothers! *wink at Jay*

Jay said I could get a chance to talk to you both and I just wanna get a chance to say hi to you both. I've always wanted to talk to you, but I thought I couldn't... until Jay gave me the ok!

Roy and Biz, tell me honestly: How much of a teddy bear is your best friend Mr. "Rough-and-tough, master-killer" Jason Todd? He seems like a huggable teddy-bear, no? How much of a friend is he? He's quite the caring brother, isn't he?

And as for you guys, I think we could have been super cool buddies, too! Roy, I heard you're quite the college-bro snuggle monster. You're a hugger, right? And you're supposed to be a quirky, cool guy who could hang out with anyone. You seem pretty nice, from what I've heard. We coulda been pretty cool friends and bros, y'know what I'm saying?

And my man, Biz... ya seem like a pretty innocent person and I think you are an amazing dude. You're very nice, you may not speak a whole lot of words, but all I can say that you're very observant and I like that about you. You're a very amazing friend to have, and from what I've seen, Jason really loves you. Any friend of Jason's is a friend of mine.

You guys are amazing brothers, especially with Jay, and I love you guys. Always make sure to keep Jay accountable if you can! I wish we had more time to talk together so that we could spend time as friends and maybe, in another world, as brothers too! :)

But for now, this is fine. You guys seem pretty cool! Can I hug you both? *opens arms with wide smile*

You guys are pretty cool. I love you both already, even though we just met.

See you later, my bros!


Hey there bro! Roy Harper here, in the digital flesh. Good to meet a friend of Jay's.

This am Bizarro. Hello Red Him's Brother.

Pfft. Let me tell you, Ethan, Jay is absolutely the best case of toasted marshmallow you've ever seen! Just the softest, gooiest, squishiest, sweetest guy on the inside you'll ever meet, but ugly as a gargoyle on the outside! 'Swhy he covers it all up with a mask!

Mmm… Bizarro not think so…

Relax, big guy, I'm just joking around. Jay's my bro.

Huh. Well, Red Him is very good for cuddling. Makes good stuffie bear. Love love love Red Him!

You got good taste, brother! I may or may not have a tendency to glomp close friends at random times, I reserve the right to confirm or deny these statements.

Thank you Red Hims brother. You is very nice to Bizarro. Red Him likes you a lot! So does Bizarro!

Thanks a lot, buddy! I'm complimented, but you've been pretty great for Jay too! Thanks a million for everything you've done for him!

Thank you Red Hims Brother. Bizarro was very happy to say hi.

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forever 122 says:

"In short, there was a pick up in people and you were overwhelmed so I just told you it wasn't important. This was maybe a month ago, when we didn't have this many people, but still more people. I'm just gonna slide this here... "(insert deep inhale here) (insert deep exhale here) I was being stubborn, not saying anything to you. I've been told I'm too stubborn for my own good. Yet I deny it because I'm that stubborn. Everything is alright. I did mess up, but it wasn't that big of a deal. It could have been, but it wasn't. It was a stupid reason to get so depressed, but I hold myself to such high standards, that even the smallest of things can make me go down hard. I will admit, most of Sunday I spent in a blanket burrito. That was the one day I allowed myself to wallow. The night before was rough. Here, I'll give you the quick story. I was babysitting Saturday in a town I wasn't very familiar with. The kid wanted to go to this ice cream shop so I looked it up and drove there. I found this parking lot and was heading in, when I realized the are was facing me instead of in. I should have just gone in and parked quick, but instead I decided to back up. I don't know what happened, but I backed into this empty car parked on the other side of the rode. I immediately felt terrible, like my world had ended. I know, stupid reason to feel that way and get so depressed, but I couldn't help it. I continued on my day after doing what I was supposed to, and I got off late that night. Driving back...was hard. Suicidal idealization was something I struggled with hard when I was younger, in a rougher spot in life. There were no plans, but it was the constant feeling thoughts. I went empty on my way home. When I go empty, I just don't care about anything. The thoughts were hard, but I got home. I'm doing a lot better now. A whole lot better. None of the bad thoughts have hung around. The clouds are gone, and I'm relatively happy again. As my mom says, "This too shall pass". The previous year I had a parking lot accident on the first Saturday of September, like I did this year. I don't think I'm going to drive anywhere on the first Saturday of September for a few years. So...there. Now you know."

Hi, forevs. Thank you for talking about it. And take all the time you need to work through it. If you need someone to talk to, please, make sure you do talk with someone. I want you to be safe. I know we didn't talk alot about this earlier, so I don't want to make too much of a deal about it now. I'm just really relieved you're doing better and moving on.

mild_mannered_apricot says:


Hi, mild_mannered_apricot. Thank you for the compliment!

Ethan 1234 says:


Hey, Timmy! Can I hug you?! I'm gonna miss you! You don't have to hug as strong as your brothers can; omg! tbh, your brothers are really strong! didja know that? jay almost killed me with his hug LOL xD!

I'm sorry I haven't been writing to you in a long time, but I just wanna take a little bit of time to just have the chance to talk to you one more time before we can't talk to each other ever again.

So, Timmy-bro. I haven't got the coffee shop job yet because I've been having so much to do in junior year. It sucks, Timmy-bro, and I've been really stressed. Really, really stressed. But, I'm working my way through it and I'm willing to work on these things with a clearer and more open mind.

Timmy, I have a small confession to make. Ya ready?

So, I've been thinking about our conversations and I've been thinking about who both of us are: we're both around the same age, we're both into serious questions, we both love learning, we both love coffee... it almost seemed... omg, you are going to judge me so hard for this! lol... I kinda started thinking of you as my twin brother.

I don't have a twin brother or anyone I would call an exact twin brother of me. You kinda started filling up that spot and it was kinda nice that I could connect with someone who had the same interests as me. I kinda gravitated towards you a little bit because you were someone who kinda looked a lot like me. I mean, sure, you're better-looking than me, and you're way, way, WAY smarter than I could ever be, but you sill kinda looked a lot like me...

...y'know? Believe it or not, I was actually afraid of you when I first talked to you, Timmy-bro. I was actually kinda scared that you would think I'm not smart enough to understand you or compare to your intelligence. I kinda sensed how powerful you were from the first glance. You are super rich. You are super smart. And, while you may not be at the level of Dick and Jay, you are definitely strong enough to beat up someone like me haha! xD I felt really intimidated. But, now I feel much better. I found you're not the type of guy to think that or do something like that to others. You're a really nice bat, aren't ya?

So, a question I have for you is about what you thought of me the first tie you met me. What was something that stood out to you about who I am?

Anything you wanna say before we end our last conversation together?

All I wanna say is that I really think we could be twins. Maybe in another world, we're twins. But right now, it seems like we really do have a lot in common. you're a very nice person, and even though you have a lot of money, you don't seem like someone who thinks about money all the time; however, I'll be honest, it's kind of a barrier between us. I know a lotta people who are poor and low-income, so I'm not used to talking with rich people. But even so, you're still someone who seems nice and is very respectful. You're very smart, as I said, and you have a cool mind. I have something to say to you.

As my twin (yes, right now, I'm gonna call you my twin because you are my twin brother), please don't ever be someone who thinks highly of themselves. Please. We know you're rich and you're smart, so when you crime-fight, please try to be as relatable as possible, my brother. There are very few people who can keep up with you, so the only way they can relate to you and listen to you is if you relate to them with emotions and feelings, okay? You're a very good young man and I think you're a nice person. I think it would've been so cool if you were actually my twin brother, y'know? We would drink coffee every day and not sleep for 48hrs at a time... that would have been so much fun. But... I don't think that could ever happen.

Look, dude. I will always remember you as the nice, quiet, smart bat. You have a place in my heart and you can reside in there for as long as you want. But, that comes with a deal: try not to forget me easily either, okay? I will cherish every conversation that we have ever had, and I think it would be amazing if we could keep each other in our hearts. I wanna remember you for a long time because you mean something to me, and I hope the same goes with you.

Also, when it comes to push and shove, please be safe. Always make sure that you are in situations where you can take calculated risks. Stay safe as much as you can, because I hurt when you get hurt. I love ya, my twin bro. I don't want you to die. You mean something to me. You're a cool guy, even though we are completely different but still the same.

Protect the innocent, my twin brother. Protect the weak and the helpless, okay? Even the poor, ya hear me? Always make it a habit to be aware of the ones that need help, okay? can you do that for me, Timmy-bro? Always fight for the innocent, never fight against them. Ya got that? Good.

I love ya, Timmy. That may sound weird but guess what? I said that to Jay, he said it was okay, and now I feel comfortable in saying it. I love you, Tim. I love you, my twin brother. Please don't forget me because I won't forget you, bro. You're an amazing young man and I love your personality. Just please be careful in life and try to remember your fans because we love you. Including me.

I love you, Timmy-bro. Always stay safe and remember me in the future! You're amazing!


Hi, Ethan. You can absolutely hug me, and I will hug you right back. Strongest or not, it's not like that really matters. You hug really well, bro, you know that?

I'm sorry you can't get the jobn yet, but don't over stress with too much work. Knowing your limits is a good, good thing.

I would be happy and honored to be twins with you. Twins forever. You can help me think up pranks for Damian, and trick Dick into falling asleep sometimes.

You know. Circumstances don't define a person. Rich or not, smart or not, strong or not. None of those really matter. People are all basically the same. Circumstances can affect people and shape them, but they don't define them.

I'm glad you aren't intimidated by me anymore. I wouldn't want you to be!

The first time we met, I wondered where you came from. What made you want to ask the questions you did, where you did. What you valued, that you ould want to have these conversations.

And, from what I've seen, the answers to those have all been good!

Well, you pretty much talk to rich people like you talk to poor people. And if they're too stuck up to like it, you talk to them like stuck-up people.

I'll do my best to have realistic expectations for myself and to think of myself in a modest way. Knowing my strengths and my weaknesses. I'm not going to make myself less for others, but I'm not going to shut myself off either. I'll try to reach out and make sure I can be around other people and relate to them.

I would've enjoyed being your twin. Even if it can't happen, I'm glad I got to know you here. It's been… good. Very, very good. I won't forget you, I promise. I will always remember Ethan, and I will always remember the talks we could have and the time we shared together.

I'll do my best to be safe as I fight for what's right and to protect what's good. No letting power get to my head for Red Robin or Tim Drake.

What do I want to say before the end… well, don't stop loving. Don't stop trying. Don't stop learning. Things tend to work out from there.

And I want you to remember what an amazing person you are. I want you to remember that you are worthy of love, of all the love in the world, and that nothing can take that away from you. There's really no other real advice I can give you that matters so much.

You're loved remember that, Ethan. I love you. You will always be loved.

Feline_Luv says:

"Hi Timothy, I understand your point and I appreciate the concern. Sorry I suck at studying, I'm OK at researching if I find the topic interesting enough, if not then, well... That's just how it is for me, I wish I could fix it, it could definitely help me more with my grades if I could, but I'm ADHD, if I don't see something as interesting then I really can't focus on if long enough. For a topic like religion, where I already have my decision, I really can't focus enough the study other religions.

Good! Don't you dare break that promise! You. Must. Keep. Breathing.

technically they are not doomed to fail, since there are ways to properly study Islam even for them, but the situation they are in makes it a lot of effort and since most people just don't want to put in that kind of effort, they fail. *Tears up* God tests the people he loves.

"When Allah loves a people he puts them to test." Sunan Ibn Majah

Hmm, I'm not too sure, I'm not a sheik. Though depending on the situation there are exception to certain things, for example sick people, pregnant woman, menstruating girls, travelling people (on a long trip), young children, elderly are exempt from fasting during Ramadan, though the sick people and menstruating girl have to make up the days they missed. Another example, Muslims have to eat with their right hand, though if they don't have a right hand or their right hand is injured then they can eat with the left. Another example, remember how Muslim can only eat halal, if there is literally no other food and you will starve otherwise, then you can eat non-halal, but only if you will starve otherwise!

I don't think so, I'm pretty sure plurals aren't gender specific. Sorry, to my parents eternal disappointment my arabic isn't that good, I mean I still know a bit, it's both my parents first language. Yeah if it's mixed crowd then you should be fine to just say Muslims. Mus/lee/ma.

*Deep sighs* I guess this is goodbye, it was nice talking to you, thank you for helping me through one of my depression episodes, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I helped your understanding of Islam, though I recommend talking to a sheik too.

Umm, I have to admit something. I'll feel bad if I don't. One of my younger brothers... you remind me of him a lot. He's really smart, tech savvy, bad sleep scheduled. Heh, it's probably really weird for me to see you as a little brother, we're around the same age! Heck, I'm pretty sure you're a few months older than me. But that's never stopped me from mothering my friends, so I guess that won't stop me from seeing you as a little brother. Take care of yourself little Timmy, try to sleep more, try to work on your relationships with your brothers too, try to drink less caffeine (For your health please), try to research religion more. *Tears up* Even though we won't talk anymore, I'm still here, I still care for you Little bro. Please accept my digital hug.*Tears streaming down face* Salam alaycom.

Hi, Feline_Luv. Well, I'm glad you understand where I'm coming from, I guess. I'll do my best to understand yours too, even if it's hard for me: I can't see deciding anything before research.

But I'll do my very best.

And I'll keep breathing if you will.

I've… really loved being able to talk with you. I think I've learned a lot. I didn't know about eating with the right hand, or the non-halal rules either! Or the feminine form Muslima.

I've learned more about others and more about you. And both of those make me happy. I really enjoy talking to you. You're passionate, caring… no matter what your parents, or anyone else think, (including you!) you do deserve love.

You are an incredible person and I can't stress that enough. I'm glad and thankful I was able to help. Talking to you has helped me too, a whole lot. So, thank you for that.

I'll see what I can do about more research! Thanks for helping me out with so much, too, even if I was a slow learner sometimes.

I'll try to take care of myself as best I can sleeping more and coffee regulation and all. And it's not that weird that I remind you of your brother: you remind me of Dick. So the feeling is mutual!

I'm taking the hug and giving you a second one too. You're a good sister and a good friend. I love you and I hope you have a wonderful life. Wa alaikum assalaam, Feline_Luv.

FLUFF says:

"Timmy Tim. Do people ship Waynes with vigilantes in your world, since you're two different people over there? Pinterest is a black hole, Timmers. It sucks you in and you could be trapped there for hours. You are absolutely correct. Talia doesn't have a right to creep on anyone.

The reason I asked if something almost happened to you in during your year away, was because something almost happened in the comics. I know they're not 100% accurate to you, so I had to ask. With a "daughter of Ra's al Ghul"? Cass saved comic you though, so no worries. No children running around. Unless Tallia finished growing her second Damian... He would be Bruce's though. Then again, maybe she isn't doing that in your world. Damian would know though.

Jayjay is jealous of Ladies' Man Tim.

I hope I have entertained you and didn't scar you to badly! Bye bye, Tim Tim!"

Hello, FLUFF. There are a couple oddballs who do ship Waynes with bats, but they're just the exceptions. Mostly it stays in the separate groups. There are a decent amount of Batman/Bruce Wayne fics out there, though.

Everyone is jealous of Ladies' Man Tim. They're just gonna hafta live with it…

forever 122 says:

"...Oh, Tim. What could be a better vacation? Maybe a relaxing one? (insert sigh here)

W-why did you hack into the president's personal computer? Just because you could? ...Who was this eye contact with...?

What do I like best about FLL? Well, as a participant, I loved the atmosphere at competition. Plus how close my team was. It was all very close and upbeat. As a mentor, I enjoy seeing the kids' faces light up when something they programmed works, or when they learn something new. They're all so excited to learn and improve the world around them. For high school, I went to a K-12 school. My senior year I talked to the lower school principle and the high school robotics supervisor. They both thought it would be a good idea, plus we would be able to boost high school robotics numbers when they got there, and the program was born the next year.

YES! I wanted to suggest you bring along a camera on your trip, but I wasn't sure if you should or not in case the photos ever found their way into the world. Ya know, since why would the Waynes be in space? You're good at keeping things a secret though. Maybe a bit TOO good. Bring your camera along, take a whole bunch of pictures.

(deep inhale) (deep exhale) Now, comes the teary eyed part, for me at least. You're an amazing person Tim. You're a genius. You are oh so very kind. You are a very precious person Tim. Life has hurt you immensely, but you continue to get back up and fight. I'm very fond of you, Timmy. Please try to take care of yourself more. That means more sleep and healthier food. Even if you can go without it, doesn't mean you should. Continue to be true to yourself, Tim. Do not put on a mask. Let your feelings and emotions out when you can. I know it's easier not to, but you can't do it forever.

It's been an honor and a privilege to talk with you, Tim Drake. I'm not good with goodbyes. Although there's pretty much no chance we'll talk again, no one knows for sure what will happen in life. So, instead of good bye, I'll say, see you later, Timmy. Love you. (light and gentle hug)"

Hi, forevs. This family? No way we won't be getting into danger. But, as missions go, this is fairly relaxing. They won't be looking for us, or anything.

Oh, the president had some information he didn't seem inclined to share with the Titans. Kon didn't believe me when I said I could get it anyway, one thing led to another and…

I'll make sure to have separate storage for my photos. No one will connect them with Timothy Drake on my watch!

Thank you, forevs. I'll… well, I'll do my best. I'll keep trying to take care of myself. To be safe and... and well. And to let people in.

Great, now I'm tearing up and… pfft. Yep, this is happening.

Look. You don't have to worry about… not writing enough or not conveying everything… we know. We know. You've been here and… you've been so supportive and kind. Thank you. For everything you've done and been.

For being open. For setting an example and being welcoming and being concerned and so many things that are hard… but you did them everything. And you made things better. And… and I loved talking with you. I loved it. Loved loved loved… Mp.

Thank you. I wish I had better words, more words, but that's the best I have and they may not feel like enough, enough to express everything or… they're the best I have. They're true.

I'll see you later. I love you. (hugs you back firmly, with a smile and tears)

It's been an honor and a privilege to talk with you, Tim Drake. I'm not good with goodbyes. Although there's pretty much no chance we'll talk again, no one knows for sure what will happen in life. So, instead of good bye, I'll say, see you later, Timmy. Love you. (light and gentle hug)

Discourse With Damian

forever 122 queries: "Hello, Damian. This particular bunny farm is non-profit. So, all the money goes back into the bunnies. I think I can tell you how it came about. The family that runs the bunny farm has been doing it for years, ever since their high school senior(?) was seven years old. He actually started the bunny farm. I don't recall how he came across it, but he found out a lot of bunnies were being sold online or released into the wild after Easter, since the families either didn't need the bunny anymore or were in over their heads. Bunnies who have only known human contact wouldn't be able to survive on their own in the wild. He gave a presentation to his parents as to why they should start a bunny farm and it just went from there. It's developed into something much bigger than that now. Pretty impressive, in my opinion.

All kinds of farms exist, not just bunny farms. Maybe you'll own a hobby farm in the future. A hobby farm is a small farm operated for pleasure or supplemental income rather than for primary income. Whatever you decide to do when you grow up, I'm sure it'll involves animals and you'll enjoy it. I've always been told to do something I love with my life. Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life. Keep that in mind as you grow up and have a multitude of new experiences. What you want to do will surely change over time as you experience new things, but that's the joy of growing up. You don't have to know right away, just live in the moment and enjoy things while they last.

Be persistent Damian, but don't badger Dick about it. When he's ready, he'll let you know. Even with a degree in psychology, Dick shouldn't self-diagnose himself. There are people who specialize specifically in PTSD and will have ideas, that you might not think about, on how you can help Dick and how Dick can help himself. The internet is a great resource, but books and professionals will always be the best.

You HAVEN'T participated in pumpkin carving? There are simple ones, usually faces are simple designs, than there are people who are on a whole other level. I think I've finally figured out how people have manged to make their art look SHADED on a pumpkin. And all the details... You're so artistically talented, I bet you'd make an awesome one!

Yay! I'm so happy you'll make jars for everyone! Make sure you make one for yourself too!

Hmm... Relevant events in the comics... Well, your world is now drastically different from the "standard" timeline, but who knows if things will happen or not. Let's see... You guys already fought Darkseid and got Bruce back so I'll look onward from there. Not finding anything I don't already know, so let's hope this is it. Like I said, not sure if these will happen in your world or not. KGBeast attempts to assassinate Nightwing, around the time the Phantom Pharaoh appears in Gotham. It partially works. Dick Grayson survives, but Nightwing does not. Dick gets amnesia and forgets about everything. When he finds out who he was, he doesn't want to be Dick Grayson or Nightwing anymore, cutting ties with all vigilantes and the Wayne family. Becomes a cab driver and goes by the name Ric Grayson.

As for you... you're still relatively new, but you're still very popular. I'm not touching the Teen Titans stuff, and it's not important. You can only hope the dark multiverse does not invade. Those Batmen are terrifying. Of course we have you and Jon hanging out a lot, then he goes to space and comes back aged 17 years old. So, don't let that happen. There's this Leviathan event going on right now in comics, it's an evil organization and a person? I'm not up to date on-oh. Oh oh oh. What-City of Bane! Yes! That's a thing, and that effects you tremendously, considering you might die again. There are so many story lines going on in the comics right now, I'm pretty sure they're not all the same universe. Anyway, City of Bane. I cannot describe this quickly, since the set up is very long. Basically, Bruce was going to marry Selena. Someone convinced Selena she can't do that and left Bruce at the isle. Bruce does not deal well with this. Many things happen. Many bad things happen. His father from another universe appears as Batman. Gotham Girl also has something to do with this? Bane kicks Bruce out of Gotham, no bats allowed, they have taken over the manor and Mr. Pennyworth is hostage. You go in, Bruce won't, doubt he'd be happy you went in. Mr. Pennyworth is killed since a bat stepped foot in Gotham, you are now new hostage. Batman entered the city, someone let Bane know, Bane tells Thomas to kill you. That's where we are. WAIT! I found a sneak peek of the next book. So, SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING Thomas can't do it, you easily break out, Barbra, Cass, Kate, Tim (why does it look like he's in his Robin uniform), Helena, and... I can't tell if that is Duke or Luke. Wait- It's Duke. Duke Thomas. Next boy Bruce fosters. Pretty sure he was the leader of the We Are Robin movement a while back.

So, in conclusion. Make sure Dick isn't shot by KGBeast. Hope the dark multiverse does not invade. Don't let Jon's space grandpa take him to space. Watch out for Leviathan, sorry I couldn't help you more with that one. Than I'm not sure what to do about the City of Bane thing.

...You know what's interesting? DC, the company that makes comic books about you guys, has said that Nightwing is one of the universe's most important heroes. I have to agree. I read an article on it while searching for any major Nightwing events."

Greetings, forever 122. I approve of this man who started the motion. I shall see to establishing bunny farms over here.

I would rather have a bunny farm than a hobby farm. The bunnies would need me more, and it would be more difficult to expand to be able to care for animals which need larger amounts of space and grass than rabbits.

I shall attempt to aid Grayson. While we are vacationing I shall be able to wear him down to the idea of professional aid, and when we return he will be able to accept it. This shall work very well.

I have no doubt that I would be phenomenal at the carving of pumpkins. I do not know if they exist where we go, but perhaps I shall study the art of carving as we travel.

Oh. I doubt highly that Grayson will allow me to go without a jar. We are all going to be so supportive… dear goodness, I cannot believe this is the same family of three months ago!

If the Phantom Pharoh shows his sorry rotting face in Gotham or Bludhaven I shall punch his chin off and hide Grayson in a bunker and send the Justice League, Drake and Todd off to annihilate KGBeast.

And I will inform Gordon that she needs to keep an eye on Bane. At all costs.

Nightwing is the most important hero in this universe. So, 'DC' is, at least, close to right.

Ethan 1234 queries: "Greetings, little Damian!

I know it's been a while, and I'm so sorry I haven't talked with you for a long time, but I want to write to you just at least one more time before I could never talk to you again.

Damian, little Damian... I know, I know, I know you really don't like talking about your feelings. You're not someone that's into the whole "touchy-feely" stuff. But, maybe for this one time, please?

Y'know, to be honest, nothing against you, but you have been the least relateable Robin for me. But that's NOT your fault or my fault, but even so, we still kinda drifted apart. Now that we might never see or talk to each other again, I want us to have at least one more conversation before we say goodbye.

Now, Damian. Before I met you, I thought I wouldn't be good enough for you. I thought I'd be someone who wouldn't fit your standards. Someone who would easily think less of me. But the more I spoke with you, I found that you're a pretty cool, well-spoken 11-year-old. You're very wise for your age. A lotta 11-year-olds here on my earth still like to make really stupid and childish jokes.

Damian, I just have a few questions: What did you first think of me when you met me? Was I a huge teddy bear? :) or maybe an intellectual owl? How do you think some of our conversations would have been like if we kept talking?

Do you hate me now because we kinda fell out? I wouldn't blame you if you did hate me, and I'm sorry if you feel that way. I don't want you to hate me, because I don't hate you. I really would've like to have a few conversations with you but it's been kinda hard, y'know? I don't want you to think I didn't or don't like you because I do like you. You were growing on me as like a little brother and I think you would have been a cool little brother to have, y'know?

Can you promise me something? Try to be more open with your emotions. Especially with your brothers. And especially in a time like now. Always make sure someone is there to help you with your emotions. Having emotions is not a weakness. Having emotions makes you human. Always remember that.

And lastly, I have a little speech for you: Damian, I think it would have been wonderful if we spent more time together. There's a place in my heart with your name on it and our conversations will always be treasured in my heart. So please try not to forget me easily, okay? You're a very strong-looking kid for your age, and you are definitely someone that will grow up to be a very, very strong young man. You will be physically stronger than most people and you will probably be a better and stronger fighter, too. But always remember: never let it get into your head, okay? Try not to call other people weak because they can't do what you do, okay little Damian? Try not to push people away, too; I care about you, Damian, and so many others care about you, too. You're a good, young lad and you will be destined for greatness. Just don't forget where you come from and try your best to relate with us regular humans. We might not be as strong as you, but we sure as heck have huge hearts like you. Always protect the weak, you hear? Please don't fight the innocent; protect them and be the Robin that helps them, okay? And one more: please be safe. I don't want you to get hurt or die. If something happens to you, I'd cry. Cuz I care about you. I won't forget you Damian, so try not to forget abt me easily, too! You're amazing, Damian, and I love who you are as a person.

You're a cool dude, Damian. Don't ever forget that.


Greetings, Ethan 1234.

Ethan 1234. I am an assassin, born and raised to believe myself superior to humanity at large and to believe that my destiny was to conquer the Earth. I repurposed myself to fight crime and was then murdered and resurrected by my own Mother. I am not surprised that you do not find me relatable, nor do I take offence.

I most certainly do not hate you. To hate you for the company you choose to keep, or not to keep in depth would be a ridiculous course of action. I am glad that you think so highly of me. I do not know you very well. However. I have heard about you (Grayson and Todd speak of you highly) and from our conversations I find you to be a thoughtful and caring individual with a desire to aid others.

I would be a very petty and shortsighted person indeed to hate such a man.

As we met, I cannot say that I had any intense feelings. I actively attempt to judge people based on what I know about them, and, before I knew you I did not judge you. However, I did know that you were inquisitive and sought to learn more about the world, others and yourself. You also seemed to wish to do the right thing, and, from what I saw, you wished to benefit others. So my impression of you was positive.

I believe continued discussion would have resulted in an interesting exchange of ideas and learning.

I shall attempt to 'open up' to my brothers, as much as I can. You must speak your emotions to others as well. Take your own advice.

I shall not forget you, Ethan. You have my word. I shall protect the innocent, and those who cannot protect themselves.

I shall remember who I am, and what is important, and I will remember what truely connects me to people around me. It is not physical, nor mental, nor spiritual strength, for the amount people possess these things is arbitrary, and can be developed, strengthened, or weakened.

It is matters of the heart that bind people together. Not the way in which we are born.

You are an amazing person as well, Ethan. And I do not say such things lightly. Love yourself, and remember that if you truly understand how to love yourself, true love, not selfishness, then you will be able to love others.

I believe you more than capable of this. I believe, Ethan, in you.


Greetings, mild_mannered_apricot. Thank you. You are cool as well.

Feline_Luv queries: "Salam alaycom Damian. That's good. I'll... really miss talking to you Damian, you're been really polite to me. Take care Habibi, remember to stay the good hearted person I know you are. Remember to be on your best behaviour with your brothers. Good luck with your mission and good luck with Flamebird, but you probably won't need luck, I know you will be amazing! I know you aren't an affectionate person, but this is a goodbye forever, so how about a hug? *Holds open arms*.

*Sad smile* Salam alaycom."

Wa-alaikum-salaam, Feline_Luv. I shall miss our conversations as well. Also, I am told you convinced Todd to purchase a panther. Regardless of what he believes I shall tame his panther to adore me. So I must consider this the crowning achievement of your life.

I shall do my best to remain good and to bring aid to my brothers and our mission.

I accept your hug, Feline_Luv, and I wish you joy throughout your life. Wa-alaikum-salaam.

forever 122 queries: "Hi, Damian. I saw your picture of your new uniform. It looks SO GOOD! Awesome work! I see Dick helped out too. I love it!

(deep inhale) (deep exhale) Okay, Damian. Here we go. Continue to be the good person you strive to be. You are doing so well and I am so proud. Try and be nicer to Tim, please? It hurts people to constantly be put down and all their efforts brushed aside. I know you'll make a wonderful Flamebird. Sorry. I couldn't. I tried, and I couldn't. there's more i want to say before we part ways, so much i was ready to say, yet i'm out of time. i wrote the below awhile ago though, so here.

Okay. I'm ready now. Starting from the beginning. Damian. Continue to be the good person you strive to be. You are doing so well and I am so proud. You were a wonderful Robin, and I know you'll make a wonderful Flamebird. Try and be nicer to Tim, please? It hurts people to constantly be put down and all their efforts brushed aside. It hurts real bad. Think how you would feel if Dick did that to you. Try to put yourself in other peoples' shoes evey now and than. You are vey smart, but keep in mind that you don't know everything. It doesn't mean you're dumb, it just means there is more to learn. You have made so much progress since you first came to Gotham. Keep making progress. If you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to your family or friends. They would love to assist you. (tilts head to side) You're a very precious and precocious kid. It's okay to be a kid. Means there's more life to live. Most importanty, take the time to enjoy life. I've enjoyed talking with you Damian. You are very kind. (puts hand over your heart) You have a good heart. (retracts hand). Take care of Dick, but take care of yourself too. Spend time with your siblings when you can. You don't know how long they'll be around.

(insert large grin) You're a good kid, Dami. Wish I could have you as a little brother. (ruffles hair) Have a good life, Damian Wayne. It's been a pleasure to get to know you. Give your pets a big head for me, yeah? I'm not good at goodbyes. Although there's pretty much no chance we'll talk again, no one knows for sure what will happen in life. So, instead of good bye, I'll say, see you later, Dami. Love you. (quick hug)"

Salam alaycom, forevs. Thank you! It is wonderful. I wore it today for the first time and it looks amazing. In the picture, Grayson drew it but I had to help him with highlighting some of the lines so it did not blur together with color.

I shall strive with honor to continue to be a good person. I shall also attempt to be nicer to Drake. We are going, apparently, to be in close quarters for quite a while, so this may be necessary to the survival of this family.

And I suppose I would not mind a closer relationship with him as well.

I shall attempt to remember to request assistance when necessary (and perhaps when it is not?) and I shall attempt to enjoy life as it comes.

I will hug all of my pets and inform them that it is a gift from you.

Thank you.

Do not berate yourself over a lack of time to craft words. We have spoken with you for three months. I should think, by now, that I am aware of your love. And it is returned. From me. I... you know what it is I mean.

Iloveyou. THERE I said it. Should we meet again, do not tell Drake I said that. Or Todd.

It has been an honor to converse with you as well, forever 122. You are going to help many people in your life, and there is much joy and love awaiting you as you move on.

See you later, forevs. I return your hug.


forevs: To all of you. You're all having difficulties right now. Support eachother as best you can, alright? It's been an amazing experience, interreacting with you all. Each of you is SO special and unique. You're all do so much good and none of you are replaceable, despite what some of you might think. You all care for eachother, even if you don't always show it. Thanks for giving me an experience of a life time. I know I'll go back and re-read our conversations for years to come. They have warmed my heart. There were a few tough spots along the way, but you were all so supportive, not just of me, but this whole community YOU FOUR have built. Take a minute to revel in what you've accomplished through "Dick's silly diary". All the things you've discovered about yourselves, all the people you've helped, the relationships you've built. I'm very proud of all of you. I know talking is the easiest thing to do in the Bat Clan, but you guys are working on it. I hope one day in the future Bruce will be apart of your Bat Clan again, but I won't hold out expectations. Huh. I was a sobbing mess barely minutes ago, and now I've calmed down. I do have to go though. I'm busy spending time with my grandma and then a long babysitting weekend. So, thank you all for putting yourselves forward to be vulnerable. Thank you for sharing yourselves with Earth Prime. Thank you for being good friends to me and everyone else. I wish I had more time to say everything I want to, but it looks like that won't be happening. I wish I could hear of your adventures in space, and more about this evil organization. No matter who your enemy is, remember not to get cocky and underestimate them. Don't get hurt, okay? Take care of yourselves, and eachother. I love you all, platonically of course.

(insert sad smile here) I guess...this is...good bye. No, not good bye. Just. See ya later. (insert real smile and small wave here)

All my love and support,


Hi, forevs. We all want to thank you so much. As much as we've been here… you were investing hours of time before us! Thank you for staying. Thank you for being here and caring so much.

We promise to love and take care of each other in return. And we promise to love you and remember you for as long as we live. This experience… it's special. It's unique. It's something none of us saw coming and something none of us would give up. And a lot of that was because of you. So thank you. Thank you so much.

We'll take care of the world, but not get so wrapped up in it that we forget to take care of each other.

So we'll see ya later. Forevs. Ethan. Feline_Luv. Mild_mannered_apricot. All of you. We love you. And thank you for making Dick's silly journal something… alive.