Ok, first off I want to say that this is my first fanfic. I was inspired by many other fanfic writers such as thehappy, TheUnknownLegion and many others, but the very first and probably most important inspiration was the author "shadow gumball of death" who might as well be the first author to write reaction fanfics. If any of you are reading this, then know that your fanfics inspired me to write this(hopefully good) story. A year ago I started reading thehappy's 'Dragon of the COG' where he took it to a whole new level by having his characters 'Travel the Multiverse', see what I did there? And so a few months ago I made my own account and wanted to write a fanfic of my own, which is similar to thehappy's fanfic in a lot of ways, keep in mind I am NOT trying to plagiarize his work, this is mainly out of inspiration. Also I don't know when I will update my story so you'll have to be patient. Without further ado let's begin.

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Chapter 1: Meet the Traveler

Earthland 593-D.

The year was X779. It was a normal day for the residents of Magnolia, people were going around their businesses, children were playing around, markets were open, all in all a normal day in an otherwise peaceful town. Except for one guild located in the center of the city. Magnolia's very own light guild: Fairy Tail. A place where mages both young and old can join for both jobs and family. A guild where everyone is accepting of each other-


-and also perhaps the rowdiest guild in all of Fiore. Inside the guild there was chaos: tables thrown around, beer bottles thrown at mostly everyone and people trying to bash each other's faces. For many this was madness, but for the mages in the guild a particularly normal day, or so they thought.

"What did you just say, Ice Stripper?!" shouted the 13 year old, pink haired kid with a scaled scarf on his neck wearing a pair of white shorts and a red shirt with his fists coated in flames. This was the one and only Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail's fire dragon slayer and he was currently trying to beat his opponent into the ground.

"You heard me, Ash Brain!" was the reply from a dark haired kid of the same age, wearing only his necklace and boxers, ready to use his ice magic on his rival. The kid was Grey Fullbuster, the Ice Maker of Fairy Tail, and the only kid with a habit of removing his clothes, and he was also trying to beat his opponent.

"Jeez, can't they go one day without starting a fight?" asked a blue haired girl wearing an orange sundress whilst sitting next to her brown haired friend sitting across from her looking at her tarot cards. The other girls sitting at the table had white, purple, and red hair respectively.

"Come on Levy, you should get used to this, most likely they'll never stop this whole rivalry thing." the girl with cards wearing a checkered dress replied to her friend.

"I know Cana, still can't they at least try to take it easy?" said the now named Levy as she looked back at the fight, wincing when she saw Natsu deliver a hard punch to Gray's chest sending him flying to the other direction and hitting a table, spilling the drinks all over him.

"You have to admit though, it is really fun to watch how adults are getting beaten by kids that are half their age." said Lisanna Strauss hugging the blue talking cat Happy in her arms, as she and her sister Mirajane watched the chaos unfold, their eyes glued on Natsu, one looking at him with worry and the other with amusement, both feeling something for their resident dragon slayer. Mirajane, the Demon of Fairy Tail wearing her gothic clothing and her hair done in a ponytail looked on with sadistic glee at the fight itching to join.

"Hey everyone, what's going on?" Lucy Heartfillia, a blond haired girl wearing a red sundress asked her friends as she sat down at the table. With her was another white haired girl wearing an outfit that made her look like an angel, both girls being the only Celestial Spirit mages in the whole guild.

"Oh not much Lucy, just another brawl with Natsu and Grey at the center of it." Laki Olietta replied as she brushed her purple hair and cleaned her glasses. Lucy and Sorano looked at the brawl, their eyes fixed on Natsu as he tossed Elfman aside with a kick, his eyes locking on the girls' table for a brief moment. Giving them a smile, he waved at them before getting to the brawl again.

"Come on, it's Natsu we are talking about, he is sure to start a brawl sooner or later" said Lisanna petting Happy as he ate his fish. Cana and Mira scoffed from where they sat.

"You are only saying that because you, Lucy and Sorano like playing husband and wives with him after Happy hatched." Mira replied hoping to get a reaction out of them. The girls blushed, sputtering denials as the others watched with amusement.

Meanwhile, Erza Scarlet frowned watching the brawl wondering whether or not to stop it or continue eating her strawberry cheesecake. Ultimately choosing to finish her cake, she saw the Guild Master Makarov Dreyar walk down, ready to use his magic to stop the brawl. Everyone involved in the brawl was now readying their magic-


-only to stop when they saw a literal tear in space and time appear at the center of the guild. The tear widened allowing them to see the strange static within it. Natsu being the closest to the tear heard footsteps with his enhanced hearing.

"There's someone on the other side." He said causing the mages to be on guard wondering who or what was causing the tear to happen. Soon a figure stepped out of the tear, putting many mages in awe as he closed the tear with a wave of his hand. The stranger wore a hoody with red and black metallic gloves on his hands that glowed with power as well as resembling the claws of a dragon. The hoody had armor plates covering most of his torso. His face was hidden by a metal mask that resembled a snarling dragon. There was a belt that had a gun holster with a weird gun on it, a black knife which was glowing and giving off a deathly presence. His pants were black with red armor pads and black metal boots that had red lining on them long with thrusters near the heels. He had a backpack which looked futuristic and metallic. But what drew the guild's attention most was the scaled blood covered scarf wrapped around his left arm.

He looked around, his gaze falling on Natsu as he walked closer to him, the mages around being on guard in case he tried anything. The stranger stopped in front of Natsu, his gaze intense with the green of the mask. Natsu stood frozen wondering if he should trust this man that literally came out of the hole in space.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Makarov finally found his voice, drawing the stranger's attention. The stranger then brought his hand towards his mask pushing a button on it near his temple. The mask hissed as it opened allowing the stranger to remove his mask and lower his hood, causing the guild's eyes to widen as they looked at his face. He looked like an older Natsu with the same pink hair as him and the same onyx eyes, the main difference was that he had a scar over his left eye going from his forehead over his lips to his chin, his left eye had no eyeball only a glowing white orb and his hair is shorter. He smiled at them, turning his gaze back to Natsu and opened his mouth showcasing his fangs.

"Hey, do you have any food right now?" causing the mages to sweat drop and face fault and he raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"Did I say something wrong?" he asked while looking at the younger mages.

"Are you serious?! You literally came out of a hole in space and time looking intimidating and scary, and that's the first thing that you ask?! Is there any food? Seriously?!" Levy asked with a disbelieving look on her face.

"Hey, I've been travelling across the multiverse for 3 days with barely any food or water so of course I would be hungry. Besides, a man's gotta eat when a man's gotta eat." He replied earning more looks of disbelief from others except for Natsu.

"I wouldn't mind having a snack as well." Natsu said and that caused the others to deadpan.

"NATSU!" Erza shouted at him causing both him and the stranger to look at her.

"What?" they both replied causing them to look at each other before the stranger cleared his throat and looked out the window, seeing that it was starting to get dark. As the mages were about to ask questions he raised his hand, silencing them and turned to Makarov.

"Anyway, let's talk about this tomorrow, I am hungry and in need of rest." He said as Makarov reluctantly agreed and let him stay in the guild. The stranger moved to the bar getting a mountain of food for himself and Natsu who eagerly went to devour his share. The other mages realizing how late it was, went home, Natsu taking Happy with him to their makeshift house, soon it was only the stranger left as he ate up his food and slept at one of the tables.

The Next Day.

The mages came back to the guild, only to see their guest lying at one of the tables, snoring as he slumbered. Grey went to him and tried to wake him up with and ice cold bucket, only to get a punch to the face.

"Take that, you god damn stripper." the stranger said as he rose from his slumber and stood up from his table. Levy, curious about him went to sit next to him.

"So, who are you, are you like Natsu's long lost relative or something." she asked drawing his attention.

"Call me Traveler and no, I am actually an older him from another universe." he replied causing the guild to widen their eyes, not expecting that kind of response.

"Another universe? You mean that theory is actually correct?" Levy asked wanting to know more.

"Yeah, you see there are actually an infinite number of universes called the multiverse. Anything that can or can't happen in one world will happen in another, what is impossible in one world is a daily occurrence in another five worlds. There are many worlds that are created every day which keeps the multiverse from dying. That is the multiverse in a nutshell." He said with a smile on his face as he drank a mug of beer. Natsu then went over to him asking a very important question:

"If you are an older me, do you know where Igneel is?" His question caused the Traveler to do a spit take, he recovered and sighed knowing that he would be asked that question sooner or later.

"I do know where he is, but I can't tell you." he said earning a look of anger from Natsu.

"And why the heck not?!" he shouted angry that he won't able to get a lead on his father.

"Because you are not ready, you are still weak, you need to get stronger both physically and mentally if you want to go search for him." He replied with a calm look causing Natsu to look at him with confusion. "I will explain later." That answer satisfied Natsu who went to devour his food. Lisanna wanting to know why he was here, went to sit between him and Natsu.

"By the way, why are you here? What caused you to travel to our world?" she asked with an innocent face. Traveler flinched which didn't go unnoticed as the others looked at him with curiosity.

"Well, let's just say that I am currently chasing a group of other people who were wreaking havoc across the multiverse by destroying other worlds and came here to ensure they couldn't reach this world." his answer shocked them, a group of people that are destroying other worlds? It seemed unbelievable.

"Wait, what do you mean destroying other worlds? How can they destroy multiple universes?" Cana asked doubting his words as did the rest of the guild.

"There are many weapons and devices capable of destroying worlds, not to mention beings that can erase a universe with nothing but a thought. But don't worry, when I came here I temporarily cut off the connection to the multiverse so that they wouldn't find it." His answer relieved them of any fear that their world would be destroyed. Traveler then gave a smirk as he looked at Natsu.

"So have you found a girlfriend yet?" he asked causing Natsu to look at him with a confused look in his eyes.

"Why are you asking me that?"

"Because usually the other Natsus that I met have a girlfriend or three and I wanted to know if you had one as well." He said bluntly not seeing the girls blush behind him and look at each other with narrowed eyes.

"Wait, who was the one dating him in other worlds?" Cana asked looking at Natsu with curiosity in her eyes.

"Well, most of the time it's either Erza, Mira, Lisanna or Lucy that are dating him. Other times it's either Cana, Levy, Laki, Evergreen and other girls. Many universes have him being by many girls." He said causing the girls to blush and look at Erza, Mira, Lucy and Lisanna with jealousy. Traveler smirked dropping the next bombshell.

"Hell I've seen him date Lucy and Erza's mothers as well as their daughters simultaneously." He finished causing Natsu himself to blush, as the other guild members looked at him with jealousy and in Makarov's case pride knowing that Natsu had multiple girlfriends. Shaking his head Natsu looked at the bloody scarf and his unusual attire as well as his face which didn't go unnoticed by Traveler.

"I see you have questions considering how you are looking at the scarf and my clothes as well as my scar and my left eye." His words were replied by a nod from Natsu. "You see, in my world I had to fight and kill many of people as well as a few dragons, not to mention fight different people in the multiverse some of which were Fairy Tails that went rouge and nearly died from the encounter with some of them. Besides that, there were creatures that resurrected those that I killed so I barely was able to survive." His reply shocked the guild, especially when they learned that there were worlds where they were evil. He then turned to Lucy.

"By the way, what are you doing in the guild so early Lucy?" his question was met with confusion. From her.

"What do you mean? I joined about three weeks ago along with Sorano when Natsu found us during a quest."

"Well, most other Lucys joined the guild in the year X784." He answered truthfully getting Lucy to be wide eyed from that revelation.

"You mean I was supposed to join when I was 18?" Traveler scoffed at that.

"Not really, every universe is different yet similar from each other, so you being in the guild earlier was surprising." That relieved Lucy as she huddled herself closer to Natsu.

"So, what's that gun and knife for, if you don't mind me asking?" Erza asked getting Traveler's attention as he grinned and took out his pistol, causing many especially Alzack to look in wonder at the weapon that looked more advanced than any pistol on Earthland.

"This is one of my specially crafted pistols, I made different variants due to different universes having different laws of physics. This one in particular, when shot at someone will permanently destroy their magic containers by burning them from inside-out causing the victim immense pain in the process. In some cases, it may even lead to death." That shocked and horrified the guild, to know that a weapon capable of destroying one's magic existed was terrifying.

"WHY WOULD YOU EVER CREATE SUCH A WEAPON?!" the shout came from Grey getting a deadpan look from Traveler who, unnervingly gave a calm response.

"Because there are many people and beings in the multiverse that deserve to either die or lose their magic completely. Trust me when I say that there are things that will make even adults piss their pants in fear or make them lose their sanity completely." He calmly said, closing his eyes, remembering a certain world where the other Fairy Tail mages were being slaughtered in gruesome manner one by one, Asuka included. The guild seeing his face wisely chose not to ask, only to be caught off guard when he looked up with a smile on his face.

"So, want to hear about the nice Earthlands that I went to?" that surprised and confused them, with Levy answering first "You mean you will tell us about different worlds?"

"Tell? How about I show you." He took his backpack and took out a blue glowing sphere, the guild now looking at it with curiosity, "This device will show us the different universes that I went to, as well as my encounter with the people in these worlds, though be aware they might contain information on the future." He got wide eyes from the guild.

"Why show this to us?" Makarov asked causing Traveler to look at him with a serious look on his face.

"So that you will be prepared for some of the things that you will no doubt encounter. Anyway let's start." He put the sphere on the ground and after it revealed a hologram typed the coordinates of one world: 7164-F

The landscape was in shambles, the Fairy Tail mages fought for their lives against Phantom Lord and their giant robot. Their guild was nearly destroyed, but they managed to prevent its destruction.

"Why are we fighting Phantom Lord?" Levy asked with eyes full of fear for the other Fairy Tail.

"Phantom Lord attacked the guild when they learned that you were getting strong enough to surpass them and then attacked Levy, Jet and Droy and pinned them to a tree." His answer caused the mages to look at Phantom Lord with anger, Makarov narrowing his eyes. He knew that Jose and his guild had a rivalry with Fairy Tail, but he didn't think he would go that far to extract revenge.

An explosion took the mages' attention as they saw two of the Element Four get launched out of the buildling, Natsu following after them.

"Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!" gathering his magic Natsu launched a giant fireball at them knocking them out cold. He grinned in victory-

"Iron Dragon's Roar!"

-only for a tornado of iron to slam to his side causing him to stumble before he brought a fire coated fist to intercept Gajeel's own metal covered fist. The two then engaged each other in close combat using their respective elements to enhance their strikes as well as tanking the blows the other sent at each other. Seeing one of their own defeat three of the elite and engage one of Phantom Lord's strongest mages in a one on one fight gave the Fairy Tail mages will and motivation to keep fighting slowly but surely gaining an upper hand on their opponents.

"Keep fighting, we are sure to win this war!" Erza exclaimed wearing her Heaven's Wheel Armor, summoning and launching swords at her enemies. Next to her Mira, in her Satan Soul form gathered magic in her hands "Evil Explosion" before she threw it at another cluster of mages where they were then swept up by Cana's cards.

Seeing their others starting to push back, the guild erupted in loud cheers, causing Traveler to cover his eyes due to the loudness of the guild, yet also smiling as it reminded him of the time his Fairy Tail was still alive.

"ENOUGH!" Jose unleashed a massive attack at the Fairy Tail who did their best to defend themselves or counter the attack. He then showed the rest the unconscious Lucy whom he was holding hostage with a blade close to her neck, her clothes in tatters barely held together.

"Give up Fairy Tail mages or you will see how one of your own be raped and bled to death!" he exclaimed getting the mages to look at him with anger and hatred, yet not making a move out of fear for one of their own. Jose grinned thinking he and his guild won the war, he didn't notice a figure behind him taking out his gun. When Traveler kicked a pebble and caused Jose to turn around, it was far too late for the guild Master as the figure aimed his gun-


-and pulled the trigger, the special bullet hitting Jose right in the shoulder.

"AAAAGGHHH" Jose screamed as he felt his very magic container burn from inside out. Traveler picked Lucy up before jumping out and landing near Fairy Tail mages who looked at him with shock and considering the fact that he took down one of the Wizard Saints it was justifiable. An explosion got their attention and they turned to see Natsu covered in hellish red flames making him look like a demon as he dragged a burnt and unconscious Gajeel behind him.

Natsu looked at the other him in awe seeing his other self being covered in flames that, he was sure, were hotter than any flame he could conjure. Turning to Traveler he asked the question on his mind.

"How did he get those flames? They look like they'll burn through anything: they look hotter than my own." His question got the guild's attention with Grey seeing an opportunity to mock his rival.

"What's wrong Flame Head? You are always saying that your flames are hotter than any other." He said getting Natsu to look at him with a hard stare that caused him to stiffen and he got his answer.

"Because, Ice Princess, these flames look like the flames that Igneel said were used by another fire dragon that was the only one able to hurt him, and Igneel is a Fire Dragon King so I don't think that's an easy feat." his answer surprised the guild from his serious and no nonsense voice. Traveler only smiled when he realized that this Natsu was a bit smarter than the other Natsus he met.

"You would be correct" he said getting Natsu's attention "Those flames belonged to a fire dragon named Atlas Flame whose hell flames are said to be so powerful they can burn any one to ash, provided they don't have some kind of resistance. He was Igneel's friend and one of the only dragons to survive the Dragon extinction. This version of Natsu was able to find him while he was searching for Igneel and learned how to use his flames. Right now in your world Atlas Flame is guarding a village called "The Sun Village". I can give you the map to it, so you can try finding him once the viewing is over and maybe even learn how to use his flames." His answer caused Natsu to grin in excitement over the prospect of finding another dragon before he looked back at the hologram.

Dropping Gajeel near the defeated Element Four, with Juvia immediately cradling her boyfriend's form. Natsu then looked at Traveler only to see him point at Jose who was now panting trying and failing to summon his magic.

"I destroyed his magic, so now you and your mates can beat his ass for what he did." Natsu, Erza, Mira and Cana surprised, looked at each other before grinning and looked at Jose who was now trembling in fear and backing away. He tried to run, only to be picked up by Mira in Satan Soul form before being punched in the stomach repeatedly. She then threw him towards Cana who threw her explosive cards launching him towards Erza, who conjured a giant hammer in her Giant armor before swatting him away towards Natsu's burning form. Natsu pulled back his fist and used one of his upgraded moves.

"Hell Fire Dragon's Erupting Fist!" and with that Jose was launched into the air via Natsu's uppercut and fell down to the ground, his body broken and his magic career ruined for the rest of his life. With that the war was concluded, Traveler walked up to Natsu who turned off his flames before taking Lucy into his arms.

"Congratulations, you won another battle, but there are many more, get stronger, protect your mates and family and may Atlas's flames give you strength to find Igneel. Oh and claim Lucy as your mate will ya." With those words Traveler waved his hand causing a tear to appear before he jumped through, the portal closing behind him.

The device turned off as Traveler picked it up and put it into his backpack before getting up and walking towards Natsu and the girls who were now considering how to get closer to him after seeing the relationship the other Natsu had with Mira, Cana and Erza. They all turned towards him to see him hand a map to Natsu.

"This map will show you the location of not only Atlas Flame but also another person who needs to be recruited to Fairy Tail, in the village you may find another person called Flare Corona, there is a possibility that she might be a dragon slayer. Also this is for you Levy." He dug into his backpack and took out blueprints for a weird looking gun. She looked at him in confusion and he responded with a smile.

"This device is called Multiversal Portal Creator or MPC. It will help you watch and travel to other worlds, if a world can be watched but not entered into it means that it is inaccessible or is in the brink of destruction. There other worlds that have devices capable of such things so don't be surprised if you find a world that are not surprised at you appearing in their world." He said as Levy took the blueprints with stars in her eyes already making plans to create it. Makarov raised his eyebrow at the last part.

"You met them haven't you?" Traveler scratched the back of his head while giving a sheepish grin.

"'Met' wouldn't really be true, I've been watching them travel from one world to another. There is one world called 137-C that you will meet at one point so be ready for anything. Oh and if you see four beings cross into your world, help them out as soon as you can, lest you risk your world being destroyed by an army of demons that came after them." His warning caused a lot of fearful stares as he gave them a picture of the four, before he put his hood back on, taking out his mask and putting it on. He lifted his hand, the gauntlet being covered in strange gray energy before he put one finger in a claw form-


-and ripped the space and time apart creating a static like portal. Before he went through the portal he looked back at the mages.

"Get stronger all of you. You have many battles ahead and many revelations that will challenge your will and your strength. I have faith that you can and you will beat all of the wars ahead of you and come out stronger than ever before. Cherish each other and always protect your family." With that he walked into the portal and closed it behind him. Stepping through the other side Traveler looked at the endless static like void of the multiverse, before he sighed and went to search for the maniacs knowing that THEY were no doubt trying to kill another universe. He created another portal and looked at the endless void before opening his mouth.

"I don't know if you can hear me Draconus, but I will find you and I will stop you and your group from destroying the multiverse." With that he went through the portal to a world that he hoped wasn't dead like the many other worlds in his long years of travel.


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