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Everything was as normal as it could be, at least for Bella she was in heaven having Theo. In less time than I would have believed possible. The hospital welcomed Carlisle back with eager arms, not even bothering to conceal their delight that Esme had found life in L.A. so little to her liking. I was avoiding all contact with Edward for now, it was never going to be very easy to just drop it and take his dramatic ass back.

I was still doing good in school with records coming from Greece concerning my time away. Bella not so much, I helped her get caught up though so now she was doing just as good as before and wouldn't be doomed to community college should she chose to go.

Uncle Charlie more than once tried to ground her but with her finally taking a stand and shutting that shit down, she was free to come and go and it hurt because he just wanted her to stay and she threated to move out. I glanced to my side, Seeing Bella with her head on Theo as the movie played, I hated the dark feeling him so close to me.

"Lunch, come on Bella,"

Edward smiled at me, "Are you going to talk to me today?" my body already walking away from him.

Bella scoffed, "Caprice come on," pleading with me "Enough, sorry I don't forgive as easy as you. My guess is you will forgive your mutt, I already talked to the pack along with Emily. Jacob is upset your actual mate is back and he can't keep his antics up," her face frowned, she liked him as friends and she never lied to me about that.

I just got some fruit, salad, and a slice of sausage pizza while she got a salad and a slice of cheese because she was plain. I just flop down with Alice, while Bella, Theo, and Edward collect what food they will toss today. She looked far off so I glanced to Edward who was looking rather demented, I cocked my head "oh, fuck," my body up heading to Bella with Alice on my ass.

"He doesn't care about her," Alice chimed in my feet halting, but Sinister was not above using her as leverage.

Theo ushered her to our corner table, Theo and Alice block her as I stand seeing Sinister walking in like he owned the school. Every single person was staring at him, girls daydreaming of dirty things with him, every male taking a massive blow to their egos. "My love," his voice came out like a dark musical, Edgar Allen Poe worthy.

Edward slammed his hand on his chest as I moved closer, "Enough the both of you, Sin come on. I am pissed you decided to show up to my school and my guess Aro has no clue as he would be as angry," Sin is around humans, he at least wore dark glasses hiding his burgundy eyes.

He smirked, "You will be my wife, plus was making sure you are still loyal to us. Hate to think someone might get hurt if you betrayed me in any way," his eyes dart to Bella.

Theo snarled from across the room as Edward looked beyond crazy. "Make no mistake, you threaten my cousin I will personally end your days. You hold no power over me, get out of this school now. Go home to Volterra without killing a single person. I will contact you tomorrow night,"

His eyes misting over, "I will await your call, my love," before Edward could stop him, no he could have but a normal human wouldn't have been able to and he had to play a role. Sinister kissed me, you could hear the occupants of the lunchroom gasp as Edward tackled Sin right out the door.

"END OF THE SHOW PEOPLE," bowing low.

Sitting down looking at Bella, Alice touched my shoulder. "We will turn her, but you can't go through with it," I planned to join the Volturi and marry Sin to save Bella, he was intent on killing her if I stepped out of line. I knew when it started it would break me. I knew that there was too much below deck not to shatter my carefully laid floor when it came up. Breaking was hard, recovery almost impossible, but of my journey, I am making the best map I possibly can. Drawing it out the way I do helps, painting it in fine oils daily. Emotional pain is hard, but using in a way that helps others feels like stabbing the devil in the heart. I just lit my smoke taking a drag as everyone still watched me, Bella gave me a look.

My tone was wary and tired, "Bella, she isn't safe because of me. Once she is turned she stands a chance of making it but first I have to join them, marry him, and then kill him," shoving my chair to the floor taking my pizza and leaving them.

I only reshowed myself at Bella's when Jacob showed up, placing her red bike in the driveway. He acted like he was unstoppable and was acting like a child. "Black, you just can't deal with her not liking you. I do truly feel bad you like her, but she told you she doesn't feel it. Trying to get her I trouble is fucking childish,"

He barked out, "I am better for her,"

I smiled, "To you maybe that is true, but even you don't take what she wants into account. Everyone thinks they know what is best for Bella, but only she knows. It ain't you sweetie, you have a mate that much I know, it ain't her," I watched as Bella came raging, her screams are going to bring Charlie out of the house.

Jacob winced, and his eyebrows pulled together, but he didn't answer. I tuned out some of the conversations as Bella came over her eyes swirling as she sat with me.

Jacob raised one black brow.

Theo shook his head. "That's not in my power."

"Whose, then?" Jacob growled.

Theo looked down at her, his power not as good as Edwards... "Hers. I'm a quick learner, Jacob Black, and I don't make the same mistake twice. I'm here until she orders me away."

I cut in, "That isn't going to happen Black. Bella for a final time tell Black,"

"It isn't like that for me, Jake. I care for you deeply just not that way," it hurt her to hurt him, she cared and that was her own doing she grew close to him knowing she used him.

Jacob kept his eyes on Theo "I just needed to remind your bloodsucking friends of a few key points in the treaty they agreed to. The treaty chat is the only thing stopping me from ripping his throat out right this minute."

"We haven't forgotten," Edward said coming from the trees at the same time that Bella demanded, "What key points?"

Jacob still glowered at Edward and Theo in turn, but he answered her. "The treaty is quite specific. If any of them bite a human, the truce is over. Bite, not kill," he emphasized. Finally, he looked at me. His eyes were cold.

It only took her a second to grasp the distinction, and then my face was as cold as his.

"That's none of your business."

"The hell it," was all he managed to choke out.

I stood angry, "I will deal with this treaty, but guess what Mutt they aren't going to turn her. I am, and they aren't turning me, I am being turned by the worst of their kind pretty sure Bella alert you when she ran off. Your pack can go fuck themselves, I am not part of the treaty, get it through your thick skull she isn't yours," my anger lashing out as I sent Jacob into the tree, it cracked and groaned.

"See you later, I am going to La Push for a little," none could stop me, Edward was chasing the Mustang but once I got to the border, he could go no further.

It's been there a while now, this anger, escaping when I'm away from those I love.

Sam was waiting, Emily at his side the rest of the pack around him. "Leah sup. Sam, I am going to roll your ass for sending that walking little bitch to my cousins,"

My anger just wanting to be unleashed. Emily turned her own dark eyes boring into Sam's, he paled. 'He was the best to go," he tried.

"No, he is temperamental, he can't understand Bella doesn't return his feelings and that makes him a liability right, Paul?"

"She is right, Jacob is an issue," Paul sighed, he was an ass but a friend.

"I am very sorry that he caused trouble,"

"Sam, the Cullen's might be bloodsuckers, but you know deep down they're good. They will not turn Bella, I am, I am leaving after school and will come back for her,"

Emily gasped taking my hand into hers, "No,"

"I have to Em, I will be changed in Italy and return to turn her. She is in much more danger now,"

Sam hunched his shoulders, "Caprice, we have been friends for so long. It's in my blood to hate them, yes, I understand they're good. Emily and Leah explained to detail about the one who upholds their laws, how they really are. You are going to let them turn you to save Bella, that is brave. I have talked to Embrey and Paul, we agreed we will let a Cullen turn you both only if you both agree to our treaty and follow the rules," this was at least something.

"I will, of course, talk to Bella, Sam I have to leave and let them turn me. I can have them coming her looking for me and finding your pack and Bella. I just appreciate you and how levelheaded you're, just deal with Black I feel bad for him but I can't understand why he doesn't get it,"

They laughed, "None of us do," was agreed on.

Jacob Black looked angry as Sam took him away. Em and Leah just took my smoke giving me a lecture on the negative health benefits. Backing away as they gave chase Quill tackled me lending them a hand. "Paul help me," I yelled as he dragged Leah and Emily by the ankle taking them away, I escaped.

I was stupid letting my anger win out, I was known for being calm but tonight, fuck the entire day was bad. I took a swig of Jack while I worked on the Cuda, it was coming along just fine. A small chime alerted me the clock hit three in the morning and here I was chain smoking and drinking, after another few moments I sensed one of them. I prayed it was Alice or Rosalie, but Edward walked into my garage.

"What do I owe this un-wanted visit too. Want to relive the moment you left me, Cullen?"

His eyes touch the half-filled glass, "Caprice. This behavior is not healthy,"

"I smoked when we were dating, and drank too. Don't come in acting like my daddy, because not even he can't tell me what to do. I drink when stressed, my problem not yours,"

I wasn't going to bed tonight, and it was now Friday so I could just sleep all weekend if wanted. "I can never tell you enough, I am sorry. Please forgive me, take me back. I have been wrong on many accounts, wrong and hurtful not only to you but my family. They forgave me can you?"

I drew in a deep breath.

That was true. Edward was here.

I squared my shoulders and was hesitant about walking forward to meet my fate, with my destiny solidly at my side.