World Meeting-

It was america's turn to present at the world meeting. He walked up to the front of the room with a big smile stretched across his face. "Now, for my solution for pollution is gonna knock your socks off!" America exclaimed. many sighed at this. He pulled a small square from his suitcase, holding it up for them to take it in. Noone was impressed. "Do I even need to ask america.." Germany started. America looked at the at the others in the room then, everyone could of swore they saw a light bulb blink above his head as he made a 'O' shape with his mouth.

America started to pull the corners of the cude out, close to the shape of a door. he flipped a switch on one of the sides of the 'door'. the inside of the outline of a door was filled with a light magenta, the color swirling around in the frame. "Me and my buddy Toni"- england gritted his teeth at the improper use of grammar-" designed this portal door to transport anything into a small dwarf star a couple galaxies away"! He said all this with a growing smile of excitement to show it off, along with how awesome of idea this was.

England sighed knowing he would have to give the young nation a reality check again." America, noone has even figured a way to teleport, let alone to somewhere multiple galaxies away…"

America only laughed, "Dude, that's because no one has ever had an awesome alien dude to help them!" America turn to the portal and slap the frame as if it were his son that just graduated from highschool. " This thing is sure to be the solution, plus would the hero ever disapoi-" America was interrupted when the portal started to have small lights of electricity bounce off of it all over with a dark cloud of some sort emitting from it.

America took a step back to look at it fully. The other nations at this point was starting to panic as the portal started to shake. " TAKE COVER!" one of the nations yelled. So everyone ducked under the table waiting to hear a BOOM! of some sort. It sound of something close to air being sucked out of a space of sorts with a slight pop at the end.

Papers were everywhere when some of the nations looked out from under the table, with others soon following them. Everything seemed to be okay, the frame was empty with nothing filling the space inside of it as it fell to the ground making a clank! noise. But when the countries took a second take at the room they notice the loud, obnoxious america was nowhere in site.

Elsewhere with America-

America hit the ground with a slight Thud! as he rubbed his now sore butt. "Ow…" America whined. The nation stood up, looking at his surroundings. He looked out at the earth through the glass wall. "wow.." was all he could manage out of his mouth. But before he could gaze at the site much longer, a loud alert buzzed through the spacecraft. America jumped a little as he soon found out that the message that was in the alert was referring to him..

Alert! Alert! Unrecognised personal found in the West Wing! Alert! Alert! Unrecognised personal found in the West Wing!

America could feel something approach him at fast speeds. To see what it was, he turned in the direction his senses told him to turn in and soon enough, a man suit in all red, including a mask, with a yellow\gold lightning bolt in the middle of his chest was standing there.

America's smiled at him, "Sup dude"!

Flash almost snicker at the intruders weird welcoming, but remembered batman would give him the look if he did so he decided to just smile back but got straight to the point. He put his fingers to his earpiece,"I found the intruder, I'm going to take him in now". Flash removed his hand from his ear. "Sir.."- Flash realised that the intruder looked a bit young to be called 'sir' or 'mister'-" I require you to come with me, preferable without any violence".

America did a little bit of a frown, " Sorry but I got to get back to my friends…" America turned around and took a few steps in his new direction. Flash sighed a little and reached a hand to the other man's shoulder.

America, from instinct, turn quickly and punched flash in the gut and soon followed that by grabbing his arm and flipping him harshly on his back. Flash voiced a painful moan as he tried to recall what had just happened. America's face, which held a stern look during that little stunt, quickly went into panic along with his brain.

America quickly cursed himself for reacting so harshly to someone he had just met. He picked flash up, putting him over his shoulder to prop him up against a wall. "shit shit shit, dude I am SO sorry, it was just my reflexes from my military and nation life! uhhh.." america panicked as he searched his pocket for something. Soon he pulled out a burger that was still in its wrapper, " Here take this, I am really sorry. Damn my strength.." america muttered the last part to him, but due to his loud manner, flash still heard it.

America started walking off, almost jogging, when flash reached to his earpiece again. "uh… the intruder got away…" flash stated on the open line.

"you let him get away...!?" Hawkgirl asked quite annoyed at flash.

" It's not my fault! He had really fast reflexes or something, not to mention he's super strong!" Flash defended himself.

"Anyways" Green Arrow this time, "what does he look like?"

"uh.." flash thought for a moment, " around 5'9"-ish, blond with glasses. uh.. A Tan Uniform with a leather jacket." Flash finished

"Hm" Green arrow responded.

"Which way was he heading?" Batman asked

" I believe near the medic hallway and cafeteria" flash returned.

Note: hey dont worry this is not a one shot but i also want to say this story idea is not originally mine, the story i was reading never got continued so i decided to rewrite it ( in my own way of course). so it u know what im talking about u will notice some sence were from that. like they all say, please review. my frist time writing on here and i don't got much experience with fanfics due to the fact I'm not that creative. also if i have and errors please tell me, i want to fix them all. idk when i update, i'm going to try to do a lot now nefore i lose interest in this.