With England / Arthur -

After spending what felt like a week on going over the other earths he found one that fit the description: A man faster than light, A skilled archer, and a superhuman.

Now if Arthur was anywhere close to being in the right mind he would have called the others and had a couple go together for protection. But right now, with Arthur running on adrenaline alone, got all the items required and performed the spell.

This was his first time traveling earths, but would assume it would be similar to his first experience flying in a plane.

It hit him like a brick wall; the feeling of spinning like a top, the portal seeming like a hallucination. But with his determination to find and protect Alfred helped him persist through it and into the Earth where he would find Alfred. Earth-199999.


The next thing Arthur saw was a modern living room with an attached kitchen, and any signs of him teleporting was gone. At least for normal people.

Arthur released a breath he was unconsciously holding before an alarm went off. A loud, annoying alarm which would cause anyone to find what caused it…

Arthur quickly got ready, for he wasn't what the people of this earth are like.

The first thing to come at him was an arrow, which he was able to dodge, luckily. Seeing that his enemy was a far-range attacker, grabbed his wand and positioned himself in a form to cast a quick spell.

The man who shot the arrow was now visible, coming out from a hallway in front of Arthur. The man had fairly short blond hair, in his 30's, and was around 5'9". Not to mention he was holding a bow and arrow aimed right at Arthur.

"Who are you and what are you doing at the ave-" The man was cut off by Arthur's yelling.

"You bloody yankee! If you intend to hit me, at least have better aim than that!" Arthur sneered, but if he had to be honest, the man had a very good aim, though he would never admit it.

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