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I have several fanfics that I started to write with several ideas of what could happen to Superboy, but I can not do more than one chapter, so why not put it together and make a collection of one-shots.

Superboy's situation upset me a little, I honestly believe the young justice makers did not have time to address this, but I picked up several points;

1; He is only three months old, no matter that he has a body of a teenager, all he knows was knowledge deployed, and less than a month after being rescued he is already dating? and no one thought it strange? Does he at least know what he's really feeling? It can be just solitude and it clings to the only person who is constantly at his side.

2; No one takes responsibility for it, no one remembers that he's just a baby.

3; He does not have a name or a responsible, any villain could claim his custody.

4; All they talk about is that he has a lot of anger and how he needs to manage it. Did someone sit with him and explain what he is feeling?

5; Again only two people live with him daily and one of them is an android and the other is an alien who is still learning the habits of the earth, he could be kidnapped and it would take days for someone to realize, until then it could be too late.

6; He's only kryptonian, no one tried to figure out where the other half of the DNA was coming from, and even if they knew, no one told him that little detail, and if it was not for Lex, and another villain, or another league member?

7; If only half of his DNA is From Superman, that makes him his son, Superman can deny as much as he wants, but a child is made up of the DNA of two people, the father and the mother, in the Superboy case, two parents. it is wrong for him to call himself a clone because clone is a copy of the original and he is not in any case a copy of Superman.

8; The word clone, from the Greek κλών (/ klon /, "bud, branch"), is used to designate a set of individuals that have the same genetic characteristic. The individuals of a clone are originated by asexual reproduction. The clone was created in 1904 by the American botanist Herbert J. Webber, according to him, the clone is basically a set of individuals descended from a cell, set of cells, molecules or organisms genetically equal to that of a parent. But if we noticed Lex's explanation, Superman's DNA was filled with Lex's DNA, so Superboy's DNA was no longer the same as his Superman's.

9; But they are alike! Some children look like copies of their parents as children or adolescents, so this argument is not valid. An example is two famous actors in Brazil, João Vitti and his son Rafael Vitti.

10; because Superboy has to be patient and expect Superman to take action, I must remind you who the adult of that relationship is, kids and teens need an adult to teach them the difference between right and wrong, everything Superman I do not think Superboy should have been created, but he's here and as much as Superman wants to stick his head in the sand and deny it, he's not going anywhere.


Desmond and Spencer were not the only scientists involved in the Kr project, Erick was also the difference being that Erick clung to the little baby that was forcibly aged. He was the one who sent the Justice League alert, he hoped Superman would help the boy, but three months ago and no change in his attitude toward the child, Erick might just be a scientist, but it did not mean he have contacts in high places.

E: Thank you for coming, Superboy.

SB: Doctor Erick!

K: Do you know him Superboy?

SB: he was the original scientist of the Kr project.

R: he was fired for being very involved the same day the league was notified about Cadmus.

K: What do you want with Superboy?

E: in three months what has the league already done for him? He has neither name nor guardian, nor is he being trained by a mentor.

KF: Hey, we're teaching him.

E: yet he is suffering from monophobia.

KF: What monophobia?

R: Monophobia is also known by other names, such as isolophobia or autophobia. It is characterized by extreme insecurity, anxiety and depression when you have to be left alone, even for a short period of time.

E: facilitate manipulation in a relationship for which you are not prepared.

SB: I do not suffer from monophobia.

E: not? Who lives with you?

K: He lives in the cave with Android and Miss Mars.

E: a robot who does not understand human interaction and a girl who is dating him.

KF: What?

K: I already explained to Miss Mars that Superboy is not prepared for this kind of relationship.

R: It is essentially a baby in the body of an adult.

K: What is your idea, Dr. Erick?

E: this is the ...

KF: the Black Panther!

E: yes, he offered to help Superboy and be his mentor and guardian, but for this he must go to Wakanda, as King Panther can not stay long away from the Country.

R: I agree.

KF: What you can not ...

K: We have to think about what's best for Superboy.

SB: I did not agree with that.

R: but you go, Superman has not done anything until now, no one in the league has come up to offer, but here's an adult willing to help you.

K: You need help, we can not stay with you twenty-four hours a day and between training missions and our personal duties, there is very little time left to help you understand your feelings or your powers.

KF: he's right Superboy, we're your friends your family, let's do this, three months, you stayed here for four months, then give them three months, if at the end you do not like you can come back.

R: And we'll keep in touch every day.

SB: Okay, but Wolf and ball come with me.


S: Batman I did not see Superboy with junior members last month.

B: He received a training offer.

WW: And you accepted?

B: They gave the league three months to do something, in those three months Superboy did not even get a name, and no one offered to teach it, the juniors thought it fair to give that same chance to someone else.

HW: Looks like you did not even try to reject the proposal.

B: because I have no rejection hawk woman.

WW: Who's training him?

B: someone who also has superforce, and he is in a place where he will receive a lot of help, help that we neglected to provide.

GL: What does that mean?

B: when Superboy was rescued from Cadmus he was only sixteen weeks old and was aged to the age of sixteen. He was educated telepathically, but he had no life experience, and as much as the Juniors tried to help, they had their own responsibilities.

WW: Be more specific Batman.

B: Everyone here knows that he is always angry.

S: Yes.

B: It turns out he did not know what he was feeling or how to deal with it, it's like reading or seeing photos about a place, but without ever visiting you have a limited knowledge on the subject, as we grow we learn to deal with our emotions ...

WW: But Superboy did not have that experience.

S: Where is he?

B: I can not say, and even if I could, he's in a place where the League has no jurisdiction.


K: If we go after the league, we'll need a heavy hitter.

SB: I'm already here.

KF: Welcome Superboy, what's with the new uniform?

It was a replica of the Black Panther's uniform, but without Pantera's markings or ears, but there was a large red S on his chest.

SB: I decided to pay tribute to my mentor.

KF: cool, Superman will have a syncope.

K: We have to leave before they find us.

SB: Sphere?

KF: How I missed the supercicle.

K: Atlantes managed to make a cure and we're going to use that to fight the league, everyone knows their targets?

Rob: Yes we are all prepared.

K: now only missing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter.

SB: We take care of it.

Rob: First Batman.

SB: If no one has noticed, I'm fighting with two at the same time.

M: I'm coming.

SB: Miss Mars and Martian are down.

Rob: Just missing Batman and Superman.

SB: Wolf and Sphere are down.

Rob: We will not defeat them in hand-to-hand.

SB: Plan B then.

Rob: Are you sure?

SB: We have no other choice.

Rob: Batman is gone.

SB: I'm holding Superman.

Rob: Are you sure about that?

SB: Go soon.

Rob: Okay.

SB: It looks like my new uniform protects me from the radiation.

KF: We won.

Rob: Happy new year.

SB: It's a beautiful view from above.

K: Congratulations Superboy, you've evolved a lot.

KF: and congratulations on your first New Year.

S: The staff did a good job, you did a good job.

SB: Thank you.

S: I heard you chose a new name.

SB: Yes I learned a lot from my new mentors.

Are you going to stay with the team now?

SB: Yes, I think I'm ready for the real world now.

S: Your uniform does not look like anybody else's league.

SB: It is because it is not I was accepted by the Black Panther as an apprentice and wanted to pay homage to him and his people who accepted me with open arms. But I am also Kryptonian, and I want to honor my origins.


KF: So it's official, are you back for good?

SB: Yes, but I'm not going to live here, as you go and I go back, Batman already installed a Zeta Tube in the palace.

KF: I can not believe you're a prince now.

SB: Wakanda is still a tribal society, they believe that the whole village should raise and educate the child, and when they knew why I was there they wanted me to become a citizen of the country.

Rob: Then you must handle our missions and the real duties.

SB: There are not many actually as I am not expected to receive the throne.

M: Why not, why are you adopted?

SB: no, that's not the reason, it's because the King must also be the Black Panther and I'm immune to the Heart herb.

K: welcome back Superboy.