It's not a chapter, unfortunately.

It's just a clarification related to some reviews I've received.

First, if you go check it out, you will see that you have sent me a dissertation about where I went wrong in the first chapter, I stopped reading in the first paragraph, sorry, I fell asleep and did not understand a word of what was written, the person did not put a name, if you dare to write a review for someone, have the courage to get a response.

According to someone, again an anonymous, wrote me saying that he hated what I wrote about Wanda and Pietro, nothing personal, everyone has their preference, my problem with her is that she raped the minds of several people, she changed from the side? Yes she has changed, but I have not seen her apologize for it, and how am I different from the hundreds of authors out there who hold the same opinion, and who write worse things about her?

What about writing fanfics as a script? this reviewer put it was a rule of the fanfics not to be scripted, I was confused, is this true? If it is, I'm screwed and I'll have to stop posting. I can not write it any other way, I already tried, but the lines got mixed up and people got confused. in fact I only write because I have ideas that I want to read, but I do not find anyone who has written something like that, and as I always put it at the end of the chapter, my fanfics are all for adoption, I write those ideas in the hope that a better author than I am, if you are interested and adopt one of them.

Unfortunately, no one was interested until now.