Well here's chapter five it's a bit of a mix with different types of powers though I think this one might be one of the ones that's all over the place hope this helps out the writers who want to use a interesting power

Telepathy: User can read/sense another person's thoughts, communicate with them mentally or affect their minds/thoughts. Telepathy falls into two categories; Telepathic Communication, which is the ability to transmit information from one mind to another and Telepathic Perception, which is the ability to receive information from another mind.

Another one that could easily be a mutation of his mother's quirk. Considering how many telepaths are in television, comics, books, video games, magna, and anime you should pretty much have a idea on what you want this version of Izuku to do.

Jinx: User is a living bad luck charm, causing other people to have accidents, misfortune or other bad luck.

Now this one can be interesting depending on how you want to use it. If Izuku can direct his bad luck like Jinx from Teen Titans then you will have a Izuku that pretty much makes his enemies have all the bad luck in the world. Though if it's like Crow from RWBY then you can easily turn this into a type of tragic Izuku who tries to stay away from everyone and doesn't know how he could be any type of hero with this quirk.

Luck: The user is gifted with an automatic and continuous supply of good luck, most have no control over this power as things considered "lucky" randomly and unexpectedly happens to them despite any predestined fate or logical reason. Ergo, nothing bad will happen or if it does, their power will sort it out no matter how impossible the situation is or how high the odds are against them, allowing the user to always be in complete context in whatever situation they are, be free to do as they please without consequences, and be untouched and ineffective to the laws of causality.

All aspects of users life improve drastically: work, social, romantic, personal, financial, school and basically life as a whole would become easier, happier, and would excel altogether.

Limitations: May apply to the laws of "Positive and Negative Outcomes", meaning it may benefit the user but could backfire on others/themselves.

Continuously pressing the user's luck may tax this ability to the point of failure.

May only activate in certain events, such as gambling.

Most users have literally no control over this power, so what happens is just random.

Jinx may be able to lessen or remove luck.

Luck Erasure can completely remove the user's luck.

May lead to developing various emotional problems or mental issues.

Yep decided to add the limits to this one. Anyone who's seen Deadpool will know how awsome luck could be as a power. That and how broken it could be which is why I add the limit aspect for those who might want to use the power but don't know who to balance it just the right way.

Drawing Creation: The user can create objects and beings by drawing them. The user can also create a new world by drawing it and draw tools such as drawing a sword and armor for their usage and get around quickly by drawing doors and portals. The user can even draw into existence creatures or any other objects.

This one right he has a lot of applications and considering Izuku's mind this power would go far. He would also get along well with Momo if since they both would have creation type quirks.

Mental Manipulation: The user can manipulate, modify and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions, allowing the ability to render others unconscious, suppress their memories, and negate the use of abilities, increase/decrease mental capacity, modify minds to be agreeable, control minds, sway sensations to induce altered perception, bestow/heal mental disorders, create/penetrate mental barriers, etc.

Yeah right here is another powerful power that could be a mutation of his mom's quirk. Pretty much similar to Telepathy just without being able to speak in a person's mind or read a persion thoughts

Ambition Manipulation: The users of this power can manipulate energy formed from their ambitious strength and willpower to be enable them to achieve feats such as reading others' movements, to bypassing any defenses an ability may provide via contact or even knocking a person unconscious.

This one is one of the more interesting powers that I ran across. Considering Izuku's goal is to be a hero and he keeps on pushing no matter how hurt he gets, this power would be a good representation of his ambition to be a hero.

Collective Intelligence: The user's intelligence increases when in proximity to others, usually of the same species. The more individuals in a group, the smarter the user gets.

Yep another mind type quirk though this time it's just making him smarter. Boy if you want your Izuku to be some type of genius inventor type then this quirk would push the already smart Izuku to the levels of a super genius.

Communing: The user is capable of bringing spirits back into solid space who still have unfinished business to take care of with the living. The communer has little to no control which spirits he brings back and doesn't know what unfinished business may be.

Ah yes talking to the dead aka I see dead people. Could be consider another mutation of his mother's quirk but even I will say that is a streach. Though it would make for some interesting stories. Ones that can get more than a bit dark of you want them to go that way.

Instant Learning:The user can gather and assimilate any kind of knowledge and understand it fully and instantaneously, this can happen in two ways:

Passively: when the user reads, sees or hears any concept they will understand it completely, whether it is natural or supernatural. If the user comes into contact with any piece of "information" that is wrong, they intuitively know this and can discern what is correct and what is wrong.

Actively: when the user wants information/knowledge they acquire it instantly and use it perfectly, e.g. the user can gain the skills and knowledge of a doctor to heal someone or gain the experience and skills of a master martial artist for fighting.

Anthor learning type quirk with a lot of possiblities. You want him to know martial arts well he will know them inside and out. Weapons fighting easy, detective work well just give him the information and he will know it. Pretty much Nezu would love this type of Izuku and might take the boy under his wing... Now that could be a interesting story if anyone goes with that.

Summoning: The user can transport person, creature, or object of choice by means of Teleportation, Dimensional Travel, Portal Creation or some other way. This may also result from a previous summoning contract, which creates a connection between the summon and summoner.

High level users may not be bound by restrictions such as a contract, and can summon anything they want, including powerful beings or "familiar spirits" and often require strong mystic connections to where these entities reside. Users can call upon fairies, angels, demons, or animal spirits, just to name a few.

The summoning can backfire, however, leading to any number of misfortunes, such as the summoned person, creature, or item causing harm to the summoner.

I always planned on puttting this power in the list just slipped my mind until now. This has variety in it considering you can choose what Izuku can summon. Can he summon special weapons, fairies, angels, demons, aliens? That's up to the author and the author alone along with how the beings summon would react to being summoned.

Electrical Enhanced Condition: The user can enhance their physical and mental attributes using electricity to stimulate the nerves. They are able to jump extraordinary distances due to the increase in strength or react faster due to the mental amplification.

All around abilitiy increase via electricity. Doesn't step on our favorite electric student but said students attacks wouldn't hurt Izuku it'll just power him up. Can be interesting having Izuku carry a taser to power his quirk up. That and it will give you something to do with that green lightning that always appear.

Size Reduction: The user can reduce the size of anything and everything down to the dimensions of an ant, cell or even smaller. Some users may allow a target to retain or have boosted strength, weight, mass while they are at a reduced size.

Levels: Basic Level: User can shrink target down to half of their normal size.

Advanced Level: User can shrink target down to quarter of their normal size.

Expert Level: User can shrink target down to tenth of their normal size.

Master Level: User can shrink target down to percentage of their normal size.

Ultimate Level: User can shrink target down to atomic size.

Absolute Level: User can shrink target below size of subatomic particles.

Welp if you've seen Ant Man or The Atom then you know this power can be very useful for sneaking around or used for capturing a person. It's a very powerful power and got a lot of possible uses

Clay Mimicry: User is made up of or can transform their body completely into clay. Users' transformed form is anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of clay, in which case it contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately the user can transform into homogeneous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.

Users abilities depend on the level of moisture they contain: semi-solid clay can simply absorb most attacks and even enemies or items, it is malleable and nearly impossible to actually hurt; dry clay is nearly stone-like in hardness but fragile.

Last one for the day and it's a mutant type quirk. Anyone that knows about Batman's rouge galley will know that Clayface is one of those villains that you just don't mess with. This Izuku would be pretty powerful and versatile. Being able to go hard or soft and has shape shifting abilities because he's made of clay.

Welp that's all for this one I will say that it will probably be a while before the next one of these comes out. Got to make sure I don't repeat myself too much when it comes to powers so stay tuned.