She was fast and strong. Even with Hyper Dying Will Form, Kyouya was at a lose when it came to keeping-up with her. It was only the increased speed of his reaction-times, the way he could sense the entire world around him and moved to the flow of energy for attacks yet to be thrown that allowed him to stay in the fight. This cheap knock off version of the Old Boss's Hyper Intuition which Kyouya had developed to deal with genjutsu uses in his previous life.

It felt right, him being here, nothing to restrain him. This was his place in the natural order. He was free to use his fangs and act the way a Carnivore should without worrying about damaging the world around him. He felt like a wild animal that had finally managed to escape the zoo. For so long, Kyouya had not just been a big fish in a small pond, he had been a massive shark in a bathtub. He couldn't even bite properly, out of fear of just home much damage he would do.

A Carnivore, afraid to bite. Unable to embrace his true nature. He hadn't even realized just how stifling this world had been for him until he was given this chance to let loose.

However, his senses where strong enough to know that it wasn't the same for the Chained Carnivore. Even now, she pulled her punches. He could feel the disrupted flow of her energy every time she only put half her heart into the attack. She was biting at him, but she wasn't using her teeth. Why was this Carnivore acting so strangely?

Was she even truly a Carnivore at all?

She had been too assertive, too sure of her place at the top for her to be an Herbivore. But she wasn't acting like a Carnivore at all.

It reminded him of the Old Monkey in some ways. The Hokage had been a natural born Carnivore, but he had desired so badly to be an Omnivore that he had ripped out his own teeth. Now Kyouya wasn't even sure what to call the old man. It was exactly like how the Ninth had been. It was so pathetic that at times it made Kyouya want to gag. Though he couldn't look at the Hokage and say for certain what characteristic he was missing. What it was that made his old Sky an Omnivore while the Old Monkey was closer to a toothless wolf trying to eat cabbages, no matter how many times they made him throw up.

That had always been the thing about Omnivores that fascinated Kyouya, he hadn't understood them. They had always seemed to have an even better understanding of the natural order of things than even he had. This was why he hadn't minded so much occasionally following the lead of the Neo Vongola Primo, so long as the man didn't crowd him.

Kyouya's tonfas grew and shank as he attacked the woman, regardless of the distance between them, with Kushina doing the same but lashing out with her crimson chakra, creating long arms made of the stuff to try and grab him. Quick as a flash, Kyouya conjured up three layers of Roll's Spiked Shield between him and the hand. The chakra hand burned through his shield layer by layer in mere seconds, but it slowing down the advance of the chakra enough for him to dive out of the way and throw a pair of spiked handcuffs at the woman, which replicated in the air to become two dozen. More hands split out of the chakra arm and grabbed the cuffs, melting the metal in an instant.

This red chakra stuff was as dangerous as the Bastard Herbivore's Flames of Destruction. It was nothing like the Flames of Life she had used earlier in her chains. Yet whenever her arm whipped about, catching Kyouya in the side, it didn't burn him. He didn't even feel any danger from it.

The Flames of Life were still present, mixed in with the red chakra, keeping it under her control. Kyouya could feel it with each clash… it was a nostalgic feeling.

Kyouya's breath was becoming strained, though in his Hyper Dying Will state, no one would have even noticed it. Unlike the Sky Omnivore, neither his body nor his flames were made to keep this up. Even with the boost in his reserves granted by the Food Pill, he was quickly burning through all of his stamina. At his current rate, he would only last another two, perhaps three minutes. Not that he cared. He would keep fighting until he dropped unconscious.

However, his plan to fight to his heart's content was cut short when a massive purple barrier appeared around them in the forest. Both he and Kushina stopped to looked up at it in puzzlement. "The Eight-Pointed Purple Prism? Why?" Kushina said not understanding what was going on. However, Kyouya understood all too well.

Someone was trying to get in the way of his fight.

Sure enough, moments later fifty ninja appeared out of the forest, surrounding the group, including the Hokage. It seemed as if all of them were Chunin, Jounin, or ANBU, and they all had very serious looks on their faces.

"This has gone on long enough. I insist that you two stop this mock battle immediately." The Hokage told the two of them. Kushina looked at the old man with surprise, while Kyouya glared at him in annoyance.

How irritating.

Kushina was at a lose for words as she realized they had been being monitored. Probably the entire time. She also realized exactly why the barrier had been placed.

The Four-Pointed Purple Prism would have been enough to contain even a Kage level individual. This Eight-Pointed version, it had been made to contain her. Beyond the fifty that were in front of them right now, they had to have a least another eight Jounin supporting the barrier. They had prepared all of this in case Kushina lost control.

"Hokage-sama, it's fine. I'm in complete control. You don't need to…" Kushina tried to reason with their leader.

"You are not welcome here, Old Monkey. Leave, or I will bite you to death." Kyouya said, his voice still having that silky quality it had since he had first unlocked his Hyper Dying Will Form, though his words were threatening. It was odd, hearing such things from such a peaceful looking face.

The Hokage frowned at Kyouya, his body tensed. "Have you not had enough yet? Has Kushina-sensei not proven herself to you yet? This fight is pointless, and it is starting to become a risk to the village. As Hokage, I am telling you to stop."

"Hn. Pointless? Not all my questions are answered yet. I will not stop until they are, or until I collapse." Kyouya replied with a scoff, raising his weapons.

"Kyouya-kun…" The Hokage grumbled as he stared at the boy.

"Hokage-sama, just let us continue a little longer. I won't lose control. Please trust me." Kushina said, giving the man a short bow. The nine-tails chakra still coated her entire body and when she looked into the old man's eyes, she saw him flinch. Her eyes had been changed by the transformation into the eyes of the demon. How old have the Hokage been when the Nine Tails had nearly destroyed the village?

She could feel his unease and his guilt. She knew he had always attempted to look past the Demon and see Kushina herself, but faced with those eyes, he was consumed with unease.

Still, his unease was easier for Kushina to handle than what the others were feeling. Worry, fear, disgust, even hatred. It hurt her, feeling such things from these people. The Leaf Village was supposed to be a family. It was the only family she had left. Yet so many of her fellow ninja feared her.

Even if she knew that their fears won't unjustified, it still hurt.

"Kushina. As much as I want to respect your wishes, this fight has escalated too far. I am responsible for the safety of the entire Leaf Village, and I can't risk that… that things get even more out of hand. Please, return the seal to its normal state." The Hokage paused before mentioning the nine-tails, glancing at Kyouya. He knew that while there were few clans that didn't know about the Leaf Village Uzumaki, that it was kinder to Kushina to keep the number of individuals who knew about it to a minimum, lest even the children start to run away from her in fear.

Honestly, he might as well not have bothered. Kushina could feel it. Kyouya wouldn't have cared about the nine-tails. He knew something was up, the entire squad of ninja turning up wasn't exactly subtle, but he still didn't fear or hate her. His annoyance only grew because their fight had been interrupted.

Still, the Hokage had a point. While before she had been confident on her ability to control the Nine-Tails' chakra, now, with her heart being confronted with the fear and mistrust of her village, she had too much darkness closing in on her heart. While there still wasn't any immediate danger, it would be best to simply call it quits, even if Kyouya wished to continue. "Kyouya. I'm sorry but…"

Before Kushina could finish her sentence and start powering down, four wooden beams shot up out of the ground, wrapping around Kushina's body. Before the woman even had a chance to register what was going on, she experienced an explosive serge of pain as the Red Chakra was forced back into her and her seal was being closed by the Wood Seal's effect.

"What are you doing!? Stop this at once!" The Hokage shouted, seeing the shock on Kushina's face.

"Ignore that order. Finish repressing the Tailed Beast's Chakra." Danzou told the ANBU boy who was holding out his hand towards Kushina with his fingers curled in, the Fuinjutsu symbol for sealing marked into his palm.

As her vision darkened and her ears began to ring, Kushina felt a massive wave of killing intent wash over the group. The wood that had latched itself too her was torn into splinters, cutting off the crushing feeling in her stomach and allowing her to fall to the ground.

"For harming this Sky, I will bite you all to death."

'This was not going as planned.' Hiruzen thought as he saw Kyouya standing protectively in front of Kushina, a look of pure contempt in his glowing purple eyes as he put out enough killing intent to make Danzou take a step back.

"For harming this Sky, I will bite you all to death." The boy said, the fire on his forehead growing rapidly until it covered his entire body in the same manner that Kushina had been wearing the Tailed Beast's Chakra just moments ago.

He raised his hands and one of his hedgehog summons appeared between them. Then, all of the purple flames seemed to gravitate towards the small creature, which rapidly absorbed them into itself and began to glow so bright that they all had to shield their eyes from the glow. "Reverse Spiked Sphere Form."

The hedgehog let out an ear-piercing scream and started to expand out in all directions. Hiruzen barely had enough time to notice the way that the spikes ignored Kyouya and Kushina, absorbing them into the ball as it grew, before they were completely out of sight.

"Run!" Someone shouted, not that anyone needed to be told. For some, even moving at full speed, the spiked wall was still on their heels, with the Chunin barely out pacing it. However, it wasn't until they started to reach the edge of the Eight-Pointed Purple Prism, and the sphere didn't show any signs of slowing down, that they realized they were in serious shit.

"Bring down the barrier! Quickly!" The Hokage shouted to the Jounin who were maintaining the barrier, bringing them out of their shock soon enough to let down the wall and start running themselves.

They all ran until the spiked wall started to slow it growth and stop. By that time it was roughly five miles in diameter and had broken through the ceiling of the training ground, a wall of random debris from all the tree, rocks and other objects pushed up by the massive sphere rose up fifty feet high in some places.

"What the hell happened? Where is the troublesome woman and brat combo?" Shikaku asked, scratching his head. He had been part of the group maintaining the barrier, along with the rest of his team, and hadn't seen the events that had transpired.

"There was a bit of a breakdown of order and the boy snapped. As for where those two are, they seem to have been absorbed inside of this… majestic creature." Orochimaru said as he studied the wall with something like awe. "Fascinating, to be able to grow to such a size, and so quickly. It's comparable to the outer limits of the Akimichi Clan's Super MultiSize Jutsu. And it has a semi-porous nature that can pick and choose what it wants to pass through it. On top of that, it produces some form of what I believe to be senjutsu-like chakra. I wish I had the means of studying it on me."

"If its like the smaller version that the kid locked me up in, then it will probably be mostly hollow inside. Still... oxygen ran out rather quickly in that thing." Inoichi said with a small shudder at the memory of nearly suffocating to death in that pitch black ball. He was in the T&I department, and that thing still gave him the willies. "This wasn't in the file either. Why do we even have a file?"

"Should we try to break through it?" Chouza asked.

"Be my guest. Though I think the boy used up all of his Chakra to create it. With him out of Chakra and the Jinchuriki no longer using her inner demon's power, I don't think there is any threat anymore. I'm guessing that this situation will be resolved without any more input on our part. The fighting is already over." Orochimaru said with a shrug. "By the way, two hours twenty-three minutes. Looks like I win the pot."

"Fuck you Orochimaru! This doesn't count! All bets are off!"

"Danzou, Kushina wasn't out of control. There was no need for that." Hiruzen said angrily.

"The woman was already coated in the Demon's Chakra. The Seal was weakening and the Beast needed to be suppressed." Danzou counted. "I won't chance the Beast getting out just because you don't want to hurt the woman's feelings. That monster is dangerous, you should know that better than anyone."

The Hokage narrowed his eyes, before turning his head back to the massive dome in front of them. "Kyouya-kun reacted in order to protect her. Seems like even though everything went to hell, it all worked out in the end."

"So operation 'Out Foxing the Hedgehog' was a success then. Good to know. I accept all the credit and give myself the day off tomorrow in congratulations." Shikaku said, sitting down and yawning. "Inoichi, you're okay with accepting the blame for all the shit that went wrong, right?" His teammate glared at the lazy genius. There was going to be a lot of paperwork in order to cover this.

The Hokage coughed into his hand and glanced over at Danzou. "Danzou, as punishment for disobeying direct orders, you can be in charge of cleaning up the damages here. Make sure to get the paperwork all filed out correctly."

Danzou flinched and started to grumble under his breath. "Damn you, Hiruzen." Why couldn't the bastard be merciful and just kill him instead?

When Kushina's head cleared, she found herself in a much different place from where she had been before. She was lying on an endless plan of reflective glass that seemed to straight out to the horizon in all directions, and over head was a crisp blue sky with fluffy white clouds. It wasn't until her vision cleared completely and she squinted at that distant sky that she saw the spikes implanted in it. There was no sun or any source of light, but the place was brightly lite, without any sign of shadows.

"You're awake." Kyouya said, surprising the woman, as she was still trying to process their surroundings. His fire was gone and the clothes from before had dissolved, leaving him in nothing but his boxers. Not that he seemed to have noticed or cared.

"Yeah, what happened?" Kushina asked, as she stood up and looked around. "What is this place?"

"They sneak attacked you. I drove them away. We are inside Roll." Kyouya said simply.

"Is that so? Thank you, though I don't think they meant any real harm." Kushina said with an awkward smile. "You didn't hurt any of them too bad, did you?"

Kyouya didn't reply. He just stared at her, long enough for the silence to become uncomfortable. When he finally did speak, it wasn't an answer, but a question. "Why?"

"Huh? Why what?" Kushina asked with a tilt of the head.

"You had the power to crush me. To put me in my place. Why didn't you use it? Why?" Kyouya demanded.

"Well, because I didn't want to hurt you." Kushina admitted, a little sadly as she looked over his body and saw all the blood, bruises and burns from their battle. She noticed he was favoring one of his legs. The boy had done a good job of guarding his head, at the very least.

"Why?" Kyouya asked again. "Why would you care?"

"Why? …Because I'm your Jounin Instructor. That makes us a team. We're like family." Kushina explain, her face going soft as she did so.

"…Family?" Kyouya slowly repeated before starting to chuckle, surprising Kushina. "It's been a while since I hard that word used like that. You really are a lot like him. Fine then, I will accept you as my new Sky. Just try not to crowd me, Omnivore."

Then with an amused smile… Kyouya collapsed. The dome around them broke, leaving Kushina allow with the boy in the middle of a barren patch of land five miles wide, where there had once been a dense forest.

Kushina rushed to check on the child's condition, but he seemed to be stable, just sleeping peacefully. Kushina couldn't help but to laugh at the sight. "You know, you actually look kind of cute when you sleep, my little genin student."

"Alright, so we've updated the kid's file." Inoichi said as he glanced over the new thirty pages of text that were being added to Kyouya's already blotted file. "His bounty has gone up to rank B. Still would have to be a moron in order to take it."

Normally, rank 'C' bounties were for people at the Chunin level, 'B' were the lower tier of the Jounin, 'A' was high tier Jounin, and 'S' was for Kage level ninjas. While an eight-year-old with a B-rank bounty sounded insane, it still wasn't doing the boy justice.

"You sure some of these nicknames are a good idea?" One of the man's cousins asked him as he glanced over the papers.

"They are what they are. I didn't make them. Lets just hope that the kid doesn't find out." Inoichi said with a shrug, though he couldn't help but to snort at a few of them.

The Tailless Demon, the Purple Dragon, Spiky Death Incarnate, the Child of Hyper Death and of course, the Hedgehog Sage.

They just don't understand the beauty and power of this massively obese hedgehog the way Orochimaru does. What a majestic creature.