Chapter 1: New Adventure

Story: Roxas was sudden separated from Sora and ended up at Ever After. During Legacy Day, he suddenly appeared when Raven refused to sign the Storybook of Legends. Soon everyone thought that he was a monster summon by Raven who came to ruin everyone's chance of getting their happy ending. When he met Raven and Maddie, he became fast friends with them, and now his new journey at Ever After High has just begun.


Roxas (Balance)- Sora's nobody and no.13 of Organization XIII. He ended up in Ever After and became a student at Ever After High. Though he may look like a monster summon by Raven to ruin their happily ever after, he just wanted to find his heart and a place where he can belong and be his own person. He is a strong and confident leader and is willing to protect the world and his friends.

Abilities: Magic and Dual Keyblade wielding.

Sora (Speed)- A boy who grew up on Destiny Island with his two best friends Riku and Kairi. He wanted to see what's beyond their island so they built a raft and explore what's out there. However, on the day they were about to set sailed their home was attacked by darkness. He met his two new friends Donald a mage and Goofy a guardian who were friends with King Mickey. He became a Keyblade welder in order to protect his friends from darkness.

Abilities: Keyblade Weilding, Magic, Drive Forms

Raven Queen- Daughter of the Evil Queen, but doesn't show any darkness in her heart. She doesn't want to be like her mother and rewrite her own destiny. She became Roxas friends when they first met at Legacy Day and now she wants to help him feel like he belongs there.

Abilities: Dark Magic, Black Magic

Madeline (Maddie) Hatter- Daughter of the Mad Hatter who loves to drink tea and works at her family tea shop. She is crazy mad and loves to do things unpredictable that defy the laws of physics and reality. She is Raven's best friend forever after and is willing to make her friends smile. Her madness can make her hear the voices of the narrators who narrate the story of Ever After High. Even since she met Roxas, she seems to be curious about him.

Abilities: Unpredictability

Apple White- Daughter of Snow White and future queen of Ever After High. She cares about following traditions and wanted Raven to follow her story and be the next Evil Queen. She thinks that Roxas is a monster sent by Raven to steal her happily ever after, but maybe if she gets to know him better, she might found something special about him.

Headmaster Milton Grimm- The headmaster of Ever After High who make sure that everyone follows their destinies to keep their world safe. He has little trust in Roxas because of the stunt the Raven pulled during Legacy Day. Since he was summoned by Raven Queen, he has to agree to become a student. Though he might try to find ways to make him leave and find his own story.

World: Ever After- A place where fairy tales live their stories, where children of famous fairy tale characters go to a special school called Ever After High to follow their destinies and continue their family legacies. However, Due to Raven Queen, the school was now split between the Royals students who want to follow their destinies lead by Apple White, and the Rebels students who want to write their own destinies lead by Raven Queen.