"What should I do?" Keith was sitting in his lion. He needed peace and quiet from Lance. It was weird and unexpected, but they had become close. Like friends or something…and then Lance found out that Keith liked guys.

It was like a body-snatcher-Shiro-clone came in and didn't bother learning how Lance actually was. Lance was cold and he was distant and no longer wanted to hang out with Keith. It hurt though. He was used to it, but it hurt because it was Lance. Then earlier today after almost a pheob (a month) of silence, Lance jumps him.

He starts bawling and apologizing and flirting which was weird as hell, but whatever, go off, I guess. At least Lance was talking to him, but it was too much too fast.

Keith sighed and climbed out of his lion. It's been 6 vargas (about 8.4 hours) since he's seen anyone. He landed quietly on the ground, his hip twinging. Grimacing, he started to leave when something on Pidge's desk caught his attention.

Usually he wouldn't touch Pidge's stuff, but something drew him over to her desk. He ran his hand over all of the clutter until it rested on a small box. It was blue and very smooth. Keith picked it up, running his hands over it. There was a small darker blue button on the side. Normally he wouldn't touch the button, but something in him urged him to push it. He did and it made a soft 'blep!' then it was quiet once more.

"Wha-?" Keith started when a bright flash obscured his vision. The flash felt like it rippled through him, but there was no pain. Nothing happened for a few moments, then there was a sharp pain in his temple. He screamed out in pain, falling to his knees. His vision blurred and he felt his stomach lurch.

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead as he dry-heaved. It was agonizing as tears sprung up in his eyes and his throat started to close. It felt like vargas as he lied on the cold floor, his body shaking with cold and heat. The pain spread through him in varying waves.

"Make it stop. Make it stop," Keith attempted to say, but all that came out were a few strangled gurgles.

Keith was still shaking as the pain ebbed off after a varga and a half. He was still nauseous and dizzy, but he wasn't in anymore sharp pain. It was a dull ache.

Keith stood slowly, his legs unsteady, and his hands were shaking. He grabbed onto Pidge's desk, but accidentally knocked a book to the ground. He caught the word "Galra" in big font at the top of th page before it fell to the ground.

Tears from his previous pain traveled down his cheeks as he bent down the retrieve the book. Wiping his face, he flipped through the book.

He hadn't heard the door open and footsteps walk behind him until they were right behind him.

Smiling, Keith found the page, but a small hand snatched the book out of his hands.

"What were you doing with my diary?" Pidge screeched, her face beet red.

"I-The," Keith tried to explain, but all that came out was stuttering. He was still shaking and sweating, and it made him look guilty.

"Is that why you were in here? To go through my stuff. Through my diary?" Pidge was on the edge of tears and Keith face flushed. He was hot and cold again. His breathing quickened, but he shook his head.

"Get out, Keith. You're so secretive yourself so I don't know why you would do this to someone else. To me."

Keith's POV

'How could I be so stupid? Of course, I didn't mean to do that, but why did I have to stand there blubbering. Since everyone found out I was Galra they were mistrustful of me. I mean who wouldn't be! I'm secretive and I have an awful temper and-,' I thought before I ran smack into Lance.

Oh, stars above. Lance of all people. I gazed up into his blue eyes, totally missing what he was talking about.

"Huh?" I said, my face steadily getting redder.

"I said, that Coran wants us to do a training exercise, but Pidge wanted to pick what it was." Lance was acting normal for once. No flirting and no avoiding.

My face immediately paled as I thought about what she caught me doing. Or what she caught me doing, but not in the same context as I have of me doing it.

"Hey. You okay, buddy?" Lance said, a concerned smile on his face. He was the only one, except for Coran, who didn't walk on eggshells around me, like Shiro did, outright hate me, like Allura did, or try to study me, like Pidge and Hunk did.

"I-I'm fine. I'm just tired. Need to go to bed." Lance was silent for a moment before smirking.

"Want me to join you? It always-," Aaaaand he was back. I tuned him out as I walked back to my room. I was still achy and cold-hot. My hands were shaking, but I wasn't nauseous anymore, so that's a plus.

I lied there for a moment before thinking. 'Why did Pidge have that box? And why did it work on me?'


Keith slept for barely a varga when he was woken up by a comm by Coran.

"Paladins, report to the hangout room for a training exercise."

Coran repeated his message and signed off. Keith took a deep breath and stood up. The room swam slightly, and his hands were shaking a little bit, but all of his other side effects were gone. Keith smiled a little before rushing out of his room.

He got into the room, just as Lance arrived. He was very late.

"Oooh, were you too together?" Hunk jeered. Usually Pidge would join in on the action, but this time she just glared at Keith and held a strange alien headpiece in her hands.

"Well, I don't want to expose Keith, but-," Lance smiled deviously.

"We weren't," Keith said shortly, sitting down next to Shiro. Allura shifted away from Keith from where she was on the other side of Shiro.

Shiro didn't seem to notice and clapped his hands together.

"Today we are doing a bonding exercise! One person will stand in the middle with their eyes closed while the other five of us will walk around them. One person in the circle will think of a happy memory and the person in the middle will try to figure out who's it is and what was the memory. The memory will be displayed on the screen behind us with the headpieces," Shiro explained. "Does everyone understand?"

There were varying degrees of yes and Shiro clapped his hands together again and smiled.

"Alright, who wants to go first?"