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My name's Pepper and I'm the oldest orphan in Annie. I have no idea

Why the heck my parents would give me such a stupid name but

I guess it's because I'm peppery and tough. Fitting I'm not

Happy all the freaking time like Annie ans cute and sweet like Molly either.

I don't remember much about my life before this crummy dump. All I remember was my mom was a drunk and killed her self and my dad was an abusive drunk and killed himself as I ended up coming to this dump New York City Municipal Orphanage. Miss Hannigan was a little nicer but she's way worse now, sometimes she'd make us cookies. One day she didn't make cookies and I stormed into her office and yelled

"Where are my cookies?"

"I forgot to make em ya brat now get out!"

I stomped my foot and and made a face that's what I always did to get my way.

"I'm hungry though!"

"Fine I'll make ya kids mush then that'll shut ya up."

I got even more angry and hit miss Hannigan and kicked her shin. That was the end of sweet miss Hannigan making us cookies and the beginning of cold mush and sometimes nothing if she forgot or we got in trouble. I was never even cute to begin with but if I was gonna live with someone that mean I was gonna learn to be tough at a young age

. Kate is a year younger than me she's ok but she can be so shy sometimes. Most of my days were spent at the orphanage scrubbing floors, working at our sewing machines from sunrise to sunset and getting fed mush if not then nothing.


The year after I came Duffy was dumped at the orphanage as a 2 year old like me. She's a pretty good kid then July came in July. She was born on the 4th of July so that's how she got her dumb name. One day Miss Hannigan thurst July into me and said

"Take care if this smelly rat ya hear?"

I almost threw July to the ground

"NO I ain't takin' care of a stinky bratty baby!"

Then Kate came up to us and said shyly

"I'll take care of her miss Hannigan."

She threw the baby at Kate and left the room. So then on Kate took care of the screaming gross smelly baby. She was so annoying she'd kepe me up all night. If it wasn't for Kate I would have just threw the kid out the window she wasn't even cute and she had a stupid name. The next December that dumb cluck Annie with her silly note and half a silver locket came. Again Kate had to be the one to take care of her and I wasn't gonna put up with a smelly gross baby again.

The kid was so annoying and she was always happy and smiling and laughing. The kid made me sick and she wouldn't shut up about that singjn' about the sun comin' out tomorrow. Even worse was that dumb not her parents left for her and she always asked Kate to read or to her till she was old enough to read herself. It was so annoying she'd read the stupid thing 5 times a week every freaking day. One night when Annie woke up from a bad dream and she asked Kate to read the note for her I had enough!

"Enough with that stupid note already! Her parents are dead she's an orphan like the rest of us so stop readin' her that stupid note or I'm gonna tear that thing up!"

Kate stood up in front of me trying to be big and tough

"Shut up Pepper her parents are coming for her the note says it!"

"Fine just stop ya yappin I'm trying to get some sleep!"

That went on for years then Annie got old enough to read ir on her own. Then a few years later another annoying kid Tessie came. She was so annoying and still is and she cries her stupid "oh my goodness!" She just wine shut up! Then another two years later 4 year old Molly came who was even MORE of a baby than Tessie! She was always cryin' for her mommy and daddy and always wanted "her Annie" to sing to her every night and wha not read that stupid note. Annie was lucky she's nice because she lets rhe little rat sleep with her because miss Hannigan had no beds left and told her to sleep on the floor.

"I don't wanna slept on the floor!"

She cried when miss Hannigan told her then Annie came up to her and hugged her and picked her up.

"Don't worry sweetheart you don't have to sleep on the floor you can sleep with me!"

"Really Annie?"

"Of course I love you Molly and I'm gonna take really good care of ya!"

Molly hugged Annie tightly and I grumbled under my breath

"Good because that dirty rat ain't sleepin' in my bed she's gonna scream and wet the bed and kepe me up all night."

Of course Annie heard me

"Shut ya mouth Pepper she's only 4!"

She slept with Annie every night for the next 2 years she is always clinging to her like she's gonna disappear or something. Kids gotta learn to be tough like me ans I like pickin' on her even though Annie always says she's gonna cut my teeth out of my mouth. A few eeks before Christmas Molly asked miss Hannigan if Santa was real and if he's gonna visit the orphanage.

"Of course he is darling" miss Hannigan said in her fake sugary too sweet voice and Molly's face lit up. Then she said in her normal voice

"But he ain't comin to visit dirty rotten orphans like you!"

Then she ran to Annie ans cried Into her arms. Santa s for babies and he's not real so of course I told Molly

"Um Molly Santa isn't real and he's for babies you're a baby!"

"He is too! And I'm NOT a baby!"

Kate then stuck up for Molly and punched me.

"Shut up and leave the poor kid alone! Let her have fun you're ruinin' everything"

A few days later Molly woke up from a nightmare and made Annie read her stupid note to her and sang about finding her parents again. She said she was gonna find them someday and always makes an attempt to run away but always ends up getting caught and tonight was like no other night.

"If my folks aren't gonna find me I'm gonna find them!"


Annie then shined the flashlight into my eyes and I annoyingly squinted and she made me look out for Molly. Like that'll ever happen.

"Well good luck dumb ball."

We all knew she was gonna get caught anyway and of course just minutes later Miss Hannigan threw her back into the room making us scrub the whole dump as punishment. We groaned and complained that we had a hard knock life. When Mr Bundles rolled in with the laundry bag Annie made her escape and she made it out of the orphanage. When Duffy and Kate told miss Hannigan thta Annie went out with the laundry bag she went all crazy and we all watched her out the window laughing. Then Molly started to cry.

"My Annie's gone I want Annie back!"

Before I could lunge for her Kate Of course got to her first and hugged her tightly.

"It's ok Molly she's gonna find her mommy and daddy! Then she won't be an orphan anymore and I'm sure she'll come back for you and for now I'll take good care of you ok?"

"Ok Kate I love you."

Of course the little brat got caught the very next day and miss Hannigan was gonna give her the punishment she,k never forget! But of course the darn kid had to be so lucky and get to spend two weeks at some guy named Oliver Warbucks mansion for Christmas. Damn lucky kid. Molly started to cry again when she left.

"Shut up Molly stop ya whinin'!"

Kate then put an arm around Molly

"It's ok Molly Annie said she'll be back real soon and I'll take care of ya till then!"

But the kid didn't come back or ever plan on it. First she goes blabbin that she's gonna find he parents someday then this rich guy says he wants to adopt her! So thta Christmas morning that crazy hotel lady brought us to Warbucks mansion after she told us Hannigan and Rooster were trying to kidnap Annie. As much as I didn't like that darn kid I didn't want her getting hurt! Luckily they all got arrested and that was the end of a hard knock like for us!

All the kids ran to the Christmas tree to open presents from Annie. Of course I grumbled

"Gee thanks Annie nice dump and crummy Christmas this is!"

I even had a small smile on my face but nobody was gonna wanna adopt a tough kid like me they want sweet cute babies like Molly. Lucky brats. At least I didn't have to have any more mush or scrub floors!