I'm Kate, the second oldest orphan in Annie. I'm not mean and bossy or tough like Pepper or a worry wart like Tessie but I can get tough especially when Pepper bullies Molly. I don't remember my family much because I was left at the orphanage when I was a baby like Annie except I wasn't left with a note or locket or any promise that my parents would come back for me. When Annie was left with the note and locket I asked Miss Hannibal why I wasn't left with anything.

"Cuz you're a rotten orphan that's why!" Miss Hannibal took a swing of her whiskey and I whined back,

"So's Annie!"

"Yeah so's Annie!" She mocked my Whitney voice.

"Now she's a rotten orphan too her parents are dead I guess yours forgot to write you.a note r something; now GET OUT!"

I ran back to my room trying to be tough, but I was really crying because I really wanted parents like ANnie. Miss Hannibal hated babies. So she made me take care of Annie, but I didn't mind she was a sweet baby/ Pepper called her a Whitney baby and always complained that she kept her up all night. I always read Annie the note and eventually taught her how to read it on her own. Pepper hated it and always told me to shut up but I always told her I'd knock out her teeth if she threw that note o=out. By the time Annie was 6 she could read it on her own and she read it on an average 15 times a week and it drove Pepper nuts.

Tessie came a year after Annie, she was always shy and worrying about every little thing. One day I told her to say "Oh my goodness" wheneverr she felt pest and it really seemed to work. One day she got very upset and repeated over and over "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness"

Then Pepper mocked her in a silly high pitched voice

"OH MY GOODNESS! You gotta be kiddin' me kid! Quit ya whinin its givin' us all a headache and Miss Hannigan'll come i here and paddle us! Ya want that?"

Tessie shook her head tearfully

"Then stop bein' a baby!"

I immediately stuck p for Tessie.

"Aw leave the poor kid alone will ya? Ya always pickin' on her and Miss Hannigan'll come in here because you're causin' all the fightin' so unless ya want your teeth knocked outta ya mouth SHUT UP." SHe immediatly shut up after that and we all went back to sewing.

July and Duffy came a few years apart. July was born on the 4th of July so that's why t her parents chose that name. DUffy was my age so we stuck together and she became close with Annie Tessie and July and learned to stay away from Pepper.

Molly came 3 years later. She was so sweet and shy and she absolutely loved Annie. She started clinging to her literally the minute Miss Hannigan'll threw her into our bedroom. She was crying because there weren't enough beds and Miss Hannigan'll said she'd sleep on the floor. Annie being the sweet girl she is offered to share her bed with her. Then Pepper called her a whiny baby and she was gonna keep her up all night crying for her mama like Annie did. I stuck up for the poor girl.

"Leave the poor girl alone Pepper! SHe just lost her parents let her have some comfort please."

That night Molly had a bad dream and Annie got up to comfort her. I smiled when she started reading the note I read to her so often when she was a baby and was upset or scared. That immediately calmed Molly down and from then on Molly started to callAnnie her Mama.

Molly was pretty attached to me too so Annie and I both took care of her especially those times Annie ran away and ended up staying away for 2 days at a time and that upset Molly terribly. One night she had a nightmare and called for Annie but of curse she didn't come. So i went anc comforted her.

"Oh sweetie it's ok! Kate'sere!"

"But you're out Annie and I want ANNIE."

I shushed her gently and held her in my arms.

"I know darling I know. WHat was your dream sweetie it helps sometimes."

"Well, Annie ruined away and she never came back and she left me al alone with Miss Hannigan'll!" Molly cried into my shoulder and I let her cry and I just held her. Then I lifted her face from my shoulderr gently.

"Sweetie, it was only a dream, Annie would NEVER leave you for that long I know she'll be caught anyway and remember she prinised he'd come back for you whe she does find her parents."

Molly was instantly comforted by that and fell fast asleep into my arms.

Annie was indeed caught and brought back by the police just like every single other attempt and Molly was more than excited to have her Annie back.

Two years later 2 weeks before Christmas Annie made the same attempt again,and was of course caught. But less than 20 minutes after she arrived some rich looking lady walked through the door. Molly eyed the pretty lady and asked quietly

"WHo's that?"

Duffy put in

"SHe look like my mama! Maybe she'll adopt us!"

Pepper cut back

"No ones gonna wanna adopt you dirty rats they want sweet little babies!"

At that moment Annie came out with the rich lady.

"Hey kids I get to go away for Christmas! I'll write to ya from wherever this place is!"

Molly looked as if she was going to cry. ANnie bent down to her little friend and hugged her,

"DOn't worry Molly its only until Christmas and when I get back I'll take care of ya and for now Kate's take good care of ya!"

Then Annie ran out the door with the lady and we all cheered for her because she was getting out of this dump! SHe was so lucky!

But after those two weeks Annie wrote us that she was going to be adopted by Oliver Warbucks, the rich man she was staying with for the holidays. I was so excited that Annie was going to be adopted but I know deep down she wanted to find her real parents but I' sure she'll be just as happy with Oliver as she would be with her real parents. On Christmas Day Miss Hannigan'll and her crazy chicken brother left us with that crazy hotel girlfriend for the day. We had no idea where they went, but they were wearing some pretty strange costumes. Lily accidentally blurted out that Rooster and Hannigan'll we're pretending to be Annie's parents so they could get the reward.

We. Had to save Annie! So we made that crazy hotel lady drive us s the mansion and we were just on time to see Annie being dragged out the door by Miss Hannigan'll and Rooster. They admitted who they were and they were finally all arrested! Annie then ran up to us and cheered

"Miss Hannigan'll gone forever!"

"Yayyy" We all jumped up and down even Pepper. Then Miss Grace came up to us and guestered toward the Christmas tree.

"There are presents under the tree, Annie picked them out for all of you!."

We all dashed to the tree and opened all our presents! We got more games, toys, dolls, books and clothes we could ever imagine!" I ran up to Annie and hugged her.

"Gee thanks Annie! Wow this is such a big house! YYou really live here?"

"Yeah I really really love here!"

At that moment Oliver proposed to Miss Grace! Now Annie had both a mother and a father that she has been dreaming of for so long! I was so happy for my friend and hopefully I could be adopted soon too because Oliver announced that we'd ALL be adopted. By some special friends of his! And Molly was going to be Annie's sister! I was so excited for them! This was a dream come true for all of us!