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Author note:This story is an alter-reality Lock-Fic story based on the Ranma1/2 series after the Prince Herb of the Musk Arc where Ranma's curse had become locked due to a splash from the Ladle of Locking at the hands of Prince Herb.

While like in canon Prince Herb was able to use the kettle to unlock his female curse, Ranma however wasn't so lucky as it was destroyed before he even had a chance to unlock his own.

(Suggestion go buy the Manga/Anime if you want it exactly how Rumi-chan intended I refuse to re-write her work since it does nothing for originality after all this is a 'fan fiction'.)

I will do my utmost to keep most characters acting as they traditionally should, however like many of my stories characters tend to develop and change over time depending on the nature of events surrounding them.

O.O.C. /Alter reality.





U.F. Ch:1

It was a relatively cool day not very windy, clouds gathered overhead sporadically signaling a storm was on the way, currently a ferry was making its way to mainland Japan from China the sea was rather calm despite the approaching storm, small waves crashed against the ship.

On the desk the crew applied their trade tightening rigging and securing gear, there were a few passengers milling about, one such passenger at the back of the boat a red-head standing about four-foot-eight, her hair hanging loosely around her shoulders unkempt, her clothing consisting of a silk red shirt with six gold buttons on each side with black ties looping them together, her sleeves rolled up creating a white cuff look that looked large on her small frame, her chest was rather ample for a girl her size.

Her pants consisting of black trousers that were slightly large on her as well, however, the white drawstring was tied tight to keep them from falling off, her feet bare.

Her sapphire eyes seemed to stare off into the distance where the port they had just left was barely visible, her expression troubled, her delicate hands gripping the safety rail tightly her knuckles turning white.

"Damn him...Damn him Damn him! Why-why did he have to do that!" she said to herself in a mere whisper, though deep down she knew it was a tragic twist of cruel fate and not truly his fault that the kettle was lost, however had he not taunted her before that happened she just might have unlocked her curse returning to being a man.

The person she thought of was a man who stood at five-foot tall, weighing at least one-hundred and thirty or so pounds, he was muscular, his eyes amber colored his hair was multi-colored his bangs cut short just over his forehead was white, two long blue bangs that framed his face hung down waist level, his main hung neatly in a ponytail via a golden ornamental comb was cotton candy pink.

His clothing consisting of white silk pants, with a matching white silk Chinese style shirt, with golden ornamental armor worn over this resembling the scales of a dragon, on his shoulder's were matching scale patterned shoulder pads, both wrists clad in dragon-like bangles.

This man who sometimes becomes a woman due to a similar curse to her own was none other than Prince Herb of the Musk.


Flash Back


Both Herb and herself found themselves under attack by an unknown number of assailants who had followed them to Mount Horai both herself and Herb were in the midst of brutal combat, however eventually both came to find what they were looking for and had conceded and put aside their differences and went on to fend off both their attackers and find the kettle which she could use to unlock her curse since she was a male vexed by a female curse.

Prince Herb, however, managed to get to the kettle first and used it on himself, and while he taunted her briefly playing a small game of keeping the kettle away from her he eventually had started to offer the kettle over what was between them a small stone well that went deep in the floor of the cave they were in, a red hue could be seen glowing on its edges before she could take the proffered kettle a light, but a rather heavy shutter was felt shaking in the very cavern both of them were in which was deep in the mountain.

A shutter was felt once more this time more apparent that of an earthquake had begun the floor beneath them cracked open Herb losing his balance and losing grip of the kettle, the red-head reached out barely missing the handle having tapped the handle with her delicate fingertips as the kettle plunged into the well, another jarring shake sent both martial-artists to the cavern floor.

Both Prince Herb and herself only had a second to roll out of the way as a huge chunk of the ceiling of the cavern fell away crashing on top of the well, the whole mountain shaking this time.

Both of them struggled to get back to their feet, once up she ran over to where the huge chunk of rock had fallen bending down seemingly not to notice bits of rock falling from overhead.

Prince Herb upon managing to get to his feet observed the red-head desperately trying to lift the fallen rock off of the well, his attention was then called to something hitting his right shoulder, looking down and to the right he observed a decent sized crumbling rock rolling to the floor.

"Come on you fool we have to get out of here before the whole cavern comes down on our heads!" he shouted, reaching over grabbing the girl whom he had only had attempted to kill just earlier.

While one would question why he would attempt to save her life when he had attempted to kill her earlier it was this particular girl's actions just earlier when they were ambushed which had changed his mind about her due to the fact that she had saved his life and he felt obligated to return the favor.

"No the kettle!" she screamed as she was pulled away and down the nearby tunnel leading to safety, eventually they were both clear and had managed to get away from the mountain only for it to collapse and sink into the ground leaving a crater of crumbling rock and debris, molten rock bubbling up covering the inner crater where the mountain once sat.





After the incident with the mountain being destroyed the red-head decided to head back to China taking Prince Herb up on his offer for a favor since it was partially his fault for her losing the chance to unlock her curse.

Upon riding back upon Prince Herb's boat she then went back to Jusenkyo and questioned the guide about other possible ways to unlock the curse since the kettle most likely was destroyed and if not was definitely out of reach since there was no way she would ever be able to dig it out even if it had survived the crumbling of the mountain, especially since the molten rock may just as well melted it down.

Of course after many sleepless nights and days her efforts turned up nothing she had come to the realization she may be locked in the body of a buxom red-haired girl for the rest of her life which left her facing a new problem for when she got home which would be facing both her Father and his friend who was the father of her current fiance or soon to be ex-fiance and future daughter in law if her father's friend had it his way.

Gritting her teeth, squinting her eyes shut. 'This can't be happening I am a man no way can I ever marry a man!' she mentally shouted, a shrug of her shoulder's she hung her head low in shame.

"Damn them and their stupid family promise!" she shouted aloud, causing several nearby individuals to get nervous as they didn't understand a word she said since many of them didn't speak a word of Japanese.

Tears started to fall from her eyes, intermixing with the now pouring rain that had started to fall from the clouds above almost as if indicating the heavens were weeping with her over her plight.



Finally after what seemed like a month the ship she was on had finally come to a port in Okinawa, Japan it was here that she and the rest of the passengers had disembarked, the crew milling about preparing to unload cargo, and then stock the ship up with fresh supplies for its future journey, and load up luggage for passengers leaving Japan to elsewhere.

She stood on the dock sporting her classic red-n-black outfit a worn brown travel pack strapped to her shoulder's, hair worn in a ponytail tied via black thread, she looked to the sky with her sapphire eyes observing it was clear and sunny, the smell of sea salt and fish assaulted her senses.

The dock was wet and slippery from spray from the nearby crashing waves, other passengers passed by her nearly bumping into her as she stood still in the crowd, not in a hurry to move just yet, a light cool breeze blew over her causing a few loose strands of crimson hair to sway.

She then turned her attention down from the sky and forward and proceeded to walk among the other passengers making her way with them until she finally reached a street which would lead her to a nearby train station she would use to get home.

Eventually she arrived at the train station approaching one of the ticket terminals, she reached into her pant pocket retrieving a faded and very worn wallet retrieving a card similar to that of a credit card, she sighed as she looked to the name on the card which read: Saotome Ranma, also in the wallet was an I.D. Card which sported the same name, though the picture on the id was that of a male with raven-hair his eyes also like her own sapphire blue, the age on the card read: fifth-teen.

She then proceeded to swipe the card in the card slot, she then tapped on the touch screen swiping with her finger a couple of times before punching with her index finger on an area on a map of Japan that was called Nerima which was a district of Tokyo, Japan.

The machine seemed to hum a moment before spitting out a ticket from the slot at the bottom of the machine, taking the ticket in hand she then proceeded in putting her card back in her wallet then put it back into her pocket making her way to the gate that would take her to the platform so she could wait for the train to arrive.

As she stood on the platform for several minutes, many other pedestrians also like her waiting for the train to arrive they all seemed relieved observing the train would soon be pulling into the station as they could all see it in the distance all except her as she was simply imaging herself walking off the platform just as it arrived taking her life.

However, she promptly shook the thought off as she was too strong-willed for that kind of thinking and wanted to live and knew to end her life was not the proper solution to her problems though tempting as it may be.

Eventually the sound of the screeching axles, of the train and the rumble of the steel wheels on the track caused the platform to rumble beneath her feet, she watched as the train came to rest and the doors to the cars open as people flooded out of the doors walking too and through, eventually the train was completely empty and a nearby train attendant blew his whistle signaling boarding was now authorized as she joined the crowd entering the fifth car on the train, showing the door attendant her ticket who scanned it as she passed eventually finding a seat near the back of the car, she felt slight relief as her car wasn't as crowded as she had expected it to become.

Instead everyone was able to take seats, some reading newspapers others using tablets which had just come out, the digital age was fast growing and from what Ranma had figured wasn't done making advances as of yet as flip phones which she had once thought revolutionary were soon becoming a thing of the past as a newer phones were slowly taking their place.

Lining the ceiling of the car just above the windows were various advertisements for products of all kinds, even adds for erotic phone and escort services which sported various women in near undress to which Ranma had to look away not wanting to stare too long as she gained a red tinge to her cheeks and nose worried the other passengers might spy her looking and think she was some kind of perv or something.

However to her relief, no one had appeared to have noticed, and just as she looked to the floor she felt the train depart the station barreling down the tracks towards its next destination.

"What a shitty way to spend my sixteenth birthday," she muttered to herself as the train thundered down the tracks.

Eventually the train arrived at yet another terminal and she disembarked only to board another train which would take her through a few more terminals where she would ride on a couple more trains which would eventually get her to the district she called home since the age of fourteen when her martial-arts journey with her father around mainland China since the age of five had finally come to an end and they had moved in with the Tendo's in Japan.



Eventually, the final train arrived at its final destination, the passengers on board disembarked the train attendants going about their usual duties, Ranma after exiting the train car she had ridden on proceeded to the terminal exit which would lead her to the street level.

Eventually, once on the street she followed it aways eventually walking onto a side street heading deeper into the Nerima ward, hearing her stomach growl Ranma groaned inwardly.

She paused in her step looking down and to the left seemingly to fall into thought, she then looked up and forward continuing walking with a destination in mind not being home just yet since she was wanting to delay getting home for just a bit longer.

Being hungry she decided to instead stop by a small ramen shop, she stepped up taking a seat on one of the five empty stools, a short and stocky man with a balding head of hair wearing a white chefs cap was behind the counter with his back turned to her working his craft.

From her observation, she assumed he was wearing a white chefs coat, with a pair of black trousers, the aroma of whatever he was preparing smelled rather pleasant.

"Just a minute I will be right with you." the man called over his shoulder catching Ranma slightly off guard since she didn't think he even knew she was there as of yet.

Ranma then replied softly. "Okay, no problem." she then turned her attention to the counter observing a menu she started to peruse its contents while she waited.

The man eventually turned holding a bowel, setting it down on the counter in front of the stalls one other customer who was a young Japanese man most likely in his early thirties wearing business attire, he then turned his attention to the young red-head.

"Oh Ranko it is you what can I get for you today sweetheart." the chef called, looking to the red-head expectantly.

Ranma considered a moment going on to speak up. "I'll take the special and could you add a few extra fish cakes, Mister?"

"Sure thing kiddo." the chef happily called, as she went about his craft preparing another bowel for his patron. He then called over his shoulder. "So where have you been beautiful I haven't seen you in a few couple of months?."

Ranma did her best not to look bothered by the nickname the guy liked to call her by, instead, she chose to swallow her pride and especially since the gentleman typically had always been polite to her and even gave her free eats from time to time.

"Well I have been traveling around China for a bit you know martial-arts training and all," she explained.

The chef then called over his shoulder. "You sure are a strange one beautiful. Female martial-artists are a rare breed and you might very well be the best among them," he stated since he knew she was good at the art as this girl had once saved him from being robbed by a local gang of thugs.

Ranma smiled to herself feeling pride well up, speaking up. "Well I wouldn't go that far Mister I still have a lot more to learn."

"So how has that deadbeat father of yours been?" the chef questioned, as he started dishing up a rather large bowel of noodles, placing ingredients upon the dish.

Ranma considered on what to say, depression sinking in. "I...'Uh really have no idea I haven't seen him in a bit and last time we talked we had a very nasty argument." she explained.

The chef then turned holding the finished product sitting the bowel on the counter in front of the girl, he then spoke. "I see well don't let that get you down not everyone gets along with their parents. Why beautiful I myself have never got along with my own parents and even was the black sheep of the family, however even when they all told me I wouldn't get anywhere in life here I am running my own noodle shop and living my life the way I want and not the way they want and expect."

Ranma nodded her head in understanding, proceeding to grab up a pair of chopsticks breaking them apart, steam wafting from the bowel of noodles the sent attacking her senses.

"I will do my best," she called before digging in the contents of the bowel vanishing in near seconds, she then was surprised as the chef replaced her now empty bowel with a new one.

The businessman looked on in disbelief as the girl ate that one in gusto, his own bowel which was of normal size barely touched he then went on to think. 'Where does she put it all in that tiny frame of hers is she even human?'



As the day wore on day gave in too night Ranma spent most of it walking around not in a hurry to head home, however eventually she arrived just in front of a rather large estate with a tan stone wall that surrounded the property, the home was rather large compared to the nearby homes it was two stories, the walls painted dark brown, a white picket fence ran along the front of the house an arch entrance with a white picket gate allowed entrance, a stone walkway lead to the entrance of the home.

A sidewalk ran along the roadside just in front of the house, just a few feet down was yet another entrance that leads into a connected structure to the home sign reading: Tendo school of indiscriminate grappling was posted on the right of the entrance.

The windows were aglow with light a shadow of someone walking by the window signaling someone was in the home, Ranma let a tired sigh escape her lips as she then walked up to the gate opening it proceeding on towards the front door.

She then reached up trying the door finding it locked, she reached into her pant pocket retrieving a key which she placed into the lock turning it then removing the key placing it back into her pocket. She then reached up with her right hand sliding the door open stepping inside shutting the door.

"I am home," Ranma called as she removed her shoes placing them with the other shoes that lined the door.

The first individual to meet Ranma was a young woman who came walking out of a nearby doorway into the hall her eyes brown her long brown hair worn in a ponytail held by a large white bow wearing a plain homely looking red-n-white dress, a white frilly apron worn over this, her hands clasped at her stomach.

"Welcome home Ranma how was your trip?" the woman called in a cheery voice.

Ranma looked down and to the right. "Not as well as I like, but I am in one piece I guess that is a plus."

"Oh, I see... Well your father and mine went out for a night of drinking and both Akane and Nabiki are still out I ran a hot bath for myself just a minute ago if you would like to go get yourself cleaned up." the woman called not once did her cheery demeanor falter.

Ranma gained a slim smile preceding to look up to the woman at this as she did feel the need for a nice bath. "Thanks, Kasumi I appreciate it."

The young woman revealed to be named Kasumi, then turned and went back into the room she had just came from which was the kitchen where she would spend the bulk of her time, whilst Ranma walked on back towards the guest room to gather up a change of clothes before heading for the bath.



An hour passed and both a teenage girl was dressed in a bland yellow dress, with a blue ribbon tied around the waist her cobalt-blue hair worn short in a bob her eyes the color of chocolate brown.

As well as a girl with brown hair that was worn in a page-cut style bob, her clothing consisting of blue short shorts, and a orange and white striped t-shirt, both girls removed their shoes calling out we're home, too which their elder sister came out of the kitchen greeting them and relaying that Ranma had returned and was in the dojo.

The blue-haired teen inwardly sighed with relief, looking towards the sliding doors leading to the backyard falling into thought. "I wonder if he managed to unlock his curse. Kami I hope so I don't think I could ever think of him as." she stopped her thought not at all wanting to think of the possibility should Ranma not having found a way to unlock the curse which would mean her father instead of herself would be marrying Ranma.

Nabiki gave a nod to her elder sister, walking past heading for the stairs that would lead her to the hall and to her room. The blue-haired girl eventually following suit, but to her own room which was to the left of Nabiki's room.

Kasumi then went back into the kitchen picking up a rag and started wiping the counter down finishing up her evening cleaning. She was just about finished when she heard the front door slide open to which she heard a slurred call from both her father and his friend.

"We're home..." they trailed going on into some drunken song.

The Tendo Patriarch stood tall at five-foot-ten slightly slender, he wore a brown robe, his feet now bare as he had kicked off his shoes, his long hair raven worn loose about his shoulder's, eyes brown a well kept mustache sat just under his nose, a red-n-green tie tied around his head draped down the left side of his face.

Just next to him was the Saotome Patriarch also kicking off his shoes was a balding man wearing a patterned bandanna, round thin wire frame glasses held on his face via thin wire arms, he stood at five-foot-eight, to anyone who looked upon his person would assume he was out of shape and overweight, however they would be fooled as he was quite strong despite his appearance.

The gi he wore looked old white and stained, clutched in his right hand was a bottle of saki, his left arm wrapped around his friend both now merrily walking down the hall.

Kasumi didn't bother to come out and greet them, instead calling from the kitchen in her usual cheery voice. "Welcome home Father, Mr. Saotome." though unlike with her sister's she didn't bother to tell them Ranma had returned since she didn't feel the aqua-transsexual needed to deal with both drunk father's at the same time, especially so late at night.

Both the men drunkenly went into the living room, finding a small table with a shogi board game set up taking positions on their perspective sides taking a seat on the wood plank floor.

A short time later Ranma just finishing a work out in the dojo had started to head for the house pausing in her step observing a shadow of two figures through the sliding door windows one currently in the process of lifting a bottle she just assumed was saki since it was the drink of choice of both the Tendo Patriarch and her father.

She seemed to stand in place the longest time considering her options, finally, she started forward walking up to the sliding door proceeding to open it observing the two were playing shogi right next to the door, not saying a word she leaped up and over the board to the other side and kept walking.

Both men observed her briefly, however quickly then went back to their game without so much a word much to Ranma's relief as she wasn't quite ready for the upcoming conversation she would have to have with both of them, however, she knew sooner or later she would have to face them.



The following morning it was early Ranma awoke sitting up on her futon reaching up with both hands wiping the sleep from her eyes, it still looked to be nighttime she looked over observing her father was asleep on his futon blanket pulled up with just the top of his head visible.

She then stretched letting an involuntary dainty yawn escape her lips. 'Damn it's still early.' she thought to herself as she slowly pushed the blanket off pushing herself up and getting to a standing position fixing her sleep pants that were wrinkled, her top consisting of a muscle shirt that barely hid her ample breasts which were rather large on her tiny frame and had seemed to have recently grown in size just a little bit to her dismay.

Finally, she decided to bend down picking up the blanket folding it, then went to rolling her futon up. Once finished she then made her way over to the door sliding it open, proceding into the hall and making her way down to the kitchen walking inside observing Kasumi wasn't there meaning she was still asleep.

She proceeded over to the coffee making taking the pitcher in hand then walked over to the sink preceding to sit it in the sink then moved the faucet stem over and turned the hot water handle allowing water to flow into the pitcher.

She then walked over flipping the lid on the back of the coffee maker up, then removed the filter tray while with her free hand opening one of the top cabinets grabbing a filter along with a canister of coffee grounds.

Once she placed the filter into the tray, she then opened the grounds container twisting the top the scent attacking her nose, she reached in grabbing the scoop going on to scoop a three ample amounts into the filter before tossing the scoop back into the container closing the top then with one good toss the container was sitting back in the cabinet, she then grabbed the bag of filters tossing them in as well and shutting the door as if ritual.

Replacing the filter tray back into the machine, she then retrieved the now filled pitcher while shutting the water off with her free hand placing it in the machine then pushed the brew button with her right index finger, a few minutes went by and the machine started to percolate the scent of freshly brewed coffee filled the air.

Watching the coffee drip into the glass pitcher a few moments, she then turned her attention to a nearby cabinet opening the door grabbing two mugs sitting them both on the counter shutting the door, she had gotten in the habit of grabbing two mugs since the middle Tendo sister sometimes got up around the same time and would want coffee and they would drink together at the dining room table chatting sometimes or simply both sitting in mute silence.

Like clockwork the coffee maker had finished brewing its hot liquid content, Ranma was in the middle of filling her cup, then moved to fill the second cup hearing footsteps coming from down the hall.

"Mornin' Nab's," she called lightly, as indeed Nabiki rounded the corner entering the kitchen letting out a long yawn she attempted to suppress with her right hand balled up just in front of her lips.

Nabiki looked to the red-head who had just finished filling the second mug. "Morning Ranma how did it go with your father?" she inquired.

"We haven't spoken yet." the red-head replied grabbing up her cup not bothering to put anything in it at all heading straight for the dining room, Nabiki didn't speak as she walked over preceding to grab some sugar and creamer for her cup eventually going on to join Ranma at the table.

"Did you manage to find a way to unlock your curse?" she inquired to which Ranma gained a sour expression to her features.

Gritting her teeth but managing calm herself down. "Look at me if I was able you think I would still be a girl?" she inquired.

Nabiki frowned at this, observing the brief anger that had flashed across the redhead's eyes. "Look being a girl isn't so bad you know.. 'Sides you been living part of the time as a girl for what three years now you shouldn't have any issues with coping with living life as a woman permanently if worst came to it." she offered.

Feeling sheepish Ranma nodded her head. "Yea you are kinda right and I had come to accept this curse may end up being apart of me forever... and just one day may end up becoming permanent I just had hoped it wouldn't become permanent. I am a guy guys aren't supposed to become women. I know there are trans people out there but I am not one of them," she replied.

She then went on to say. "Anyways on another note I just don't think I can allow myself to be married to your father. You can't tell me you would want that would you?"

Shaking her head rapidly. "No I am not sure I would be comfortable with that at all. Also to be frank Ranma don't take this the wrong way but I never was comfortable with the idea of an arranged marriage which is why I had along with my elder sister pushed you off onto Akane in the first place."

"I won't, heck I never wanted to get married to any of you, to begin with not that I didn't find any of you attractive or anything heck you all are beautiful in your very own ways but I didn't ask for any of this." She paused a moment to collect her thoughts.

She then continued, "Anyways out of the blue my old man dropped the bombshell on me that I am to marry one of you to join the schools due to a stupid family promise both our fathers had made when they were kids." Ranma explained, taking a sip from her mug, the steam wafting into the air which was kinda chill since there was no heat on in the house.

Nabiki nodded her head as she vaguely recalled how she and her sisters had found out about this promise which was the same day an overgrown panda and very beautiful red-haired girl had showed up at their house she would soon learn was the very boy her father had told both her and her two sisters one of them they would be his bride to be to join the two schools.

She sipped from her own mugs contents, preceding to turn around flipping on the television which the screen came to life and on it was the early morning news which went on to talk about the ongoing events, as well as talking about sports and eventually the weather report and eventually Nabiki's favorite was the stock market poles which she watched like a hawk.

Ranma watched with fascination as she found it somewhat humorous that the brown-haired girl was so infatuated with numbers she herself had no idea how to discern or comprehend.

Eventually, they were joined by both Akane and Kasumi who sat at the table mugs in hand, each girl taking positions around the table Nabiki turning from the television to greet both her sisters.

"Well looks like we have a wedding to plan." Nabiki stated in a downcast tone to which both Akane and Kasumi blanched slightly bowing their heads.

Akane looked up with an expressionless face as she sipped on her coffee, her gaze directed at the red-head across from her. "I see so you weren't able to unlock it after all.. Don't tell me you are actually going to go through with it?" she inquired.

Ranma shook her head rapidly and negatively. "Absolutely not I don't care what I have to do but I refuse to marry your father!" she exclaimed whilst keeping her voice down.

Feeling relieved Kasumi let out a common reply each girl at the table was used to which was simply being, "Oh My."

"Well if you are not going to go through with it what will you do?" Akane inquired, though she was feeling relieved her current until otherwise said fiance wasn't going to go through with it she wondered how the red-head would get herself out of the so-called honor bound family promise her father and Ranma's had made in childhood.

The red-head sat in quiet thought a moment before replying. "I really don't know Akane... but I'll think of something... I just hope they sleep awhile longer until I have a plan."



"Boy I don't like the idea any more than you do, but a family honor-bound promise isn't something to be taken lightly and so easily tossed out," Genma stated, not meeting the infuriated gaze of his red-haired daughter who looked quite livid.

Shaking her head furiously. "C'mon Pops don't make me do this. I mean it's not right I am a boy despite my current body you can't expect me to marry Mr. Tendo!"

"Boy you will go through with this it is a matter of family honor. We gave you a chance to find a way to unlock your curse and you came up empty-handed." Genma pointed out, to which the red-head sat down on the nearby sofa crossing her arms over her chest.

Ranma shook her head, gritting her teeth. "No Pop's I ain't doing it... Mr. Tendo is old.. not to mention you think the girls would ever want to refer to me as.." she paused a moment fighting to keep from retching before continuing. "M-Mom... this is absurd; you are insane if you think I will go through with it!" she finished.

Genma started to speak when he was cut off by the older auburn-haired woman who held a very close resemblance to the red-head. "Listen, dear, we gave you more than enough time to find a way to unlock this curse and you failed to yield results," she said pointedly partially repeating what her husband had just said.

"'But Mo-" Ranma found herself cut off by her mother who spoke. "Don't 'but' me dear you will do this family right by standing by the honor-bound promise to join both the Tendo and Saotome family schools or else." she paused before continuing. "Need I remind you I brought a son into this world, not a daughter and if you wish to be accepted as apart of this family as my daughter you only have one choice in this matter," she stated with an air of finality.

Ranma was speechless at her mother's words, the implications of her words not lost on her. She sat silent as her mother's words rolled around in her head. 'That Bitch!' she thought to herself in disbelief.

"No, I have a choice I can just leave this circus of a family... I mean I got a father who hands a five-year-old child a piece of paper and has said child put a hand paint stamp on a paper in good childish fun later told it was a seppuku pledge that said child's Mother held over his head for the longest time until she finally tossed it out." she paused before continuing,

"The same father that sold me for food products and Kami know what else promising other people I would marry their daughters and or sons depending on the gender I was at the time. You both are sick-just fucking insane!" Ranma shakily and pointedly called in a hoarse voice, a stray tear rolling down her left cheek that she quickly wiped away standing up to leave.

Genma lunged forward grabbing his daughter's left forearm. "Boy you are not leaving!" he snapped before finding himself lying flat on his face when his daughter wrenched her arm out of his grasp performing a vicious reverse kick to the back of his head proceeding to put her right foot down on the back of her father's head grounding her foot on it.

"Oh but I am leaving Pop's," Ranma stated with finality, shooting the older red-head who looked to be about to say something with a glare that caused the woman to close her mouth going on to say,

"Don't you dare say a word you said enough and said I am not your daughter so therefore I am not apart of this family anymore therefore I am not obligated to commit to the family promise... or any other bullshit this bastard agreed too," she stated with finality.

With that Ranma stormed out of the room, slamming the sliding door open hard enough it came off its hinges, she then passed the Tendo sisters who had been waiting outside the door listening in.



Later that night in the park Akane found the red-haired martial-artist who was her now ex-fiance who was sitting on a park bench her gaze set to the heavens.

"Hey, Ranma I brought you your things... Your father was about to trash them but I rescued them for you," she called slinging her ex-fiance's travel pack off her shoulders sitting it down at the redhead's feet, she then took a seat on the bench.

Not looking to her blue-haired ex-fiance Ranma continued to gaze skyward, a thoughtful expression crossing her features, her eyes a storm of depressing undertones.

"Thanks, Aka-chan that is very kind of you," she said softly, letting a sigh escape her lips, her shoulders drooped. She then spoke once more. "This will probably be my last night as a Saotome. Mom will probably declare me dead and will have a quiet funeral for her son, as for me as I am now she won't have to bother removing me from the family register since technically I as her daughter never existed in the first place," she said in a dull monotone voice.

Akane having heard the redhead's words. "I see. This really sucks." she dully said as she for the first time felt genuinely sorry for her ex. "So what will you do now? Where will you go the Amazons?" she questioned.

"I honestly don't know Aka-chan. The Amazons won't probably be interested in me at least not as Husband material anyways, that and well I'll be considered Ronin. Of Course that is the least of my problems I am undocumented I may be Japanese in origin, however, I have no official paperwork cause once Mom declares me dead all my identification and security information should I use it will be considered fraud." Ranma explained, she then lowered her head her gaze now centered at the ground at her feet.

She then let a long sigh escape her lips, a few stray tears rolling down her cheeks. "I am not dumb I know what this means for me... Finding a job is going to be really hard, I can't even rent an apartment, or really do anything. Also I probably will see Pops once more maybe even tomorrow he will ban me from practicing the art since I will no longer be apart of the family so I am not sure what is left for me at this point if I can't practice the art and I no longer have a family what is there for me?" she finished.

Akane felt her heart tighten realizing just what the red-head had sacrificed for her and her sisters just so they wouldn't have to suffer her being their stepmother or their father's wife, she was giving up everything that made her who she was.

Her family and martial arts which very much was who Ranma was and who was she without martial arts it was all the red-head had ever known, she lived and breathed it and now it was all taken away in an instant over a choice Ranma had made to stand against his own parents and her father.

"I am so sor-" she started to say only for the red-head to interrupt her. "Sorry for what Akane? You are finally free from the engagement you never wanted to really be with me anyways. That and well all we ever did was fight. At least this way I am no longer your burden to bear."

'Guess I have no reason to go to school since technically according to my mother after she gets done I am going to be officially dead.' Ranma ruefully thought to herself, she then returned her gaze to the heavens as if they would show her a sign of what to do from this point on, however, she received no answer which was just as well.

Akane still looking to her ex-fiancee frowned at her words. "Ranma that isn't fair I... I really-" she then found herself interrupted once again.

"No don't say it Aka-chan it will just make things harder than it has to be. Now please go home and carry on with your life." Ranma said as she leaned back against the headrest of the bench closing her eyes proceeding to take a nap.

With that the blue-haired girl frowned at the red-haired girl, she walked over to the pack removing a blanket that was inside proceeding to lay it over the now sleeping red-head, she then went about closing the pack.

"Ranma my sisters and I are on your side and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask," Akane said to the red-head who didn't answer her, with that she headed for home.

'You dummy I loved you...If only things could have been different.' She thought to herself eventually leaving the red-head behind on the park bench she currently took a nap on.

-Too be continued