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U.F. Chapter: 5

Feudal Era

(Bone-Eater's Well)

Finding herself free falling for what seemed like a few minutes Megumi finally observed what appeared to be the night sky peering in at her from a wooden structure that surrounded the well. She scaled the wall gripping the lip of the well pulling herself up the string with the jewel shard fragment held between her teeth.

As she pulled herself up she heard a male voice call out in what she sensed was annoyance buy also the voice sounded like that of her male half, "Yo Kagome I've been waiting here for hours what took you so long huh?"

Peering over the well she observed someone with an average height, silver hair that hung down to their waist standing with his back to her, his outfit consisted of a red robe with bright red hakama pants, his feet bare. Upon further inspection, she observed what appeared to be ears of some type.

A campfire sat just past this individual which gave the area its only light. 'This is the past... Did they have cosplay conventions back in this time too?' Megumi inwardly wondered to herself whilst climbing the rest of the way out of the well.

The air was cold and damp snow blanketed the ground, she shivered due in part to the clothing she wore which wasn't meant for cold weather. She inwardly cursed herself feeling the snow beneath her bare feet.

"I really thought this through didn't I?" she muttered under her breath through clenched teeth. The individual turning to glance over his left shoulder, on his hip was what appeared to be a katana in a black sheath.

The individual spoke once more, "Wait your not Kagome... Who are you?" he inquired seeming to give her a scrutinizing gaze. 'She has a jewel shard.' he inwardly noted to himself due in part to his ability to sense it, plus he could see it hanging from a black string she still held between her teeth.

Reaching up with her right hand taking the string in hand, she proceeded to wrap it around clenching the shard in her palm Megumi proceeded to walk over to the fire not once breaking eye contact with the silver-haired boy who also kept eye contact with her.

The light of the fire revealed his eyes to be gold in color with slit-like pupils, he had fanged teeth protruding just below his upper lip, his frame wiry, each digit of his fingers was what appeared to be claws and his nose glistened in the light of the fire as if wet.

"I definitely am not this Kagome person." Megumi simply stated, the warmth of the fire helping a little but not by much as she crossed her arms shivering her teeth starting to chatter.

The silver-haired male gave a single nod, "That much is obvious. Who are you and why do you have a Shikon Jewel shard?" he inquired once more, he also sniffed the air observing a familiar scent on her person.

"A relative gave it to me. My name is Higurashi Megumi." Megumi replied, she peered at him with a scrutinizing gaze of her own, with curiosity peaked she proceeded to close the distance reaching up touching his ears observing to her amazement they were attached.

He shoved her away annoyance clearly evident in his features, "That is enough of that. What is it with you Higurashi's and always wanting to touch my ears for anyways huh?" he questioned clearly annoyed.

"Oh sorry I was curious they looked so real, apparently they are." Megumi explained, a brief look of shock to her features that quickly went away as she posed a question of her own, "Higurashi's is there someone else you know with my sir name? Also you got a name?"

The silver-haired young man spoke, "Names Inyuyasha. Yes there is her name is Higurashi Kagome I was expecting her to come out of that well. Instead it seems another Higurashi came out." he casually explained, thumbing to the well behind him. He then posed another question, "Why did Kagome give you a jewel shard?" he inquired.

"Ah yea I am not her sorry. Also no I didn't get it from her I don't even know her. However, I am going to take a guess and assume she is a cousin of mine from the other side of the family coin." Megumi explained, glancing around momentarily, speaking once more, "Say is there a buildin' 'er somethin' I really want out of this cold?"

Inuyasha having listened to her words, "You obviously to have used the well was on her family land and yet you never met her at all how very interesting." he observed pausing a moment going on to say, "Look Megumi, was it? Listen this time period is far more dangerous than the one you came from, and that Jewel shard fragment you are holding will be nothing but trouble for you so I recommend you go back through the well and give that shard to Kagome this is no place for you." he warned.

"Thanks for the warning 'Yasha-san but I can handle myself I fought a demigod, a hybrid Dragon prince, a hydra dragon; and a great many other dangers so sorry I am not going back until I get what I came here for," Megumi explained with an air of finality.

Crossing his arms with disbelief of the redheads' claims while with his left-hand index finger tapping his chin, "Oh and just what is it that is so important you are willing to throw your life away to monsters, bandits or even this cold we are standing in huh?" he inquired.

"I rather not say. However, this is very important to me so no matter what you say or do I am not going back until I get what I came here for." Megumi explained with a determined expression, to which the silver-haired hanyō shook his head at her.

Inuyasha pondered over the girl observing the look in her eyes realizing she wasn't in the least worried for her own safety, and her attire was less than desirable for the cold.

"If you insist on staying fine it is your funeral Lady. Give me the shard and I'll take you somewhere you can get warm and a decent set of clothes." he offered, holding his hand out looking to the redhead expectantly.

Megumi glanced to the shard in her hand, glancing to the silver-haired hanyō pondering on his offer momentarily not observing any deceit to his features, reluctantly she held the shard out dropping it in the palm of his hand.

"Alright follow me and stick close," Inuyasha called placing the shard within his robe, proceeding to head in the direction of the nearby village Megumi following close behind him.



The village Inyuyasha lead Megumi to was located in the Musashi Province of feudal Japan it was a rather small farming community called Kaede no mura. Inuyasha stood outside a house with an older woman with aged features with long gray hair held back by a white tie in a ponytail, an iron tsuba (sword guard for an eye patch over her right eye.

Her clothing consisted of a traditional dress of Miko which consisted of a white jacket with red sode-kukuri through the sleeves with open shoulders, with red strings connected to the lapels at the front to keep the garment in place, she wore bright red hakama pants, with a small board at her lower back, she wore tabi socks with split for her big toe, and rice straw sandals.

"You say she came from the well with a jewel shard Inyuyasha is that so?" the old woman inquired, peering in through the open door observing the redhead who had a light gray wool blanket wrapped around herself staying close to the cooking pot the fire lit underneath.

Nodding his head Inuyasha replying, "That is correct Lady Kaede."

"I see..." the woman revealed to be Kaede trailed gaining a thoughtful expression pondering on what she had both heard and was observing from the doorway going on to think, 'What a strong spiritual aura she has it is almost monstrous, but the ebb and flow of time surrounding her is different from Kagome it almost appears like she belongs here in this time period somehow.'

Inuyasha observing the old woman's expression. "Something the matter Lady Kaede?" he inquired a curious brow raised.

Kaede shook her head slightly, "Oh it is nothing as of yet. You should go back to the bone-eater's well Kagome could return any minute now and you should be waiting. In the meantime I'll talk to our guest." she explained to which the silver-haired hanyō gave a simple nod of his head and was off like a shot back in the direction of the bone-eater's well.

"I can't put my finger on it, but Lady Kaede be cautious she wreaks of fowl magic. Well with that said let me know what you find out," he called over his shoulder as he went.

Watching the hanyō eventually disappear into the edge of the forest Kaede returned inside her home closing the door behind her, crossing the distance she sat down in a lotus fashion proceeding to open the pot with her left hand, then retrieved a wooden spoon her right to stir the contents of the pot.

Megumi watched the elder woman's steady movements as she spoke, "Look I am not sure what Dog-Boy and you were talking about outside. However, I will hazard a guess it was about me and the answer is no I won't go back through the well until I get what I came here for and that is final."

"Is that so?" Kaede questioned continuing to stir the pot as the redhead simply nodded her head, she then went on to say, "Well while it is true Inyuyasha and I did talk about ye. He is concerned for ye safety especially since ye scent to him is near the same as Kagome meaning ye are related. Frankly, I am also worried for ye safety, however, I can see ye are determined not to go back no matter what we say." she stated pausing a moment considering her next words.

She then continued, "No Megumi I will not attempt to talk ye into returning through the well instead I have a few questions of ye if I may?" she inquired.

"Sure Ol' Lady I'll bite what would you ask of me?" Megumi inquired, observing as Kaede replaced the lid on the pot, setting the spoon atop a cloth next to the left of the cooking fire.

Kaede after thinking a moment, "Tell me Megumi did ye acquire this jewel shard and use it to travel through the bone eaters well to enter Kagome's time period and have just now returned?" she inquired.

"No I was born in the future I got the jewel shard from a relative using it to travel to the past." Megumi simply responded, her gaze settled on the embers of the fire below the pot.

Kaede then posed yet another question, "So ye say you really are from Kagome's time period. Then tell me something that has ye so driven you would travel to the past?"

"Well if you must know Ol' Lady I came here for a certain object that will unlock my curse. This item is no longer reachable in my time period and may have been destroyed." Megumi explained though she held back the information from the silver-haired hanyō she for some reason felt it was easier to talk to the elder woman.

Kaede looking to the redhead with a scrutinizing gaze, "I see so ye have a curse may I ask what ailment it causes ye child?" she inquired.

"Sure it's a curse I picked up in China at a place called Jusenkyo. You see you may not be able to tell it by looking at me but I am actually a guy." Megumi explained going on to further explain how she acquired the curse as she shifted uncomfortably as the woman seemed to gain an expression of both thought and bemusement.

Kaede brought her right index finger up tapping it on her chin as she rested her right elbow in the palm of her left hand, the expression not wavering from her features. 'A curse from a place called Jusenkyo.' she inwardly thought a look of realization to her features.

"Take it from your expression you heard of the place Ol' Lady?" Megumi questioned, looking to the elder woman expectantly.

Kaede nodded her head in affirmation, "Yes child I have heard the myth surrounding the springs. Though only from passing travelers I never thought such a place really existed." she explained, she then went on to ponder over the girl claiming to be in fact a man.

'So Jusenkyo actually does exist and that form sitting before me is the body of a drowned victim of the spring approximately seven hundred years ago which would explain why she seemingly belongs here. However her spirit is missing something leaving her in a partially fragmented state almost as if her very soul had been sundered somehow in her past incarnation.' she inwardly thought, going on to think about the matter of the girls' spirit itself which matched perfectly as if in harmony with the body she inhabited.

She pondered over this, ' She like Kagome is a reincarnation that unlike Kagome somehow founds its original body after all those long years across time in the form of this curse. Some powerful otherworldly forces must be at work.'

"It would appear, child, that ye have been touched by the hand of fate," Kaede observed, looking to the red-head who looked right back with an expression of curiosity.

Megumi with a curious brow raised, inquiring "What do you mean by that Ol' Lady?"

"Well to a priestess of my caliber it is plainly obvious ye are a reincarnation of the girl who drowned at Jusenkyo. This curse that ye loath so much was your previous incarnation from your previous life and yet somehow despite all odds ye have somehow found ye way back to ye previous body." Kaede explained.

Megumi having listened to the elders' word gained a half-lidded expression, casting her gaze to the wood planking of the floor, "How utterly ridiculous this is no time for jokes Ol' lady. I don't appreciate sharing my ordeal with you only to be poked at." she drawled.

"I never joke child I speak only the truth," Kaede explained softly, proceeding to retrieve the lid from the cooking pot setting it down, then grabbed a bowl filling it with the contents of the pot, holding it out for the redhead to take who took the proffered item in hand.

Megumi gained a look of resignation as she looked to the elder observing no mirth, nor a hint of deceit in the woman's features, she shifted her sapphire gaze to the curry within the bowl steam wafting into the air from it, in her right hand she held a pair of chopsticks.

'Fate huh... Well fuck fate... previous incarnation or no I will unlock my curse come Hell or High water. Noway I refuse to be locked as a girl forever!' she inwardly and defiantly exclaimed to herself, and with a quick thank you to the elder for the meal she dug in rapidly devouring the bowl's contents.

Along with six more helpings the elder offered before later she was finished eating then laid down for some sleep while Kaede watched her sleep before eventually she too turned in for the night.



The following morning Megumi awoke alone in the home her eyes fixed on the ceiling observing the wood, and grass, sitting up the air felt chilly due to the fact the fire was out but it was tolerable in the fact she wasn't going to freeze to death.

Outside the home, she could hear some people talking one of which was Kaede, and Inuyasha, and a third individual that sounded female if she had to hazard a guess. Glancing to her right she observed a set of clothing stacked neatly on a blue cloth.

She shirked off the blanket retrieving the first article of clothing observing it to be a Dark red tunic the material was thick meaning it was good for winter, she slipped it on then grabbed the second article which was a pair of dark blue hakama pants.

She then put the pair of split-toe socks on before standing up taking the bedding she had used from the night before folding it up neatly partially due to habit from her days at the Tendo Dojo.

She then noted the comfort of the clothing not at all as rough as she was expecting it to be for older fashioned clothing, tossing a couple punches and a kick confirmed to her they would be adequate enough not to impair her movements if she found herself in a fight.

She glanced about with her sapphire gaze narrowing on the home's exit, proceeding to close the distance the voices getting louder as she neared until she finally could see past the door observing Kaede, Inuyasha, and a rather beautiful raven-haired young woman Megumi assumed to stand at five-foot and a hundred and eight pounds soak and wet with bright blue eyes all in conversation.

The raven-haired woman wore her long raven hair straight, a white-n-lime green Sailor style uniform shirt with a red tie just at the bust, with a lime green pleated uniform skirt, her legs bare, white socks on her feet with dark brown flats.

"I was looking everywhere for this shard that is why I was late... Saiya when I see her I am totally going to give her a piece of my mind!" Kagome exclaimed, her expression one of annoyance, as she turned to observe a familiar face standing there yet not familiar noting the hair color difference as well as the eyes.

She started to call out, "Sai-... wait your not Saiya..." she trailed off.

Placing his hands behind his head Inyuyasha spoke up, "Of course she is not this Saiya you are talking about. Kagome meet Megumi she's another cousin of yours if I hazarded a guess from the flip side of your family coin as Megumi put it."

The raven-haired woman revealed to be Kagome looked to the redhead with a bewildered expression not at all recognizing her. 'I didn't know there was anyone else... Who is she Grandfather told me the rest of them all died out with exception of Saiya and Uncle Genma.' deciding to address the redhead, "Excuse me I don't think we have met I am Higurashi Kagome and you are?"

"Hai Higurashi Megumi I recently became head of the Higurashi estate property in Nerima, Japan. Higurashi Saiya is the estate caretaker. So Saiya stole your jewel shard, did she. Sorry about that doesn't surprise me my family hasn't the best track record when it comes to taking things without asking it seems." Megumi apologized giving a deep apologetic bow, she then stepped out further not leaving the porch since she didn't have proper shoes.

Kagome listened to her words, "Well Megumi it is nice to make your acquaintance but as Kaede and Inyuyasha probably made you aware this time period is no place for you or me for that matter but I have a reason I am here and you need to use the shard to go back to our own time period."

"Won't happen. Not until I get what I came for. Not you the old woman or 'Yasha there will make me you can try but I won't go easy." Megumi said with determination a confident blue aura surrounding her person that was very visible to all three.

Inuyasha gained a fanged smile admiring the girls' spirit, "See I told you your cousin is stubborn."

"So I noticed." Kagome quickly returned, proceeding to speak to her cousin in an attempt to make her see reason or so she hoped, "Listen in this world demons exist. Also the constant threat of wandering bandits and more you really haven't a clue what awaits you in this world. So you see Megumi you can't stay here."

"Listen Kagome I don't care what you say to try and scare me I won't back down. Fighting monsters is a martial-artists duty after all so come what may I will be fine I can assure you. I am not the former heir to the Saotome anything goes school of martial arts for nothing you know." Megumi explained confidently preceding to perform a couple of kata.

Kagome gained a thoughtful expression momentarily, "Wait your not related to Genma are you?" she inquired of the redhead.

"Yep that is my good for nothing Pops," Megumi replied, a slight grin to her lips.

Kagome balling her right fist bring it up just under her chin, a thoughtful expression to her features seeming to be in the process of thinking slowly spoke up, "Excuse me for asking and mind you I never have met your father directly but I thought according to my grandfather Uncle and Auntie only had a son? I didn't know they had a daughter?"

Reaching up with her right hand Megumi scratched the back of her neck instinctively a nervous chuckle escaping her lips, "Hai that is a bit of a story I rather not talk about in front of everyone in this village but if you are interested in hearing my story Kagome-san I will explain it in more private settings." she offered.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to hear you out let's go inside," Kagome called heading towards the house the redhead already in the process of returning inside, Inuyasha and Kaede following suit.



A few minutes later Inyuyasha was sitting by the west wall leaning back against it, his sword leaning against his left shoulder eyes closed taking a slight nap while listening, Kaede having already heard the story once busied herself with a manuscript reading over it.

At the center of the room, Kagome sat next to the currently lit cooking fire, Megumi sitting across from her explaining her curse and how she acquired it while the former listened intently with a slightly confused yet thoughtful expression.

"Well there you have it... and according to the Ol' Lady over there, I am a reincarnation of this cursed body of mine though I still have my doubts on that. I don't believe in fate you see I make my own." Megumi explained, glancing at the flames of the fire.

Inuyasha spoke up from his spot, "You might have your doubts but I don't think lady Kaede is wrong about this sorry to burst your bubble. However, I whole hardheartedly agree with you on making your own fate though you have a difficult fight ahead of you judging from my own experience so far."

"Megumi I would have to agree with Lady Kaede and Inuyasha both here. I can see from your spiritual energy as well now that I know what to look for your current form definitely belongs here and the signature of it matches up perfectly but your missing something almost like your soul was sundered in your previous life." Kagome both explained and observed.

Kaede added, "So ye see it to Kagome?"

"Of course I can see it plain as day. I have been training in my priestess abilities when I have time away from my school exam studies." Kagome explained, to which Megumi gaining a pensive expression letting a sigh escape her lips.

'More hoke spirit stuff, well whatever I am still going after the kettle.' Megumi inwardly thought to herself before finally speaking up, "Look I don't know about this being sundered stuff, but that doesn't change anything I am still here for the artifact to unlock my curse so I will need to set off for Horai mountain after all sooner I get what I came here for the sooner I will return home a man."

"Well, I can understand that sentiment being a guy myself I wouldn't be comfortable transforming into a girl at all especially being locked in that form. Though given the current conditions you won't fare very well without proper provisions." Inuyasha pointedly explained, having heard the aqua-transsexual's story he generally felt bad for her.

Nodding her head in agreement Kaede added, "It appears Megumi ye are dead set in staying, and as Inyuyasha has said I agree he is correct ye won't last long without proper provisioning perhaps we can come to an agreement. In exchange for supplies, I would request you do a little bit of work for the people of this village." she offered.

"Fair enough sure when do you want me to start?" Megumi inquired, looking expectantly to the elder who put her manuscript away proceeding to stand up.

Kaede then waved for the girl to follow her calling over her shoulder, "Follow me child I'll get ye started."

Megumi stood up following the old woman out of the house, Kagome and Inuyasha watching them both disappear through the exit.

"Saiya huh. Who is she?" Inuyasha inquired, looking to the fire.

Kagome spoke up as she stirred the embers of the fire before placing another log on it, "A relative of mine according to my grandfather he didn't want me being around her though I never could figure out why she seems nice enough."

"It is curious that she knew enough about the bone eater's well. That and as well to explain to Megumi she could use it to traverse the well. Kagome did you tell this Saiya about the Jewel shards?" Inuyasha inquired, curiosity peaked.

Shaking her head negatively Kagome returned, "Well I did leave my jar of fragments on my desk. When she saw them she asked me about them but I didn't tell her what it was or did for that matter instead I told her a white lie that I was going to use it to create jewelry later."

"If you didn't tell this Saiya what the jewel fragments do then that makes no sense unless-" Inuyasha started to say before being interrupted by Kagome who finished his words, "She somehow already knew what they were from the moment she noticed them."

Inuyasha with a nod of his head contemplated a moment, "Any idea when she took it from you any at all?" he inquired.

"Two days ago that was when she was last at my home," Kagome explained, proceeding to open up her travel pack rifling through its contents retrieving something bringing it out into the light of the fire revealing it to be a photograph of Saiya appearing to be sitting lotus style as if she had been in meditation her eyes open seeming to glare at the camera.

She then continued, "It's so hard to get a picture of her since she really-really hates getting her picture taken she always would take my film and destroy it, but I finally got one and yet she almost destroyed it too but relented allowing me to keep it for some reason."

She then held the photograph out to which Inyuyasha reached out taking the proffered photograph in hand pouring over the image, saying through an observation, "If you stood the two side by side they could be twins. But this photograph wreaks of the same scent of the foul magic I can smell on Megumi's person."

"Scent? I don't smell anything... guess your sense of smell truly is superior to that of a mere human." Kagome said as she looked at the photograph her friend and love interest was holding.

Inuyasha studied the photograph further observing the eyes, "Those eyes they look so real." he observed.

"Yea she told me she wears contacts cause she is nearsighted that and sometimes does cosplay though I have never seen her without that particular pair ever," Kagome explained, noticing the silver-haired hanyō was still carefully examining the photograph seemingly with interest.

Inuyasha looking up from the photograph to the raven-haired girl, "Tell me Kagome what is she like is there anything out of the ordinary that stands out to you when you are in her presence?

"Well, she is..." Kagome trailed, reaching up with her right hand cupping her chin seeming to think the words to best describe the girl in the photograph.

Finally speaking up, "Well she is quite reserved, Well mannered and above all patient or so it seems I've never seen her really get angry except when I tried to take her photograph and even then she never did anything to harm me." she paused seeming to think some more.

She then continued, "Well other than that I did sense a strong spiritual energy similar to that of Megumi's but other than that nothing truly out of the ordinary that stands out... You think she is a demon or something?" she questioned.

"I don't honestly know for sure but if your grandfather didn't like her or want you hanging around her there may be a reason for it you should ask him," Inuyasha answered, holding the photograph out for kagome to take who took the proffered item in hand.

Kagome considered his words, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt you want to come with me when I do?" she inquired.

"Sure may as well and I could maybe meet this Saiya person. When do you want to go?" Inuyasha queried, looking to the raven-haired girl expectantly.

Standing up Kagome quickly in reply, "Well not today perhaps later since we were supposed to go meet with Sango remember?"

"Oh, that was today wasn't it? You are right. We should get going we kept her waiting long enough." Inuyasha called standing up, picking up his sword in his left hand.



After half the day was burned away Megumi had managed to do several chores for several of the villagers, currently, she was in the process of patching a hole in the roof of one of the homes of the village she was in good spirits despite all the stuff Kaede had managed to find her to do.

Doing the finishing touches on the patch job, she glanced around the village observing the architecture noting just how different it was compared to what she had expected though most everything was accurate to the history books.

The cold crisp air even had a cleaner smell to it not at all tainted by the pollution of modern civilization she was accustomed to, even the sky overhead through the thick clouds above she could see a clear blue sky even though patches could only be seen in the dense clouds.

'It won't be long I get that stuff I am earning and I can go after the kettle then I can be a man again then I'll return back to the present.' She inwardly thought to herself with enthusiasm, and even better she realized she was free to choose her own lover when the time comes cause she wouldn't be held down by an arranged marriage her parents had made for her.

"Freedom at last!" she exclaimed aloud causing some nearby residents to look her way to see what the commotion was about when they didn't see anything they continued about their day, while the redhead gathered her tools hopping down from the roof not bothering with the ladder.

She then lifted her right foot observing the black moccasins on her feet which were quite comfortable, she looked up hearing someone clearing their throat observing Elder Kaede who gestured for her to follow to which she did both heading back to the elders home.

Once inside the redhead sat next to the spot near the cooking fire Kaede indicated who was in the process of filling a wooden bowl with some stew, before holding it out for her the girl to take who took the proffered item in hand along with the wood soup spoon.

"I figure ye could use something to eat after all the work ye have done thus far," Kaede called, as she filled a bowl of her own.

Megumi said a quick thank you and a quick prayer, taking a spoon full to her lips partaking of the stew gaining an expression of happiness, "Oh yea this is good thank you Ol' Lady!" she exclaimed happily once more thanking the elder woman before rapidly consuming its contents in nothing flat.

Kaede started in on the contents of her own bowl with a content expression to her features observing the redhead was in the process of cleaning what was left of the bowl with the spoon taking every last drop she could, she shook her head slightly.

"Help yourself child ye can have some more." she offered to which Megumi cheerfully grabbed herself another serving of the strew pots contents calling, "Don't mind if I do Ol' Lady this stuff is great!"

As Megumi started in on her second portion she observed to the right laid out on an orange cloth was a bow, a quiver of arrows, a short sword in a dark brown leather sheath, a bedroll, along with several other items one would use for camping, along with a small pouch of some type of gold coins she could see through the opening.

Kaede noting the redhead's gaze going on to explain, "I am putting a care package together for ye journey. Though ye still have yet to earn all of it yet."

"That is cool... I don't really have use for a sword or a bow you see I am a martial-artist I prefer to use my bare hands." Megumi explained, finishing the rest of the contents of her second helping.

Kaede nodded her head, "Ah I suppose ye wouldn't think ye needs a sword or a bow. However, a short sword has practical uses other than simply being a weapon such as skinning and tanning. The same also applies to the bow ye can use it for hunting since I doubt ye will finish ye journey in one day and the provisions I will be sending you with won't last throughout so you will need to be able to fend for yourself or trade for items."

"Oh, that makes sense I didn't even think about that." Megumi sheepishly stated, gaining a thoughtful expression realizing the skills she had come to learn on the road with her father would surely come in handy during her journey and she knew how to use a blade when it came to skinning.

She then spoke up, "So basically I can skin animals I kill for food, and or making tools with the bones that can be traded for items from merchants I meet on the road."

"Ye are correct," Kaede said with a nod continuing to eat her first helping.



Two days later Megumi stood on the porch of Kaede's home looking off towards the middle of the village she had earned the care package that the elder woman and the rest of the village put together for her. She stayed an extra two days later to demonstrate she could put them to good use.

She wasn't clueless about the demonstrations they were not so much to show she could put the items to use. No, the real reason was the old woman was delaying her leaving the village worried for her safety in hopes that Inuyasha and Kagome would return and travel with her.

Yet it had been two whole days and neither had returned yet which meant the two must be hunting a jewel shard or helping some village, or whatever may be keeping them since they were leaving to meet some woman named Sango.

'The kettle won't come to me. Tonight definitely early morning I am going and nothing's going to stop me.' she inwardly thought to herself, her sapphire gaze spying the elder woman of the home who was busy chatting with a couple of villagers.

Her thoughts then turned to the words of both priestesses she bit the corner of her left lower lip slightly inwardly considering, 'So this body if what they say is true was my original incarnation but that is some sheer coincidence what are the odds that I would wind up traveling with Pops falling in that very spring of all springs?' the sheer thought of it was maddening to her.

Yet if what the old woman and Kagome had said was true Fate surely owed her an explanation although she knew that would never happen at all. She inwardly laughed ruefully at the sheer thought of meeting fate / Kami-sama or anyone otherworldly demanding an explanation that she felt she was greatly owed.

Later early morning Megumi woke from her sleep sitting up rubbing the sleep from her eyes, the cooking fire that also served as the warmth of the house glowed crimson as it was down to the crimson charred remains of the wood that had been burned giving the room an orange-n-red hue.

Slowly she got out from under the blanket proceeding to fold it up, along with the bedding. She then went about getting dressed pulling on a pair of black hakama pants, with a light blue tunic shirt worn just over this was a plain black kimono worn open that came down just past her waist.

She then tied a red sash around her waist, hooking the short sword sheath to it allowing it to rest at the small of her back, then retrieved a brown leather kaki Shibu bag that held the various items she earned from the village people, then grabbed the quiver of arrows dawning the strap across her chest.

Last but not least she picked up the bow hanging leather strap attached to it over her left shoulder, then picked up a dark brown quarterstaff a white leather strap wrapped around the middle section serving as a hang grip, proceeding to head for the exit of the home slipping her feet into her moccasins only to pause in her step hearing the homes other occupant clearing her throat.

"So I cannot talk ye into waiting for Inuyasha and Kagome's return can I child?" Kaede inquired of the red-head, who gave a simple nod of her head saying, "You would be correct Ol' Lady thanks for the hospitality but I'll be moving on now take care of yourself." with that proceeding to exit the home and disappear behind the door flap that swung back in place.





It was late evening at Furinkan High school the night sky was quite clear the stars shined overhead, sounds of cars could be made out in the distance if one was listening closely though most people by this point unless were working were asleep or in the process of heading in that direction.

Inside the school in the administrative office, a figure was busy rifling through various documents this figure was none other than Saiya who was leafing through a packet of documents whilst making slight adjustments of the information within.

Eventually, she finished what she was doing proceeding to replace the documents within their jacket proceeding to place them back in the file cabinet. 'Well with that done now its time to head back home.' she inwardly thought to herself turning to head back to the nearby open window only to pause in her step when a light was shined on her from a flashlight held by the school security guard causing her to shield her eyes with her left hand.

"Hold it right there young lady... Who are you and what are you doing here?" the Guard inquired of the raven-haired intruder.

Saiya turned to face the security guard, she blew a couple of loose strands of raven-hair that fell over her right eye, proceeding to bring her right hand up placing her index and middle finger against her lips, proceeding to then blow the guard a kiss with the bottom of her fingers facing the guard a black spade like that on a playing card flew from them hitting the guard in the chest.

"Sleep, and forget," she called as she did so, to which the guard turned off his flashlight proceeding to lay down going to sleep. She then retrieved her silk bundle leaning against the wall just below the window seal leaping out the window which closed on its own the locking mechanism activating.

Once on the main road sidewalk, Saiya made her way home towards the Higurashi estate not really in a hurry every so often stealing glances to the moon, the cold crisp night air with a light breeze due to the wind that lightly blew every so often didn't seem to bother her or if it did she didn't show it.

Currently, she wore her long raven hair in duel ponytails held by red ties. her current outfit consisting of black hakama pants, a black Chinese style blouse with gold buttons and white ties laced it closed, on her feet were a pair of white kungfu slippers.

Saiya looked to the moon observing how clear it could be seen her thoughts and emotions calm though her cat's eye gaze darted from one scene to another almost as if looking for something which usually was the case she was always on guard for the unexpected especially on calm nights such as this.

"Something wrong Mistress?" came the mysterious voice that had graced her at the Higurashi estate.

Saiya paused in her step glancing side to side as she came to a crosswalk, "I-cannot say for sure Jun Kokoro but I feel as if we are being watched." she lightly called.

As she crossed the street upon the crosswalk light switching over signaling she could walk now she did so at a rapid pace, not at all walking as slow as before the hairs on the back of her neck rising ever slightly as the atmosphere gained a charge to it.

She knew an attack was imminent but she knew not for certain the direction the attack would come, but she had a feeling multiple assailants would be involved as she could now hear the ever so slight patter of feet on the rooftops of the nearby buildings though they were trying to remain silent and hidden to her.

As she continued to walk she proceeded to unwrap her bundle revealing the sheath of a katana that was black with gold inlay that gave it n artistic flair, she wrapped the silk covering about the gold handguard, and the sheath itself, the hilt of the sword had traditional Tsukamaki handle wrapping though it was red-n-white.

"You not intend to draw my steel mistress?" came the mysterious voice once more that was revealed to be Jun Kokoro.

Saiya shook her head negatively, "No need..." she trailed proceeding to sidestep to the right as someone dressed in a billowing purple robe with a hood drawn over his or her head leaped down from a nearby rooftop attempting to strike her with a quarterstaff that hit the cold freezing sidewalk with a loud clacking sound.

She then leaped back, sliding on an icy patch of sidewalk managing to catch herself before she could tumble to the ground as five more quarter staffs connected with the ground she once stood all being held by figures in similar robes to the first.

All six robed figures then came at her quickly as she both parried them with her sheathed weapon and bobbed and weaved around their attacks somehow managing to not take a single hit from the very rapid and never-ending assault of stave swings and jabs.

As she continued to dodge the attacks she noticed a seventh figure not far away observing the battle she smirked as she had an idea just who it was, and whom these individuals were sent after her by.

'I give them a credit I almost was caught off guard this round... However they will need to up their game if they want to take me down.' she inwardly thought to herself, proceeding to perform a reverse leg sweep taking down four of the individual's before quickly getting back to her feet and doing six backward somersaults to put distance between herself and the hooded individuals.

She then proceeded to drop her sheathed weapon on the ground before sprinting away only for the two standing combatants to follow her, while the other four individuals got back to their feet and converged on the weapon she had left on the ground.

The seventh individual watching the fight seemed to shake his or her head negatively. 'She put it down early this time... and they have already fallen into the trap by dividing their forces.' he or she inwardly observed.

Spinning on the ball of her left foot Saiya took on a Kempo stance preparing for the two combatants as they got near bringing their staffs in swinging hot she reached out managing to catch both staffs as the two combatants split apart so her arms were now outstretched maintaining a grip.

She then jumped up rapidly kicking one combatant as hard as she could with her left leg connecting with his gut and letting go of his staff sending him flying backward while maintaining an iron grip on the other staff kicking with her right leg connecting with his gut as well hard enough to both knock the breath out of him and propel him backward where he lost his grip on his staff and was sent sailing through the air.

Landing on her feet she gave the quarterstaff a flourish giving it a few twirls as if a rapid blade that cut the air creating a whirring sound.

The other man who was now back on his feet returned to the fight as they started a rapid battle with one another quarterstaff to quarterstaff. Meanwhile, the other individual hit the ground rolling several times coming to a stop slowly getting back up to one knee eyeing the two combatants.

Meanwhile, the other four men were now each attempting to lift the sword from the ground but appeared to be having no luck at all as it wouldn't even budge from where it landed. The fourth man which was the largest man in this group called out in a gruff voice, "Let me try!" he exclaimed as he attempted to pick the weapon up but try as he might he couldn't even budge it.

"What in Kami-Sama's name this thing ways a ton... how does she lug this thing around all day?" He queried a bewildered and frustrated expression to his features.

One of the four men looked off towards the raven-haired woman. "I am not sure," he said feeling dumbfounded by the conundrum of why none of them could pick it up.

"The sword is called Jun Kokoro. The Jun in the name stands for Purity, and the Kokoro means heart, mind, and body. Only someone with a pure heart could ever wield this sword there for none of us is worthy it would seem." one of them said feeling downcast as he thought he for sure would be worthy.

The seventh man walking up watching as Saiya was in a fast pace battle with the last remaining of her two combatants she had split off from the rest. He reached down picking Jun Kokoro up off the ground with little effort much to the amazement of the four men.

"How are you doing that sir?" the larger man called gruffly his features one of confusion as the seventh individual wasn't a large man compared to him he was actually of smaller stature.

The man pulled his hood down revealing fair features a full head of graying raven hair, a pair of glasses with red-tinted lenses in round frames that was gold in color over crimson eyes, a dark hair mixed with a graying mustache resting above his upper lip.

The man continued watching the battle between the raven-haired woman and one of his acolytes. Going on to say to his subordinates ignoring the larger man's question, "Jun Kokoro seems to have found none of you worthy."

He then after observing Saiya then got the upper hand on her opponent knocking him to the ground and was about to bring the staff she was wielding down on the poor saps head, "Too me men!" he ordered.

All the men gathered behind him, the man on the ground rolled and quickly headed behind his commander as Saiya did yet another flourish now standing on one foot eyeing him her eyes flashed red briefly as she with her left hand proceeded to beckon him forward with a back and forth motion of her fingers.

"I think you have had enough fun for the night Saiya. You can stand down now," he called, as his men behind him started whispering to themselves.

Saiya smirked at the man setting her foot on the ground proceeding to stand the staff on end keeping a grip on it, "Abraham Van Helsing what brings you all the way to lonely old Nerima, Japan?" she inquired.

"My men and I have come searching for a powerful vampire, but would seem we have found something else in the meantime," he said in jest gesturing to her with his free hand.

Saiya seemed to think a moment calling out, "I haven't sensed a vampire in awhile this one must be smart to keep him or herself hidden from even me."

"Well the reason we believe this is the case is he is one of your broodlings but we cannot be too sure." The man revealed to be Abraham replied.

Saiya gained a perplexed expression, "That should be impossible none of my creations can hide from me unless... but he should be dead." she lightly called.

"Well, this one obviously can Saiya." Abraham dully said.

A look of distaste came to Saiya's features. "I see..." she trailed as she relaxed her stance crossing the distance coming within a foot of her old friend and acquaintance.

Abraham shrugged at her in a hushed tone, "So what has it been now since we last met?" he inquired.

"Fifty-three years now... Don't worry she didn't feel a thing when it happened." Saiya softly said a sorrowful expression to her features as her mind drifted to the past.

Abraham observed the woman's features, "I see so you stayed by her side even knowing what was about to be and that is why you went silent these long years." he lamented pausing momentarily, "Thank you for warning me and my men or we would have met the same terrible fate."

"Luckily it didn't have too much effect on the grand scheme of things but you're welcome." Saiya lightly said as she calmed her emotions her thoughts though still on the girl she had cared for unto her last moments.

She then went on to say, "Abraham you would have survived but let me tell you radiation poisoning is a real dampener on one's day."

"I bet it was... It is good to see you again none the less." Abraham said with a light chuckle.

Saiya gave a slim smile, "It is good to see you again as well my friend.

Hearing the near-silent but rapid steps of an approaching enemy that was obviously wearing chains of some kind that made some noise that gave its movement away causing Saiya too raise her right forearm proceeding to block an incoming kick from a short stature hooded figure who had moved in and spun into a roundhouse kick in order to attempt to catch her off guard.

The figure then retreated a few feet after its attack was blocked seeming to size up the opponent before him or her, a flash of white revealing fanged teeth protruding below its upper lip, though the face was hidden by the shadow of its hood.

Turning to face her opponent Saiya then took on a relaxed Kempo stance, "You are a few hundred too early to be trying this."

Without a word the figure moved in at breakneck speed, proceeding in a rapid barrage of palm strikes that sent Saiya stood her ground meeting the palm strikes with her own catching each one with relative ease.

Observing on the figure's wrists was something metallic which resembled that of a manacle that shined in the light of the moonlight Saiya bit her lower lip a flash of anger in her sapphire eyes that briefly turned crimson.

Though she continued her relentless defense not addressing this, eventually the figure then proceeded in firing off a rapid combination of rapid kicks a flash of the same type of metallic items on this figures ankles revealing this individual was wearing shackles that did not seem to impair their ability to fight however she also observed the figure's feet were bare with painted tow nails that looked dark in color due to the light of the moonlit night.

Saiya then proceeded to drop into a backward leg sweep in a near-instant the figure barely avoiding it seeming to backpedal quickly away taking on a loose Kempo stance of its own.

Back in a standing position, Saiya waited with great patience to see what this figure would do next of which she didn't need to wait long as the figure then seemed to rush forward vanishing from view.

Saiya's eyes darted one direction to the next before she raised both arms crossing them blocking an incoming drop kick the figure had made from above that caused her to dig her heels in cracking the pavement as she was pushed slightly backward.

Expecting the figure to retreat once more she was then pleasantly surprised when the figure switched mid-air proceeding to shout out in a feminine voice, "Kachū Tenshin Amaguriken!"

Saiya then found herself under a hail of rapid-fire punches of a technique she was very intimate with, proceeding to fire off with her own though a revised version meant to block incoming punches with her palms though she didn't shout like the hooded individual revealed to be female judging by voice.

Abraham and his men observed the dueling duo as Saiya finally put the hooded figure on the retreat firing off a rapid volley of punches and kicks the individual bobbed and weaved around though took quite a few hits for her trouble.

Eventually, after enduring Saiya's relentless onslaught the hooded figure quickly did several backward somersaults, calling out, "Jeez take it easy won't you?" as she reached up taking hold of the hood pulling it back-

-To be continued

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