I am not a Hero nor a Villain

Chapter V – Not Entirely Human

"Normal Speech."

'Normal Thought.'

"Demon/God/Dragon Speech."

'Demon/God/Dragon Thought.'

"Other Speech Variants."

So, before we begin, I'm just gonna say this as a quick disclaimer.

Mikoto is a made-up character, he's an OC! This is not your typical self-insert story. If you get easily butt hurt or trigged, stop reading! Stop incorrectly assuming and then attacking me because you think that Mikoto represents me! He doesn't, he is an OC! A MADE-UP character!

It was strange.

The water I was within was both comfortably warm and relatively cool. It was also both scalding hot and freezing cold. I could feel it massaging and relaxing my muscles, yet also burrowing deep and tearing them apart.

For many hours I laid there, enduring it all.

Only for it to suddenly stop.

Opening my eyes slowly, I looked up at the wooden roof of the room I was in. My breathing was steady and carefully I placed my feet against the bottom of the pool, no longer floating upon the top of the water. As my upper body came out of the water, I stood there, arms rising out of the water and slowly clenched them.

My body felt different.

The muscles and bones of my body, tougher, denser and stronger, yet only slightly. But the most noticeable was the rush that seemed to travel throughout the body.

'Is this magic?' I wondered to myself, clenching my hands tightly.

Walking out of the pool, I grabbed a towel that had been hung on the side, using it to dry myself off. Then, paused momentarily before taking the kimono that was also prepared for me.

The house was empty, or at least appeared to be. Yet there was something about it, something hidden inside that put me on edge, like I was being watched. It also reminded me of the tales of cannibalistic men and women hiding in the walls, if so, I really hoped not because that was just creepy.

Feeling a breeze coming down the corridor, I made my way down towards where it came from, eventually coming across a sliding door left open that led out onto a patio. I moved out onto it, seeing the sun beginning to rise in the east.

There, stood within the centre of a small opening, a place untouched by the forest around it, was Saeko. She was focused, her mind blank and her form moving upon instinct as it practised her sword techniques. It was a level of concentration that I recognised, I myself had experienced it many times. When the mind shut down and the body moved, the height of martial arts where one didn't need to think in order to act.

Those seconds spent thinking about what to do next were costly in a fight. One couldn't afford to think and so, the techniques had to be ingrained within the body so that it could move without the need to think. The body needed to be trained in order to know what move was best in a sequence without the mind telling it what to do.

But reaching such a state would take decades of training.

As much as I admired her movements, I couldn't deny that the thing that made her most attractive, was her form and the clothing she wore. She was curvaceous and busty, athletic and toned clad in nothing more than a sports bra and biker shorts.

She was beautiful.

After the last few swings of her shinhai, Saeko came to a stop, it held in both hands and pointed upwards. Then a few moments passed by before she opened her eyes, releasing a long breath as she did.

"I see you're awake." She said and I smiled.

"I am," I replied. "Tell me, has it worked?"

Saeko lowered her arms, holding the shinhai loosely in one hand as she studied me carefully. "It has." She nodded her head. "Though your magic is quite minimal. But that's common after a procedure like that, or so my grandfather's notes say anyway."

"How so?" I asked, the smile on my face slightly dipping at the news.

Saeko shrugged. "Didn't read much into it, though I guess it's because your magic has been bottled up and therefore not given time to grow. Like I said, didn't read much into it, didn't think I'd lose."

"No one ever does. When I lost in the finals of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, I expected to win just like I had done in all my previous fights. It's just the way things are." I shrugged, Saeko saying nothing as she moved towards me, sitting down on the patio. "So, what do we do now?"

"For now, I'll give you a few books on how to use magic. You'll have to learn it on your own though." Saeko explained. "I, we have...an agreement with the other rulers of Kouh, right now I'm the biggest threat to two of them and they won't like me taking an apprentice, especially not you."

"Why not me?" I asked amused, already knowing the answer.

The look Saeko gave me told me that she knew, I knew the reasoning. After all, me suddenly arriving and getting close to Issei would earn attention, especially if the Devils were aware of his Sacred Gear. It would be seen as highly unlikely to be just a coincidence.

"Okay, I see," I responded. "You can't openly give me help, but there's nothing about me receiving subtle help. And I suppose those books you give me, don't exist."

Saeko nodded her head.

Did it bother me that she couldn't help me fully? A little bit, yes. However, I quite liked doing things on my own, it made success that much more fulfilling and satisfying.

Sleep avoided her, a strange thing for her in recent years. When she had been his toy, sleep was a prized commodity and at times, only afforded during the day when he let sleep claim him. It was one time, when an opening presented itself to her, that she fled.

By the time he awoke, she was long gone.

Yet she was forever looking over her shoulder until she arrived here, in Kouh. There was something here, something stronger than the Tohsaka, Matou and Busujima families, something that kept him from pursuing her.

The interest of the Devils perhaps?

Ingrid couldn't say for sure.

But what it allowed her to do was settle down, forget all the things she had to endure and live a normal life. She went to bed like every normal person, awoke like every normal person, did everything they would do.

Yet as she sat at the kitchen table, Ingrid couldn't sleep at all. Her nails rapped against the wooden table, her foot tapping anxiously against the ground as she watched the clock tick by. It was almost three in the morning now and Mikoto had yet to return home and she was worried why.

Had he been taken captive, tortured to learn what he knew? Or was he working with them to hunt and kill her? If so, were they coming here to kill her?

And then the door opened.

Ingrid looked and watched as Mikoto stepped through. "Where have you been?"

Mikoto paused upon seeing her, moving the books in his arms just out of view. "You're still up?" He questioned, Ingrid rising to her feet.

"Where have you been?" She pressed once more.

When I came back, this wasn't what I expected. There was a dangerous look about Ingrid, one I hadn't seen from her ever. She was willing to kill me, that much was very clear.

"I've been busy," I replied calmly. "Why are you still up?"

Ingrid said nothing.

"If you must know, I've been visiting an old friend. We chatted a little bit, shared stories about what we've been up to." The more we spoke, the more tense Ingrid became. "You know, we shared a very interesting conversation."

That bit made Ingrid rush forwards, closing the distance between us at speeds I couldn't track. Her clawed hand wrapped around my neck as she pinned me against the wall. "There it is." I chuckled, looking into the glowing red eyes with their slitted black pupil glaring murderously at me. "The monster you tried so desperately to suppress. Go on, do it, kill me."

"Don't tempt me!" Ingrid snarled dangerously and I smirked.

"You can't do it, can you?" I laughed at that. "How pitiful. You want to protect your secret so badly, but you love this family too much to kill me. Not after they've just got me back."

Ingrid pulled me away from the wall and slammed me back into it. "What did you tell them?"

"Oh, we had just an interesting conversation about the Devils of Kouh." Ingrid stalled at that. "You never even came up."


I smirked, one hand prying her fingers from around my neck. "You seem surprised? Did you really think that I'd tell everyone about you? I'm an asshole, but not that much of one. I've done things I regret, but I don't need to add to them, nor make an enemy out of you."

"You didn't tell them?" I rolled my eyes at Ingrid's question.

"No, I didn't."


"Why?" I repeated, looking amused. "I know you're a Vampire and you're stronger than me. But I also imagine that you know magic, don't you."

Realisation began to dawn on Ingrid. "I help you learn magic in return, you keep my secret."


"So, did your brother come home at all last night?" Yurine asked concernedly to Issei as they entered the classroom. Beside her, Issei rolled his eyes, he honestly should expect it by now, it was very clear that his neighbours were attracted to his brother.

As annoying as that was.

"No, he did," Issei answered. "Just really late."

Yurine turned to him sharply. "Wait, does that mean he spent the night with Saeko?" Instantly her attention turned to the woman in question who was sitting in the corner of the room by the window. She was deep in thought, a strange thing for sure as she was usually attentive to her surroundings, smiling and in a way, looking down upon people.

"Who spent the night with Saeko?" Both jumped, spinning around to see Rin Tohsaka, their Class President stood behind them.

"Ah well, erm." Both fumbled around, looking for something to say but found themselves unable to. Rin herself looked towards Saeko to see that she was paying attention to something outside, a smile growing on her face. A strange thing for sure, especially when one noticed the type of smile it was.

This wasn't one of her usual fake smiles.

Or a smile of sardonic humour she had when looking down on someone.

Nor was it her malicious and manic smile she got one when enjoying a good fight or when seeing someone in pain.

This was a real smile of interest.

'Strange.' Rin thought, turning back to see that Issei had already rushed away towards his friends, hiding away. Yurine herself was moving away but it wasn't quick enough. "Yurine? Please answer the question."

Yurine froze, unable to figure out what to do in these situations. For as long as she could remember, Rin had been not only the most academically able but the most popular. She didn't even know why, she wasn't the most beautiful, nor the most gifted but she had still been the most popular.

Everyone had wanted to be friends with her and in the past few years for the guys who had seen her; date her. Even with the likes of Rias Gremory and others make their appearance, Rin still stood at the top of the food chain in terms of popularity. They were distant and unreachable, Rin more sociable and approachable.

Again, Yurine fumbled over her words. "Was it Mikoto Hyoudou?" Instead of saying anything, Yurine just kept silent which was all the answer Rin needed as she strolled past. Moving past the desks and ignoring the greetings she got, Rin made her way directly towards Saeko who had yet to turn her gaze away from the window. "So, how did last night go?"

"It went well." Saeko, as always didn't turn to her.

For this reason only, Rin could consider Saeko a friend, as strange as that was. Among Magi, friends were a rare phenomenon, more often than not you had friendly acquaintances or family alliances. Even then, Magi would often betray those close to them if it offered them far more opportunities, that was just the world they lived in.

Rin wouldn't lie to herself and pretend that if offering up Saeko to someone in return for something worthwhile wasn't something she would do. Because she would, without even a moment's hesitation. Just as she knew Saeko would do the same to her.

But they were still friends and she was curious to find out what had happened between her and Mikoto. She had been aware of them having some history, mainly that Mikoto had lost to her in a Kendo tournament when they were kids. But other than that, Rin didn't know much else about their relationship.

"That can't be all that happened, can it?" She questioned further, turning to look out the window and was quite surprised by the sight. Mikoto seemingly hiding away behind a bush, Yurine's sister, Mio talking with one of her hired bodyguards, Karla Kure. 'Ah, so that's why Karla was so eager to come to Kouh.'

She had done her research on Mikoto upon learning of his arrival, even more so upon learning of the interest that Saeko held in him. He was a fighter, one highly experienced and a veteran of the Kengan Association, even participating in the Kengan Annihalation Tournament. It was there that Mikoto must have met the Kure Clan who had also participated in it.

'Which might explain what is going on down there.' Her gaze trailed towards Mikoto once more, sensing something different about him. "You didn't? Why?" She muttered in surprise, Saeko turning away and smirking.

"Why not?"

"Why not? Maybe because of what the Devil Heiress' will do?"

Saeko waved it off, not in the least bit concerned. "Please, they're hardly a threat. Sona Sitri is set in the belief that because she's good at chess that in an actual fight she's going to win. But she's too rigid and taciturn which makes her and her Peerage easy to beat. As for Rias, despite having the Power of Desctruction, she's a spoiled brat and doesn't train herself. Her Peerage is more diverse, but again, not a huge threat."

"You speak as if you've thought of killing them before."

"Haven't you?" The silence spoke volumes. "Besides, they've already agreed to leave Mikoto to me, so I can do what I want and they can't interfere. They really should stop being so arrogant."

Rin laughed lightly, generally amused and surprised by Saeko's words. "Who knew you could be so cunning? Though I suppose you're right. Rias might disagree and try and interfere, but Sona won't. She's very prideful and gave her word, she won't break it and will act as a buffer between us."

"You intend to use him, don't you?" Saeko realised, hardly surprised.

Everyone in this world would use everyone for their own gain.

"Aren't you?"

Tapping her finger lightly against the desk, Rias nibbled on the nail of her other thumb as she looked upon the chess board in front of her. The black set was full, all sixteen pieces lined up and scattered across the board in different positions. The white set on the other hand had five pieces.

One King, representing herself.

One Queen, representing Akeno Himejima.

One Knight, representing Yuuto Kiba.

One Rook, representing Koneko Toujou.

And one Pawn, representing a future member of her Peerage in Issei Hyoudou.

She had, had her eyes on Issei for a while. He possessed a Sacred Gear, a powerful one but what type was unknown to her. She intended to recruit him and use his power to help her current predicament.

But now a lot of unforeseen variables were beginning to pop up and most worrying of all, was Mikoto Hyoudou. Especially when he came into school today, the magic within him had been small, but there had been no denying it's presence. Considering that yesterday he had nothing and today he had it, that meant something had happened.

'Which means that Saeko Busujima had something to do with it. I thought she was going to kill him.' That honestly would have been preferred all things considered, but it seems that wasn't the case and she had instead helped him unlock his magic.

"Ara, ara, have I finally managed to stump you?" Akeno murmured, entering into the room with a tray. Upon it laid two cups, a tea pot, a glass of milk as well as a plate of sweets. Placing it down on the coffee table, she placed the glass of milk on the table and just as she picked up the plate, it was quickly snatched out of her arms by Koneko.

"I've just been thinking of over things." Looking at the chessboard once more, Rias began to make move. Once she moved her Pawn, all of a sudden the black pieces began to move as well, the magics surrounding it keyed to the moves of Riser Phenex and those of his Peerage from the various Rating Games he had been apart of. She was preparing herself by studying his strategies and coming up for counters to them with her own limited number of pieces.

"Like what?"

Thinking upon it further, Rias turned to Koneko. "Follow Issei and Mikoto Hyoudou. See if you can find out if they have anything that could reveal what's going on."

There was only so much bullshit a person could take. Finding out that Karla Kure was in my school was perhaps one of the most bullshit things ever. I had met her a few times during the course of my time in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, calling her a stalker is putting it lightly. With Tokita Ohma actually being his genderbent self, Tokita Mao from the manga, it left Karla without a man to obsess over.

I was young, around a similar age to Karla and the fact I was a fighter under the Kengan Association, selected to be a part of the Annihilation Tournament, my strength spoke for itself. Now normally, I would have no problem with an attractive and beautiful woman like Karla showing me attention,

But I had a unique desire to survive, her grandfather and his overprotective nature were a direct threat to that. In any other situation, I would have taken advantage of my situation and happily given Karla babies as she desired. However, I liked living and I think the moment I laid a hand upon her in such a way, I'd find my life cut dramatically short. So, for now, it would be best to wait, use this opportunity to grow stronger and then come back when I was no longer in danger.

That was the original plan at least.

Now I was finding myself in the role of a typical protagonist that hide away from the girls that desired him. I hated myself for that reason, it felt unnatural and weird. Shying away from attention was not my thing. I enjoyed it, basked in it, I was only human after all.

"I'd be careful," Saeko explained, the two of us walking down the corridors of Kouh Academy as the day came to an end. The two of us being seen together like this plus the duel we shared days prior had sparked the gossip circles of the students. "The Heiresses have taken greater notice of you."

"They already had me in their sights?" Not a hugely surprising thing, I had expected it of course. In fact, if I hadn't been on their radar my opinion of them would have dropped dramatically.

Saeko nodded her head. "Don't worry. I have already made it clear that you are under the protection of the Busujima clan. Attacking you would be attacking me. Which would then put the Heiresses at odds with Tohsaka and Matou as well as the Kure clan."

"Hardly a smart thing to do," I murmured, earning a smile from Saeko. "So I have no need to worry. That's good, but I think we both know that my family aren't protected."

"You mean your stepmother." Not particularly, I meant more my brother and the Sacred Gear he had. But this only proved to me that Saeko's understanding of Kouh and the situation here was greater than I initially imagined. "So long as the Vampire doesn't do anything threatening, she'll be left alone. She was here far longer than the Heiresses and we had no problem with her prior, if a problem does come it'll be because of them and not us."

That was good news at least.

I needed Ingrid alive because she was going to be my instructor in magic. Sure I had the books provided by Saeko, but having an actual instructor to lead me through the steps and clear up any misunderstandings would only help me in the long run. I could go to Saeko for help, but if she was willing to help me in that way, she wouldn't have just given me books in the first place now, would she?

"So I should still be on the lookout, just in case they come for her then?" Saeko paused momentarily before nodding her head. "Oh well, hardly something to concern myself with. I beat you after all, so beating them shouldn't be too hard."

Saeko and I had conversed extensively about where I would lie within the scale of those here in Kouh. Even without magic, I'd be one of the strongest here, my skills and experience were greater than everyone. While I didn't have magic, so long as I could get up close and personal I could eliminate that weakness. The only problem I'd face would be if the Devils took to the skies and bombarded me with magic.

So in a battle against the Devils, my greatest advantage would be speed.

Ending a fight quick and decisively before it could be drawn out.

Luckily for me, I had learnt a few things in my time during the Kengan Matches that would allow me to do just that.

As we came out of the front entrance and began making our way towards the road, I received a message. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out my phone and noticed that it was from Megumi.

The house is empty. Beneath it was a picture of Megumi posing in front of the mirror naked. 'Well, I guess I know what I can spend my afternoon doing before my training tonight. I really need to get in contact with Kaede about a fight as well, I'm getting a little bored.'

Grunting heavily, I gripped hold of Megumi's ass cheeks tightly, her legs resting over my arms as I held her up off the ground. Sweat glistened off our skin, I pushed myself up onto my tiptoes as I thrust my hips forward, burying myself deeper into her pussy as she dropped down onto me.

We had been going at this for a little over an hour at this point with me surprisingly, not even beginning to reach my limit. Megumi as always was insatiable, but at this point, she was barely conscious of everything going on around her. She was just focused upon this act, weakly moving her exhausted body in time with my own. Yet I was reaching the point where last time, I had been at my limit, now though I felt able to go a few more rounds which I fully intended to do.

There was something so satisfying about fucking someone to the point they passed out. By the looks of things, that's exactly what was going to happen to Megumi in another round or two. That was something I not only wanted to see, but achieve.

The bed, the dresser, the floor, the walls.

There was not a surface in her room we hadn't christened in this time. Then being the slutty whore she was, brought me into her sister's bedroom. I didn't know the full story, but apparently, it was payback for something Ayami had said about Megumi and her friends this morning.

I didn't know the whole story and quite frankly, I didn't care.

Reaching my limit, I pulled myself out, letting Megumi go to her knees on the ground. Both hands ran through her hair, gripping two handholds as she opened her mouth, eyes tiredly looking up at me as I shoved my cock down her throat.

It didn't take much for me to finish.

A few quick thrusts as her throat tightened around my member, her tongue flicking out providing that little sensation that drove me over the edge. Pulling back until just the head remained, I released my load fully into her mouth, Megumi gulping it down.

Damn, she was good.

She wasn't a virgin, that much was obvious from our first coupling. But that didn't bother me, her number of partners had been pretty limited surprisingly. Just a few guys she experimented with before she met me. Considering the Gu Rituals I had undergone and the enhancements it gave me, well it was safe to say that I had ruined sex for her with any other man.

Which was perfectly fine for me because I didn't plan to let her go.

She held no meaning to me, nor provided anything meaningful in terms of power or connections. But not every trophy had to be something great, sometimes you get trophies for simply taking part. Megumi wasn't a first place, second place or even third-place prize, she was just a participation trophy.

It was just sex between me and her, there was no arrangement that benefitted either side massively. She certainly didn't give me any connections to powerful backers nor access to something that could provide me power in the physical or magical sense.

But I didn't care.

"You're still hard?" Megumi murmured, as I pulled my cock free from her mouth. "This didn't happen last time?"

"No, it didn't." But I had reason to suspect that the reason behind that was because of my recent acquisition of magic. "But who cares about last time? We should focus on here and now, right?"

And as if to mock me, we both heard the door open.

"Is that your mum?" Megumi shook her head.

"She's out with Ingrid, they're not back until tonight." Then Megumi's eyes widened, turning to look at the clock. "Shit, it's Ayami?"

"Didn't you say she was at college?" I asked, looking towards Megumi who pushed me in through the door to her room. Honestly, the last thing I expected from Megumi was her to be this frantic about not getting caught by her sister of all people, she was even chucking my clothes at me while reaching for her own.

Megumi didn't even bother putting on a bra, just slipping on her shirt, her nipples easily seen through the white fabric of her clothing. "She was meant to be staying behind with a few of her friends. I don't know why she's back so early, it's not like her."

"And why do you care?" I questioned further, not having even attempted to get my clothes on.

"Because the last thing I want to do is prove her right." She retorted, looking to me in a mixture of irritation and desire. There was a story there though, something that linked back to what her sister said to Megumi about her friends. I didn't know what it was, but I sure was interested to find out. "Can you please get changed?"

I considered for a moment, refusing. "Fine." I relented, pulling on my shirt. "But you owe me one."

That got Megumi's attention, the more adventurous and sexual side of her taking over when she heard the not so subtle undertones of my words. "What would you want in return for this favour?" Yet a more rational part took over just for a moment. "And no, I'm not going to give you a threesome with my sister."

Would I lie and say that thought hadn't crossed my mind? No, because anyone that knew what Ayami looked like would want not only a threesome with Ayami and Megumi, but more than likely a foursome with Ayami, Megumi and Arisa. I know for certain that the thought had crossed my mind on many, many occasions. But that was so simple and easy that it was honestly a waste of a good opportunity to waste my favour upon, mainly because it wouldn't work. If it would then you can guarantee I would be asking for it.

Alas, life was never as fair as to allow something as desirable as that to be easy.

"Mhmm, let me think." I reacted quickly, grabbing the boxers that were thrown at my face. Smirking slightly, I slipped them on, pulling on my jeans soon after.

"Think quicker, would you?"

"She's not even coming up the stairs." I shot back, looking towards the mirror where I could see both myself and Megumi. "Besides, just getting changed isn't going to convince anyone that we didn't just have sex. The smell also proves it, by the way, you might want to double-check that we didn't leave anything behind in Ayami's room that could possibly reveal what we did in there unless you want her to know?"

Megumi's eyes widened in response, she quickly darting out the room and no doubt rushing towards Ayami's room. I myself leisurely followed her out, school blazer held in one hand as I made my way down the stairs.

I was a little disappointed that my time with Megumi had been interrupted, but that was fine. Alleviating some of the stress was always good for one's soul and I had alleviated a lot of stress today. Perfect for my training with Ingrid tonight, it would keep me focused on actually learning magic, rather than on thoughts of fucking her.

This world really was not good for my mind, nor my hormonal body.

"Mikoto?" Ayami questioned in shock at seeing me come downstairs, her eyes widening even further upon seeing the state of clothing. My hair was a mess, more so than usual, my lips were bruised and I had a few hickeys on my neck that with my top button undone, were clearly seen. Overall, there was no denying what I had been doing upstairs with Megumi.

"Afternoon Ayami, how was college?"

By reflex, she responded. "It was good." But her gaze was more focused upon the hickeys, her eyes slightly losing focus as she no doubt imagined what exactly happened upstairs. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I ran into your sister on my way back from school, she found out I had been a little stressed recently with school and offered her new massage technique to help relieve some of it." There was a slight flush to Ayami's cheeks upon my choice of words. "I even learned a bit of it myself, she says I'm a quick learner and very good with my hands. If you're stressed with college, I'd be more than willing to offer my assistance."

"Ye-NO!" It seems that snapped her back into reality, almost jerking away. "N-no, tat won't be necessary, Mikoto, thank you."

Still flushed and embarrassed, Ayami made her way upstairs, more than likely to confront Megumi. "Nice seeing you, Ayami." I called after her, eyes locked upon the swaying of her ass before she disappeared upstairs. "Ah, that was fun."

Laying back in my bed, I looked up to the ceiling, both hands locked behind my head. Issei had returned from work along with Yurine and Mio, the latter two going home. Gorou had also returned home from work, him going straight to his room to finish off some work.

I honestly felt a little bad for Issei, his dad was always working, his mother was gone and I well, I wasn't exactly a proper brother to him, despite pretending to be one. Ingrid tried her best to fill in the gap, but honestly, it wasn't much.

However, as much as I pitied him, there was not much I could do to change it.

Decisions, whether they be right or wrong had been made and there was no changing them. I especially had no opportunities open to me, Ingrid having already agreed to tutor me in magic. That would be my main focus now, after all, I had nearly lost to Saeko in our duel.

Magic was highly dangerous, something I had already known yet not fully appreciated. My lack of interaction with it was one of the reasons I had not been fully prepared for Saeko and why I nearly lost. I underestimated what she, as a human could do with magic, yet she proved to be a highly dangerous foe nonetheless. As much as I didn't want to admit it, without the secret techniques of the Niko Style, I would have lost our duel.

That was not good enough, not for me.

I had risked so much, trained my ass off and for what? To nearly get beaten by Saeko of all people? Someone who in their world, didn't have magic? That was unacceptable and I wouldn't stand for it.

However, it put in perspective other things for me.

For one, how high I could climb.

If someone like Saeko could achieve that, then what could I do? I must have some advantages considering the fact that I had been brought into this world. That was how stories like this usually worked, didn't they? The titular character was given some unique ability or prodigious talent that would allow them to grow and excel to the point they stood unchallenged as the greatest being in the world?

My magic had been sealed away, blocked by something that not even Saeko had the answers to. That was not an advantage, that was a disadvantage. My skills in training were not prodigious, it may appear as such, but I had an advantage. That being I was an older man in the body of a child, capable of processing information in a way that a child was physically and mentally incapable of at that age. There had to be something else, something that would give me the boost needed to rapidly rise through the ranks.

I had to believe that this wasn't all there was to me.

Hearing a knock at the door, I turned to see Ingrid stepping inside. She had gotten herself dressed, no longer wearing the negligee I had seen her wear in brief glances when her door wasn't fully closed.

Unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected.

Instead, she was wearing just ordinary clothes, stuff that she wore to do menial tasks around the house. They did little to detract from her natural beauty, but still, like most men, I wished she had worn that negligee.

"So, how do we do this?" Was I very aware of how...inappropriate that sounded? Yes, I was, but I wanted to see how she would react and well, not even so much as a blink.

Pulling out the chair at my desk, Ingrid sat down, placing a pencil upon the edge of my bed as I sat upright. "First of all, you need to know something, I may be a Vampire, but I wasn't born this way. I was human once, part of a group of individuals that hunted down and killed supernatural beings for a living."

So more than likely she had made a mistake or encountered someone more powerful than she was ready to face, resulting in her turning. There was a story there, once I was very interested in learning, but one I doubted I'd get answers to at all just yet. Maybe when she grew to trust me more in the future? Something to work on in the future, just not right now.

"The magic that humans learned is fundamentally different to the magic used by every other species." Ingrid continued, I leaning forwards in interest. "While created in the image of God, humans did not possess the innate talent for magic that other species have. Where we can simply think and imagine, humans had to find another way. They broke through that barrier by applying it as a form of science, using equations and other means to use magic."

Great, just great.

As if my life couldn't get even harder, I now had to struggle to use magic that every other species could use easily.

My entry into the classroom earned a little reaction, not entirely unexpected. My grabbing of Saeko's arm and dragging her from the classroom earned either bigger reaction. I would admit the fawning of teenage girls was getting a little annoying, was this really what teenage girls acted like? Or was it just that extras like these that acted exactly like anime characters?

Either way, it was a little annoying.

Wait, did that make me similar to every other prodigious, good-looking anime character who was usually a rival to the MC? Please God I hope not, that would be such a downward spiral. I had already caught a few of the gossiping teenage girls talking about my supposed relationship with Saeko. They were mostly jealous, but also highly excited about the concept at the same time. I had even caught a few people talking about my constant flirtation with Akeno, all completely ignoring the fact that she was the one who started it.

Somehow I had earned the reputation as a playboy who would cheat on his girlfriend with other girls.

Completely ignoring the fact that I wasn't dating Saeko and my flirtation with Akeno was purely defensive. I had come to learn very early on that simply ignoring Akeno was not the best policy. Being ignored only seemed to further fuel her. The best way to deal with her was to simply out flirt her. That was only the way to ensure some peace and quiet.

Teenagers were a gossip machine and were very capable of building these widely extreme and completely wild theories and stories in their minds. I just happened to be at the centre of it and honestly, it was getting very annoying to deal with.

Life in Kouh was interesting, to say the least.

But at this point, I didn't want to be the centre of the attention as much as I was. I finally had magic and I wanted to work upon that. My fight with Saeko proved that magic was highly dangerous and a great equaliser. If I was going to progress through this world, I would need that under my control.

But first I needed some questions answered.

'Though perhaps I could have done it more subtly.' I thought to myself as Saeko and I came to a stop on a small corner. A few students passed us by, but a single look from the two of us made the scurry on past quickly, heads ducked down.

"Well, that was certainly an interesting way to get me alone," Saeko murmured, slightly rubbing her arm. It would bruise slightly, my grip being tight yet I didn't care. "Can I ask why you seemed so annoyed?"

"What the hell did you put in that pool?"

Saeko rose a brow. "What do you mean?"

"Don't bullshit me." I retorted. "I've read the books you gave me and I have it on good authority that magic for humans isn't something that one can grasp a hold of in a single night. So, I'll ask again, what the hell did you put in that pool?"

"I'm still not completely sure what you-"

Before Saeko could finish, I punched the wall by the side of her face, she didn't blink in surprise, but her eyes did become more alert. "I'm saying that whatever you put in that pool, allowed me to use telekinesis in a single night. Not only that, but I tested it out this morning, the amount of magic at my disposal has doubled. Do you need me to explain it any more clearly than that, or are you going to continue to pretend to be clueless?"

I wasn't going to say that it was actually Ingrid who told me this morning that something was highly strange about my training the night before. We had started off with a simple exercise of moving a pen with telekinesis, nothing major but something that most new practitioners started doing as a means to gain some control of magic.

Apparently, Ingrid's initial approach to training me was to try and see me use magic, fail and then explain what I needed to do. Explain how to dismantle magic into its individual components, understand each facet and then teach me to build it all together. The fundamental aspect that all human practitioners of magic needed in order to utilise magic properly.

Or at least, that was the intention.

On my first go, I made the pen move, spinning it ninety degrees so the tip pointed directly at me. Despite the initial shock, I continued and within the space of an hour, managed to lift the pen off the table, a stunned Ingrid watching it all unfold before her eyes.

"That doesn't make any sense," Saeko said, just as surprised by my revelation as Ingrid had been to see it. "Humans have to-"

"Break down the spell, understand each part and then rebuild it, I know." I interrupted. "Except, I didn't need to do any of that, so I'd like an explanation if you don't mind."

Saeko then moved, hand pushing me away and reflexively I went to grab ahold of her, except she spun around, hand coated in magic slashing into the air. There, two halves of some kind of creature dropped to the ground. I myself looked upon it in surprise having not even sensed it yet I also didn't need to question what it was. Having seen enough anime and other fantasy stories, it was obviously some kind of familiar someone had been using to spy on us.

"This is why conversations like these are best had somewhere secure," Saeko said, turning to me. "Someone already knows and I have an idea who?"


"Sona Sitri," Saeko responded, frowning deeply. "She's cunning like that, not as powerful as Rias nor possessing as dangerous a power. Her Peerage itself is also, not all that powerful, but she is highly intelligent. I've caught more than a few familiars like these trying to follow me on many occasions. She's even attempted to gain access to the Busujima Clans' territory."

"And you can't do anything about it because?"

"Because of her sister. She's a Satan, one of the four most powerful Devils currently alive. The moment I laid a hand on Sona, her sister would come and kill me. I enjoy a fight as much as you do, but not if it means certain death."

Huh, I guess me and Saeko are a lot alike in that regard. Smart enough to recognise a losing battle when we saw one. But also not afraid to get our hands dirty if need be, in fact we prefer to do it.

"What does that mean for us then?"

Saeko shrugged. "For now, nothing. I asked for you to be left alone, Rias agreed no doubt believing that I would handle you myself. Rin and Sakura also agreed, so because of that, Sona had no choice but to agree. She's a Devil with the Sin of Pride, Rias might but Sona won't break her word. So you can be content with the knowledge that you're not under any threat yet. Just expect to be spied upon much closer from now on, you have caught the attention of Sona and no doubt by the end of the day, Rias will be told as well."

"Told what?"

"You're not entirely human."

It took a moment for my mind to register exactly what I had been told. My eyes blinking in surprise as I looked across the table towards Issei. Even Ingrid seemed just as surprised as me, both of us unsure whether he was telling the truth or making it up.

"What?" I questioned, still trying to wrap my head around the sudden reveal he had dropped upon us as we sat down to eat tea.

He frowned, glaring at me. "I have a girlfriend."

"Bullshit." My response was short and snappy, Issei's frustrated gaze deepening.

"Mikoto!" Ingrid chastised, I ignoring her entirely. She wasn't my mother and I didn't take orders from her. Even if she was helping me learn magic, it didn't mean she could tell me what to do with my life. "Congratulations, Issei, what's her name?"

"Yuuma," Issei replied proudly, chest-puffing out.

I shook my head. "Is she real?" The looks both gave me made me raise my hands in surrender. "It's an honest question, I have the right to know whether she's real or not."

Issei rolled his eyes. "Yes, she's real, asshole."

"Oh, well congratulations, Issei, perhaps you might lose your virginity tomorrow." Now that I think on it though, while I didn't watch much of High School DxD, nor did I pay much attention to what took place within the episodes themselves. But one thing I do distinctly remember is Issei getting a girlfriend that turned out to be a Fallen Angel, who then killed him. Which then led to Rias turning him into a Devil and kicking off the whole story.

Was that what was happening right now?

Personally, I don't want it to be the case. During my time here I had gained a pretty good understanding of just where I stacked up in terms of the other supernatural beings here in Kouh. Saeko had already explained that she was the most experienced fighter out of all those here, besides me. She would wager that besides Rias and her Power of Destruction, she would have a pretty strong chance of winning against every supernatural being here.

I doubt that she know entirely what Ingrid was capable of, I wasn't either. But that certainly meant that Saeko was top tier as far as things went so far. Even though I suffered plenty of injuries facing off against her, ultimately I won our duel. Now that I knew the basics of what she could do, the fights between us should be much easier on my part.

There were certain techniques that at the moment I had been completely unprepared for and had no clue how to handle. But I had gone away from that duel, thinking over it all and I knew what techniques to use, what plans to execute and how to move in order to best counter them. That's what had allowed me to rise up to one of the top members of the Kengan Association. I may not like school or learning, but when motivated, I can do some quite impressive stuff and one of them was adapting to my opponents.

Adapting the way I fought to better combat against a certain type of opponent. Consider my mind a filing cabinet, inside of which were dozens of files. Then inside each file was a list of the strengths and weaknesses of said opponent. Those files contained all those secrets, plus my, I guess you could call formula to best combat them.

If an opponent was a grappler like Imai, keep distance and keep the fight on our feet. The kid was no slouch as a boxer, but he wasn't called the King of Stranglers without good reason. I had the strongest advantage and the best chance of winning when it was purely a striking game.

However, against someone like Kaolan Wongsawat, taking the fight to the ground would be my best bet at winning. Getting up close would certainly be dangerous, but if I could simply take the fight to the ground and stop him from keeping distance and raining down strikes on my body, then victory was going to be mine.

That's how I managed to get to where I am today and now amongst the many files I had stored within my mind, Saeko Busujima was now apart of it. However, I was getting off-track, with my victory over Saeko, I knew that even without magic, I had an equally strong chance of emerging victorious against the other supernatural beings. Not a definite chance of victory, I knew from experience that the outcome of a fight can be determined by many factors, luck being important.

A lucky strike, or having the bad luck to step on some uneven ground, things like that can change the outcome of a fight drastically. Sometimes powerful fighters can be defeated by weaker fighters through trickery like Kaburagi Koji the Medicine Man.

So saying for definite that I could win was impossible.

The only two people I was wary of was Ingrid and Rias Gremory. The former because I had no clue what she was capable of. All I knew from what little she had revealed was that she used to hunt supernatural beings for a living and then my inference that she just bit of more than she could chew and got turned into a vampire. As for Rias Gremory, there wasn't much that worried me about her, except for her unique magical capabilities.

Not only did she have more magic than even Ingrid, but her Power of Destruction was something that concerned me. If I got hit with that then that was it, I was done.

But I also wanted to know how strong the Fallen Angels were. I knew that in canon that they weren't anything special compared to the Devils, but this would be a good chance for me to fight against a foe that can fly. It would also give me another chance to experience fighting against a magic user, something I desperately needed more practice in.

Leaning back against the wall, I watched as the pen twirled around above the palm of my hand, floating within the air, held up only by magic. The knowledge that I wasn't entirely human was equal parts worrying, but also quite exhilarating. It certainly made my life much easier as I didn't have to spend ages learning magic how the rest of humanity did.

I was able to just think and channel magic then boom, instant telekinesis.

Ingrid had warned me about experimentation, she detailing how exciting it is to simply imagine something and then bring it to life with magic, but also how dangerous it could be. To be entirely honest, I kind of wanted to ignore her warnings and just do something fun and exciting. At the same time though, I also understood what she was hinting at.

Just using telekinesis like this required constant concentration.

I had to keep imagining the pen floating within the air, the moment my attention turned elsewhere the magic disappeared and the pen dropped in my hand. One time it completely exploded, flinging ink and bits of plastic all across my room. Luckily, Ingrid knew a spell that could clean the mess up instantly, which explained why the house always looked spotless and here I thought she was just a very good housewife?

Wait, wouldn't she technically still be a good housewife. She may not be cleaning it manually, but she still has to use the spell so wouldn't she by extension be cleaning the house? Wait, why the fuck do I care?

But, as I had learned with that moment, spells even though I may be able to imagine whatever I want and just throw magic at it. I also had to keep that connection up and keep my mind focused on it. I'm lucky that the worst that's happened is just a pen exploding, imagine a fire spell exploding upon me.

Yeah, no thanks.

Besides, why rush to gain huge amounts of spells, telekinesis in itself could be very useful if used in the correct way. I knew from my knowledge of anime that there were plenty of powerful telekinetic users who I could attempt to emulate. That seemed like a very good place to start, though I did really want to use lightning. Some of the best and most awesome anime characters were lightning users. My God this is frustrating!

Catching the pen as it fell into my hand, I frowned slightly. "Can we try something else now?" I asked, looking towards Ingrid who was stood, looking out the window. She was dressed quite conservatively, but that did little to detract from her beauty. In fact, I took a moment to admire her curvaceous form, her dark skin and long flowing hair all bathed in moonlight.

I really wanted to fuck her.

I also wouldn't feel guilty about it either, sure I'd be taking her from Gorou, but I intended to bring Miki back from the dead. So, things would even themselves out quite nicely.

"Like what?" I shrugged in response.

"Maybe using this more as an attack or defensive measure," I suggested.

Magic was certainly an interesting thing, but I wasn't a researcher nor a simpleton who was just fascinated with every facet of it. I wanted magic purely because it would make me stronger. Anything and everything that could make me stronger, I wanted and that's a simple fact of the matter.

That's who I am.

"Learning to move the pen is an easy way to expand your magical core and circuits, as well as increasing your control" Ingrid explained, but I already knew that, she had said this many times.

A magical core was in layman's terms, the storage area for your magic. Once emptied, you had to wait for it to recharge. Though one had to be wary because the moment it emptied you felt a wave of extreme fatigue fall over you, I knew, I was speaking from experience. The larger one's core, the more magic they had available to them.

Magic circuits were the channels that allowed magic to travel throughout your body and be expelled from certain parts of it. Effectively, it was another circulatory system. The better one's circuits, the more magic could travel throughout your body at a much quicker rate.

"I know that," I replied frustratedly. "And I can do that pen trick for hours on end at this point. It's not exactly difficult for me." Though that was mostly down to my inhuman heritage, but I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. "All I'm asking is can we try and expand the horizons a little bit. Because I'm pretty sure Issei's girlfriend is a Fallen Angel."

That earned a reaction, Ingrid tensing up, her head turning just slightly to look at me out of the corner of her eye. They now slits and glowing lightly, a slightly murderous undertone displayed within them.

Despite this, I withheld the urge to smile, my suspicions confirmed with that reaction alone. The events of cannon were about to begin through a lot of things seemed to be falling into place within the next week.

Issei and his Fallen girlfriend.

A fight in the Kengan Tournament.

A meeting with Rino.

A meeting with Saeko and the other human heads.

Four very important things and for the first time I wondered if maybe it was I who had bitten off more than I could chew. I could barely keep up with the things going on in my life and now I had cannon events to worry about. Events that I didn't remember properly.

Oh well, I guess I would have to deal with it all one at a time. I had been brought to this world for a reason, it was not like I was going to die here.

So, another chapter done and with it, the cannon events are about to begin. Mikoto has magic and is beginning to learn under the Vampire Ingrid, she revealing herself as a former human that once hunted down supernatural beings for a living. Rias is preparing for her upcoming marriage with Riser and attempts to bring it to an end, at the same time, she is concerned about who Mikoto is or could be working for.

On top of that, we learn that Mikoto isn't entirely human allowing him to use magic more freely. In my original story, we know that Mikoto became the new possessor of the Boosted Gear thanks to a mysterious being called the Dream. It had originally belonged to Issei, explaining why he was alive, but the Dream transferred it over to Mikoto. In this story, the Sacred Gear is still Issei's, but it has influenced Mikoto.

Speaking of which, Issei is with Raynare and Mikoto begins to queston if perhaps he has begun to spread himself a little too thin with a lot of things starting to take shape. This is purposeful, Mikoto still isn't quite a brilliant planner/mastermind just yet, that's a role he will grow into later down the line.

Final note before the questions, the harem list. From now on, I'll only be showing characters that have been newly introduced. However, this is the full list so far:

Irina Shidou – High School DxD.

Arisa Suzumaru – Katainaka ni Totsuidekita Russia Musume to H Shimakuru Ohanashi.

Megumi Suzumaru – Ecchi na Onee-chan no Shiboraretai.

Ayami Suzumaru – Ecchi na Onee-chan no Shiboraretai.

Mio Hayasaki – Baku Ane ~Otouto Shibocchau zo!

Noemi Hayasaki – Baku Ane ~Otouto Shibocchau zo!

Yurine Hayasaki – Baku Ane ~Otouto Shibocchau zo!

Saeko Busujima – High School of the Dead.

Rebecca 'Revy' Lee – Black Lagoon.

Rino Kurayoshi – Kengan Ashura/Omega.

Kaede Akiyama – Kengan Ashura/Omega.

Ingrid – Makai Kishi Ingrid/Taimanin Asagi.

Rias Gremory High School DxD.

Akeno Himejima – High School DxD.

Tsubaki Shinra – High School DxD.

Rin Tohsaka – Fate/Stay Night.

Sakura Matou – Fate/Stay Night.

Chisato Hasegawa – Shinmai Maou no Testament.

Nao Sakurada – Triage X.

Karla Kure – Kengan Ashura/Omega.

Anyway, now that that's done, lets get on with the questions:

BudhhaBudhha: That's exactly the point, it's how Mikoto basically convinces himself to do some evil stuff. He views everyone around him as fake which enables him to do what's necessary to win. It's his coping mechanism, but as we can see, he's also being forced to come to terms with the fact that it's not the case.

Badr Sbaghi: Thank you very much for noticing that. He's not evil, just a pragmatic coward and people all assume that Mikoto viewed Miki as a mother. He never did, Miki was the mother of the body he's in, not of Mikoto himself. His life before that, he had a mother who we know wasn't exactly a kind woman, but he also had an adoptive family who took care of him. He never developed a familial relationship with Miki because to him, the woman he viewed as a mother is in his previous world. People just don't understand that to Mikoto, Miki wasn't his mother.

REVANOFSITHLORD: Sorry about that, when I get some time, I'll go back and edit her name properly.

Guest: It's not that I don't, but more that Mikoto isn't aware of it. This is a first-person perspective story and so we know only as much as he does. So, while I do have a power scale, right now Mikoto hasn't seen enough to know exactly where he ranks.

AmiOnigase: Except to Mikoto, Miki wasn't his mother. His first birth mother was an abusive piece of shit, so much so that he repressed the memories of her. Secondly, he had an adoptive family, the one he talks about in the first chapter. To him, the adoptive mother he had then was his real mother, he's the only woman he's viewed as a mother. Thirdly, Mikoto views every character in this world as fake, as not real which has been clearly stated and only recently has Mikoto started to question that mentaliy.

This has nothing to do with my relationship with my mother because I do love her and I would be heartbroken if something happened to her. But guess what, this is a story it isn't real. Gasp! Shocking I know, but guess what, these words that I write out, these characters I use, the story I'm writing, all of its fake. It might be difficult for you to understand that, but this is purely fictional. None of these characters are me, or represent me in anyway. Anyone that writes a SI never uses themselves even if they say they do. I'm one of the few people who doesn't pretend like the impossibly perfect person they write is them. Mikoto doesn't represent who I am or the actions I would take. He is a completely made-up character, fictional, unreal.