Tiger-Lilly Potter was born on the thirty-first of July, the fraternal twin of Harry James Potter, daughter of Lily and James Potter, in the middle of the war between the Order of the Phoenix and Lord Voldemort. She was not however, biologically child of James as Harry was. This was a rare enough that when Lily saw baby Harry, a splitting image of James his father, it did not occur to her her daughter would be anything but James's.

The Nurse that delivered the children only told poor Lily later, when James had left the room, that her little girl was of a different father, the secret of a night's final goodbye to an old friend. The nurse was sworn to secrecy, and Lily never told a soul. With the true identity of her daughter in mind Lilly named her daughter not Tiger-Lilly Potter but something else. Tiger-Lilly, being the compromise they had settled on. James had insisting that his daughter be named after her mother, as his son was named after him, and Lily wanting her daughter to have her own name, but also wanting to keep with the Evens family tradition of being named after flowers. So it was Tiger-Lilly after her mother, but with her own florel spin too it. And her surname, well her surname, was that of her father's. Not that James Potter ever knew this or saw the paperwork. In fact, no one saw it other than Lily and the Nurse. It was whisked away to the ministry of magic archives, in a flash of gold light when Lilly signed it. And everyone just assumed, and Lily, knowing that nothing would ever come of it saw no reason to enlighten her husband.

Little Tiger-Lilly had bright green eyes like her mother and her twin. But that was where the resemblance to her twin ended however. While Harry was almost an image of his father, little Tiger-Lilly was a blend of her parents. She had her mothers dark red hair and green eyes, and her mothers slightly upturned nose. But her thin face, sharp cheekbones, ghostly pail skin, along with her later bony figure and long knobbley fingers and limbs were not entirely like either of Lily or James, they were her fathers. But this didn't bother either Lilly or James practically much she had her mother's eyes and the rest of her features were assumed to come indirectly from James's line, probably her grandparents or even greatdrandparents. His own mother Dorea had high cheek bones after all. Tiger-lilly was a gorgeous child if a little solemn, but she was theirs and that was all that mattered. The Potter's loved their children very dearly.

This happy story however, was broken when Lord Voldemort murdered Lily and James. James died to protect his wife and children while Lily died to protect her beloved babies.

"Not my babies, please not my babys!"

"Sand aside silly girl stand aside!"

"Not my babies, please take me instead!"

And then she was gone. Harry wailed while Tiger-Lilly looked on with large sad eyes.

Voldemort then turned his wand on little harry, his true intended victim. Now little Tiger-Lilly, ever solemn, did not cry as her brother did, but cling to him tightly, protectively, she would not be separated from the last of her family. The killing curse aimed at them both (two birds in one stone, Voldemort thought) missed her face narrowly and hit Harry's forehead, as she tried to pull him out of the way. There was a blinding flash of green light and the dark lord exploded in a cloud of black. Little Lilly was thrown out of the crib and into an open cupboard, the force of it, causing the cupboard to bang shut. The ceiling fell in, narrowly missing little harry who has started too howl in earnest now Tiger-Lilly was gone. Harry was unharmed, except for a cut on his forehead. Harry was found by Hagrid.

Lilly was never found by the wizards, presumed to be dead, exploded into oblivion under Voldemort's curse. She wasn't found by Snape who sobbed over the remains of his childhood friend, or by Sirius Black who rushed in as the Fidelius Charm fell. She wasn't found in the house at all. But after being cold and hungry and frightened and in pain for what felt like a very long time, and wishing for her mother, accidental magic appeared her to their grave marker, the closest thing her magic could do now her mother was dead.

A muggle found her crying, blue from the cold, and took her to a Muggle orphanage. She was too old to raise a baby herself. The neighbour didn't know the family, just found a baby, but named her, in some stroke of luck Tiger-Lilly. Tiger after her strength for surviving, and Lilly after the name on the grave marker.

So she grew up as Tiger-Lilly No-Name. The orphanage did not give their charges surnames, as that was up to the family that would later adopt them. So Tiger-Lilly No-Name became her identity, and her magic subtly changed the name on the book of Birth, Deaths & Marriages in the Ministry archives, and in the book of names at Hogwarts, her old name went grey and Tiger-Lilly No-Name was placed below it. This would not be known for years to come though.

Tiger-Lilly, spent the first nine dark and miserable years of her life in the Cokesworth orphanage (and subsequently spent a lot of time on the streets running, hiding, and scrounging for food, or nicking it). She was never anyone special, always alone, never knowing a kind word or loving touch, wondering in her dreams what was missing and why she was so sad.

A strange and quiet child, she was teased, bullied and left out, shaping her to be a weary, watchful child, who did not trust and learnt from a young age not only how to run and hide, and not be seen or heard, but also how to fight when one couldn't get away. She learnt not to pull her punches, to fight tooth and nail, using every dirty trick in the book, using everything she had, especially when the people that picked on her both in the orphanage and on the streets, were bugger and stronger and often meaner than her. That didn't make her mean though. She just learnt that no matter how much her heart hurt, she couldn't squash the kindness out of it, she couldn't stamp out the part of her that hurt, bleed, felt. But she learnt that kindness and everything else good must be tempered by a harsh practicality, that kept her alive. She was kind, but cautious, distrustful. She did not give second chances, she did not forgive and she did not forget. Fool her once, shame on her for not seeing it coming, but no-one fulled her twice.

She never knew anything about her family or legacy. All she knew was she had been abandon by her family, unwanted like all orphans were, and a kindly citizen had found her in a cemetery on a grave named Lilly, which she was named after. Tiger for surviving, and being strong, Lilly for the grave marker. That was her only legacy. She was a survivor, and vowed every day to be as fierce and tough as a Tiger.

Despite the names origins Lilly actually liked it. She may have been teased for having such a freaky name to match freaky things that happened around her, but she liked it. It wasn't much but it was hers, it was the only thing in the whole world that was hers and hers alone.