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Lily was crouched in one of the lower dungeons girls toilets later that afternoon. They didn't have any classes, so she had her cauldron perched on the closed toilet lid of a locked stall. She had initially been very excited when she had managed to light a flame under her cauldron, her first proper piece of magic. She had heard Pansy use the spell in potions, and judging by the heat of it, it seemed to have worked, despite Lily not managing to say it out loud.

She held her shaking hands over the heat in shock, unable to believe she's managed to get it right. Sure it had taken a few try's, but she'd done magic; all by herself. She'd done it! Now if she could manage to brew this potion right too, that would be brilliant.

It was both easier and harder brewing on her own. She'd managed to piece together the ingredients and what to do from paying close attention in class to Pansie and her peers. She'd never brewed before, and while she could follow a recipe, it felt different from cooking. The ingredients were strange and unfamiliar. And it took a while to find them all in her potion kit. In the end, she used her knife to carve little pictures she could feel onto the lids of the various containers.

This was her third attempt making the potion. The first one had blown up, she'd gotten the measurements wrong. She'd managed to feel it coming though, and take it off the fire before it blew up, covering her in more boils. But she'd still ended up with a gelatinous mess she had had to scrub out.

The second time around, it had almost melted the cauldron to her horror. And the mess it had made in the cauldron had taken so long to scrub out that it had left her fingers raw and her arms aching.

The third time was a bit better. It was easier to listen to the magic of the ingredients and of the potions. It was easier to feel the rhythm of it, and use that to help her figure out what to add and how much. She really only had the measurements for the snake fangs and the porcupine quills, and pansy had poured in the horned slugs. But it seemed to be working this time around.

She had just finished the final 5 counter-clockwise stirs and was taking it off the flame when the door burst open. She jumped, flinching hard enough that she needly fell over barely managing not to spill the potion. She ignored the door. She was shut in her own stall. They were hopefully just using the loo and would leave her alone.

She sniffed her potion, keeping half an ear on the footsteps of the person moving along the stalls. The potion smelt the way the good potions had smelt in class. And he had the vague sense of it feeling right. She shrugged. She was pretty sure it would work; one way to find out.

She pulled up her sleeves to expose the now quite painful boils on her hands and arms from that morning. Using the ladle, she was about to dab some of the potion on one of the boils when the door of the stall burst open. She flinched back, with a soundless cry, falling back against the wall, dropping the ladle.

It splattered potion over her hands. She could feel it working on one or two of the boils. It's warm heat soothing the pain, and the boils seemed to heal and fade. Beneath her terror and panic, she felt a small curl of satisfaction at finally getting something right.

"What are you doing Ms Thorn!?" Professor Snape's voice boomed in the small stone washroom.

She could sense his anger, she tried not to cower, and picked up the ladle again, and began dabbing a little more of the potion onto each of the boils along her arms and hands.

"Fixing my boil cure sir, I messed it up in class," she said trying not to marvel at the fact her potion worked, it was so exciting, and not cower from him in fear of his sure to come retribution of his displeasure.

"Why on earth are you brewing in an abandoned toilet girl?" He snapped his voice, getting dangerously low.

"Where else would I do it? It's not class, and I can't brew it in the dorms, there's no ventilation there." She said puzzled.

"You could have asked to use one of the student labs, or just gone to the hospital wing if you had been caught with the potion this morning? Why didn't you speak up in class you foolish girl," he snapped again.

She frowned, why would she go to the hospital wing, or speak up in class, about being injured of all things...

"Sir?" she asked slowly, not understanding what he wanted to hear.

"It is highly unsanitary to brew in a toilet, Thorn, you will not do it again, or you will serve detention with me. Evinesco," he snapped. She winced as she felt the magic pass her and hit her cauldron. She frowned at it, but carefully touched it. It was empty, her heart sank, she had worked so hard on that!

At least she had been able to fix her all boils first. She'd just have to find somewhere else to brew, she didn't want anyone watching her and catching onto her weakness.

"Yes sir," she said flatly, knowing better than to complain.

"Now seeing as you have so much free time on your hands, you can come and serve your detention with me now, before dinner." He said stalking out of the room.

She hurriedly packed her things and ran to keep up with him, hoping he would give her a task she was able to do.

Thankfully it was scrubbing cauldrons. That she was familiar with and good at, well not scrubbing cauldrons exactly, but scrubbing other things, pots and floors and ovens. Cauldrons turned out to be much of the same.

It was hard, disgusting and exhausting work. But soon the pile of cauldrons dwindled, and she was finished.

"Get off to dinner. Do not let me catch you in a toilet brewing again," Snape said when he saw she was finished. "There are rooms students can use to brew, and you might have better luck in class if you actually worked with your partner, not against her."

She clenched her fists at the injustice of it, Pansy had been going to take the potion off too soon, hadn't he felt that it wasn't ready? But she said nothing, even if she'd found her voice, she didn't think he'd care.

Unbeknownst to Thorn, Severus had seen her potion and its satisfactory quality despite the less than savoury brewing conditions and changed the girls class grade from failing T to a passing A. Even if her class performance had been abysmal, she'd gotten the potion right. He'd have to keep a close eye on that one, something was not right. She was odd. Clearly capable of brewing a potion but seemingly incapable of following instructions in class and teamwork... what was going on there? And why on earth hadn't she spoken up when hurt? He'd have to keep a closer watch if she was prone to ignoring injuries. He wouldn't stand for it in his class.