Project Infinity

Chapter 1 Start: The Hardest choices

MCU universe

There was an explosion as the Mind Stone blew up, along with Vision. Wanda had managed to hold off Thanos long enough to destroy the stone. Wanda was thrown on her side from the force of the explosion. She sat up, crying softly as she grieved for having to kill her love.

"I understand my child. Better than anyone," Thanos said as he approached her, patting her on the head.

"You could never understand," Wanda sneered as she glanced up at him.

"Today, I lost more than you could ever know," Thanos said as he walked right past her. "But now is no time for grief. There's no time at all."

Wanda watched, confused and transfixed, as Thanos held his hand and made a gesture with it, a green circle appearing in the palm of his hand. She watched in growing horror as time was slowly rewound Vision was slowly reassembled until he was good as new, complete with the Mind Stone.

"No!" Wanda cried out, rushing forward.

But Thanos shoved her to the ground as he grasped Vision by the throat before lifting the android into the air. Thanos reached for the Mind Stone, and pushed deep in Visions head, ripping out the stone as he left a hole in Vision's head. The android lost all color and 'died' a final time. Thanos tossed the body to the ground as he put the stone in its slot. There was a flash and Thanos groaned as his very veins coursed with the energy of the six Infinity Stones.

Then, as he marveled at nearly accomplishing his goal, he was struck by a powerful blast of lightning, being thrown back. Wanda and Thanos looked up as Thor hovered in the air. Thor charged up the lightning in Stormbreaker, before he threw it at Thanos, Stormbreaker spinning like a buzzsaw of death. Thanos unleashed a combined beam of energy from the six stones. The axe easily cut through the energy and the blade struck Thanos in the chest. Thanos cried out in pain as Thor landed in front of him.

"I told you you'd die for that," Thor sneered, grabbing the axe and shoving it in further and Thanos groaned in pain.

Thor stopped as Thanos seemed to be trying to say something to him.

"You should…you should have…you should have gone for the head," Thanos said as he raised his hand with the gauntlet.

"No!" Thor cried out but it was too late as Thanos snapped his fingers.

There was a flash of energy and, when it faded, the gauntlet seemed damaged. It was smoking and looked like it had gone a few rounds with a monster truck.

"What did you do?! What did you do?!" Thor demanded in horror.

Thanos didn't answer, simply raised his hand. He disappeared in a blue portal, Thor's axe falling and slamming onto the ground.

With Thanos


Unimaginable pain.

That was what Thanos the Mad Titan, was feeling right now. It was far worse than being slowly combusted by the Power Stone. And because of this pain, he was unable to concentrate properly when he escaped. While he was able to open a portal with the Space Stone and make sure Stormbreaker did not come with him, he was unable to properly open the portal to where he intended. As a result, he opened a portal to another dimension by complete accident.

At least, that's what he thought.

Earth 16


Vandal Savage's Secret Compound

In the middle of a dark room was a man meditating as all the objects and people in the room, all of which had a blue glow around them, floated in the air (This costume looks exactly like Prometheus's costume from S5 of Arrow, except it is all colored jet black, he wears the bladed gauntlets and metal plated gloves of Ra's al ghul from Batman Begins). Suddenly, he jumped high in to the air and spun, letting kunai fly from his fingers. They would not have hit their targets had he not let loose other kunai, to redirect the other kunai, deflecting them off each other, which ensured the first set of kunai hit their targets.

As the cloaked figure landed, he was assaulted by 10 ninja. He pulled out one of his chokuto and spun, cutting one ninja in half at the waist. He sliced the head off of another, before spinning and slicing open the throat of another. He parried a slash from one and cut off his arm, before moving him in the way of another's stab, making him take the stab in the heart. The cloaked figure then cut off the head of the one who stabbed his fellow ninja.

The cloaked figure then spun and ducked under a wild sword swing and pivoted until his back was against the ninja's back. He reached behind with one arm, and jerked the hunter's head backwards, violently snapping his neck. The cloaked figure let the body drop to the ground as blood pooled in the ninja's mouth. The Cloaked figure then stabbed another ninja in the chest before pulling it out and throwing the sword straight into the head of another ninja. The cloaked figure then caught a sword aimed at his face between the palms of his hands before he wrenched it out of the ninja's grasp. He gripped the hilt of the blade and swung it in an arc, decapitating the 9th ninja. The cloaked figure then parried several slashes from the final ninja before cutting open his stomach. The ninja fell to the ground but pulled himself to his feet, one hand holding his guts in. As the hooded figure approached, the ninja knew his fate was sealed and accepted it, bowing his head in deference. The cloaked figure stabbed the ninja in the chest, making the ninja groan as he died, before he pulled out the sword and flicked the blood off.

"Well done," came the voice behind him. The figure turned and knelt as a tall, muscular male with medium-dark skin tone, strong, rugged features, broad shoulders, and square jaw. He also has three pale scars across his face, brown eyes and black long hair pulled back. The man wore a long lapel-less dark-blue coat with a red stripe on the edges. He also dons black gloves and boots. "A display worthy of a son of Vandal Savage."

"I'm glad you approve, father," came the voice from the kneeling young man who just killed ten members of the League of Shadows.

"Rise, Naruto, and remove your mask." Commanded his father, and Naruto rose, remove his mask and take off his hood, showing his red spiky hair and purple eyes. Vandal placed a hand on his 17 year old son, who exceeded his expectations for all his children. "Your mother would be very proud of how far you have come."

"I'm only sad that she is not here to witness it herself," Naruto said solemnly and both father and son shared a moment, reminiscing of the passing of his mother, Kushina. Vandal Savage rarely ever fell in love. A man as old as the human race itself, it was exceedingly rare, but Kushina was different from many of the women he sired children with. Headstrong, somewhat eccentric, very level-headed despite possessing a temper and having cheerful with a noticeable sassy side to her. Vandal rarely fell in love but Kushina was able to warm his normally numb heart. Naruto had been 8 when Kushina died in childbirth, birthing a still born daughter. It had been very traumatic for Naruto, but thanks to his elder half-sister Olympia and his younger Half-sister Cassandra, he was able to get past it.

"Yo, boss!" came Klarion's shrill and annoying voice. "It's happening today." Vandal was brought out of his temporary reminiscing. Some years ago, when the Particle Accelerator went off in Central City, Naruto had been on a mission and got hit with it's energy. He had gained a number of abilities, like the ability to open portals anywhere on earth, or to another planet in the universe. When Brain and Luthor examined the energy, they stated wherever he was drawing his power from, his source of power might be unlimited. He could repair or power mechanisms with this energy. Aside for teleportation he could warp the fabric of space to generate powerful spatial pressure around his surroundings, capable of crushing, pulling and freezing things in place with tremendous force in a manner akin to telekinesis, enable him to manipulate and move objects with just a single gesture. He could also create black holes. He played around with it and learned how to phase and unphase objects out of space, rendering them incorporeal and just as easily make them corporeal again. He could also use this on himself as well. He could also conjure extremely strong blue energy force-fields. He also mastered his portal ability as he could decide what gets teleported alongside him, could decide how many people to take with him, and can even remove objects forcibly attached on his person.

Klarion, thanks to being around for so long, was able to ascertain what Naruto drew power from and what it was. Klarion explained how the Infinity Stones worked. This caused Vandal to enact a plan. Vandal needed to have a weapon that he could use against Darkseid when the time came. At the end of the 12th century, Savage, who was going by "Genghis Khan", built the biggest empire in history theretofore. At the turn of the century, Savage clashed with Darkseid's forces who were attempting to conquer Earth. Alongside his two meta-human sons and army, Savage posed resistance, but they were easily defeated. However, Darkseid was impressed by Savage and his sons' meta-abilities. Seizing the moment, and with his eyes opened to the greater galaxy, Savage proposed an alliance with Darkseid to conquer the galaxy, with the understanding that their two planets would have to battle each other when all other planets had fallen. But Savage knew Darkseid would be nearly impossible to kill. He needed someone would could do that. Savage would use the Infinity Stones for himself, but Savage dared not risk tampering with his immortality. But Naruto, on the other hand…Naruto would be perfectly suited to wield all six stones for his father once he had an upgrade.

"Then make your preparations. We must not let this opportunity slip through our grasp." Vandal told his Klarion, who nodded.

Later that night Klarion was seen concentrating, a red chaotic aura surrounding his person. Joining him was Psimon, Black Adam, Wotan, and Klarion.

"When is he going to get here?" Black Adam impatiently asked.

"Patience, Adam, I'm sure Lord Klarion will bring him to us soon enough." Wotan said.

"Yeah, I'm working on it, so how about you shut it, Adam." Klarion told them snarkily. then, Klarion piped up, "Oh, here he comes."

"Get Ready!" Naruto told them as Klarion concentrated and a portal opened up.

Thanos fell out of it and hit the ground. Almost immediately, Black Adam tackled the weakened Mad Titan and knocked him over again, getting behind him and grasping his neck while using his foot on the left fist to make sure it did not close. Klarion and Wotan, moved next using powerful magic tendrils to wrap around the arm they were assigned and keep them separated while Klarion, being stronger, also made sure Thanos could not close his fist. Thanos strained against the combined assault, and shouted while his mind was assaulted by Psimon. With all this, he was unable to stop Naruto, who swung his sword which was coated in blue energy, as it cut off his arm that the gauntlet was on. Thanos shouted in pain.

"Well that was easy!" Klarion cackled as he aided Wotan in restraining the weakened Thanos.

"Do not assume too much Klarion," Vandal said as he and the other members of the Light walked up while Savage picked up the gauntlet, "We were fortunate that Thanos had already weakened himself by overusing the Stones."

"Do you intend to use them for yourself? Foolish human. No member of your race has a strong enough constitution to use an Infinity Stone, let alone all six." Thanos groaned.

"Well, that's why we need you." Naruto said as he charged up the energy in his sword again, before poised to finish Thanos. "Well, not you necessarily, just your body." With that, Naruto decapitated Thanos, leaving Thanos's universe to it's fate as it would take generation's to recover from what Thanos did.

"Now, for final phase," Vandal said as Thano's body was moved to another room to extract his dna. Vandal held the gauntlet up as he looked at his son. "Are you ready?"

"The hardest choices require the strongest wills." Naruto said, unknowingly quoting the man he just killed. "I will do whatever I must to safeguard the earth."

1 month later


Vandal stood alone on sub level 52 as he observed the capsule the held Project Infinity. Or technically, his son, Naruto Savage. They had gone through with the plan. Naruto had his dna successfully infused with that of Thanos, changing his physiology and granting Naruto Thanos's physical powers so Naruto would be able to handle what comes next. Then, Naruto spent a week finding and gathering the Infinity Stones of their universe and used the Gauntlet to absorb the power of the Infinity Stones, gaining infinite cosmic power in the process. But something went wrong. During the procedure, Naruto's long term and short term memory was fried. Naruto survived and now possessed near omnipotence, fulfilling his father's wish of creating a person loyal to the Light that could defeat Darkseid. But now, his favored son was amnesiac, having no memory of who he was. And that as dangerous.

Vandal Savage would not kill his son, not only because there was no point in killing him when he could still dutifully serve his fathers plans again one day, but because it would have been a betrayal of Kushina.

"The genome's are in place." Dr. Desmond said a bit timidly from behind Savage. "We will do everything we can for him, Lord Savage."

"Project Infinity is the single most valuable asset of the Light. He cannot be allowed to remain an amnesiac." Vandal said as he controlled his emotions and he turned around and walked past Desmond. "Fix him."

4 months later

Desmond nervously paced in the meeting room where he contacted the Light whenever there was an update. The screens came down around Desmond and they blared to life, showing the hidden figures. "Dr. Desmond, you require and audience with the Light?"

"Yes, very sorry to disturb at this hour-" "Just make your report." Desmond was interrupted by another member of the light.

"Of course." Desmond cleared his throat and calmed his nerves before he spoke, "We had a small fire here at Project Cadmus. The origin of the incident is still unclear, but it seems to have attracted…unwanted attention. 3 side kicks, Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash, breached our security and made it to Sub-Level 52, where they released Project Infinity from his restoration chamber. O-Of Course, Project Infinity is still loyal to the Light, and as such, captured and detained his would-be liberators. We currently have the 3 side kicks detained and far as we can tell, the League does not know they are here."

"Uh, what would you like me to do with them?" Desmond asked.

"Clone them." L-2 said.

"The Substitutes will serve the Light. And only the Light." L-1 said.

"And…the original's?" Desmond asked.

"Dispose of them. Leave no trace." L-1 ordered. The other members of the Light left the meeting but L-1 stayed.

"How is Project Infinity's mental restoration proceeding?" L-1 asked.

"Thanks to the repeated visits from Psimon, and our G-Gnomes working around the clock, we have managed to restore some of his memories. He still speaks 7 different languages fluently, his intellect is still strong, and his motor skills function as normal. Though lately, progress has slowed somewhat. Memories of the time after he was 8 are proving resistant to treatment though we have managed to restore some of them, and he does not seem to remember his father. His original personality has not yet been restored, as a result. It should also be mentioned that as a result, he admires the Justice League."

"Keep me informed of your progress doctor." L-1 said as he clocked out of the meeting, leaving Desmond to breath a sigh of relief.

Cloning Chambers.

The sidekicks are awake and stare at both Naruto. Kid Flash glares at the amnesiac Savage and says, "w-w-what.. What you want! Quit staring at me it's creeping me out! "

Robin then looks towards Kid Flash. "Uh, KF. Maybe not want to piss the guy who captured us. " said Robin.

The sidekicks stare down at Naruto, "We only tried to help you." said Aqualad in a calm cool collected voice.

While Kid Flash just glares Naruto "Yeah, we try to help you and you turn on us. How's that for great-"

"Kid! Please be quiet now. I believe our new friend may not in full control in each of his actions. " said Aqualad while Robin attempts to escape.

"I was in full control of my actions." stated Naruto.

Kid Flash looks up in shock "He can talk!" exclaimed Kid Flash. Naruto glares at the yellow and red costume theme hero.

"Yes, I can." stated Naruto.

"The genomorph taught you telepathically?" asked Aqualad hoping to gain Naruto's trust.

"They aren't teaching me anything I don't already know. The G-Gnomes are helping me recover my memory. It was lost during the event that gave me my powers." said Naruto.

"But they keep you locked up a thousand feet beneath the surface. I wouldn't call that helping so much as brain washing." asked Robin and Naruto, being the curious amnesiac he was, considered that line of thought.

"Do you even know what you are? Who you are? "asked Aqualad looking down at the two in sadness.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, codename Project Infinity. Designed with the power to replace the Justice League should they fall…to destroy them should they turn from the Light." said Naruto with confidence of what little he knew about himself.

Aqualad looks at Robin and Kid Flash, then turns towards Naruto. "To be like Justice League is a worthy aspiration but like them, you deserve a life of your own, beyond your pod, beyond Cadmus. " said Aqualad.

"I only have what memories I do, because of Cadmus! It's the only home I have!" yelled Naruto in anger.

"Your home is a pod away hidden away from the real world. We can show you freedom. The Justice League has the best telepaths in world. I'm sure they could help you recover your memory." said Robin.

Aqualad smiles down at the amnesiac. "We can introduce you to the League. " said Aqualad and Naruto looked interested.

"No they can't." said Desmond walking with Guardian and Amanda "they'll be other-wise occupied. Activate the cloning process. " ordered Desmond looking towards Amanda.

"Pass. Bat Cave is crowded enough. " Joked Robin.

Desmond with a furious expression looks at Guardian "And get the weapon back in it's pod!" growled Desmond. Guardian then walks forward next to Naruto.

"Hey! How come he gets to call Fishcake an it? "complained Kid Flash.

Guardian places his hand over Naruto shoulder. "Please help us. " begged Aqualad.

Desmond walks up to the Naruto "Don't start thinking now. " said Desmond as a G-gnome hops onto Naruto's shoulder and the horns glow, making Naruto get a blank look.

Naruto gain a dazed look Desmond steps in front of him. "You see, you aren't a real boy. You are a weapon and you belong to me...well to Cadmus, now get back to your pod!" ordered Desmond. Desmond was really worked up after that meeting and was not thinking straight as he tried order Naruto around.

Naruto would have walked away from Desmond, but he closed his eyes and groaned. Before he relaxed, despite the G-Gnome, and he opened his eyes, a cold glare at Desmond. "So, that's what you really think of me, huh?"

"I told you to get back to your-" but before Desmond can do anything, Naruto clenched his fist, unleashing a wave of blue energy that sent Desmond, Guardian, and Amanda flying against the wall. They hit the ground and struggled to get up. "Don't tell me what to do."

He then turned his attention towards the sidekicks "You gonna to free us or fry us?" Kid Flash asked. Naruto raised his hand and clenched it, causing blue energy to appear on the cuffs keeping the heroes restrained, before they opened, as the 3 were let down from their binds.

"That answer your question?" Naruto asked cheekily.

"Man! Lucky Batman wasn't here. He'd have my head for having to be helped out of that." Robin said.

"Seriously? That's what you're worried about. The entire league will have our heads after tonight!" Kid said.

Naruto helped Aqualad down. "Thank you." He said as Naruto nodded.

The four then left the labs as Desmond sneered in anger. "You'll never get out of here! I'll have you all back in pods by morning!"

"That guy is not whelmed. Not whelmed at all." Robin said as he threw explosive disks at the cloning tubes.

"What's with you and this whelmed thing?" Kid asked as they left, the pods exploding behind them, destroying any of the extracted DNA.

"Activate every genomorph in Cadmus." Desmond told his G-gnome and it's horns glowed red.

"We are still 42 levels below ground. But if we can reach the elevator then we'll be fine." Aqualad said as G-trolls walked into the hallway. The pods behind them opened as well as more genomorphs came out. They dodged one G-troll as it swung down. Naruto punched one Troll, knocking it out. The others looked behind them and saw Naruto dropkick another in unconsciousness.

"Naruto! The Goal is to escape, not to bury ourselves here." Aqualad shouted.

"Fine! Give me a second!" Naruto shouted as he clenched his fist and used his blue energy to throw one G-troll into the others. Aqualad then opened the elevator door but they couldn't wait for it to come so they started to climb.

Robin shot a grapple hook while Kid Flash ran up the walls. Naruto grabbed Aqualad and jumped just before a G-troll grabbed them. He went up about 11 floors before he hit the wall, causing a crater to form as he used his strength to grip the walls.

"I can't fly, in case your wondering." Naruto said to Kaldur, who nodded.

"Guys! This will have to be our exit!" Robin shouted as the elevator was coming down. Naruto jumped up to the elevator doors and punched them open as the four of them ran in to avoid the falling elevator.

"Hop on," Naruto said as he gestured to his back. The other 3 grabbed on tight so, Naruto jumped up 30 levels before breaking into sublevel 12 and making it to a stair well. Kid zoomed up the stairs, knocking out a few genomorphs along the way. More genomorphs were catching up as Naruto stomped on the stairs behind him and the force caused the stair case to collapse.

Desmond, Guardian and Dubbilex were in the elevator heading up. "We'll cut them off at sub-level 1." Guardian said.

"We'd better, or the board will have our heads." Desmond said as he touched his forehead. "My head."

He hit the emergency stop button on sub-level 2. "I need to get something from project Blockbuster. I'll meet you at sub-level 1." Desmond said.

The four heroes made up to sub-level 1 but they emergency system kicked in and two heavy reinforced doors blocked them off.

"We're cut off from the street." Aqualad said.

Naruto used his strength to slowly open the door but it was going too slow and Robin couldn't hack it open fast enough. They were then surrounded by Guardian and the genomorphs. Everyone readied themselves to fight as Aqualad made his water swords. The G-gnomes then sent out psychic blasts which knocked out Kid Flash, Robin and Aqualad.

Dubbilex then walked forward and sent out his own telepathic message. "Perhaps for the sake of all genomorphs, our friend Naruto should make up his own mind." Dubbilex said.

"It was you." Naruto said.

"Yes, Naruto. I am the one who started the fire and lured your new friends to Cadmus. Woke them when they were in danger." Dubbilex said.

"Why?" Naruto asked.

"Because you are the Genomorphs hope. You will blaze a trail for all of us, showing us the way to freedom." Dubbilex said as he freed Guardian from telepathic control.

The other's began to wake up as the G-Gnomes let up on there powers. They looked around to see Naruto stand up as the genomorphs looked at him.

"What's going on?" Aqualad asked.

"What is your choice, Naruto?" Dubbilex asked.

"Freedom." Naruto said after thinking about it. Cadmus didn't really want to help him recover his memories, and the 3 sidekicks seemed to be willing to help him.

"Feels like…fog lifting." Guardian said as the heroes stood up.

"Guardian?" Aqualad asked, uncertain if he was still there enemy.

"Go, I'll deal with Desmond." Guardian said.

"I think not." Desmond said as he arrived. "Project Blockbuster will give me the power to restore order to Cadmus." Desmond said as he drank the blue liquid in the vial. His body began to have an immediate reaction to the serum as his muscle mass and body size expanded to more than twice it's original size. Desmond's skin began to peel away to reveal a dark blue scale-like skin and his eyes turned red. Desmond roared as he was fully transformed into Blockbuster.

"Everyone back!" Guardian yelled as he charged forward but Blockbuster just backhanded him into the wall, knocking him out.

Naruto then ran forward and landed a left cross. It fazed Blockbuster some, who roared and retaliated with a vicious right cross. Naruto then landed a three-punch combo and Blockbuster punched him into the far wall. Naruto then jumped in the air and delivered a double fist slam before picking up Blockbuster throwing him two floors to ground level, before jumping after him.

"Ok, that's one way to bust through the ceiling." Robin said as he launched a grapple line and brought Kid with him, while Aqualad jumped up through the holes.

They saw Blockbuster grab Naruto by the legs and throw him at them though Naruto recovered in mid-air, his fingers digging into the ground and causing him to skid to a halt. Blockbuster yelled as the four heroes readied themselves for battle.

Kid zoomed past Blockbuster and slid in between his legs as Naruto and Aqualad punched him so hard that he fell over backwards, as Kid kneeled on the ground so Blockbuster fell on his back.

"Learned that one in Kindergarten." Kid said as Robin jumped over him and threw two throwing disks but Blockbuster knocked them away. Naruto moved to grab Blockbuster but was tackled into one of the support pillars. Naruto punched Blockbuster hard and caused the monster's head to fly back. Naruto then flipped around and kicked Blockbuster, causing the monster to stumble before he turned and Naruto punched him further into the pillar, before he kicked Blockbusters chest and punched him through the pillar.

Robin saw that part of the ceiling was giving way as more pillars were destroyed. "Of course." Robin said as the brought up holographic floor plans. "KF get over here!"

Kid ran past and tried to sweep under Blockbuster but was caught and Blockbuster swung Kid into Aqualad and both hit a pillar. Blockbuster then tackled Aqualad through a pillar and into another one as Naruto came up behind Blockbuster and used his greater strength to trip up Blockbuster, causing the monster to land on his back. As Blockbuster got up, Naruto double dropkicked him through another pillar. As Naruto kept Blockbuster distracted, Kid Flash was able to get over to Robin.

Robin's holographic map showed that the structural integrity of the building was coming down and nodded to Kid. "Got it?" Robin asked.

"Right!" Kid said as he zoomed past and punched Blockbuster in the face, taking part of what remained of Desmond's old skin. "Got your nose!" Kid said as Blockbuster charged at him as Kid was the decoy.

"Naruto, Aqualad!" Robin shouted as he showed them the pillars that needed to go.

"Come and get me you incredible Bulk!" Kid yelled as he led Blockbuster to destroy another pillar. Kid Flash kept Blockbuster distracted while Robin quickly explained his plan to the others. He pointed out which ones need to be destroyed as Kid Flash got knocked around a bit by Blockbuster.

"This one, and that one." Robin said as he showed them on his holo-screen which support beams needed to be broken. Naruto smashed a pillar while Aqualad used a water construct to break another on. Robin then drew a large X in the center as Aqualad laid out a water path that was part of the plan. Naruto punched Blockbuster, who was chasing Kid Flash, causing him to hit the wet ground. Aqualad then send a strong electrical current through the water, shocking Blockbuster so much that his skeleton could be seen through his skin, and keeping him in place. "Move!" Robin yelled as his explosive disks were armed and went off. Destroying the rest of the pillars and causing the ceiling and the entire Cadmus building to come down on them and Blockbuster.

After the building stopped falling, the rubble glowed blue and was slowly levitated upward as an blue energy dome could be seen, which Naruto had generated to protect the other 3. "We…did it." Aqualad said, tired from the fight.

"Was there…any ever doubt?" Robin said as he and Kid high-fived but grabbed their sides in pain.

Naruto walked up to see Blockbuster, unconscious, under a large pile of rubble and smirked.

"See, the moon." Kid said as Naruto looked saw the moon with his own eyes for the first time in 4 months.

They then saw a figure flying towards them and it was Superman. "Oh, and Superman. Do we keep our promises or what?" Kid asked as Naruto saw Superman for the first time.

The rest of the league arrived: Red Tornado, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, Zatara, Captain Atom, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern's Hal Jordan and John Stewart, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash and Batman.

"Start talking." Batman said.

After telling them what happened, the League had Blockbuster arrested and some members took him to Belle Reve prison for containment. The four sidekicks watched as the League discussed on what they learned. Naruto looked over to see Superman talking with Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter. Martian Manhunter then motioned to Superman that he needed to speak with Naruto. Superman then walked over in front of Naruto. "So, what happens now?" Naruto asked.

"We'll uh…we'll figure something out for you. The League will…I mean. We are somewhat at a standstill on what to do with you, but we aren't going to lock you away, since you helped the others escape Cadmus and helped us get the data of what they were working on." Superman assured him, before he gestured to the building. "Plus, we want to make sure you will be using your powers correctly."

"I wish it were so simple," Naruto said, more to himself than Superman as he looked at his hand. "After the incident that gave me my powers, all I have of my past is my name, my memories of my mother, and some scattered ones of my past." Naruto clenched his fist and looked at Superman. "I only stayed down there because I thought they were helping me. Obviously, I learned that was not the case. I need help to regain my memories."

"I'll talk with J'onn, we'll get a schedule setup so he can help you." Superman said as he placed a comforting hand on Naruto's shoulder and Naruto nodded. "Now, I should probably go make sure that Blockbuster creature is all squared away." Superman then flew away. Batman then walked over with the rest of the League.

"Cadmus will be investigated, all 52 levels. But let's make 1 thing clear—"

"You should have called." Flash said, interrupting Batman.

"End results aside, we are not happy. You hacked Justice League systems, disobeyed direct orders, and endangered lives. You will not be doing this again." Batman told them.

"I am sorry, but we will." Aqualad said as they all stood together.

"Aqualad, stand down." Aquaman said.

"Apologies, my king…but no. We did good work here tonight, the work you trained us to do. Together, on our own we forged something powerful, important." Aqualad said.

"If this is about your treatment at the hall, the three of you—" "The four of us. And it's not." Kid said.

"Batman, we're ready to use what you taught us. Or why teach us at all?" Robin said.

"I'm with them on this. You can either help us, or we'll do this on our own." Naruto said. It was a standoff until Batman spoke again.

"Give me three days." Batman said.

Mount Justice July 8th, 08:04 EDT

In Happy Harbor, Kid, Robin, Aqualad, and Naruto were with the league at the original sanctum for the Justice League as it was being refurbished. The four young heroes stood dressed in civilian clothes with Naruto now wearing a black muscle shirt with blue jeans, brown belt and boots.

"This cave was the original secret sanctuary for the Justice League. We're calling it into service again. Since you four are determined to stay together and fight the good fight…you'll do it on League terms. Red Tornado volunteered to live here and be your supervisor. Black Canary's in charge of training. I will deploy you on missions." Batman said.

"Real missions?" Robin asked.

"Yes, but covert." Batman said.

"The league will still handle the obvious stuff. There's a reason we have these big targets on our chests." Flash said.

"But Cadmus proves that the bad guys are getting smarter. Batman needs a team that can operate on the sly." Aquaman said.

"The 5 of you will be this team." Batman said.

"Yes! Wait, 5?" Robin asked.

They saw Martian Manhunter enter with a young girl beside him, dressed in a female version of his costume, with red hair and green skin. The female Martian sidekick. "This is the Martian Manhunter's niece, Miss Martian." Batman said.

"Hi." Miss Martian said.

"Liking this gig more every minute." Wally told Robin. "Welcome aboard. I'm Kid Flash. That's Robin, Aqualad, it's cool if you forget their names." Wally said.

"I'm honored to be included." Miss Martian said.

Meanwhile, Naruto looked behind him and observed the genomorphs that were helping set the place up. Naruto had managed to convince Superman to talk to Batman to let some of the genomorphs out of Cadmus to help take the first steps to integrating with humans. Naruto did promise Dubbilex that he would help them, after all, but he had to take it slow. Baby Steps, Superman had called it. There were 5 G-Trolls, 4 G-Dwarves, 5 G-Gnomes, 4 G-Elves, and 1 G-Goblin, who would speak with Dubbilex, who decided to stay at Cadmus and help the other Genomorphs, to see how they were doing.

"Naruto, come meet Miss M." Robin said as they walked over.

Miss Martian then morphed her shirt into the same color and look as Naruto's. "I like your t-shirt." Miss Martian said as Naruto smiled.

Robin elbowed him and Wally zoomed over to his side.

"Today is the day." Kaldur said as they smiled.


Back at Cadmus, reconstruction was already underway while Guardian was talking with Dubbilex and the new head scientist about the new Cadmus.

"The new Cadmus starts today. With Desmond out of the picture, the boards placed me in charge. Doctor Spence, you're acting chief scientist. No more G-gnomes suppressing our wills. No more secret breeding projects. This is a kinder, gentler Cadmus." Guardian said.

"Then I will of course help in any way I can." Dubbilex said.

The Light was watching the video feed of Guardian in Cadmus. "Can the light afford to leave Guardian in charge without G-gnomes." L-1 asked.

"We have subtler means of control. What concerns me is that Project Infinity is now in the hands of League. We also now know the League is going to employ these young heroes to do their dirty work. Ha, that's a dark twist." A member said.

"Yes, but one that can be played to our advantage. Even the temporary loss of Project Infinity may prove useful. We should be thankful he does not have access to his full power." Another member said as they saw the video recording of Naruto fight.

"We will need to be more careful moving forward. And soon, he will return to the light." L-1 said.

Chapter End

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