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*Chapter 2: sequence of events*

Naruto's Inner Thoughts.

As far as I could remember, I never knew my parents – I only heard stories about them from the other knights who have been in the Order longer than I have.

They said they were good people. That they were one of the most well-known and respected Zakuul Knight. They protected our borders to keep Outlanders away and make sure order was placed on each system under the Zakuulan banner.

When I got older, I asked what happened to them? The adults said they died when I was very young, they'd been killed during a planetary raid on one of our worlds. They sacrificed themselves to keep our people, to keep me, and our secrets safe. And when my Force-sensitivity manifested I knew right then and there I wanted to be like them.

I wanted to be a Zakuul Knight and live up to what they did for me and everyone else. So, I joined the Knights of Zakuul and I underwent training in everything a knight was meant to go under.

I was trained to fight without the Force.

I was trained to fight with the Force.

I learned through teachers, Datapads or even old Holocrons. There was so much I never knew about our galaxy and I just wanted to understand all of it – not just about the Force but also the entire galaxy and the people living in it.

That was how I met 'His Excellency.'

The most iconic and legendary figure in the entire Order – a master said to have such control over the Force that he was able to uncover many great secrets and grant himself immortality.

Some of the stories I heard told about how His Excellency was a descendant to the Demon Savior. It was an old and ancient story that predated the Eternal Order, going back to the time when the home planet Zakuul was just a primitive world with no technological advancements.

He seemed like every bit like a man, but I knew he wasn't a man. He was His Excellency. He lived to be called by his title and nothing more.

And when I tried to feel him through the Force, it was like staring into the sun without the glare blinding me. And when he reached out and patted my head, telling me he was pleased to see someone like me – someone so young filled with so much ambition and so much devotion for our home and its people that I made a promise to him. That I swore to keep him, our home and people safe.

His Excellency smiled, believing me.

He told me something. He told me I had potential – not just in the Force.

Kalifa's inner thoughts.

I never would have believed everything could change in the last few months I've been here.

Back then, I felt so much anger at myself, at the Jedi and even at the galaxy.

Back then, I felt so lost, trying to understand why is it me suffering when all I ever wanted was to be a Jedi.

When we were on that island, we saw so many innocent people die on Wasskah – even other Jedi initiates. They went out of their way to fight, and they died for it, we turned our backs, throwing away our belief just so we could live another day. And I don't regret it. Not because I didn't follow what I was led to believe practically from birth – but that the world outside of the Jedi Temple was never what it was cracked up to be.

On that moon, I had to survive – we had to survive.

I was always told that the Jedi are peacekeepers. The Jedi are supposed to keep the peace, but there was no peace. How could there be if something like those Trandoshan hunters were allowed to roam the galaxy all this time?

When there wasn't any hope left, that's when you came in and saved us.

Not the Jedi, but the Knights of Zakuul who brought justice on those rabid curs and made sure scum like them wouldn't hurt anyone ever again.

Naruto, you were the one to teach me You showed me something else, something new.

And because of that, everything felt different now.

From the warm sunlight kissing my skin, to the blades of grass crunching beneath my feet. Everything was different – even the Force felt different.

The Inner Questions and making of a Zakuul Knight.

There was a tradition that went back a thousand years ago.

It involved a special tree that was devoid of the Force. And while life blossomed in this area, anyone gifted in the Force were unable to wield it so long as they were in range of this special tree.

The task was, to get a single piece of fruit that grew at the very top of the tree. With nothing but their hands and feet to climb, men and women, initiates alike would go to this tree.

There was a purpose to this. A strange one at that, one that their leader – His Excellency ordered long ago.

And so, it went on from there. Kalifa, a former Jedi initiate, now turned Zakuul initiate would enact this ritual.

Before they came to this special tree, she and Naruto had been out in the fields since dawn, tending to the crops and harvesting the fruits and vegetables that were ripe.

Kalifa had climbed atop of the branches of the special tree where she reached out with one arm, keeping herself balanced with the other arm and grabbing onto another branch, she managed to pluck a reddish-orange fruit from the branches. It was big around as her fist.

Kalifa let out a sigh in relief. Many attempts of doing this led many, very painful downfalls – figuratively and literally. "Look out below" Kalifa warned before dropping said fruit.

Naruto had caught it in his hand at the bottom.

"Not bad. You finally managed to get one without falling" Naruto teased, reminding her of the other times she'd fallen off.


After saying that, Naruto heard Kalifa screaming, he winced every time he heard a branch snap before hearing her body kiss the ground hard with a thud.

"Guess I spoke to soon" snickering, Naruto took a bite of the Muja Fruit with Kalifa only groaning in response.

He had to carry her. So much in pain – especially for the fact the Force wouldn't be there to aid through the pain until they fully left the range of the special tree. Even then, Kalifa would need to gain back her strength in the Force before anything else.

Carrying her on his back, Naruto did this while pushing the hovercart forward. Their latest harvest gave them six barrels filled with Muja Fruit. Muja Fruit was a sweet and tasteful fruit commonly used in making juice and pastries like muffins.

"Don't worry Kalifa, nothing like a Bacta-patch won't cure" he told her, shrugging off her pain.

"That doesn't make it any better, ya'know" Kalifa said with a groan.

"I guess not. At least you passed Kalifa. Everyone usually has a hard time climbing because no one can really handle the Force void" explained Naruto. One could only imagine how many times Naruto has seen people fall off and hit the ground so many times. Maybe comical to some, but painful to many.

"So, does that mean you'll finally tell me about that tree?" asked Kalifa.

Naruto turned his head slightly, looking over his shoulder where Kalifa looked at him waiting to hear about the Force void the tree had with it. Naruto looked back ahead.

"I don't really know much about it, other than what I was told by the senior knights. It's a little like an urban legend around here"

"And that is?"

"His Excellency" Naruto answered, "some say it was His Excellency who stripped the tree from the Force. It's the reason why we can't use our Force abilities whenever we're close to it. The experienced knights who've been here longer than me said it's to show we're all the same like any other person"

"I'm not sure I understand?"

"Okay, let me put it this way. If the Jedi found you, and not us. You got to be a Jedi Knight and everything, let's say something happens to you and you can't use the Force anymore. Are you still a Jedi without the Force?"

Kalifa's eyes widen momentarily. That was a question she never even thought of. The idea without ever using the Force, it almost seemed, scary. Scarier than even the Trandoshan hunters. If she didn't have the Force, what would that even make her? Who would she even be?

"I don't know" she answered truthfully.

Naruto felt her fear, the sliver of Force energy within her shook just enough for him to feel.

"It's scary, isn't it. But it helps, ya'know. It makes you think we aren't that different from the people in the galaxy. Under all the armor, despite all the power we have in our fingertips, we're still human – so to speak"

"I think I get it now"

"Then you passed. You're officially a Zakuul Knight then"

With what Naruto just said, Kalifa hadn't expected to be an official Zakuul Knight on the spot. Reaching the cabins that acted as their homes for all the Zakuulan initiates, Kalifa would also be greeted with other Zakuul initiates, junior and senior Zakuul Knights, along with Jinx and O-Mer.

Tables were rowed with all sorts of food like seafood, fruits, vegetables, pastries and all other assorted foodstuff.

People danced to the music playing.

Initiates were running around across the cabin trying to catch one another.

And the junior and senior members, they talked.

"So finally, after climbing all the way up the tree and getting the Muja Fruit, the branch breaks right then and there and Kalifa falls, hitting the branches all the way down before hitting the ground" Naruto retold what had happened earlier, everyone burst out laughing.

"Haha, very funny" Kalifa said sarcastically, wincing again from the Bacta-patch the knights placed on her. A few scratches and mild bruising, nothing was seriously damaged thankfully.

"Don't be mad Kalifa, you could only imagine how many times someone's fallen off of that blasted tree. Even our Exarch over here is no exception" one of the senior members said, pointing out how all of them endured the same test before her.

"Didn't Exarch get a broken nose when he fell off" a lady knight nudged one of her fellows.

"Yeah he did, one sick pop and blood was everywhere when he hit the ground" all of them brought up a bitter incident during Naruto's trial.

"Ouch! That had to have hurt" Jinx winced, rubbing his own nose at how much pain he'd be in from something like that.

"Oh, it hurt like hell. I couldn't even talk right without sounding something was holding my nose the entire time" Naruto shook his head; he really didn't like talking about it. Then again, it was probably justice for Kalifa when she heard the tale. Seeing her giggle must have made her feel a little better after telling her story to everyone.

"It only took me two days to heal from that" Naruto smirked, something the others laugh a bit.

"Yep, that's our Exarch. One of the strongest of the Zakuul Knights out there" they gave a cheer, toasting his name and title.

Two hours later, the partying was still going strong. Some of the initiates had called in early with some of the senior knights taking them along to their respective cabins. It wasn't long before the junior members were picking up the scattered trash around them.

Jinx offered O-Mer another Muja Muffins, which the Cerean declined with a wave of his hand. He almost looked the same color as Jinx when presented the food. The Twi'lek shrugged and ate another delicious pastry.

Kalifa took a few steps out and onto the front porch steps of her cabin.

"The party was nice, don't you think?" Naruto came at her side, sitting across from her when he asked about the celebration for her induction as a new member of the Zakuul Knights.

"I still can't believe you and Jinx tied in that food eating contest, Muja Muffins can get you full really quick" Kalifa snickered, remembering how O-Mer looked close to vomiting out the pastries before he had a chance with the twelfth one.

"Hey, I'm a growing boy. I need to eat" and just as he said that he was still eating another Muja Muffin.

Kalifa shivered a bit, she ate to her heart's content, and now she couldn't even look at food anymore less she threw up.

Ignoring that feeling though, Kalifa looked at the sky again. There were two moons in the sky, one was farther than the other.

"Feel any better after your fall?" Naruto asked, genuinely worried about Kalifa's injuries.

"A little sore, but I can manage"


For the moment, neither of them said anything.

"It's hard for me to believe I'm actually a Zakuul Knight now" Kalifa admitted. There was this sense of suddenness, like it was too quick, to easy.

Naruto felt her thoughts, calling the training he and the others endured was far from calling it easy.

"It's not because it was easy, Kalifa. It's thanks to your training as a Jedi, and your experience on Wasskah that taught you your survival skills. You, O-Mer and Jinx went along the chain in the academy because you already had what the other initiates didn't have. That's why you managed to go farther than any of the others in record time. Even I didn't go that far when I started" elaborating, Naruto offered her solace.

"I guess you're right" Kalifa agreed, seeing the logic in his words. Though a part of her wondered if it was because of the Force-bond between the two of them that she agreed so easily.

The connection between the two of them, through the Force itself, Kalifa only became aware of it later on in her training to become a Zakuul Knight. There was still so much she didn't understand about it. Being made aware to the bizarre connection brought a whole new sensation and feelings she never felt before.

And it was all because of Naruto.

Not in a bad way of course, but there was so many arrays of feelings that surged within him – it almost seemed impossible how someone could even have these chaotic emotions within and keep a simple face.

Through the Force, Kalifa could feel his strength. It was still that same whirlwind-like surge of power that drew everything caught by it. And with the Force-bond shared between the two, Kalifa was given another sense to this feeling coming off of him.

To the point where she was at its center, Kalifa would meet peace. A peace she never felt before. It was a warm, sunny-like feeling that made her feel like she was staring into the sun without the glare.

And then, there was the opposite side of it. Something Kalifa knew was because of his dabbling in the dark arts.

At times, that whirlwind-like power would change. Turning something cold, something feverish that left Kalifa nauseous.

"I can feel you trying to probe my mind, you'll hurt something if you keep trying like that. Just ask me and I'll try to answer" Naruto looked at her, the same simple expression with a brow raised.

But Kalifa knew better. The Dark Side didn't control him. It wasn't something to be scared for. Naruto controlled the Dark Side, embraced it, used it to his will to be what he was – and what he was, was a Zakuul Knight.

"Sorry, it's just that, you're unlike any other person I've met" Kalifa apologized.

"Is that a bad thing?" questioned Naruto, sounding amused.

"No! I mean, it's not a bad thing. It's just, there isn't a person that doesn't even come close to you since I've been here. The other Zakuul Knights are different in the same way, but you, it's more than just being called different" explained Kalifa.

"Really? Eh, I never really thought much about me. All that matters to me is keeping the people safe, and our worlds we've sworn to protect safe too" shrugging Kalifa's thoughts, Naruto looked out towards the fields and trees. "I promised that I do everything I can to keep everyone safe" pointing at the darkened horizon with the sky still pinkish in color.

"Then I promise to. I'll make sure I'll be the best Zakuul Knight the Eternal Order has ever seen" Kalifa smiled.

Naruto smiled a bit, Kalifa's potential in serving under the Knights of Zakuul wasn't going to be wasted in the slightest, that was something Naruto knew absolutely for sure.

The day would have been perfect.

Just before the sun would have gone down entirely, something loud flew overhead. Flying sharply through the air before making a swift turn, a Zakuul Dropship landing a few meters away from the cabins. The door slid at the side where a small three-man group came out. The engine was still running.

The three-man group revealed to be Zakuul Knights like them – but Kalifa noticed something. Unlike the golden armor the other knights wore, the uniform for these three were black and grey with the helmeted mask being a different design.

"Horizon Guards?" Naruto gasped surprisingly, stunned to find some of the most elite warriors in the order come out and meet them.

Hearing the shock in his voice, Kalifa too was shocked to see actual members of the Horizon Guards.

According to the studies Kalifa remembered that the Horizon Guards were a sub-group of Zakuul Knights within their order –they were the best of the best personally handpicked by their exalted ruler to protect him, His Excellency – the very same Kalifa now served.

Naruto rose up to meet them. Something had stirred, something that made the blonde Force-user worried.

"Exarch" one of them called, the Horizon Guard was a tall and burly shaped individual.

"Horizon Guard" Naruto met them with the same curtesy.

"You must come with us; an assembly has been called to order" the Horizon Guard stated.

Hearing how urgent he said it, Naruto couldn't help but shake one feeling he had. "Is His Excellency alright?" Naruto questioned, worried something may have happened to their leader. As impossible as it may sound, it was something any Zakuul Knight would worry over.

"His Excellency is well, but you must come with us as per his orders. The Dragon of Zakuul wakes" replying with a single phrase at the end left Naruto stunned for a moment. Naruto never thought he'd ever hear that phrase, let alone come from a Horizon Guards no less.

Without any further elaboration Naruto nodded, "take me to my Star Fortress and tell me everything on the way."

Kalifa saw Naruto move in a quick pace like the Horizon Guards.

"Naruto, wait! What's going on!?"

Before Naruto had a chance to climb aboard the shuttlecraft, he stopped, looking back to meet the worried look on Kalifa's face. The newly made Zakuul Knight was confused, not sure what was even happening. What did the Dragon of Zakuul wakes? Naruto almost forgot that Kalifa was still new, she didn't understand what the phrase meant.

"There's no time to explain, something's happened. Tel the others what I've told you! The Dragon of Zakuul wakes!" and like that the doors closed with the ship immediately flying through the sky and out of the planet's atmosphere.

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