Avengers: Watch Endgame

All of the Avengers couldn't believe what they saw in the event Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos really killed them in one second with only snap his finger. Steve tap Tony's shoulder and gesture to follow him and the older man did.

"After we saw that event, we should forget what happened with us, I know it's not easy for you to forgive me and give me one chance but"
"I get that now, Steve. We should work together and never get separate like that so with that we can won fight with Thanos" Tony cut him.

"So friend?" Steve assured him to shake his hand and Tony smile "yeah, friend" as they both hug "let's get back to the others before they though we fight again"

Steve nodded as they both holding their hands and walked in the room again and they saw so many people still in shock before suddenly another note come.

"I know you must be still in shocked after the whole Infinity War but let's get you to watch the sequel to more prevent about what's going on in the future" the note said "young Peter"

"Yeah, I am"

"Because this movie is going to spoiling about your future as well, I'm going to send your future here" the voice said.

Before Peter can say anything, right in front of them showing up another Peter but this time he is more mature than now. Tony who saw the future of his kid never feel so proud of him like this before.

"So, let's we take a seat now like before" the voice said.

The screen first panels up to an arrow being knocked into a bow. The archer behind firmly grips it tight as it was aiming towards the target. The camera reveals Clint Barton holding up a few arrows while mentoring his daughter, Lila Barton, on shooting on.

"Woah, is that Lila?" Natasha asked him and Clint nodded "she's so big now" Natasha commented.

CLINT: Okay, hold on. Don't shoot. You see where you're going?

LILA: Mhm.

CLINT: Okay, now let's worry about how you get there.

"Since when Clint can be that serious eh?" Sam asked and Clint chuckles "I have no idea"

[Clint corrects his daughter's foot to the proper position, and adjusts her shooting stance.]

CLINT: Put your foot this way. Here. Can you see?

LILA: Yeah.

CLINT: You sure?

LILA: Mhm. [Clint pushes Lila's hair in front of her face while covering her left eye.]

CLINT: How about now?

"There's Clint that we know now" Steve said and they nodded agree.

[Both Lila and Clint giggle, as the camera panels into a long shot showing a target nailed on a tree, and the rest of Barton family having a picnic in the field.]

CLINT: Alright. Ready your fingers.


LAURA: Nice throw, kiddo.

COOPER: You go.

LAURA: Hey, you guys want mayo or mustard, or both? [Camera switches to Lila who then proceeds to look at Clint.]

LILA: Who wants mayo on a hotdog?

CLINT: Probably your brothers.

[Clint looks at his wife, Laura]

CLINT: Uh, two mustard, please! Thanks, mama. [Camera switches to Laura facing Nathaniel]

LAURA: Mayo or mustard?

NATHANIEL: How about ketchup?

LAURA: Ketchup? [Camera switches back to Clint and his daughter]

CLINT: Mind your elbow. [Lila releases the arrow and it hits the target directly in the bullseye.]

CLINT: Hahaha! Good job, Hawkeye. Go get your arrow.

"Wow, like father like daughter" Tony commented "she's so smart"

Clint never feel so proud like this before, he can believe that his daughter really like him.

LAURA: Hey guys! Enough practice, soup's on!

CLINT: Alright, we're coming; we're hungry. [Clint looks behind him, but there's no one there, but dust being blown away by the wind.]

They gasped like disbelief

"Oh my God" Clint shocked as his screen still have no clue what's going on.

CLINT: Lila, let's go. [Clint starts to look around]

CLINT: Lila? [Clint starts to move and look around, and pick up the bow she had.]

CLINT: Honey? Hey, babe! Babe? Babe? Boys? Boys? Laura?

Clint who still in shock didn't realize that Natasha holding his shoulder and wishes about the rest of the team.