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[A pause]




Everyone looked confused and future Peter goes to answer "before you guys asking, you guys are on 2023"

"Oh my god" Steve looked shocked "everything in the future really get messier is it?" He asked to future Peter "Yeah, that's why I called you guys to prevent this and I hope once you guys watch this, you guys can put aside anything including what happened with Tony and Bucky and Steve"

Steve, Bucky and Tony look each other before nodded "don't worry, kid. We are good now" Tony said and Peter nodded smile.

[We see shots of New York City, seemingly abandoned. There are a lot of boats gathered around a dock, all abandoned. A baseball stadium comes into view, with no life present at all. The aftermath of the Decimation is evident, and Earth has not coped well.]

[Cut to an abandoned cafe, with a poster on the wall labeled "WHERE DO WE GO, NOW THAT THEY'RE GONE?". A therapy session is taking place with Steve Rogers and seven other people.]

JOE RUSSO: So I, uh... Went on a date the other day. It's the first time in five years, you know? I'm sitting there at dinner... I didn't even know what to talk about.

"I can't believe Thanos really killed half of humans" Quill said.

"It was his mission" Loki said "remember when they sent me to New York, it was him as he really brainwashed me"

"I'm sorry, Loki" Thor said and Loki nodded "it's okay, it was long time ago and I should have apologize to you" as they both goes to hugging.

STEVE ROGERS: What did you talk about?

JOE RUSSO: Same old crap, you know? How things have changed, and... my job, his job... How much we miss the Mets. And then things get quiet... He cried as they were serving the salads.

JIM STARLIN: What about you?

JOE RUSSO: I cried... just before dessert. But I'm seeing him again tomorrow, so...

STEVE ROGERS: That's great. You did the hardest part. You took the jump, you didn't know where you were gonna come down. And that's it. That's those little brave baby steps we gotta take. To try and become whole again, try and find purpose. I went in the ice in '45 right after I met the love of my life. Woke up 70 years later. You gotta move on. Gotta to move on. The world is in our hands. It's left to us guys, and we got to do something with it. Otherwise... Thanos should have killed all of us.

"This is so depressing!" young Peter whined and future Peter give him nod sadly.

[Screen Title: SAN FRANCISCO]

[The camera pans to San Francisco Bridge, all the way to a self-storage facility with a sign saying "U-STORE It, SELF STORAGE", with its interior filled stored stuff and junk until it spots Luis' van from "Ant-Man and the Wasp", behind a metallic fence with a label named "LANG". A rat crawls over the van's rear windshield and accidentally activates the controls for opening the Quantum Realm, haphazardly activating the Quantum Realm. The rear door busts open, flinging Lang outside the van.]

Everyone gasped and turn into Scott "Holy shit, that Quantum Realm is really work?! And what the I FUCKING SURVIVE FROM THE ASHES?!"

"What did you do with that Quantum Realm?" Clint asked "I was exploring to dimension multiverse but right now it isn't working"

"I never feel grateful over the rat until now!" Peter said "what? It's true! Be grateful that rat is saving you with activates the controls"

"THANKS TO THE LORD OF RAT!" Bucky yelled before turn into Sam "Ha! You always called me rat eyeliner now and now you should sorry for them"

"Because you're rat!" Sam said whined and Bucky look at him "I'm not!"

"Oh god, this is what happened when Bucky and Sam in one room" Steve massage his forehead over his two best friends.

"Just fucking kiss him, Wilson!" Clint said and both of Bucky and Sam glare at him "nope!"

"What just happening here" Natasha said turn into the screen.

SCOTT LANG: [grunts as he pushes away a cushion out of his body, and deactivates the helmet, but still grunting in pain, as he sweeps away sparks from an electrical failure out of his suit, then try to stand up.] What the hell?

[He manages to stand up, as another electrical failure sparks out of his gauntlets, and now looks around in a confused look.]


"Oh my god does that Hope is getting vanished as well?" Scott asked to Peter as his eyes widened "oh my god what about with Cassie? Is she survive?"

"It's will explaining after this, Scott" Future Peter said.

[Inside a security office, a security guard (Ken Jeong) reading a book as he looks upon his security screen, seeing something going on in one of the storage facilities. In the cameras, it shows Lang in his casual clothing, shouting, waving a sign with the word "HELP" written on it.]

[Outside the facility, he pulls out a pushcart and looks back seeing the guard giving a stern look from far. He walks around until reaching his hometown, finding a post filled with MISSING posters, abandoned houses, a wrecked car, nothing but desolation. He then sees a kid in a bike pass by.]

SCOTT LANG: [yells] Kid! Hey kid!

[The kid stops his bike as he stares back in a serious look.]

"Wait, hang on. Thanos snap his fingers and half of humans were vanished, but why that kid can be survived?" Bruce asked.

"You see not all of you turn in the ashes, let say Pepper? Happy? And those people who with Steve" future Peter explained.

"Happy is survived?" Pepper asked him and Peter nodded "yep, he is"

SCOTT LANG: What the hell happened here?

[The kid still stares at him and is almost about to tear up, but immediately turns away from him and move on. Lang still gives the same confused look, as he arrives in somewhat a memorial called "THE VANISHED", with all the names of the people who became victims of the Decimation. As Lang arrives on one of the engraved stones, he immediately drops the handle in shock.]

SCOTT LANG: No. Please. Please, please. [moves on to check the other side of the engraved stone] No, no, no. No. [Lang excuses aside a young couple as he keeps on checking another engraved stone if her daughter hadn't had her name on one.] Excuse me, sorry. No, Cassie, no.

[The camera keeps panning and switching as Lang checks the rest of engraved stones if her daughter's name was in one.]

SCOTT LANG: [in a mantra-like] Please, please, please, please... No, Cassie. [Lang looks at the engraved stone in shock, revealing his name in it.]


"Because you were in Quantum Realm for maybe five years, they thought you die as well" Peter explained before Scott asked him "Ah, I see and please let Cassie survive at least"

[Scott is now seen running across the memorial, then to his hometown, only to ring a doorbell at his house, bang on the door, and try opening the door, but is found locked. Then, he sees a feminine figure appear out of a hallway inside. The figure gets closer, revealing a woman in a purple sweater, with her hand pushing towards the glass door's window, and her face filled with amazement, as she unlocked the door. It was Lang's daughter, Cassie, now a grown-up teen since the last five years.]

[Cassie, who hasn't seen him for five years, holds up his face in an emotional sight and starts to smile tearfully. Lang does the same.]


"Oh my god" Scott gasped "She is survive? Oh my god"

The Rogue never seen this side of Scott and Scott still looking disbelief through emotionally.

CASSIE LANG: Dad? [Both of them emotionally hug each other as both dad and daughter had reunited. Then Lang shoves her back, realizing that her daughter is now a full-grown teenager.]

SCOTT LANG: You're so big!

[Both dad and daughter share a hug once more.]

"This movie is really getting emotional by second" Rhodey said and they all nodded.

Bucky turn into Sam who is sniffling "Sam! Are you crying?!" He asked disbelief before turn disgusted as Sam decide to use his to clean his snot "Disgusting"

"Not to be rude, why are you crying?" Rhodey asked him "well, if you never cried over them reunited then i don't know what person are you" Sam explained.

"Well, all of us were sad and emotional" Rhodey said.

"Hold me, eyeliner" Sam said and before Bucky can say something Sam crushing into him and sighed "stop calling me eyeliner" Bucky whined.

Steve smile "aw you guys are so cute, can you guys just admit already?!" He asked shook his head.

Tony also smile look at Steve as he realize how cute he is as well but he won't admit it now since he has Pepper right now.


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