What to do when you're sick and bedridden? You write strange crossovers, obviously. After more than a week of typhoid fever, my bronchitis acted up again and I ended up tearing some muscles in my chest because I'm coughing too hard, can you believe it? I can't. This is just too ridiculous even for me and I want this to stop. Urgh.

I'll probably bend some of both the canon elements and events of HP and FFXV to suit the story, so if you don't mind this, I hope you enjoy reading this!

Chapter One

A Fateful Meeting

"Harry, are you sure about this?"

Hermione fretted, wringing her hands in her oversized sweater as she stared at his back while he packed everything he thought he would need into the enchanted backpack he just bought the day before. Harry nodded at his best friend without hesitation as he stuffed his clothes inside.

A month after Voldemort's defeat Harry noticed a glitch in the tapestry in the drawing room of the Grimmauld Place and saw that the death date under Sirius's portrait had disappeared. This startled him into investigating some things and after a lot of private research he found out that his godfather was truly still alive, and so he came to the decision to go and look for him.

Hermione found out about his plan, naturally. Turned out he really wasn't as good at being sneaky as he thought he was.

"But it's been said that the Veil is a one-way gate to the underworld!" Hermione cried out.

He couldn't help but gave her a wry smile at that.

"Well, Sirius fell through and I found that he's somehow still alive, so it couldn't be that bad, right?" he asked the girl who was worrying her lower lip. She growled in frustration and threw a pillow at his face which he accepted with a small 'oof'.

"Be serious for once! What if you're stuck there with no way to go back here?" Hermione huffed at him, frowning. "You still haven't even finished school yet."

"Don't worry about me, 'Mione, I'll find a way somehow. I mean, I hope I'll find it," he reassured her. "I can always finish school after I come back, but Sirius might not still be there if I decided to wait and I can't have that happen. I have to find him."

"I'm coming with you then," the girl decided, seeing that there was no chance of changing his mind. She wore a determined expression on her face, but Harry shook his head at her words.

"Don't be silly. You still have family here that will miss you. You still have Ron to take care of, too. I don't think he can survive if you're not there with him," he snorted as he shot her a small smile. "Also, didn't you say that you're going to change the wizarding world and promote equal rights for all creatures? You can't do that if you come with me."

"Well, you still have us here too! Don't you think we'll miss you?" Hermione huffed again, sounding frustrated. "What if you failed to find a way? …What if I'll never get the chance to see you again?"

Harry's eyes softened when he heard the vulnerability in his friends' voice. He turned around to see the girl furiously fighting back her tears and sighed, a small smile on his lips. He gestured for his friend to sit beside him on the bed.

When Hermione did as he hinted her to, he rummaged something from the bedside table and pulled out a leather-bound journal.

"Here," he said as he handed the book over to his friend who accepted it with a frown on her pretty face. "It's something I order-made a while ago. Whatever I write in the other book I'll have with me will appear in the book you're holding and vice versa. We can communicate like this so that you can always check up on me, see?"

He grinned when Hermione's face softened at his explanation. She huffed and smacked his smug face with the journal she was holding.

"I'll admit that this is a great idea, but I still haven't agreed to this yet," Hermione told him with another huff. "…Do you really have to do this?"

"I don't have to. Not really," Harry answered as he went back to packing. "But the thing is I want to, 'Mione. Sirius is… he's the closest thing I have to a family. He didn't even notice this, but he saved me in ways I didn't even know I needed to be when he asked me to come and live with him."

Hermione put her hand on his knee sympathetically. "Oh, Harry…"

"I want to return the favor to him somehow," Harry continued easily. "That's why I will go after him. If he needs my help, then I want to be there for him."

There was a small silence before Harry finally turned to his friend and gave her an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry, Hermione," he told the girl and put his hand on top of hers, squeezing it slightly. "It's the first time that I'm sure of what I want to do, so I won't give this up."

Hermione was silent for a while before she finally nodded.

"…Alright," she finally agreed. He looked into her eyes and saw a determined glint there. "If you won't change your mind, at least let me help you prepare. We don't know what's waiting for you there, so I want you to be fully prepared for what's to come."

He didn't expect her words, but he supposed that was one of the things he liked about her. He grinned and put his arms around her shoulders.

"Thank you."

"You better not die in there, you hear me," Hermione murmured softly as she hugged him as tight as she could. "Don't make me regret this."

He laughed and nodded as he released her. "I won't, don't worry. It's not easy to kill me, you know."

Hermione snorted lightly at that. She knew that very well, but she worried about him anyway.

"How do you know you'll end up where he is anyway?"

Harry pointedly stayed silent and Hermione scowled when she realized that he didn't have the answer. He heard her muttering about researching some spells and ritual though, so he reckoned that she'd help him find a way somehow.

He truly was blessed to have her as his friend.

Hermione got him so many things. Books, mostly. Spells and charms to help him survive, potions kit so he could brew things when his stash of potions supplies had run out. He even saw a book titled 'How to Survive in the Wild' somewhere in the piles.

"Always be prepared for anything, Harry!" She told her as she dumped the entire thing into his bag.

Meanwhile, Ron, who had heard of what was happening had gone and gave him piles of canned foods as well as, oddly enough, a pile of blankets.

Harry guessed that he wanted to help but didn't know what to do, so he just gave him whatever he could. Harry didn't mind though, he had used Ron's blankets before and they were comfortable. Also, even though he had bought a lot of food and drink-related stuff several days ago, more foods were always welcome.

He was oddly touched by Ron's gestures though and hugged the bigger boy as tight as he hugged Hermione before.

He snuck in the Sword of Gryffindor and put in his invisibility cloak as well, in the case that he couldn't use his wand and had to run away quickly or fight with another means. He was crap at using the sword though, so he doubted that he will ever have the opportunity to use it. He will probably just run, but no harm in having it with him.

Other things he packed in was the trusty tent they used for the Horcrux hunt, his Firebolt, a really comfortable sleeping bag he bought along with the backpack just in case he needed it, cooking utensils also just in case, stationery so he could write to Hermione and the others, also some piles of gold and expensive-looking pieces of jewelry from his bank account to be sold wherever he ended up in to fund his journey.

He also left a will at Gringotts just in case he failed to find a way to return, but he kept that a secret from Hermione because he didn't want to make her worry.

They had dinner together with everyone else at the Burrow the day before he was supposed to go and slept in a big pile on the floor in Ron's room. They didn't tell anyone else about his plans, but he suspected that the rest of the Weasleys knew that he was planning to do something dangerous anyway and gave them some privacy that night.

When morning finally came, he hugged everyone goodbye and with one last deep breath left for the ministry.

Hermione had taught him a spell that she believed would lead him to where Sirius was by tying his magic to a possession of his godfather's that had a trace of his magical signature, so he decided to use Sirius's wand that he dropped when he fell through the Veil.

His last thought before he stepped inside the Veil was the hope that it would take him where his godfather resided, but after that, darkness consumed his consciousness and he fell into a deep sleep.






When he opened his eyes again, it was to see the sun shining harshly onto him. He groaned and shielded his eyes, still disoriented and suffering a terrible case of headache. Whimpering slightly, he finally propped himself up and his eyes widened in astonishment when he took in the sight of his surroundings.

Where was he?

Everywhere he looked, he saw stones and more stones and… was that lava? Was he on a volcano?

He stood with slight difficulty and just then he noticed just how hot it was there. It was winter back home, so he was wearing his thick clothes and he realized how overdressed he was. After looking around briefly, Harry decided to fish for a t-shirt from his backpack and change quickly before he decided to explore.

He went down the slope and found some ginger amongst a patch of grasses. It smells like gingers, at least. He decided to take them and dump them into his backpack before continuing down, trying to find a way out from the rocky place.

He trod down the narrow path carefully and hide behind a stone wall on instinct when he saw movements from the corner of his eyes.

Harry adjusted his glasses nervously before he decided to take a good look at those creatures.

Some of them looked like giant scorpions but more vicious-looking, while the others looked like a unicorn but with dual horns that twisted into a spiral. They were fighting each other in an open area and looked terrifying, honestly. The way they were fighting each other though… and yeah, he didn't want to get between that at all. Whatever they were, he didn't want to get near them.

He took out his invisibility cloak and cast a charm on himself to muffle any sounds he might make before he tried to sneak past those creatures.

He breathed out a sigh of relief when he got past them and quickly went down the narrow path that looked like it would lead him outside, and sure enough, he emerged in an open area with more stone walls, stone plateau, and monsters, but he could also see asphalt road from where he was standing. There were even large towers with cables connecting them and a cable car going from tower to tower in the distance.

Technology. That means there are humans here, Harry thought, relieved. He was beginning to worry that he had ended up in a world with prehistoric beasts.

Harry took off his cloak and made his way down through some fences, following the road that led him to a cluster of small buildings he could see in the distance. He even saw a caravan and a truck there. He quickened his pace and hastily made his way there, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw actual humans there.

"Welcome! What can I get you today, son?" The middle-aged man behind the grill that had the sign 'Erupto Eats' greeted, a big grin on his face.

Harry breathed another sigh of relief again when he realized he could understand the man's language—which was admittedly a little weird, but he wasn't going to question it when it was convenient and worked in his favor.

"Hello. What do you recommend?" Harry greeted back as he wiped the sweat on his brows with the back of his hand, trying to sound natural and not at all nervous like what he was feeling deep down.

"I'd recommend the Smoked Dualhorn Shank, but it's not for everyone. Our Tender Bird Fritters are the favorite amongst our customers, though," the man answered easily as he flipped the sticks he had on his grill. "Say, you from Tenebrae? Haven't heard that accent for a while."

Tenebrae? Maybe a country or some sort here. Sure, let's go with that, Harry thought.

"Yeah. Just passing through," Harry agreed. He sat at the table outside before he continued, "I'll have the Tender Bird Fritters then."

"Coming right up!" The man announced cheerfully. Preparing the meat from the small fridge beside him. "I have to say though your accent brings back some fond memories. I have a friend from Tenebrae too. The silly man said he somehow wound up at the very top of Ravatogh but he didn't remember climbing it. We all thought he just scaled the mountain while he was drunk and forgot about it. He's a good person though. The locals all liked him."

Harry's heart skipped a beat. He assumed that Ravatogh was the volcano he just climbed down from, so then, could the man who wound up at the top be—?

"Was his name Sirius? Tall, gaunt, dark hair, and not-bad looking?" He asked the vendor who turned to look at him with surprise.

"Yep. You a friend of his, son?"

"I'm his godson," Harry told him, hope filling his chest. Sirius was here. He really was still alive. He wasn't wrong.

The man grinned widely at him before he let out a raspy laugh. "Small world! What are the chances, huh?"

Harry nodded, sighing with relief.

"I'm actually looking for him. He went missing about 3 years ago and I just got words that he might still be alive a week ago. Do you know where he is right now?" He asked.

"He's not here, unfortunately. Said he was going to the Crown City and left 6 months ago," the vendor told him, shaking his head slightly before flashing him a wry smile. "A shame. My cousin had a huge crush on him. We were hoping that he'd stay and marry her, but he said that he wasn't the type to settle down and build a family."

Harry had to laugh a little at that. "Yeah, I can't imagine him marrying anyone either."

The man grinned at him kindly as he put down the plate of the Bird Fritters in front of him and sat on the chair across his. "Eat. I have stories from your godfather's time here if you want to hear about it."

Harry smiled back at him and nodded. "I would like that, yeah. Thank you, Mr…"

"Just call me Scius, kid, no need for formality, yeah? You're the godson of a dear friend after all."




During his stay in Ravatogh's Verinas Mart, Harry stayed with Scius in his home.

The man had offered for him to stay with him and his wife Serena since their son's room had been vacant for years now, what with him having moved to the Meldacio Headquarters. Harry was going to decline and stay at the caravan, but when he saw how disappointed Serena was that he wasn't going to stay with them, he agreed.

He spent a week at Ravatogh, to learn about the way this world—Eos—worked.

There were a few similarities between Earth and Eos, but they were mostly different. First of all was how everyone referred to Eos as 'star' instead of 'world'. Then there was the wildlife of Eos. If he used to think that bears and lions were dangerous, they were practically harmless compared to some of the beasts here in Eos.

Most of them could be compared to the basilisk he fought in his second year at Hogwarts in term of dangerousness, it was absolutely crazy. He thought maybe that was the reason why the population of Eos wasn't as many as Earth—he heard that more than 200.000 people died each year because of the rampant beast population here.

Then, there were the daemons. They were monsters that appeared during the night or in any places that were dark enough. They disappeared when the sun came out though and apparently a strong enough light can weaken them and make them flee.

Scius didn't know where the daemons came from, only that they were dangerous. That was why no one in their right mind will travel during the night—because their headlights weren't strong enough to repel the daemons.

In the case that people had to travel and was stuck on the road when the sun went down though, there was a multitude of safe-places called 'Havens' that could repel the daemons. He still hasn't encountered this so-called haven yet, but he had read all of its characteristics and how to find it in the dark.

Apparently, they were usually in the form of a big stone plateau that had magic runes inscribed on them. These runes will lit up with a soft bluish-glow during the night and the fireplace will emit a glowing smoke so that travelers could find them easily.

Learning of the havens led Harry into finding out about the magic those who were called the Oracles and the Lucian Kings wielded.

Apparently, there was a magical crystal here in Eos and it could grant magical power to those it deemed worthy—who were apparently the lines of the Nox Fleuret and the Lucis Caelum, which were the Tenebraean and Lucian royals respectively.

From what he heard, the magic they wielded and the magic he wielded were very much different in nature though. The books in Scius' home didn't explain in detail, but they told him that the Nox Fleurets' Oracles were able to heal people of wounds and the starscourge—which was apparently a strange disease that the daemons spread that caused people to vanish—while the Lucis Caelum Kings could control the elements and teleport or something. He wasn't sure, but it sure sounded fantastical if what the locals told him were true.

The legends said that the crystal was gifted unto mortals by the Hexatheon—the six gods that protected Eos since ancient times. Apparently these gods truly did exist at one point in history, even though right now they were in slumber and haven't been sighted in centuries, so maybe fantastical was the right word for their case.

Speaking of gods… he heard the Empire of Niflheim had started waging war against the Kingdom of Lucis. Apparently they have been in a state of Cold Ward for the last 3 centuries, but about 2 decades ago Niflheim had managed to build an 'invincible army' of machines that they boasted could even kill the gods and decided to declare war.

It seemed that Lucis was losing against these soldiers even with the magic they wield, but the King had raised a barrier that encompassed the entirety of the Crown City of Insomnia as well as some of the regions around it that were completely impenetrable so the war was currently in a sort-of intermit state.

Gods, he hoped that Sirius managed to stay alive somehow between the dangers of the beasts, daemons, and this war.

And he thought the whole situation with Voldemort back home was horrible.

During his stay with Scius, Harry helped around a little with eliminating the local wildlife; hunting down Soldier and Killer Wasps population that had been propagating a little too much and was getting a little too close to their small village.

He also sold some of the jewelry he brought with him to Culless's and bought a gun called 'Rebellion' for the hunt since the wasps were hard to hit with his sword.

It was a bit expensive, honestly, but he figured that it wouldn't be a good idea to use magic when people could see him since apparently only royalties could use magic here. He didn't want to cause unnecessary misunderstanding. Although he did use some immobulus sneakily when he found out how incredibly annoying the confusion status their stings caused. No point in dying before he found Sirius after all.

He wrote to Hermione every night, telling her of his findings and asking for advice on how to proceed, but Hermione hasn't replied to any of them yet even though days had passed since he wrote the first one.

He was starting to worry that the journals were defective when finally, on the 6th day after his first entry he got an answer from Hermione.

The answers kept appearing one after another in a jumbled, disorganized mess.

One thing he could read clearly was the one where Hermione berated him for not contacting her for almost a week and that everyone thought he was dead, even though he wrote to her the night he arrived in Eos.

He came to the conclusion that time flowed differently between Eos and Earth after some confusion and if his conclusion was right, then Earth was about 5-6 times faster than Eos. He wrote his suspicions to Hermione and told her to leave a blank page between her entries so that he could write there and their entries didn't overlap with each other again.

After getting used to fighting and learning the tricks to surviving on his own from reading Hermione's books, he bought a world map from the Mart and bid Scius and his wife goodbye before he decided to make his way to Insomnia to search for his godfather.

Harry felt indebted to Scius, so he gifted some of the jewelry he had to the man who had helped him and treated him so kindly without expecting any compensation.

The man almost refused his gift seeing how valuable they were, saying that he only wished for Harry to visit him sometimes, but Harry managed to make him accept it when he mentioned how Serena would love it.

He hitch-hiked with another tourist's car to the intersection near the Maidenwater parking spot. The couple said that they were heading to a city called Lestallum up north to complete their honeymoon, so unfortunately he couldn't ride with them further.

He was a bit tempted to go there with them but decided that it would take him too long to reach Insomnia if he made a detour. He had to find Sirius before his godfather moved somewhere else again.

Seeing that there was no other car passing by, he decided to go and cross the bridge on foot while admiring the scenery of Eos as he walked.

This was where Eos differ the most from Earth. Despite the technological advances he had seen here and there, despite the asphalt road, the steel towers and the EXINERIS ropeways, the military bases, and the cars that the travelers here used, nature here thrived.

There were trees everywhere, the water of the rivers here clear and crisp, and the air felt so clean—the complete opposite of Earth.

Granted, the human population here was significantly fewer and not a lot of people could afford to buy a car, but it was still absolutely beautiful here. Harry wished he could have shown this scenery to his friends back home.

When the sun had started to set he went to the nearest haven, which was the Dainse Haven just north of the Empire's Fort Vaullerey in Hulldagh Pixe, according to his map.

Honestly it wasn't that late and he could have continued his journey a little bit more, but in the map, he saw that the next outpost or haven was still a distance away so he decided to just stop for the day.

That evening was the first time Harry was completely alone in this completely new world, but thanks to his experience during the hunt with Hermione and Ron he knew how to function and take care of himself at the very least.

He efficiently set up his tent and cook some dinner—which was honestly just a fancy way to say that he heated up the canned foods Ron gave him and the other instant foods he brought with him.

He made a note to go buy some more ingredients when he stopped by a bigger outpost. Even though magical instant food was great and nutritious, home-cooked meals were even better.

He cleaned up himself and his stuff before he finally retreated into the tent to write his progress report to Hermione and went to sleep.


The next morning, as he crossed Rachsia Bridge, Harry met a kind old man who offered him a lift to cross Secullam Pass. He had to continue on foot again once they reached the intersection near the exit of the tunnel though since the man was heading south to Caem while he was heading for the outpost in Cauthess since that was the nearest path to Insomnia.

Apparently after Cauthess, he had to go to Kettier Highland, past Longwythe Peak, to Hammerhead, then through Ostium Gorge, follow the long road through the tunnel inside Heaven's Mountains, and cross the long bridge to Insomnia.

He sighed as he folded the map and stuffed them back into his bag.

He had a long way to go, still.

The road to Saxham was so relaxing though, he thought inwardly with a smile. The trees there were tall, shading the road ahead of him; the greeneries made the air felt so fresh, and there were birds chirping and twittering all around him, making feel not so alone.

His smile faded when he got reminded of Hedwig, but he quickly slapped his cheeks and shook his depressing thoughts away. He had to keep his positivity.

He was just finished stretching his arms up when a car sped by, almost hitting him. Cursing, he turned around to glare at the car when he noticed little bound hands poking through what should have been the rear lights, waving frantically, and Harry stopped in his tracks.

He blinked.

Wait a minute, he thought as his mind caught up to him. Little bound hands?!

Cursing, he ran after the car, but he was no match for its speed no matter how athletic he was. He panicked and took out his wand from its holster, wasting no time in throwing a freezing charm to stop the car, but it was too fast for even his spell to catch.

"Dammit," he grunted and took off his backpack.

He crouched as he rummaged inside to find his broom and immediately rode it, speeding after the suspected-kidnappers, not caring if anyone saw him flying.

When he finally caught up, a man came out of the left front window and shot him with his gun. He didn't expect that and the bullet hit his left shoulder, almost sending him into a nearby tree, but he balanced himself quick and dodged the other shots.

Hearing the man cursing as he reloaded his gun, Harry took the chance to take out his wand again and shot another freezing charm.

"Immobulus!" He shouted as he made the wand movement, sending the spell straight into the car. It stopped, but because of the suddenness of it the car careened off the road and slid down through the bushes into an abandoned warehouse nearby.

Shit, the kid!

Hoping the kid was alright, Harry immediately landed beside the car and dropped his broom to the ground to find cover behind some of the empty barrels when the men came out of the crashed car.

He narrowed his eyes, deciding if he should use his gun too or his magic, but in the end he decided he didn't have the stomach to shoot humans even if they're kidnappers. The gore the Rebellion caused was a bit too much for him. Even if he might end up killing them anyway, at least if he used magic there wouldn't be an explosion of blood and flesh if he used the right spells. He hoped that he didn't have to resort to killing though.

Taking a deep breath, he came out of his hiding spot and made a quick wand movement at the black-clad men.

"Incarcerous!" He shouted, and thick ropes materialized from thin air, binding the men's legs and arms tightly. They dropped their guns in surprise and he immediately went after them, unloading the cartridges and throwing them far away from where they couldn't reach.

"Bastard—" One of the men started to say, but he shot another incarcerous spell at their mouth so they couldn't say another word. Harry eyed them cautiously for any suspicious movements before he approached the car and inspect it carefully.

The little hand had retreated back inside, but thankfully he didn't see any blood on the outside so he hoped the kid was uninjured when the car crashed into the warehouse.

It took a while to figure out how to open the trunk, but when he finally managed to, a small leg tried to kick him.

"Whoa!" He exclaimed in surprise as he caught the leg before it hit his face.

The leg struggled and he heard the owner of said leg letting out a muffled scream as they tried to kick him away. Despite the alarm and having to fend himself against the kicks, Harry could make out that the kid inside the trunk was a little boy with dark hair and teary but defiant blue eyes.

Harry's heart immediately went to him.

"Shh, shh, it's alright! You're okay, kid. I got you, you're fine. They won't be able to hurt you anymore," Harry tried to calm the boy.

The boy ceased his struggle, but he still looked at him with hesitance. Harry smiled at him, not really sure on how to reassure a victim of kidnapping. Hesitantly, the boy allowed Harry to pick him out of the trunk and set him down on the ground.

"I'm going to remove the tapes, alright?" He pointed at the boy's bound hands and duct-taped mouth. The boy nodded tentatively and Harry took out the survival knife he bought in Verinas from its sheath on the back of his pants and carefully cut the tapes on his hands first.

He helped the boy remove the remains before they moved on to the ones on his mouth. He thought belatedly that he should have removed the ones on his mouth first, but oh well. It was done already.

"You're not a Crownsguard," was the boy's first words to him. He still looked wary of Harry, but he wasn't trying to run away.

Harry raised an eyebrow at his words. Was a Crownsguard something like a cop in this part of Lucis? He shrugged inwardly and shook his head to answer the boy.

"I'm not," he agreed. "Are you okay? Do you know these men?"

Harry gestured towards the bound men on the ground, writhing as they tried to get out of the ropes that bind them.

The boy shook his head and scooted closer to Harry, who apparently he deemed to be safe, to get further away from those men. His little hands—red and bruised, likely from when he was trying to bust the rear lights—was clutching his shirt tightly in a nervous gesture.

"I don't know them… they were pretending to be Crownsguards and came for me at school. They told me that there was an emergency at the Citadel and I have to come with them, but…" The boy said, his lower lip wobbling as fresh tears filled his eyes. "I shouldn't have listened to them…!"

The boy's words made absolutely no sense to Harry, but he immediately put his arms around him anyway when he saw the tears started to drip.

"Hey, it's alright. I'll help you get back home, okay? Don't cry," he cooed as he wiped the boy's tears with his sleeves. "What's your name? I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

The boy sniffled lightly before he nodded at him.

"My name is Noctis," the boy murmured softly as he wiped his eyes again. "Please help me get back to Insomnia, Mr. Potter."

Harry smiled reassuringly at Noctis and nodded at him before his vision went black for a second and he dropped down to his hands and knees, feeling unbelievably dizzy. It was when Noctis shouted his name with concern that he realized something.

Oh yeah, he had just been shot.

End of Chapter One

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