A/n: So this is a fluffy chapter. It's 100% the boys taking care of each other, playing around, and Warning: lots of sexy times. It's scattered throughout so I wasn't able to do the line breaks as it doesn't have clear cut starts and stops. I hope you like it! ;p


Izuku woke up in the back of a miniature limousine. Head throbbing, he pushed up and sat facing Nezu. The principal was sitting on a seat across from him with his back to the driver. He was watching Izuku, his beady eyes unblinking. The silence stretched. Izuku knew he should feel grateful. Nezu had trusted him enough to let him go on the undercover mission, and then he'd gotten Izuku out of jail. Not to mention, he was protecting him from the Institute. But — Izuku didn't feel grateful. He just felt empty. He was completely numb.

Forcing a smile, Izuku turned to look out the car window. The smile immediately fell as soon as his long, black hair curtained his face. They were driving up a winding road, trees and street lights blurring past. It was deep night and quiet. Just the hum of the tires on pavement.

"You did well with the commissioner," Nezu suddenly said, voice chirpy.

Izuku didn't turn his head or answer. He was literally running on fumes. The idea of a conversation right now was beyond him.

"I will do everything I can to have Eri transferred to UA."

That got him. Izuku's hand curled into a fist on his thigh. The numbness morphed into something heavy, making his chest feel tight. Oh god, Eri. What are they doing to you? As a wave of utter despair nearly sucked him under. His eyes were dry, but they ached. A defeated voice in his mind whispered, defeated, What's the point? What's the point of anything? Izuku bit the inside of his lip hard. He couldn't fall apart. Not in front of Nezu.

Nezu tilted his head, teddybear ears twitching. "Are you well, Midoriya?"

"Yes, sir." It fell flat. Izuku's voice almost perfectly monotone.

Nezu sighed. "Very well." He pulled out his phone, the screen casting a gentle light on his furry face, and began tapping away at it.

Izuku turned his attention back to the window, letting the whum-whum-whum of the tires fill his awareness. Let his head fill with static. Allowing no thoughts at all. Time distorted. When the car finally came to a stop, the headlights cut brutally through the black of night, illuminating rows of trees. They were in the woods. Izuku stepped out of the car and turned. The cabin stood before him, warm golden light spilling from the windows.

"Take the next few days to come to terms with your undercover experience, but I expect you back at school on Monday," the principal called from within the car.

"Yes, sir," Izuku answered robotically.

The short limo slowly drove down the road in reverse until Izuku was left alone in the dark. It was almost like he was floating. Izuku couldn't feel his legs or feet at all. Tilting his head up, he saw a blanket of stars. A cold wind played over his grimy skin and he shuddered, immediately making his way toward the cabin.

Before Izuku could even touch the door handle, the cabin door swung violently open. Kacchan filled the doorway. In a loose, black t-shirt and grey sweatpants, his hair was spikier and messier than normal. Dark shadows sat under his eyes and his face was twisted in a furious glare, but the familiar fire to the sharp, red gaze felt like safety. Izuku stumbled forward, right into Kacchan's open arms.

"I got you," Kacchan promised, holding him painfully tight.

Izuku went limp in his arms, suddenly shaking and gasping for air.

They stood in the entranceway for a long moment before Izuku finally locked his legs and stood on his own. Kacchan let him out of the hug, but his hands caught on Izuku's shoulders as he leaned forward, putting their eyes on level.

"What do you need?" Strong. Capable. Firm. Kacchan.

"Shower," Izuku gasped desperately, feeling like he was shaking apart. "Please. I need a shower."

Katsuki turned the water on hot while Izuku stripped. He was wearing Katsuki's black hoodie with flames on the bottom, jeans, and sneakers. The clothes were trashed. The hoodie was torn in places, one sleeve ripped completely off. The jeans and shoes were intact but were as filthy as the hoodie with blood, sweat, dirt, and whatever the hell else. It was clear Izuku had been wearing the clothes for a while, maybe even days. They stunk and fell stiff on the floor when Izuku peeled them off his body.

As Izuku's skin was revealed, Katsuki noted the bruises that littered the teen's torso and dotted his arms and legs. Izuku's eye was no longer swollen shut, but it was still bruised a deep black. Izuku stepped under the spray and immediately reached for a rag and soap. Katsuki cursed under his breath as the teen began to viciously scrub his arm raw. Shit, he was hurting himself. Quickly shedding his clothes, Katsuki climbed in next to Izuku.

"I'll do it," he said softly, taking the rag.

Katsuki began to firmly wash every inch of Izuku's skin. After each limb, he rinsed the rag, the drain swirling with dirt and whatever else, before re-soaping the cloth and starting on a new section. Izuku stood silent, head hanging, eyes distant.

As Katsuki knelt and began to wash Izuku's lower half, he began to shake almost as badly as Izuku. Fuck! He had to get it together. He couldn't fall apart now. Izuku needed him. So he shoved the nearly overwhelming emotions down.

Forcing himself to breathe deep and even, he kept his face angled so Izuku couldn't see the tears shimmering in his eyes and focused on his task. He meticulously washed every inch of Izuku clean, then forcing his expression as blank as possible, he stood and rinsed out the rag for the last time.

"I'll get the bath ready," he said, his tight throat making his voice gruff.

Izuku didn't say anything in answer. He stood silent under the hot spray, shivering.

Katsuki sat, dripping wet, on the edge of the tub and turned it on. Once he was satisfied with the temperature, he went back to Izuku. "Come here. Let me wash your hair." The words were spoken so softly, they were almost drowned out by the noise of the shower.

Katsuki tipped Izuku's head back so his hair was soaked before he squirted the fruity shampoo on top. His hands worked quickly, creating a small mountain of suds. As he rubbed his fingers firmly over Izuku's scalp, the teen finally reacted.

Slowly, almost hesitantly, Izuku's arms came up and wrapped loosely around Katsuki's waist. Katsuki carded his fingers gently through the shoulder-length hair over and over until all the soap had rinsed clear. He turned the water off and scooped Izuku into his arms bridal style. Izuku was heavy. It took nearly all Katsuki's strength, but it felt amazing to finally be able to hold him again.

Katsuki carried Izuku the few feet to the tub, and the teen moaned as he sank chest-deep into the hot water. Katsuki turned the water off before sitting on the edge, facing his battered boyfriend. It was still so strange to see Izuku with black hair and aqua eyes, but Katsuki was so fucking glad to have him back that he didn't give a fuck about anything else at the moment.

"I missed you." The words slipped out before Katsuki even realized he was going to say them.

Izuku looked bone-tired, but his lips still softened into a tiny smile. "… kacchan…" he whispered. His hand broke the surface of the water and reached for him. Never looking away from Izuku's eyes, Katsuki leaned forward to kiss Izuku's fingertips before turning Izuku's hand over to gently lay another kiss on his palm.

"Kacchan…" This time it was a plea.

Katsuki cupped the back of Izuku's head, cradling it gently as he leaned down to kiss him. With a sigh, Izuku's lips parted. They kissed, slow and deep, steam rising around them, until, breathless, Katsuki pulled back.

"I'm going to make you something to eat," he said softly, thumb gently tracing Izuku's cheek. "Rest here. I'll be back."

"Tired," Izuku whispered, heavy eyes closing.

"I know. But we need some food before we sleep. How about soup?"

Relenting, Izuku gave a soft, "Alright."

Katsuki watched Izuku settle more into the tub before quickly drying off and slipping his sweatpants back on. Padding quietly to the kitchen, he opened the pantry to see what kind of soup they had. Most of the cans at the front were vegetables, and, cursing, he had to practically crawl into the fucker to find the soups at the back. It took less than ten minutes to heat the butternut squash soup he'd found on the stove. Turning the stove off, he poured the soup into two large mugs and went to go get Izuku out of the tub.

Izuku was dozing, his head tilted to the side, his mouth slightly parted. Katsuki pulled the drain and got the teen on his feet. He quickly scrubbed a towel over Izuku's heat-flushed skin and hair before giving him a clean pair of light green sweatpants and an All Might t-shirt. Izuku was half-asleep as he followed Katsuki to the kitchen table, and he only got down half the soup before his head drooped where he sat.

"Come on, nerd. Time for bed." Katsuki pulled Izuku up and scooped him into his arms once more. Izuku curled into him, holding to his shoulders. Smiling, holding Izuku close, Katsuki carried him into the bedroom.

Once they were both under the covers, Katsuki pulled Izuku into his arms, letting the teen rest his head on his chest. Izuku went limp, passing out almost immediately, but Katsuki couldn't sleep. He lay awake, just listening to Izuku's slow, deep breathing long into the night. He only fell asleep when the sky outside the window began to lighten, the dark of the night behind them.

Izuku woke slowly. It was like coming up out of a fog. Blinking, he curled in closer to Kacchan's warm side. It was dark in the room. Was it still night? Rubbing his face against Kacchan's chest, he breathed in the almost sweet scent of his boyfriend. Izuku would have laid there forever if he could, but his bladder had other plans.

Wiggling out of Kacchan's hold, he slipped out of bed and padded quietly into the bathroom. It wasn't until he was washing his hands after using the toilet that reality hit him in the face. Izuku stared at his reflection in the mirror and had the most disorienting sense that he was looking at a stranger — or maybe the stranger was the truth and Izuku was the fake? Sweat beaded up along his hairline, his heart pounding a mile a minute in panic. Shaking, he shut the water off and violently turned away from the black-haired, aqua-eyed boy staring back at him.

"You okay?"

Gasping, Izuku looked up to see Kacchan leaning in the doorway. He forced a shaky smile. "Yeah. I'm fine."

Kacchan glared, expression fierce. "Don't fucking do that," he growled. "You don't want to talk about it, fine, but don't pretend you're okay when you're not. Not with me."

It was like cold water thrown in his face. The sense of disorientation shattered. Kacchan was the very definition of real. There was no more need for masks or lies or manipulation or strategy. Kacchan wouldn't accept anything less than the truth. Izuku was home. Trembling, he crossed the distance between them. Kacchan opened his arms readily and held him tight.

"Want breakfast?" It was Kacchan's version of forgiveness.

Izuku smiled. This time for real. "Yeah."

He followed Kacchan to the kitchen where the blond began to get out ingredients and put pans on the stove. Izuku watched as Kacchan pulled apart some ham that was sliced for sandwiches and shredded some kind of white cheese. Then he quickly chopped up some green bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomatoes, and some garlic before cracking some eggs. Kacchan was making omelets.

As the kitchen filled with the delicious smell of Kacchan's cooking, Izuku got out the dishes and set them on the counter by the stove for the omelets when they were done. Then he put some napkins and silverware on the table. Pouring them both a glass of orange juice, Izuku drank his quickly before refilling his glass and setting it on the table next to Kacchan's.

Finished setting the table, Izuku leaned his hip against the counter and just watched Kacchan. The blond moved gracefully as he cooked, his hair sleep mussed and ruffled, his expression one of concentration. As the window next to him softly, slowly, filled with the golden light of dawn, Kacchan took on an almost ethereal glow. Tears filled Izuku's eyes as his heart twisted hard in his chest, a sudden sob slipping past his lips. Kacchan's eyes immediately snapped over to look at him, his brow creased with worry.

"It's not fair," Izuku rasped through a tight throat. "That I get to be saved by you, but Eri…" He covered his face with shaking hands. "I promised we'd save her," he said brokenly. "I promised her."

"Hey." Kacchan slid his hand under Izuku's heavy hair and over the slope of his shoulder to grip the back of his neck. "You did save her. She's never going to be tortured by Overhaul again. You made that happen."

Izuku gripped Kacchan's shirt in tight fists, frustration burning deep at his core. "I know, and I'm glad, but the Commission took her! They're going to lock her away and experiment on her. It won't be as bad as Overhaul, but — She's still not free, Kacchan! I promised to save her, and now she's just in a different cage!"

Kacchan's grip tightened, pulling Izuku's head up so he could look into his eyes. "Then we'll just have to figure out how to save her for real."

Izuku's breath caught. He'd never seen Kacchan look so serious.

"It might not be today or tomorrow, but I swear, Izuku." Red eyes burned into him, anger and determination blazing in their depths. "We will save Eri."

Suddenly, it didn't seem so hopeless. Eri wasn't saved, but Kacchan was right. She was better off than before, and if Kacchan said they would save her for real, they would. Kacchan never broke his word. Izuku felt a huge weight lift from his shoulders. Izuku laughed through a fresh upwelling of tears and flung his arms around the blond.

Smiling, Kacchan tucked Izuku's black hair behind his ears. "Let's eat, yeah?"

Izuku nodded and wiped at his eyes with his shirt sleeve. He took his seat at the table and accepted the plate Kacchan handed to him. It was delicious, of course. Izuku's plate looked as clean as it had before the food had been put on it when he finished. He'd practically licked it clean.

"What time is it?"

Kacchan watched him carefully as he answered, "'bout seven, Friday morning. You slept almost twenty-six hours."

Izuku released a long breath. It was only Friday? That was better than he'd feared. "Nezu said we have to be back to class by Monday."

Kacchan scowled. "I don't give a fuck what Nezu wants. Is that what you want?"

Izuku smiled. God, he loved his boyfriend. "Yeah. I really want to get back to normal, you know?"

Expression serious, Kacchan's red eyes caught his. "What happened, Izu?"

Izuku took a deep breath. "I learned some stuff about Grim and the Institute and psychic quirks. It's pretty big, Kacchan."

Kacchan reached out to cover Izuku's hand with his. "Tell me."

So Izuku did.

They had a name now for the threatening shadow hanging over their lives: the Sapientia Institute. Apparently, it was founded back when quirks first appeared. It was government funded, but it still functioned as an independent entity. It's focus was obtaining, containing, and studying psychic quirks. There was more, too. So much more. About the yakuza hiding their psychics by using old-fashion tricks and the Commission for some reason agreeing to lie to the Institute about who Izuku was. Eventually, Izuku began to get hoarse, and Katsuki got up to warm water for some tea, never taking his eyes off of Izuku for more than a few seconds.

"I won't be able to hide from them forever," Izuku said grimly, accepting the mug Katsuki handed to him. "They've already figured out how to experiment on me during my visions. It's only a matter of time before they pin down who I really am."

"You said you have the Commission's support," Katsuki argued. "We'll figure something out."

Izuku's chin came up in that fucking stubborn look Katsuki knew so fucking well. Katsuki's hands curled into fists, knowing he wasn't going to like what came next. "Commissioner Raion's support. That doesn't mean the entire Commission. And I don't know how long that will last. He wasn't too happy about it, or happy with Nezu or me. I think I should approach them on my terms. Try to control the interaction as much as possible."

"Are you out of your mind?" Katsuki hissed, instantly enraged. "How in the fucking hell do you think you can control anything?! Once you're in their hands, it's fucking over, Izuku! They have a fucking arsenal of psychic fucking quirks! They'll brainwash you!"

"If I don't go, they're going to kill more people to experiment on me during the moon!" Izuku snapped back. "And they already said they'd make concessions if I went to them willingly. What if we made a deal? I can give them a few days a month or something in exchange for letting me continue at UA. They might even release Eri and Hana if I let them run their tests!"

Katsuki exploded to his feet. "This is Grim's fucking idea, isn't it?! He's fucking using you, Deku! Making you sacrifice yourself to get his kid back!"

"Kacchan." Izuku looked up at him, expression so fucking earnest. "I swear to you I'm not trying to sacrifice myself. And I'm not saying I should walk up and knock on their door tomorrow, but if we plan it right, I think we have a chance of limiting the danger. I think with your help and everyone else's, we can make this work. And once I'm inside, maybe I can figure out how they operate." He stared Katsuki dead in the eye. "They're stealing people. Children. Raising them like lab rats all because of the quirks they're born with. It can't go on. We have to stop it. No one else will."

Katsuki wanted to scream at him! Tell him it was a stupid fucking idea! Refuse to help! Instead, he forced the rage down and fell back in his chair with a scowl, crossing his arms. "Fuck. I know that. But why the fuck does it always gotta be you, huh?"

Izuku smiled and reached out his hand. Katsuki uncrossed his arms to grab it without thinking, linking their fingers. "I don't know," he said sadly. "I'm sorry, Kacchan. I couldn't do it without you, you know?"

Katsuki sighed. "The plan has to be airtight before you make a move."

Izuku nodded. "And don't forget we have Grim on our side. His quirk is —" He swallowed hard, awe striking across his face. "It's powerful, Kacchan. Like nothing I've ever heard of before. If he knows your name and knows what your face looks like, he can kill you. From anywhere, at any time." Izuku's expression suddenly became coldly ruthless as he met Katsuki's eyes. "That might give us some leverage if we really need it."

Shit. Izuku wasn't playing around. A sudden idea occurred to him and his gut tightened. "Does he know your name?"

"No. I told him he could call me Tsuki." Izuku bit his lip, his eyes dropping. "But I could. I don't know why, but he really wouldn't hurt me. He…" Izuku's voice became soft, sending a chill down Katsuki's spine. "He seems to really care about my wellbeing. This plan wasn't his. It was mine, and when I told him about it, he wasn't happy. He said he wasn't willing to sacrifice me."

Katsuki really didn't like the way Izuku talked about this fucker. "Why the hell does Grim care so goddamn much? 'He's yours. So that makes him mine.' The fuck was that shit, Izu? That sounds like crazy stalker shit."

"I know," Izuku said softly. His voice was rough, agonized. "I know, okay? I shouldn't trust him. I don't know him, not really. It could all be an act to make me dependent on him. Like Stockholm Syndrome. I know, Kacchan. But he can still be useful."

Katsuki said nothing, turning away from Izuku and grabbing the dishes. He needed a minute to think.

After the dishes were cleaned and after they'd gotten dressed, Izuku followed Kacchan into the woods for a jog. They started out slow, but before long, it became a race. Soon they were sprinting recklessly through the trees, leaping bushes and downed tree limbs. Izuku pulled on One For All to leap wider obstacles and heard the familiar sound of Kacchan's explosions as it thundered through the mountains. Izuku grinned as his legs pumped, gasping for air. Kacchan was running next to him, panting just as hard. The end of the woods was in sight and the peak of the mountain.

"FUCK YEAH!" Kacchan screamed, throwing his hands in the air as he leapt up onto the rock shelf at the top.

Izuku was only half a second behind him. He dropped and rolled onto his back, laughing breathlessly. "You" — gasp — "win" — wheeze — Kacchan's shadow suddenly fell over him. Sweaty and flushed with victory, a sexy smirk softened the blond's mouth. Crouching, he went onto all fours over Izuku's body. Izuku gasped for a different reason this time as red eyes practically burned into him.

"What is it that I win, Izu?" Kacchan asked lowly, smile widening.

Izuku swallowed hard. "W-What do you want to win?"

Kacchan bent his elbows and took Izuku's mouth in a fierce kiss. Izuku saw stars. Almost before he knew what was happening, Kacchan hooked Izuku's shorts off his hips and slid down his body. Izuku arched with a loud gasp as the blond sucked the head of his cock into his mouth. Izuku stared down at Kacchan with wide eyes, a moan slipping past his spit-slick lips.

Kacchan was beautiful. Blond hair standing in messy spikes, eyes bright with desire as they peered up at him from between long, blond lashes, his lips stretched tight around Izuku's length. Kacchan kept his hands pressed flat to the rock under them and began to bob his head, a growl working up his throat and vibrating straight through Izuku's cock.

"KACCHAN!" Izuku screamed, throwing his head back. Helplessly, his hips rocked up into that slick, hot mouth. Kacchan growled and rode the motion, flexing his powerful arms as he continued to push up and down, head bobbing faster and faster. "Kacchan!"

Izuku couldn't catch his breath. His heart beat hard and fast. His hands sank into coarse blond hair and fisted, slamming Kacchan's head down as his body arched up. With a scream, he came. Liquid lightning exploded through his body, leaving him gasping and limp on the sun-warmed rock, blinking stars out of his eyes.

"You good, Deku?" Kacchan asked, a laugh in his now raspy voice.

Izuku shivered and gave a dopey smile in answer. Kacchan leaned down to kiss him, and Izuku moaned softly at the salty taste of his own cum on the blond's lips.

"How is everyone in class?"

Katsuki looked over at Izuku. They were walking down the mountain, going much slower than they'd gone up. They weren't touching, but that weird feeling of synchronicity had wrapped around them. It linked them. Made them move instinctively before the other did, ensuring no more than four feet separated them at any given time. Izuku's eyes looked clearer than they had since he'd arrived. They caught and held Katsuki's, and despite the strange color, Katsuki knew him again. Knew the mind and soul that resided behind them as well as he knew his own.

"Where do they think I've been?" Izuku asked curiously, head tilting cutely.

"All Might took Todoroki, Glasses, Braindead, and that 1-B asshole up to the mountains. Said it was special training for those who didn't get their license. The teachers told everyone you're with them, so the class hasn't missed you."

Izuku's brow wrinkled with thought. "So we either gotta let them in on it and swear them to secrecy, or we come clean with the whole class."

Katsuki nodded. "Don't forget Cheeks, Froggy, Red, and Birdbrain. They were there at the raid and saw you. Mirio and that Third-year chick, too."

"It'll be dangerous the more people who know, especially with the Institute involved, but it's not fair if half the class knows what really happened and the other half doesn't."

Katsuki scowled. "I don't give a fuck about fair. We're here to win."

Izuku bit his lip, conflicted. "True. Well, Hitoshi, Eijiro, Shouto, and Ochaco will stand by us no matter what. Fumikage respects authority but not blindly, so I think he'd be on our side. But Monoma is a problem. He's too selfish and immature. He has it out for class 1-A. Me and you in particular. And I'm not so sure about Tsu or Tenya. They'll keep quiet if they're ordered to, but we're going to be challenging the Commission at some point. I don't know if they'll be okay with that."

Izuku's thoughtful rambling grew faster with anxiety. The synchronicity between them was broken, but Katsuki couldn't help smiling fondly at the nerd as he went on full steam ahead.

"As for the rest of the class, I think most would stand with us and agree that the Commission has some corrupt elements, but it will be hard for some of them. Then we have the Institute thrown into the mix. The more class 1-A knows, the higher the chance someone at the Institute will pick up on it with their psychic quirks, right? At the same time, if we're going to be working against the Commission, then they'll be targets just because we're in the same class, and they have a right to know what kind of danger they're going to be in."

The river grew closer. The sound of the wanter drowning out Izuku's muttering. Katsuki walked at his side peacefully, letting the nerd think. Then, once they were in just the right position, he lashed out, shoving Izuku right in the water. SPLASH! Katsuki laughed so hard tears rose in his eyes as Izuku came up spluttering. Izu's face was scrunched with an adorable glare that only made Katsuki laugh harder.

"You needed — gasp — to wash off — wheeze — anyway!" he said by way of defense.

Quick as a snake, Izuku sent a huge wave of water crashing over Katsuki with a One For All swipe. Katsuki sucked in a tight breath at the nearly ice-cold water drenching him. He wiped off his face to the sound of Izuku's wild laughter.

"Oh, you wanna play?" Katsuki growled and dove into the water. With a powerful pull and a kick, he swam up to Izuku and pulled him off his feet, sending the teen crashing back into the river. Katsuki broke the surface, laughing.

For almost an hour, they splashed and wrestled until they were breathless and gasping. Then, leaning on each other, they made their way to the bank where there was a soft patch of grass. Stripping their clothes off, they hung them on nearby branches to dry and flopped down naked on their backs. They lay still, catching their breaths and letting the sun warm their skin.

After a few minutes, Katsuki rolled on his side and propped his head up on his fist. "What'd you decide about the extras?"

Izuku rolled over onto his side to face him, mirroring Katsuki's pose. "We'll take it slow," he said. "We'll have All Might explain to the ones I was supposed to be with that I was on a secret mission and that it's imperative that they say I was with them if asked."

Katsuki nodded in agreement. "Aizawa already told the extras at the raid everything they saw, including you, is classified, so they won't talk about it. We can pull whoever you trust most aside and tell them the full truth, but we'll let the rest of the idiots in on everything only as things develop."

"Hitoshi," Izuku said softly, eyebrows tight with concentration. "And Eijiro, Shouto, and Ochaco. I trust them."

Katsuki met his eyes. "To know everything? Even the stuff that went down while you were with Grim?"

"I trust them to know everything we know about the Institute." Izuku looked away. "The stuff with Grim… That's harder…"

Seeing anxiety creep up into Izuku's expression, Katsuki leaned forward and slotted his lips along Izuku's bare shoulder. He sucked gently, teeth nipping, purposefully leaving marks. Izuku gasped before falling silent, his head falling to rest on his bicep. Katsuki hummed in pleasure and sucked another small bruise onto Izu's skin.

"Kacchan…" Izuku moaned breathlessly.

Katsuki smirked. His boyfriend was already gone. A glance down showed Izuku's cock was already hard and glistening at the tip. Izuku was always so fucking easy. Katsuki pushed Izuku flat and slid his mouth down Izuku's collarbone. Izuku lay limp, whimpering as Katsuki left a trail of hickies across his chest. Sucking a pink-pebbled nipple into his mouth, Izuku cried out a desperate, "Kacchan!"

"Mmmm?" Kacchan hummed.

Izuku moaned. "Feels good, Kacchan. Don't stop."

Katsuki had no plans of stopping. His hand slid down Izuku's body and his fingers gently ran up Izuku's cock just as he bit the teen's nipple almost hard enough to draw blood. Izuku yelped! His hands flying to Katsuki's hair and clenching. Katsuki came off Izu's chest with a grin.

"Too much?" he asked, husky, eyes heavy as he looked down at his panting, shivering boyfriend. Seeing him like this, it was enough to make Katsuki's cock throb. He hadn't cum up on the mountain, so he was about ready to burst already.

"No," Izuku groaned, hands falling to Katsuki's shoulders. Large, teary eyes stared up at him, pleading. "No, you know it's not. Love it. So much. Please, Kacchan? Please don't stop. I need it, Kacchan. I need you."

Holy. Shit. Kacchan practically dove back down to Izuku's chest, this time taking the opposite nipple into his mouth. He gripped Izuku's cock around the middle, his thumb swiping up from under the lip of the head to the tip over and over.

"Oh god! Oh yes! Kacchan!" Izuku was shaking now, crying out as he arched his chest up into Katsuki's mouth. Then, just from Katsuki sucking on his chest and thumbing his cock head, Izuku fell apart with a wild cry, clutching at Katsuki desperately.

Katsuki's cheeks burned red at the sight his boyfriend made, those aqua eyes wide and dazed, drool gathering at the corners of Izu's mouth, hard muscles shivering with white cum splattered over his abs, both nipples fat and bruised. With a groan, Katsuki grabbed himself ready to burst, but Izuku's heavy hand stopped him.

"Not yet," Izuku rasped, watching him. "You can hold it, can't you, Kacchan? You're so amazing. I know you can do it."

"The fuck, Izu?" he demanded, growling and pissed off.

Izuku smiled sweetly. "Remember how good it felt? When you finally came? This'll be like that. I'll get you there, Kacchan. Trust me. It'll be amazing."

Katsuki glared down at him. "Then why the hell do you get to keep cumming all over the damn place?"

Izuku hummed and reached forward to gently run a finger over the tip of Katsuki's erection. Katsuki tensed, the ghostly sensation striking through the core of him. "I cum easy, so I think for me, it's the other way. I read about it, you know? If a guy cums too much, he'll cum dry. Supposed to be amazing. I wanna try that. Want you to make me cum again and again until I can't anymore." His eyes glinted up at Katsuki, and even though they were aqua in color, that look was 100% Izuku. "I wonder how many times you can make me cum in one day, Kacchan."

Katsuki's heart pounded in his throat, blood roaring at the challenge. He instantly wanted to know that answer himself, but he also knew that every orgasm Izuku had would be one he'd be denied. And, fuck, as much as it would hurt like hell, Izuku was right. Katsuki was really fucking into it. With muttered curses, he pried his hand off his throbbing cock.

The smile Izuku gave him was worth a dozen orgasms, anyway. Not that he'd tell the nerd that. Needing to win, Katsuki smirked, slow and dangerous. "You're on, Izu." Smile turning even sharper, Katsuki leaned down, voice low and seductive. "And I think you need another one right now. It looks like only half your chest is covered in my marks. Gotta fix that."

Izuku's eyes went wide as he stared up at his boyfriend. "N-Now?" he squeaked. His cock was soft and spent after two mind-blowing orgasms in as many hours, but as Katsuki nosed his head to the side and began sucking on the other side of his chest, it twitched.

"Kacchan," he gasped, and then he closed his eyes on a groan as his still tender cock began to slowly fill. Oh lord, what had he done?

Sparks fired under his skin as Kacchan diligently sucked bruises down his collarbone. He was painfully erect by this point, and his fingers tangled in Kacchan's hair once more, scratching softly at the blond's scalp. Just when Izuku thought Kacchan would suck his sore nipple into his mouth again, the blond moved down his abs instead.

Izuku gasped as those beautiful lips skimmed down his sun-warm skin. Every time they came close to the dried cum splattered there, Izuku held held his breath, but Kacchan didn't lick it up like Izuku expected. Instead, he worked around it.

"Oh my god! Kacchan!" Izuku's heart thundered as he realized what his boyfriend was doing. He was leaving an outline of bruises to mark where the cum had splattered his skin! It was more long-lasting evidence of the pleasure that Izuku had felt at Kacchan's mouth and hands.

Once he was finished, Kacchan lifted his head, devilish grin on his face, eyes glinting. "Let's see how good you are at coloring inside the lines, Izu," he purred, his palm pressing firmly down on Izuku's throbbing cock.

Izuku blushed hot in shocked embarrassment, but he couldn't help spurting a little at the idea. Kacchan's low laugh only made him burn hotter.

"That's it, Izu. Always so good for me," he purred. "Open your eyes. Watch me."

Izuku forced his eyes open, breathing hard and fast, his heart thundering wildly in his chest. Slowly, never breaking eye contact, Kacchan stood his dick up and then dragged his tongue over the tip. Izuku's whole body twitched, bruised nipples throbbing hard, heat coiling deep in his gut.

"Fuck," Izuku groaned, eye wanting to roll up in his head, but Kacchan had told him to watch.

Sharp teeth flashed. "That's right. Get that sweet little mouth all dirty for me." Then he dragged his tongue over the weeping crown, swirling it around the tip, before licking it slowly again.

A high-pitched whine escaped Izuku. He'd never felt so strung tight. He was already on the edge. It as almost terrifying how fast the blond could bring him to the edge. Tears gathered in his eyes as he held Kacchan's hungry gaze. "Kacchan… Please… Kacchan…"

"I'm right here." Kacchan licked him slow. "I've got you." Another lick and lazy swirl. And, oh god, Izuku was going to die! "You can let go, Izu. I'll catch you," the blond promised.

Then he began to lash Izuku's cock head with his tongue in fast, hard strikes, Izuku's body jolting with pleasure, arching off the grass. Kacchan's mouth hung obscenely open, his tongue flickering quickly. The blond's cheeks were nearly as red as his eyes. He was gorgeous and erotic and perfect, and Izuku's cock felt like it was coming apart! Izuku flung his head back and SCREAMED!

When the world faded back into focus, Izuku lay completely boneless, his body vibrating. Katsuki was on his side again, head propped up on his fist as he watched Izuku. He looked like a satisfied cat, eyes lidded, lips curled into a small smile. He gently brushed Izuku's hair from his face. "That's three," he said smugly.

Izuku laughed. He didn't know if this game would be more torturous for him or for Kacchan, but it was going to be so much fun finding out!

Ever since the river, Katsuki had been half hard. He could practically feel the tension buzzing under his skin. It was uncomfortable, but the burn was kinda nice, too. Folding his arms on the counter, he bent and laid his head on them as he watched Izuku make sandwiches for lunch. Izuku had pulled his long, black hair back into a low ponytail to keep it out of his face. It made him look older somehow. Made Katsuki want to bend him over the counter and grip all that hair in his fist. Fuck! He was rock hard, and it fucking hurt like a bitch!

Katsuki wasn't as sex crazy as some teens were. Sure, if Izuku was in the mood, he could get Katsuki there, but left to his own devices, he could go weeks not thinking about sex at all. Most of the time, he was perfectly happy with just hanging out with the nerd or sleeping next to him. But sometimes desire would hit him hard and fast. He'd feel half-crazy, like if he didn't get Izuku under him, he would explode, and not in a good way. Like at the camp. He wasn't far from that edge.

"I hated you going undercover without me," he heard himself say, voice rough and low. He'd wanted a distraction from the constant stream of sex-need-Izuku runningthrough his head, but that had not been what he'd thought would come out of his mouth.

Izuku paused, halfway to the table with their plates. His eyes locked on Katsuki. The laser-like intensity to that look was overwhelming. Why the fuck did it make his cock throb? Eyes going unfocused, he confessed in a hoarse whisper, "Couldn't think worth a damn. Couldn't sleep. Couldn't eat. Only Red could handle talking to me. Knew I was being stupid. Couldn't help it, though. Drove me crazy not knowing what was happening with you. Longest fucking week of my life. Felt like a fucking year, swear to god. And having to stand there while they fucking cuffed you. Fucking dared to put that fucking collar on you."

Katsuki shuddered. He shoved away from the counter and paced away. Rage burned under his skin, making his palms slick with sweat. Izuku put the sandwiches on the table and came to him, wrapping him in a tight hug.

"I'm sorry, Kacchan."

Katsuki stood rigid in his arms. "I trusted you to come back. And you did. But if you hadn't." He pulled away so Izuku could see his face. See how fucking serious he was. "I'd have gotten you out. I wouldn't have left you in jail. Woulda blown the building to hell if I had to. I'd have fucking busted you out of the Institute, too. You know that, right?" he demanded hotly, suddenly needing to know if Izuku got it. Did he really understand how far Katsuki was prepared to go for him?

Izuku smiled. It was both sad and happy. "Yeah, Kacchan. I know." Then he cupped Katsuki's face, his expression becoming just as fierce. "I'd come for you, too. No matter what, Kacchan. I'd come for you."

And Katsuki believed him. A lopsided grin cut across his face. "So long as it's clear." Gently knocking their foreheads together, he pulled away, suddenly embarrassed. "Thanks for the food," he said, gruff, taking his place at the table.

Smiling, letting him change the subject, Izuku sat next to him. "It's only fair. You made breakfast."

They didn't talk while they ate. Katsuki was grateful for that. He was still trying to find his balance.

"It's almost like a dream."

Katsuki looked over. They'd just finished their sandwiches, and Izuku looked… lost, almost. "What was?"

"When I was Tsuki," Izuku clarified. He still hadn't met Katsuki's eyes. "I feel like I'm waking up from a dream." Confusion flitted across his expression. "But it felt so real."

Katsuki felt his heart rate pick up. "It's your ability to compartmentalize," he admitted. As soon as Izuku had told him Ivy's diagnosis months ago, he'd done as much research as he could. "It's part of your quirk. It's what protects you. Without it, you would have gone insane feeling all that pain from dying so many times."

It also meant that Izuku was very high-risk for identity issues. It was why going undercover was especially risky for him, but also why he was so fucking good at it. Izuku was generally so grounded, so it wasn't a huge concern, but Katsuki hadn't forgotten the pitfalls of this particular protective instinct of Izuku's. And ever since the deprivation pool, Katsuki was even more on alert for dissociative symptoms that could mask trauma. It's why he was working so hard to ground Izuku now. To pull him fully back into himself. But if Izuku became too consciously aware of the process, of what his mind was doing, would that help or exacerbate the dissociative feelings? Katsuki didn't know, and Izuku was looking at him now. The quick intelligence behind his eyes flashing.

"You're saying I, what? Compartmentalized what Grim wanted to see?"

"Think about it," Katsuki said carefully. "You've trained your observation skills to the point most of it happens instantaneously down at the subconscious level. You were probably picking up cues and reflecting back the pieces of your personality that Grim responded positively to."

"So I manipulated him." Izuku bit his lip, guilt clear in his expression. "I mean, I know that's what I was doing. I framed the visions a certain way to make him want to help Eri. And I always felt… careful about what I said. What I did. I was trying to keep my identity as Izuku from 1-A a secret. That was the whole point of changing my hair and eyes. But… It felt real. I didn't feel like I was lying to him at the time, Kacchan."

Katsuki didn't like tone in his voice. It was too vulnerable. Too shaken. "Izuku, it's not a lie, exactly. Filtered or not, it's still your parts of your real personality that you let bleed through. That's why it's so dangerous. Because it's real, just not the whole reality."

Izuku shook his head, distressed. His breath came fast and shallow, his eyes wide.

Katsuki scowled. "Come here." He pushed back his chair and pulled Izu toward him. With a firm tug, Izuku was made to straddle Katsuki's thighs, facing him.

Teary-eyed, Izuku sniffed, "Kacchan?"

"I need you to listen to me," Katsuki said firmly. "You didn't do anything wrong. You were trying to save my life and Eri's. Grim didn't do anything he didn't want to do. You're not Braindead. You don't have a quirk that lets you control people's thoughts or actions, so that's not on you. Grim made his own choices. We all do. You can't keep feeling responsible for that. And you're not a liar, either. With Grim, yeah, you weren't completely honest, but that was smart! You were keeping things close and being careful. You weren't there to hurt Grim or trick him. You were trying to save lives. You're a hero. That's your job. That's who you are." Katsuki sighed and rested their foreheads together. Softly, intensely, he said, "I know you, Izu. You don't have to be scared that you'll get lost in Tsuki or anything else. I'll never let you forget who you really are, okay?"

Izuku sniffled softly and relaxed against his chest, arms winding around Katsuki's neck. "Kacchan… Thank you…"

The absolute trust and love in Izuku's eyes as he said those words was enough to rip Katsuki's heart out. Katsuki cupped his face and kissed him. Tenderly at first, but then Izuku moaned and slid forward flush against him, his arm holding tighter as he opened his mouth for something deeper. Katsuki complied, kissing the life out of him, holding him tight to his chest. When they both grew lightheaded from lack of oxygen, Izuku pulled back, flushed and breathless.

"You know… This reminds me of our first time." Voice dropping, Izuku stared down into Katsuki's eyes. "Do you remember? It was last year. I got jealous of Nana. You called me stupid and said we were boyfriends for the first time. I was so happy I flung myself in your lap, crying."

Katsuki's heart began to beat faster as the memory rose in his mind. Izuku smiled, knowing Katsuki was remembering that moment in full detail. He rocked his body forward, slow and teasing. Katsuki's hands tightened on Izuku's hips in reaction.

"You kissed me and grabbed my hips just like that," Izuku continued, voice low and husky with desire. "You pulled me flush against your body and ordered me to rock against you. Clothes still on and sitting at a kitchen table just like this, we got off for the first time together."

Katsuki groaned. Curling forward, he slotted his lips along the corner of Izuku's jaw and bit him softly.

Izuku moaned, his head falling back as he began to roll his hips harder. "It was so amazing, Kacchan," he panted breathlessly. "I'd never felt like that before. The only thing I wish —" He broke off sharply as Katsuki growled and planted his feet, rocking up to meet Izuku's thrusts. Izuku's arms tightened around him, a sweet cry falling from those sinful lips. "Kacchan!"

"What do you wish?" Katsuki growled, the chair squeaking and sliding across the floor as they rocked their bodies.

"I was too nervous - ah! - to watch your face." Izuku tanged his hands in Katsuki's hair, holding on for dear life as Katsuki thrust up against him faster. "I wish I'd watched you! Wished I'd seen it! So beautiful, Kacchan. So pretty. Love you. Love you so much! AHHH!" Izuku arched dramatically, almost falling off Katsuki's lap.

"Shit. Not yet. Izu. Fuck!" Katsuki groaned, bitting his lip hard. Sweat dewed his face, rolled down his neck, as he rocked his hips desperately against Izuku's now limp body. Fuck! He was so fucking close!

"Wanna see it," Izuku slurred softly. "Just a little longer."

"No," he growled. His balls were so tight they fucking hurt! Breathing hard, he fucked his hips up as hard as he could, but Izuku was too pliant, not giving him the friction he needed. "Izuku!" he hissed, hands clutching bruisingly tight on the teens hips.

Izuku caressed his face softly. "Please, Kacchan? Don't cum. Not yet. Hold on. For me. I know you can do it."

"FUCK!" Katsuki shoved Izuku off his lap. The teen just barely managed to stay on his feet. It hurt deep in his gut. His hands began to shake so he curled them into fists. Damn it all to hell, he needed to cum! "Get the fuck away from me, then," he snapped, rage burning bright and hot at being denied. Again.

"Okay, Kacchan. Imma take a shower," Izuku said softly, a smile stretching his lips.

Katsuki flung himself to his feet as soon as Izuku was out of the kitchen. He was hard, and it fucking hurt! Hands fisted, he slammed them into his thighs a few times as he paced. "Fuck. This better be fucking worth it. Damn it!" He wasn't calming down. The image of Izuku wet and naked under the shower wouldn't leave his mind. "Fuck this shit!" Katsuki stormed out of the kitchen and slammed the front door behind him.

After his shower, Izuku went to look for Kacchan. He smiled as he found him outside in the front yard doing yoga. He was gorgeous: topless, skin glistening with sweat as he moved fluidly into challenging poses, muscles flexing. Izuku was tempted to join him, but he so rarely got to watch Kacchan so openly like this. Feeling more relaxed than he'd felt in a long time, Izuku sat on the front steps to enjoy the show.

God, Kacchan really was beautiful. The way he balanced all his weight on his hands, elbows bent in a pushup pose, his arms rock steady without even a hint of a wobble. One leg was stretched under his body in a simulation of a high kick, the other stretched out behind him creating a counterbalance.

He watched, enraptured, as Kacchan smoothly dropped onto his forearms instead of his palms as he pulled his legs gracefully in toward his body and then up over it. The arch in his back was gorgeous as he bent his knees, letting his feet drop to rest on the top of his up-lifted head, his body creating an O above his bent arms.

After a minute of stillness, Katsuki unfolded, almost like a blooming flower. He pressed up into a handstand, arms straight and strong as he swung his legs gracefully down, stretching them straight out before him around his strong arms, framing them.

"That wasn't nice, Deku."

Izuku jolted out of his daze. "What?"

"In the kitchen." Kacchan was in profile. He didn't bother to turn his head to look at Izuku, still holding his pose. "Rubbing against me like that. Not letting me cum." He brought his legs down to the ground, shifting his weight onto his shins as he came up on his knees. He turned to look at Izuku, eyes heavy and lidded. "I think you owe me an apology."

Izuku swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. "W-What do you want?"

"You like watching me," Kacchan said easily, bending backward in a backbend while still on his knees. "I like watching, too."

Instantly, Izuku blushed. "You mean…?"

Eyes dark and sultry, Kacchan ordered lowly, "Touch yourself. I want you to cum just from watching me do yoga."

"Kacchan… " He'd already cum so many times. Izuku wasn't sure he could cum again so soon.

"Try. For me." Kacchan came out of the back bend and got gracefully to his feet, facing Izuku. "Would it help inspire you if I were naked?"

Izuku about choked on his spit as Kacchan easily stripped out of his loose yoga pants and stood naked on the lawn. He was gorgeous. His body was warm and limber, every muscle etched and defined. Kacchan bent his leg and grabbed his foot before extending it high above his head and holding the pose. Of course Izuku's eyes were drawn to his half-hard cock hanging thick and exposed between his legs. It was ruddy with blood, his balls hanging slightly swollen. It looked painful and delicious. Izuku's mouth watered at the sight, and his own cock twitched as he imagined how good it'd make Kacchan feel if he took him into his mouth right now.

"Touch yourself for me," Kacchan ordered, low and seductive.

Izuku's hand went into his pants without thinking. He shivered, his cock tender from the dry friction from earlier, but he could practically feel Kacchan's eyes on him, burning against his skin. Izuku whimpered and slowly feathered his fingers over his length.

"I can't see," Kacchan complained.

Blushing bright red, Izuku shimmied his shorts down his legs. He was now in full view of his boyfriend. His cock twitched at that, beginning to fill. It was red and irritated from all the activity, but Izuku still groaned in pleasure at the touch.

Kacchan made a purring noise and pulled his leg behind him, the knee bending as he leaned forward. He reached up and grabbed his foot that dangled a foot above his head. Izuku watched as Kacchan's cock hardened fully, dark and tight against his abs. "That's it, Izu," the blond purred, watching him intently.

Izuku was fully hard now.

"Lick your hand. Get it nice and wet," Kacchan ordered. He slowly dropped his leg, standing. Then, bending his knees slightly, he drew one leg up, hooking a foot behind the bent knee. Lifting his arms, he wove them above his head. His cock stood tall and thick from the bowl of his lap, the tip glistening.

Eyes never leaving Kacchan, Izuku distractedly spat in his palm and licked his fingers until they were wet enough, then he gripped his cock. He sucked in a breath. It hurt, but that wasn't going to stop him. He began to rub up and down.

Kacchan hummed. "Good, Izu. That's right. Keep doing that." Giving Izuku a sultry smile, he asked, "What pose do you want to see? Call them out, Izu. Wanna get you there."

Izuku's eyes widened at this new element. His heart began to beat faster in his throat. He shuffled through the dozens of poses he knew, imagined Kacchan in them naked, and said, "One-legged King Pigeon II."

Kacchan obediently dropped to his knees. Gracefully, he slid forward, one leg pulling back at an angle. The knee bent, the foot coming up into the air. Kacchan arched back, letting his head come to rest in the cradle of his foot, his hands grabbing his ankle for stability while the other leg was out before him in a lunge position. His weight was perfectly balanced on his front foot, firmly planted, and his angled back knee. The pose stretched his torso and flexed his abs. Kacchan's cock jumped before stilling, the centerpiece.

Izuku had to swallow the drool that gathered in his mouth. "You're so beautiful," he gasped, his hand working faster. "Wanna taste you. Want you in my throat."

Kacchan laughed, low and sexy. "I'd fucking love that. You wanna come over here and suck me off, Izu?"

Izuku moaned. He really wanted to! But — "Not yet, Kacchan." Cheeks hot, feeling naughty, he said slyly. "But I bet you could. Plow pose."

Kacchan straightened and looked at him, one eyebrow raised. Then he laid flat on the grass. Leaving his arms straight against his sides, he tensed his abs and slowly curled this body up so that he was straight in the air, weight resting on the back of his shoulders. Then, legs straight, he folded at the hip, so his feet came down over his head. His flexed toes touched the ground. His cock hung, heavy and long, pointed straight at his face. It was a foot above him, but the idea of Kacchan sucking himself off was still there. Izuku was panting now. He was close to the edge.

Kacchan was breathing heavy from the exercise and excitement. "Mean, Deku. Always teasing me," he rumbled, red eyes cutting over to him. "You almost there?"

"Y-Yes," Izuku gasped. "F-Fish pose."

Kacchan obeyed, unfolding and dropping his body back down between his arms. He lay flat on his back, he tilted his head toward Izuku to watch and slowly, slowly, began to arch his back. His chest came off the ground. Then his head lifted, tilting back, so only the crown touched the ground. Izuku watched, breathing hard, his hand sliding easily now as more pre-cum slicked his palm.

It looked like a massive invisible hand had grabbed Kacchan's torso and began to lift him, the blond's head and arms hanging. The dramatic arch was erotic as hell, especially as Kacchan moaned low and loud, eyes never leaving Izuku. It looked like Kacchan was in the midst of a powerful orgasm, and for the first time, Izuku imagined himself between Kacchan's legs — Imagined what it would feel like to press into Kacchan's tight, limber body — Imagined Kacchan arching up underneath him just like that —

With a sudden cry, Izuku curled forward and came. Barely anything spurt out, only a little cum dribbling over this fist, but the pleasure rocked him to his core. He was suddenly crying as his whole body pulsed and shook apart. Kacchan was there instantly, his arms wrapping around Izuku. He stroked Izuku's hair, his own breath coming fast.

"So good for me. Shit, I love you so much. That was amazing. You're so amazing, Izuku."

Izuku melted into that embrace, shivering as sharp pleasure continued to rocked through him. Kacchan kissed him, slow and deep. When Izuku finally went still, he realized it wasn't just him shaking. Kacchan was trembling, his breath still coming hard.

Cracking his eyes open, Izuku said, "Kacchan?"

Kacchan didn't answer. Simply shook his head hard.

Izuku pulled out of his arms, frowning, to look at him.

Kacchan was kneeling completely naked, one hand braced on the porch. His cock was hard, blood red and swollen up against his stomach. Cum trickled from the tip, but he hadn't orgasmed. Not yet. Not completely, but he looked like he was barely holding on. The tension in his face, the sweat beading on his brow and upper lip, the way his muscles trembled — It took Izuku's breath away. Heart twisting in his chest, Izuku fell in love all over again. The blond's self-control was almost superhuman.

"Kacchan…" Izuku breathed in awe, stars in his eyes. He gently stroked his love's cheek. "You're so amazing, Kacchan."

A shiver wracked the blond's form. Roughly, his voice almost sounding like it was being torn from him, he rasped, "What the hell were you thinking that made you cum like that anyway?"

Izuku swallowed hard, his cheeks immediately flaming red. "I, uh… I imagined…" His voice sank to a tentative whisper. "That I, um, was pushing into you. That you were, uh, arching like that underneath me."

Kacchan sucked in a small breath. "Fuck."The word was guttural, almost tortured, and to Izuku's complete shock, instead of being angry or disgusted, Kacchan's eyes blazed with desire. Tears beading on dark blond lashes, a look of utter desperation filled Kacchan's face. "Fuck, Izuku. Please. No more. I can't."

Time froze. Izuku was completely struck to his core as he looked into Kacchan's begging eyes. Something deep and hungry and completely consuming roared out of him. He tackled the blond, riding him down to the grass, slotting his body between Kacchan's legs. Izuku reached down, dragging Kacchan's trembling thighs up and slipping his arms under them, hooking the blond's knees on his crooked elbows.

"I've got you, Kacchan. I've got you."

Bending forward, Izuku drank in the soft whimpers Kacchan was making as the blond's control finally shattered. Oh my god, Kacchan was sobbing. Izuku's vision tunneled on Kacchan's gorgeous face as his love lay trembling and vulnerable under him.

"You're so amazing," he whispered in utter awe. "I've never seen anything so beautiful, Kacchan. Look at you. God, so fucking pretty like this."

He crowded the blond, folding him in half, pressing close. Kacchan's cock was hot and slick! Izuku could feel it against his lower stomach. Hitching Kacchan's legs up higher, getting more leverage, Izuku began to rock, forcing his abs to drag hard and deliberate against Kacchan's weeping cock.

Kacchan was beyond words. His mouth moved, but only desperate little sounds came out. His eyes were wide, completely blown and locked on Izuku's face. A soft pop went off, bruising and burning Izuku's shoulder. Quickly, Izuku grabbed Kacchan's wrists and pinned them to the grass. He began to thrust harder as Kacchan began to fall apart.

Izuku's senses sharpened — Kacchan was shaking against him - their bodies sliding slickly from sweat and pre-cum - the sun beating down on his back - ears ringing with sound of Kacchan sobbing-gasping-whimpering under him — Then it happened. With twin explosions erupting from his palms, Kacchan screamed!

The blond arched underneath him, his legs spasming as far open as they could go within the cage of Izuku's arms. The blond's expression went rigid, eyes twisted closed, locked in ecstasy. Kacchan came so hard it splattered the underside of Izuku's jaw and fanned delicately across Kacchan's lips and cheek.

The picture of Kacchan — mouth hanging slightly open, drool slipping from each corner - eyes wet and trusting and so far gone with pleasure - face flushed and tear-streaked, completely slack - hair a dark blond with sweat and disheveled - hands crackling softly, fingers curled loosely in the grass — would be etched in Izuku's mind forever.

Izuku felt tears burn his own eyes at just how breathtaking he was. He kissed Kacchan's slack mouth over and over, softly, tenderly, and stroked Kacchan's sweaty hair and face, telling him over and over how amazing he was, how beautiful. Izuku's heart felt swollen. He could hardly breathe around the pure love that burned there.

Eventually, Kacchan's breathing quieted. He curled his arms heavily over Izuku's shoulders and pulled him close. Izuku cuddled him, kissing his cheeks, his eyes, the corner of his mouth. Kacchan tucked his head under Izuku's chin, still soft and pliant and warm. Izuku almost felt shattered at the protective instinct that roared through him.

"Let's get you cleaned up and into bed. It's nap time," he coaxed softly, still stroking his hair.

Kacchan gave a hum. Izuku took that for approval and pulled gently on One For All. With the quirk-boost, he easily lifted Kacchan in his arms bridal-style. Kacchan didn't protest, only curled closer to him, and oh my god, Izuku was going to die from how cute he was.

Cradling the blond ever so carefully in his super-powered arms, he carried Kacchan inside.

Katsuki woke just as light kissed the sky, making it blush pink. They'd slept through dinner and straight through the night. Well, he had, anyway. Body feeling heavy and languid, he turned onto his side. Izuku was sound asleep, long hair fanned over the pillow, breathing slow and soft. A wide smile slipped onto Katsuki's face. Everything was quiet inside him. Not even a hint of anger, no racing thoughts. Perfect stillness.

He watched Izuku sleep for some time before the teen stirred, rolling instinctively toward Katsuki, draping an arm over Katsuki's waist. Aqua eyes fluttered open, and Izuku mirrored his smile. "Morning," the sleepy teen whispered, pulling Katsuki in and kissing him softly.

"Morning, nerd." Katsuki reached up to card his fingers through Izuku's hair. "Ready for breakfast?"

"Not yet," he complained, tucking his head under Katsuki's chin.

"Yeah, okay." Katsuki curled his arms around him and closed his eyes. "Just a little longer, then."

Of course, that was when the sound of his phone's ring cut through the air. Katsuki and Izuku sighed almost simultaneously. Huffing a laugh, Katsuki twisted until he was half hanging off the bed to snag his phone from where it sat on the charger against the wall. Caller ID read: Aizawa.

"Hey, you still alive?" he asked as he curled his arms around Izuku again. The phone was on speaker on the pillow between them.

"I've been released," Aizawa's dry voice came through the speaker. It was clear he thought he should have been released a long time ago.

"What's the damage? You look like mummy man again?"

Aizawa snorted. "From only two bullet wounds? Hardly. Nezu said you'd both be in class by Monday?"

"Yeah, we're good to go," Katsuki assured him.

"Actually," Izuku spoke up. "Why don't you pick us up and take us to All Might and the others? We have to explain things to them since you said that's where I was."

"I was going to suggest that, actually," Aizawa admitted. "How are you, Midoriya?"

Katsuki studied Izuku's face, and it was 100% truth when he answered, "I'm fine. Really. Kacchan knows how to take care of me."

"I know," came their teacher's response. "I'm going to expect a full report when I get there."

Izuku didn't seem to mind that. He smiled, "Thank you for coming and doing all this for us, Aizawa-sensei."

"Get some more rest. I'll be there by noon," Aizawa answered, brushing off the gratitude as Katsuki knew he would.

Katsuki reached up and ended the call. He bumped their noses together before kissing Izuku's lips. "Ready for breakfast? We missed dinner."

"Only if you bring it back to bed," Izuku said with a fake pout. "I'm not getting up until Aizawa's banging on the door."

Katsuki laughed and dipped down for another kiss. "Sounds good to me."

Chapter end.

A/n: So lots of love in this chapter and reconnecting. I wanted it to be perfect and show how much they love each other. How'd I do? :)