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Road Trip

Izuku watched through a haze of confusion as Kacchan, Shouto, and Hitoshi grabbed two duffle bags they'd found in the closet and began to stuff them full of clothes and everything they could take from the bathroom.

"I don't understand," he said as he was gently pushed aside for the third time. "We can talk to Grim. We don't have to leave, Kacchan. Where are we going to go? We shouldn't leave. We can work this out, Kacchan."

Suddenly Kacchan was standing before him, his hands grabbing Izuku's shoulders. "I'm leaving," he said, voice hard as he stared right into Izuku's eyes. "You coming or not?"

Izuku's stomach dropped at that. "Coming," he said without hesitation. Was that even a question? Where Kacchan went, Izuku would follow. He just didn't understand why. He couldn't seem to focus, everything felt like it was going too fast, spinning out of control, and made him feel dizzy and sick.

Hitoshi lifted a still sleeping Eri into his arms. Two stuffed duffles were shoved at Izuku and he fumbled them. He got the straps over one shoulder just as Kacchan wrapped a hand around his waist to help him walk. Izuku limped dazedly down the stairs. Shouto took point, his hands and arms free, his gait smooth, clearly ready for a fight.

Why were they fighting? Tears streaked Izuku's cheeks. He didn't want to leave his brother. They'd just found each other!

Their group carefully crossed the torn up floor and around the large hole in the center, the smell of smoke still lingered in the air. Grim stood leaning in the doorway, his arms crossed, his expression forbidding. Izuku winced as those dark eyes settled on him before Shouto shifted and blocked Grim's view.

"Move," Shouto said coldly.

"I'm not going to stop you." Grim uncrossed his arms and walked past Shouto, coming to stop in front of Izuku. "Are you sure this is what you want, Tsuki? You'll be vulnerable out there."

Izuku stared back at him, teary-eyed. He didn't know what to say. Didn't know what was happening. Why couldn't he think straight? "I…"

"I wouldn't have killed the puppy," Grim suddenly insisted. "It was just a warning."

Izuku's blinked at him. What?

"At least take the car. There's a bag of money in the backseat. I also put a wallet in the center consul. It has a credit card you can use. It also has a card with all my contact information." He turned and faced Kacchan, holding out the key. "You can get rid of the car later if you want, but don't leave on foot. It looks like snow is coming."

Izuku looked over at Kacchan beside him. He was glaring, his lips curled in a sneer.

"Please," Grim said, and it was clear it wasn't a word he used often. "I just want my brother to be safe."

Kacchan took the keys.

A black four-door car was parked by the door. Kacchan helped Izuku into the backseat with Hitoshi and Eri. Shouto took the passenger seat next to Kacchan.

"Do you know how to drive?" the white-haired teen asked.

"Do you?" Kacchan answered, scowling. "It's not rocket science. I'll figure it out. Looks like an automatic, at least."

Izuku stared out the window at his older brother. Grim stood just outside the door to his inn, watching them leave. "He said Kacchan's name, didn't he?"

"First name. It made him collapse for a few seconds," Shouto answered from the front seat.

"He also drugged you so that he could get to Eri without interference," Hitoshi added, tone neutral. "He made her use her quirk to turn back time on his daughter, to back before the Institute had her. When Eri's quirk went out of control, he shot her in the thigh with a tranquilizer. She still hasn't woken up."

Izuku felt a wave of sadness wash over him. His head was clearing. He remembered now. He'd taken a sedative; it's why he was so foggy. A strong one, apparently. It had worked, though. If he'd had visions, Izuku didn't remember them.

He put his hand on the glass of the window. His older brother meant well, but he'd been twisted by his upbringing. Kacchan was right. They couldn't stay. If they did, they'd get pulled deeper into the web Grim couldn't help spinning.

The car started up and Izuku flung the door open and ran back up the steps into Grim's arms. Grim looked surprised and delighted, but it didn't last.

"If you ever kill him, I will never forgive you," Izuku promised, voice low. He pulled back so Grim could see the depth of the insanity in his eyes. "I love you, brother, but you better kill me next, because I will stop at nothing to destroy you if you take him from me."

"I told you," Grim said softly, not looking away. "I wouldn't have done it. I was just trying to get him to back down."

Izuku sighed and softened. He hugged him one last time. "We may not be able to live together, but I'm going to visit when things settle down, okay? I love you. Be safe."

"You, too, Tsuki," Grim whispered in his ear, turning to kiss the side of Izuku's head. "You'll always be welcome here."

Izuku nodded and stepped away. He quickly returned to the car, shutting the door firmly behind him.

Eri didn't wake up until almost lunch time. She sleepily admitted her thigh hurt when Izuku asked, yet you couldn't tell from her expression she was in pain. Showing she was hurt only got her more pain with Overhaul, not sympathy, so she'd learned to hide it and just accept it as normal. Izuku swallowed down rage and gave her a sweet smile.

"We'll make sure it feels better soon, okay? Are you hungry? Kacchan's looking for a restaurant now."

Eri nodded and clung to him. "Okay."

They ended up three hours away at Gusto. It was a cheap family restaurant that was open 24 hours. Eri was terrified at first. The restaurant was pretty popular and it was lunch time, so it was crowded, but once they were in a booth with Eri in between them, she began to relax and look around with curiosity. Izuku took her to the all-you-can-drink bar where she curiously and timidly tried every flavor soda and juice they had. She ended up liking apple juice the best.

"It's so sweet that you and your friends brought your sister out for lunch," the waitress told Shouto as she brought out their order. "She's so cute!"

Izuku shot Shouto a look, hiding a smile.

Shouto had applied the make-up Aiba had given him to cover his scar, so his face looked smooth and scarless under his all-white hair. One eye was a soft grey, the other a bright teal blue. He was undoubtedly beautiful. Model-worthy, really, so it was was no wonder the waitress was red in the face. Eri, with her white hair and cute face, looked similar enough to be his sibling. Those two got the most attention, the waitresses and hosts directing all their questions to them. It made sense. Kacchan and Hitoshi looked intimidating, and Izuku was so normal in comparison as to be invisible, which was more than okay with him.

Kacchan's hair was still dyed a red-gold, long on top and shaved at the sides, and he had on all his piercings. Hitoshi was just as intimidating with his black, short mohawk and dark circles under his lavender eyes. Izuku's hair and eyes had returned to their a dark green color as the month-long, color-alteration quirk finally wore off. Short, round-faced, and freckled, he was easily overlooked compared to his more striking friends.

"Thank you," Shouto said with a slight incline of his head.

She smiled, cheeks warm with a blush, and quickly headed away.

Izuku watched her practically run to her friends and the three waitresses began to giggle. "You're pretty popular," he teased his friend.

Shouto looked confused by this. "I don't understand. They don't even know who my father is."

"It has nothing to do with your father," Kacchan snorted. "It's because you have a beautiful face. They want to date you."

Izuku pouted, inside cracking up. "You think he's more beautiful than me, Kacchan?"

Kacchan wasn't fooled. He could see the sparkle in Izuku's eyes. "You have other assets to make up for your plain face." The look he gave Izuku was molten as his eyes slid down Izuku's body.

Izuku blushed. "Shut up," he muttered, a smile tilting up his lips.

"I think Kacchan's the most beautiful!" Eri pipped up. She looked up at the temporary red-head in clear adoration.

"I agree," Izuku grinned, seeing Kacchan's cheeks and tip of his ears turn pink. "Sorry, Shouto. Kacchan's got you beat."

"Eat your fucking food and shut up," Kacchan growled, throwing a fry at Izuku's face.

It all started when they drove past a sign promoting a new aquarium the next day. Kacchan asked Eri if she'd ever been and her answer was an expected 'no', but then Shouto and Hitoshi also said they'd never been to one. Izuku shared a look with Kacchan as they realized they had three abused kids in the car who had never seen the world. They both nodded almost simultaneously.

"This will be fun," Kacchan said lowly, his jaw set as if for battle. "You're about to see the shit out of this aquarium."

After they paid for five tickets, Izuku made them stop immediately in the gift shop before doing anything else. "Okay!" he said with a bright smile, holding up the five disposable cameras he'd bought. He handed one to each of them. "Take pictures of things you want to remember, okay?Let's go!"

"They're so beautiful," Shouto said in awe. They were surrounded on all sides by tanks as big as a building. Blue, shimmering light filled the room and fish, sea animals, sharks, and other things swam around them in graceful patterns.

Katsuki wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "Yeah… It is…"

With his free hand, he took the disposable camera from his jacket pocket and snapped a picture of Izuku holding Eri about ten feet away. Izuku was pointing to something in the tank, rattling off facts. Eri listened with wide, bright eyes. A little past them stood Hitoshi. The teen was staring up at dozens of jellyfish, his expression filled with wonder.

"Thank you," Shouto said quietly, leaning into his friend.

"Don't thank me yet. We aren't finished," Katsuki answered with a smirk. He pulled away and gestured down the path. "This is only the first exhibit. I told you we're going to see the shit out of this aquarium! Come on, losers! We got more fish to see."

In the end, they spent a total of six and a half hours at the aquarium. They saw all the exhibits, watched three shows, including the light show at the end, and had every traditional park food they could buy. Hitoshi bought a jellyfish hat, Eri a stuffed dolphin half her size, and Shouto bought a t-shirt with a penguin sliding down a glacier.

"We've only just started," Katsuki promised with a sharp grin.

Izuku mirrored his grin. "We're going to go on the best road trip ever! We're going to see everything you guys missed growing up!"

Shouto, Hitoshi, and Eri shared wide-eyed glances.

Izuku jerked up-right, a scream tearing from his throat. Kacchan wrapped him in his arms, his voice deep and soothing. Izuku panted and cried, looking around the motel room blindly. They left the bathroom light on and the door cracked just for this reason, so Izuku could get his bearings when he was woken with night terrors. Eri, Shouto, and Hitoshi were in the next bed over and they gave him worried looks.

"I'm okay…" he panted, sweating and heart thundering. "Go back to sleep…"

They shifted around to do just that and Izuku slowly calmed, his heart still jack-rabbiting in his chest. Kacchan practically lay on top of him, and Izuku practically burrowed under him.

Katsuki saw a sign for a local farmer's market and parked. They walked two blocks and found the streets roped off. Eri stared around at the booths in wonder. There was everything between food and drink peddlers, soaps, flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, wooden carvings, jewelry and so much more.

"What is this?" Eri asked with wide eyes, taking the bright red thing on a stick that Katsuki held up to her. She still didn't feel safe in a crowd, so she was sitting on his shoulders.

"It's a candy apple," Katsuki answered. "Try it. You like apple juice so much, you might like this."

"Here, Hitoshi. Share mine with me." Izuku handed one to their friend. He gave Shouto a bright smile. "You can share with Kacchan, Shouto!" he said, handing the second one over to the white-haired teen.

Katsuki watched Hitoshi and Shouto share a look before they bit into the candied treat at the same time.

"It's delicious!" Eri cried, her expression filled with wide-eyed delight that mirrored Hitoshi and Shouto's.

Katsuki shared a victorious grin with Izuku. Hell yeah. They were killing this shit.

The next day Katsuki pulled over at a protected forest for a hike. It was nearing winter, so they practically had the forest to themselves. It was peaceful and quiet. The trees were beautiful. Katsuki felt himself relax completely. Eri collected pretty stones and flowers. Hitoshi and Shouto just took everything in, letting the peaceful atmosphere settle in. They'd never been exposed to nature like this, and when they saw the sunset from high up on the mountain, Shouto felt tears fill his eyes. Izuku slipped his hand into Shouto's, his own eyes glassy, and Shouto held it tight, grateful beyond words for his friends.

They stayed until true dark had fallen. Laying in the grass, the trees whispering around them, they stared up at a blanket of stars, and this time it was Hitoshi who grew emotional.

"There's so many…" he whispered tearfully. "I never knew…"

"It feels like I could almost hold them in my hand," Eri agreed, curled up tight between Katsuki and Izuku. She reached her hand up as if trying to scoop some out of the sky into her hand.

"At the end of spring, beginning of summer, there are these little bugs called fireflies," Katsuki told her. "They light up like little dancing stars and you can catch them."

"Will I see them one day?" Eri asked, a painful hope in her voice.

"Definitely," Katsuki promised, holding her tighter.

Their next stop was a famous Karaoke Bar. Izuku showed Eri how to bang the tambourine to the beat, and she was delighted with her job. She couldn't read to follow the lyrics on the screen, and she didn't know any songs, but she began to learn a few as they sang a couple kids songs a few times. They were almost out of time, when excited and happy, Izuku took the microphone next.

"The last one's for Kacchan!"

Eri clapped, lips curled in an almost smile that she wore almost everyday now.

Izuku selected the song, shot a grin Kacchan's way, and leapt up onto the coffee table between the two bench seats.

"Izuku!" Kacchan snapped, saving the dishes.

"I love it when it's looooud!" Izuku ignored him, rocking his hips. "I love it when it's big! You can feel it in the crowd, come on bang dem sticks!"

Hitoshi and Shouto stared at him like he was crazy, but Eri was flushed with wide, amazed eyes.

"I said I love when it's looooud. I love it when it's big. Cause you can feel it in the crowd. Come bang dem sticks!"

Izuku crouched and came slowly back up, shimmying his hips as he lifted the hand not holding the mic up above his head as he rapped the next few lines. As the chorus came up, the words slowing, Izuku pretended to drum at the air in front of him.

"I gotta thing for dummers. How the beat shakes up my heart. I gotta thing for drummers, so baby show off all dem tricks and bang dem sticks." Izuku spun and rocked his hips, winking at Kacchan, flushed and grinning like a fool. "I said I love it when it's loud. I love it when it's big. Cause you can feel it in the crowd. Come on bang dem sticks."

Izuku crouched again rocking his torso back and forth as the song transitioned into a faster rap. "Triple it, triple it, all that shit. He looking so good when he bang dem sticks. He can do the paradiddle with a little bit of samba. And all the girls, I want your drummer's numba."

Izuku jumped the distance between the table and the booth, making Eri squeal as she bounced at his impact. He danced and shimmied over and around them. "And he could play all night, whatever gets you hyped girls, whatever gets you high. Cause ain't nobody got a drummer like mine. He can bang dem sticks, he can throw dem high, c'mon."

Izuku stepped between Kacchan's thighs, making him spread them or get stepped on and rocked side-to-side. "I gotta thing for drummers. How the beat shakes up my heart. I gotta thing for drummers. So baby show off all dem tricks and bang dem sticks!"

Kacchan had enough and pulled Izuku down hard into his lap. Izuku screamed with laughter as Kacchan tickled him mercilessly. Eri squealed and jumped on him, too. Kacchan switched his attack to the little girl and Izuku joined him. Soon Eri let out her first real laugh.

"Are you really a drummer, Kacchan?" she asked, breathless, smiling a real smile. "Can I see?"

High on triumph, being the one to instigate her first real laugh, Izuku immediately complied. "Of course! Let's find a music store!"

They found a big one about an hour away. Kacchan sat at the demo-drum set inside and got to work. Soon customers were gathered around, clapping and cheering. Eri sat on Izuku's shoulders, the biggest smile on her face as she cheered Kacchan on. Of course, Kacchan couldn't resist showing off for a crowd and went all out until he was dripping sweat. Finally tired, he flung the sticks down and got up, ruffling Eri's hair.

"Can you show me how to do that?" Eri wanted to know, stars in her eyes.

"Sure," Kacchan answered with an easy shrug.

That led to them buying a portable kids beginner electric drums. They were four flat circles a little wider than your lap that you could practice beats on with small sticks. There were speakers at the bottom that made drum sounds. Eri was over the moon and wouldn't put it down even though it was almost half her size. Izuku climbed into the back with her and Kacchan as Shouto took the wheel and Hitoshi took the front seat.

She banged on her practice drums with Kacchan's instructions for the next three hours until Izuku, almost a little desperately, said it was time to eat and that the drums couldn't come into the restaurant with them. Shouto and Hitoshi looked relieved at this, but Kacchan just gave him a sadistic grin. Eri's new favorite instrument was Izuku's fault after all. Izuku stuck his tongue out. He didn't regret it; his ears just needed a break, is all.

Katsuki got up from the table, eyes on Izuku's back as he headed for the bathroom. "I'll be right back." He shot Shouto a meaningful look. Shouto nodded firmly. He'd watch things out here.

Katsuki waited for Izuku to open the stall door before pushing him back inside. Green eyes wide, Katsuki gave his boyfriend a sharp-toothed smile. "You got a thing for drummers, huh?" he growled. "Anyone I should be worried about?"

Izuku blushed, but he grinned back. "Maybe," he said coyly. "You know of any hot drummer's I could hook up with?"

Oh, Katsuki was going to mess the nerd up.

He crashed their mouths together, working both their pants open as he kissed Izuku breathless. When Izuku was good and dazed, he turned his boyfriend around so he was leaning over the toilet, his hands pressed to the wall. One hand covered Izuku's mouth to muffle his moans as the other wrapped firmly around Izuku's dick.

"You feel so good, Izu," he moaned into his boyfriend's ear as he rocked against the round globes of his perfect ass. "Gonna get you off. Gonna make you all wet between your legs and then I'm gonna fuck you right."

It didn't take long for Izuku to gasp against Katsuki's palm and arch his back, filling Katsuki's hand with his cum. Katsuki immediately slicked up Izuku's inner thighs, gripped Izuku's hips, and slotted his dick between his legs.

Katsuki fucked him hard, just like he promised. Izuku had to brace his shaking arms hard against the wall, his head bouncing with each thrust forward. With a whine of overstimulation, he squeezed his hard thighs together, tightening around Katsuki's pounding cock.

"Kacchan…." he sobbed, eyes wide and dazed, tears streaking his cheeks. "Don't… stop… Ka… chan…"

Katsuki licked and bit at the back of Izuku's neck, nipping at his ears, as he panted and growled, chasing his own release. Izuku came again, his arms collapsing. Katsuki's hands clamped down on Izuku's hips hard enough to bruise and hauled his ass back against him as he kept fucking him hard.

Seeing Izuku hanging almost limp, strings of drool falling from his mouth, completely wrecked, pushed him over the edge. Katsuki bit out a rough 'fuck!' as his cock burst. With a groan, his hips stuttered as fireworks went off behind his eyes and shot down every nerve in his body. Pleasure rolled through him, warm and sparkling, his nipples diamond hard, his head swimming with it. He almost dropped Izuku, but he managed to twist them around and sit heavily on the toilet with Izuku in his lap, his thighs fucking dripping.

"So fucking good," Katsuki panted, pressing kisses to Izuku's damp neck.

"Kacchan…" Izuku rasped, breathless. "Kacchan…"

Katsuki grinned. "That's right, Izu. Keep saying my name. Fucking look at you. So fucking pretty." He reached down to spread Izuku's thighs. His dick, balls, and thighs were fucking soaked with their combined cum. "So fucking gorgeous."

Izuku blushed hotly and pressed his face into Katsuki's neck. "Kacchan…"

"Wanna fuck you again. Wanna get you messy all the way up to your nipples." He twisted the little nub in his fingers.

"Kacchan!" Izuku gasped, his soft cock twitching.

The sound of someone coming into the bathroom made Katsuki sigh. He sucked a warm patch onto Izuku's neck and bit at his ear. "Next time, Izu. I'll fucking wreck you. Fucking bathe you in cum."

Izuku whimpered and Katsuki grinned. He carefully maneuvered out from under Izuku, letting his boyfriend sit loose-limbed and satisfied while he cleaned them up. He couldn't help dropping kisses on Izuku's sweet cheeks and lips as he worked.

"I'm the only fucking drummer you'll ever need, Deku," he said cockily once they were both zipped up and set to rights.

Izuku smiled a dopey smile. "Yeah. You really are."

Katsuki smirked. "Give it a minute and follow me out." Then he slipped out of the stall.

Katsuki reached for Izuku as crying hit his ears. His boyfriend tended to have at least one nightmare a night, but at least this one didn't sound as bad. Wait… He sat up, the soft sound of crying coming from further away than right next to him. It was Eri.

Slipping out of the bed, he went over to find Eri curled up between Hitoshi and Shouto, tears soaking her face, her sobs nearly soundless. Neither teen had woken yet. Katsuki reached over Hitoshi and picked Eri up, pulling her into his arms.

"Bad dream?" he asked in a soft, sleep-rough voice as he carried her over to his and Izuku's bed. They didn't normally let her sleep with them. Half the time Izuku woke flailing. He'd already busted Katsuki's lip a few days ago.

She nodded, pressing her wet face into the crook of his neck.

Katsuki got back in bed, taking the middle. He turned on his side, his back to Izuku, and put his arm over her. "What happened?"

"O-Over…" She choked on the name. "He took me back," she admitted in a small whimper.

Katsuki sighed and brushed her hair off her sweaty forehead. Her horn was getting longer, but it wasn't four inches yet. They still had some time. "Overhaul is dead," he said firmly. "He can't hurt you any more."

"Are you s-sure?" she asked fearfully, whole body trembling.

"I'm really, really sure," Katsuki promised. "I kicked his dead body myself. He's really gone for good. And even if he wasn't, I'd kick his ass all over again if he came anywhere near you or Izuku. I never lose, remember?"

Eri sighed and curled into his chest. "Promise?"

"Promise," he assured her. "I'll bring the thunder on anyone who tries to hurt either of you. Now try to go back to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow."

Hitoshi was the most excited for their big screen adventure. Izuku had found a theatre with one of the largest screens in the country. The theatre itself was massive with two separate lobbies with massive concession stands. It also had a full restaurant with a bar and a small arcade. They'd played a few games, Kacchan beating them at all of them, before heading to the nearest concession stand. They got armfuls of popcorn, candy, and soda and made their way into the theatre showing a new animated kid's movie called Moonlight Thunder.

The movie was a bit boring, but the soundtrack was amazing and so were the graphics. Especially the two fight scenes toward the end. Hitoshi and Eri were entranced. Shouto wasn't as impressed, but he'd enjoyed it.

"I wanna be a hero like Kacchan and Thunder!" Eri exclaimed. She put her hands out and made exploding noises. "Fear my thunder!"

"Oh, trust me," Izuku grinned. "People definitely fear your thunder." He elbowed Kacchan in the side.

Kacchan grinned and swung Eri up to sit on his shoulder. "Damn right. They better be afraid! I'll thunder anyone who messes with you." He held his free hand up and made a small explosion that was more boom than fire.

About a dozen other kids all squealed and looked around, calling for Thunder.

Kacchan snickered, leaving a trail of smoke in his wake.

"I want to see The Last Ninja next," Hitoshi insisted, eyes gleaming.

Izuku laughed. "Okay." He looked up at the movie board. "There's another kid's movie. A Christmas one. They start only half hour apart, but end about the same time. We'll split up. Kacchan?"

He shrugged, making Eri bounce and giggle on his shoulder. "I'll go with the brat. You three can see the other one."

Eri looked thrilled with this and squeezed Kacchan's head in joy.

"I will also go with you," Shouto said evenly. "I do not like action movies."

"Meet at the arcade afterward," Izuku suggested.

They all agreed and split up.

They weren't fifteen minutes into the movie before Hitoshi gasped and grabbed Izuku's forearm. Izuku smiled fondly at his friend and leaned into his side, giving him his arm. When the ninja dropped silently down from the ceiling behind a bad guy and cut his head off with a fast and sudden 'snick' Hitoshi jumped, spilling some popcorn across their laps. Izuku bit his lip to smother a laugh.

"I wanna be a ninja," Hitoshi said in awe as they were walking out.

Izuku couldn't hold it in any longer. He burst out laughing. "Well, you're not far from it. Aizawa-sensei is pretty close to being a ninja himself, and you're learning to fight like him, right?"

Hitoshi nodded in agreement, eyes still a little wide.


Izuku grinned as he saw Eri waving wildly from Kacchan's arms. He waved back. "Eri-chan! Did you like your movie?" he asked as soon as he was within range.

She nodded and reached for him. Izuku took her happily, settling her on his hip. "Kacchan said we can have Christmas! It's exactly one month away! Did you know?" she exclaimed excitedly, practically yelling in his ear.

Izuku smiled fondly. "No. I didn't realize. That's sounds fun."

"How was The Last Ninja?" Kacchan asked as they headed for the exit.

"Amazing," Hitoshi enthused. "I'm gonna be a ninja when I grow up."

Kacchan lifted an eyebrow, smirking, his piercing glinting in the the light of the setting sun. "Oh yeah?"

"What's a ninja?" Eri wanted to know.

"Basically Aizawa-sensei," Izuku answered with another laugh.

"And a sword," Hitoshi agreed, eyes still wide. "And throwing stars."

Eri had no idea who Aizawa was, but she knew what a sword was. She frowned. "Thunder sounds cooler," she said loyalty.

Izuku covered his mouth to hide his snickers as Hitoshi immediately began arguing, describing all the cool things a ninja could do. Eri argued back, saying Thunder never lost and beat all the bad guys. Kacchan cut in adding to Eri's argument, much to the girl's delight, so Izuku had to take Hitoshi's side, his mouth stretched in a wide grin as the arguments became simultaneously more heated and ridiculous.

Katsuki came awake as something hit him hard in the side. He defected the fist away from his ribs and rolled, pinning Izuku to the bed. Izuku's face was tight with terror, tears soaking his cheeks as he whimpered and fought whatever it was in his nightmares tormenting him. His quirk activated and Blackwhip snapped around Katsuki, lifting him up and over the bed, squeezing hard enough to make his ribs creak.

"Izu…" Katsuki gasped. "It's just a dream." He turned his hands and made them crackle and pop. "Deku!"

Izuku jack-knifed upward, his hands raised to defend his head. He was gasping for air, his eyes wide as they darted around the room. Hitoshi and Shouto were sitting up, watching from the other bed. Eri sat between them, watching with sad eyes.

"It's okay Izu-chan. It's just a bad dream, and dreams can't hurt you when you're awake," she told him.

Izuku sobbed, Blackwhip retreating back into his body as he let go of his quirk.

Katsuki landed on top of him and immediately wrapped his arms tight around him. "It's okay. I've got you. You're okay," he promised, holding him tight.

Their next stop was a zoo, and it was clear Shouto was becoming obsessed with penguins.

"Do you think I could pet one?" he asked longingly as he watched the penguins waddle around and jump in and out of the ice cold water in their habitat.

Izuku shot him a sly glance. "If you ask with Eri-chan in your arms, I bet they say yes."

Shouto looked down at Eri who looked back at him with wide eyes. She immediately lifted her arms. Shouto nodded and picked her up, heading toward the closest zoo worker. Izuku whipped out a new disposable camera to take pictures.

"Izu-chan! Kacchan!" Eri cried, smiling wide as she ran back to them. "Did you see me?" She crashed into his legs, her fuchsia eyes bright with joy. "I fed the penguin a fish!"

Izuku swept her into his arms. "I saw! I even took pictures!" He gave Shouto a big smile. "You both did great!"

Shouto blushed and looked away, but he was smiling.

Katsuki scowled as he pulled on the suit Izuku had picked out for him. He stepped out of the dressing room, arms crossed. The smile Izuku gave him almost made up for having to put the thing on.

"Looks amazing," Izuku said factually. He came up to run his hands down the front of the jacket. A quick look around showed him no one was looking and he placed a quick kiss on Katsuki's cheek.

The sound of a curtain sliding open had him turning and a smile reluctantly tugged up his lips. Eri stood in a pale pink dress that was poofy but not ridiculous. She looked perfect.

"You look amazing, Eri-chan!" Izuku said happily, taking her hand and leading her to the wall of mirrors. "What do you think? Do you like it?"

Eri stared at herself for a long minute. "I… I look like a princess."

Izuku grinned, his eyes meeting Katsuki's in the mirror. "You really do."

She swayed, making the skirt make a swishing sound. "Can I really have this?"

"It's yours," Izuku promised and looked over as Hitoshi and Shouto also stepped out.

"Wow!" Eri said, smiling. "You look like princes!" Then her eyes caught on Katsuki. "Kacchan! You're so beautiful!"

Izuku laughed and Katsuki scowled at him.

"Shut up, nerd."

Katsuki hated the formal clothes. He hated how uncomfortable they were. But the ballet was totally worth it. He reached over and linked his fingers with Izuku's as he watched the demonstration of athletic grace on the stage. Izuku let his head fall onto Katsuki's shoulder in the dark of the opera house, and Katsuki never wanted it to end.

As they walked back to their hotel for the night, Eri danced ahead of them, jumping and doing awkward little twirls and kicking her legs. Her smile was wide and her eyes were bright. She even jumped at Shouto, making him catch her and hold her up above his head like the dancers. Shouto obliged, spinning her around. Hitoshi, a rare smile on his face, turned and leapt at Izuku without warning, but Izuku's reflexes were fast. He easily caught the teen and lifted him up with a bright laugh. Eri was almost laughing too hard to hold her pose.

Grinning, Katsuki took a quick picture with the disposable camera. Yeah, he could totally get dressed up for this.

Chapter end.

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