Yo Sorry for being gone for so long. My job took me to Europe for a few months. Still here, I have a bit more time on my hands. I've read up on the sacred gears. The rule and origins of sacred gears are so vague that I'll be mixing some Fate noble phantasm rules. I might write a another crossover with fairy tail and A Certain magical index, but that's a big project so it's far off. I might write a smaller akame ga kill one or a Fate one. Well it's not much, but I hope y'all enjoy.

First day of School Part 1

Natsu woke up at the crack of dawn. He got up and started to prepare for school. He looked down at the items that made the jump with him to this world. There were only two. He had left his scarf to Wendy, before he had left to face acnologia in the space between time.

The first was a plain silver locket that his brother had left him. Inside was a painting of his mother and father alongside himself and Zeref. I don't know why zeref left this to me after I landed the killing blow, but I'll keep it. It just feels right, one last tie to earthland. Natsu put the locket around his neck. It felt so small and cold compared to his scarf.

Next was a black ring nothing special, but it was lisanna's engagement ring. I know your gone, but I still miss you with all my heart. I'll make sure that the lives you valued keeps burning bright, even if I can't get why. Natsu put the ring on his right ring finger.

Natsu walk to the fridge and opened it to find it empty. That's right I eat all the food for dinner last night. It was good, but this thing doesn't hold much.

Natsu walked back to put on his school uniform. It didn't take long to change, but he remembered to wrap the bandages around his right arm and chest. His hand was scared black by the savage flames of the end. His skin missing from the just above the elbow down and the muscles showing. His chest and torso were littered with scars of old fights.

Ms. Smith told me to cover up my scars, apparently it might scare some people. I don't know why scars are nothing to be ashamed of, Well whatever I'll go along with it.

Natsu head out the door with a bag fill of books. I skimmed through them, they all made no sense. Just a bunch of numbers and stories of the past, not to mention the one filled with a pictures of body parts so damn weird.

Miss Smith had given him a list of trains to take in order to get the the academy. Natsu shuttered about the thought of riding multiple trains. No way in hell, the map is easy enough to read I'll just run there it's only a few miles, nothing really compared to my workouts.

Natsu started to jog down the streets, he followed the increasing number of kids with uniforms similar to his. He failed to notice that he was generating a gale that knocked them over all as he jogged. Leaving a trail of disoriented high schoolers in his wake.

It didn't take him long to get th the school. But something caught his attention. The were multiple barriers surrounding the school.

Seems like they not meant to keep people out, more like an alarm of some sort. But what's the trigger, I'm not good with these complex types of magic. I only know a bit because gramps and Freed tried they're best drill into my head how to ID and break barriers. Man I wish I had paid more attention.

Natsu look at the barriers and manged to ID the primary one as an energy detection. Anyone with an abnormal amount or specific type of energy would set it off. The others were too complex for him, but at least he might be in the clear if he lower his energy levels. He focused and walked thought the gate.

Nothing happened, no alarms or guards rushing arrest him. It was a bit unsettling, but the fact the there was magic here when no one he'd met had any magic was odd.

" Hello would you be Mr. Natsu Strauss. " a voice asked breaking him from his train of thought. Natsu look at the girl that spoke and looked her up and down.

She was about his height with long black hair, with blue glasses over her eyes. Which were a bit odd her left eye was purple and her right eye was light brown, she didn't seem to be all that special, but he had been a fighter long enough to know better.

She carries herself with a caution masked by a shy quiet demeanor. She's trained in some martial arts and weapons. Wait ! She's not really hiding it, but this faint magical power is demonic in nature. Her smell is similar to the etherious too.

Then this school is under the control of demons these must be theirs barriers. I have to wait all these kids around us, thing will get bloody if I start anything.

" Yup I'm natsu and who the fuck are you. " Natsu growled.

" I am Tsubaki Shinra vice president of the student council. I am here to escort you to the student council room to speak with the president. Please follow me Strauss-san " she said ignoring his hostility and turned and walked toward the main building.

" Hey at least wait for me damn it. " he huffed chasing after her.

Tsubaki lead him to a room with a large table with chairs surrounding it. At the head of the table sat a girl with bobbed black hair and purple? eyes with red glasses.

She's a sharp one, her eyes are scanning me looking for all the info I can give her. She's a devil for sure. Her energy is different from tsubaki, it's pure and she has more. Definitely stronger but still nothing compared to others I've faced. I should keep my guard up demons are never up to any goo-

" Are you listening to me Mr. Strauss or are going keep glaring at me. " The girl snapped.

" Huh? What? R-Right I'm sorry what did you say. " Natsu stutters.

Damn it so much acting tough.

" I'll start from the beginning then. Pay close attention or you will face disciplinary action. Understand Mr. Strauss." She said.

" Yeah Whatever. " he huffed.

" I see you have an attitude. I'll make you change that. As I was saying. I am Souna Shitori the student council president of Kuoh Academy. " Sona informed him.

" First and foremost I welcome you to this school. I'm certain that you'll find it to be an excellent opportunity to build one's future. "

She stated and continued.

" Furthermore Today you will be taking a series of aptitude tests to gauge your current level of education and Fitness. "

" I see anything else I need to know Souna. "

Natsu asked.

" Yes please refer to me as president. I have will not have such familiar terms to be used. "

She retorted.

" Gotcha Souna. " he said leaving the room before she could respond.

" What do you think Lady Sona is he friend or foe. " asked Tsubaki

" Hard to say, but he definitely a threat. His level of magic power is unprecedented for a human, if he even is one. His energy is a mix of several incompatible elements. I sense a bit of human, demon, dragon, and undead among others " Sona explained.

" A mix you say, so like a chimera or a hybrid. "

Tsubaki questioned

" Yes and no Tsubaki. They all been perfectly merged in something that shouldn't exist by an logic in the world. It's an abomination, it puts me on edge think about it. I must speak with Rias on the matter. For now keep a close eye on our little anomaly. " She orders.

" Yes Lady Sona. " Tsubaki replied.

Natsu walked away from the council room pissed off.

Demons such nasty pieces of work. I can sense little over a dozen of them. They're all weak barely low D ranked only Souna and one other being high D ranked. If it comes to a fight they won't pose a threat, but the students don't stand a chance. No doubt they'll use them as hostages, any demon would. I-I don't want to have this destroyed. I have another chance at life I don't want anything to ruin that. I don't want to be-

" Hey Natsu something wrong. You're glaring is scaring everyone. " said a voice.

Natsu turned to see Abe at his side.

" Huh how long have you been there Abe. " he asked.

" I've been here for a few minutes trying to get your attention. But you seem to be thinking about something really hard. I can say I'm surprised the president can a bit intimidating at first, but don't let that fool you she's a big softie acting tough. " she said.

" Sure I guess. Anyways I gonna be take a bunch of test today, so see ya. " he replied.

" Well that's to bad I want to hang out before first period. Let's have lunch together meet me by the tennis club building by the tennis courts. See you then natsu. " she said waving as she turned the corner to class.

" It's a deal meet you there! " shouted after her. Natsu smiled softly.

The little things. I need to enjoy them while they last. This unease I'm feeling can wait. I'll deal with the demons and the owners of the familiars when the I get to them. For now I need to pass these test. Hell ya I'll beat up any opponent that in my way. It can't be too different from the S-class trial right.

Welp that took forever to get out. Again I'm sorry. I haven't given up on writing. Anyways the exams will be next chapter. I have so many ideas for stories that I'll never write them. But maybe I'll do a one shot xover here and there. Well see y'all next time.