Chapter 1


"Cheers! To things finally settling down!" The blonde downed her shot of tequila while staring at the beautiful brunette sitting across from her at the bar. The ladies were exhausted from their week. After bringing Zelena and Robin back from New York, they came to an understanding. Zelena would live with her Mother and Rumple so that she would have help during her pregnancy. Robin had chosen to go back to Regina.

"Do you think he loves her?" Regina stared at her glass watching the ice slowly melt in the glass. The pain and worry in those brown eyes were difficult for Emma to look at.

"He loves you, Regina. He wouldn't have come back if he loved Zelena. You said it yourself. Fairy dust doesn't lie." Emma swallowed the lump that was building in her throat. It pained her to say it. 'How could fairy dust choose him?' she thought. 'I could make her happy. She would have no doubt.' But Emma kept silent. She wanted Regina to be happy. Even if it was with the pine cone.

The ladies ended up closing the bar and were too drunk to drive home. Giggling and hugging each other for support, they exited the bar and made their way through the streets of Storybrooke singing crappy love ballads. Tripping and struggling to stay upright as they went, Regina slid on some gravel and began to fall. Though drunk, Emma was quick to catch her, leaving them face to face. Their eyes darting down to the other's lips and then back up.

After licking her lips, Emma asked "Are you alright? Are you able to stand?" Not breaking the stare, Regina simply nodded slowly and began to right herself. Emma made sure to hold on until she was sure Regina was ok.

The rest of the walk back to Regina's house was silent. The ladies walked carefully arm in arm until they reached the front door of the white mansion. Regina's mind was in overdrive. She couldn't think straight. She wanted to invite Emma in, but then what? She was with Robin. They're friends so it should be fine to ask her in.

"Thank you for walking me home, Ms. Swan. Would you like to come in for a while to chat? It will give you time to sober up before heading home"

Emma was shocked. She thought for sure that she had made Regina uncomfortable back when she slipped. Maybe this would be a good way to smooth things over and stay friends.

"Sure, why not!"

They proceeded into the study and Regina brought two bottles of water in, handing one to Emma. Sitting on the other end of the couch, she brought her leg up to sit facing Emma in a more relaxed position. She noticed Emma looking down at her water bottle as if to avoid making eye contact with Regina. Emma's fingers were tapping quickly on the side of the bottle in a nervous gesture. Concerned, Regina scooted closer to Emma and reached out to grab her chin with her thumb and index finger, lifting it to face her. Emma's eyes were closed while she faced Regina, as if nervous she would get yelled at.

"Open your eyes, Emma. It's alright."

Emma slowly opened her eyes and Regina could see the glistening of tears that were held back from falling. She wiped a traitorous lone tear that fell with the pad of her thumb and Emma just stared at her longingly.

Unable to take the tension, Regina leaned in slowly and paused just in front of Emma's lips. They could feel the each other's breath speeding up. After licking her lips and looking into Emma's eyes for permission, she closed the distance between them and gently pressed her lips against pale pink ones. After a few chaste kisses, Emma reached up and put her hands on Regina's cheeks to deepen the kiss. Her tongue immediately granted entrance.

Regina's arousal was going straight to her core. Her panties were sticking to her. "Upstairs. Now."

Emma takes Regina's hand and they disappear in a cloud of white smoke, quickly reappearing in Regina's bedroom. Regina glances around with a grin on her face and looks back to Emma. "Not bad. Apparently, you did pay attention during our lessons."

With a shit-eating grin, Emma responds "I had the proper motivation just now."

Emma grabs Regina's legs, lifting her to take her to bed. Regina's legs wrap around Emma's waist and she giggles. She's so turned on with Emma's strength, she begins grinding her core against Emma's abs while being taken to the bed. After gently laying Regina down on the bed, Emma removes her tank top and jeans leaving her only in her matching red cotton bra and panties. She slowly bends down to unzip and remove Regina's dress slacks and then focuses on the buttons of her blouse. She begins kissing Regina behind the ear and working her way down her neck to her collarbone. All while her hands slowly unbutton Regina's blouse. Regina arches her back and closes her eyes as the pleasure of Emma's lips on her skin washes over her.

Once Regina's blouse is unbuttoned, Emma begins her decent onto her breasts. She unclasps the front clasp of Regina's black, lacy bra and zones in on a perky right nipple with her lips. Her hands massage the left breast while she sucks and gently bites the right. Regina is moaning and wonders if she will cum just from Emma's foreplay.

"I need to taste you, Gina." Regina immediately feels the pull in her stomach straight to her core and her panties are soaked through. She squeezes her legs together to get some friction because she's so turned on. Emma giggles and begins kissing her way down Regina's body to her panty line. She looks up to Regina for permission before proceeding. She knows that they're about to cross a line that they cannot return from. Regina's heart melts at the fact that Emma is asking permission. No one has ever asked for her permission before and it causes tears to well up in her eyes. She smiles and nods before laying her had back and closing her eyes.

Emma slowly removes her matching black panties and her lips follow the trail of the panties until they're completely removed. She begins her ascent up Regina's body with kisses and licks from her toes, then her legs, to her thighs, and finally to where Regina needs her most. She takes her fist lick of Regina's slit and she's automatically hooked with the sweet and salty taste. The musky smell increases so she parts Regina's outer lips and begins feeding on Regina's core. Sucking and licking around her entrance, she teases with a her middle finger first. Slowly, she enters Regina only to hear her gasp and begin rocking against her hand. After a few thrusts, she adds a second finger and begins sucking on her clit. Regina is panting and moaning and yelling Emma's name. Pink smoke begins building at the tips of Emma's fingers while they're inside Regina, unbeknownst to both ladies. Emma's other hand has reached up to massage Regina's breasts. "Oh my God, Emma! I think I'm gonna…..I'm gonna…..I'm about to….."

Regina explodes with the biggest orgasm she's ever experienced. Emma slowly removes her hands and works her way up Regina's body to give her gentle kisses while she recovers. Regina is a boneless, sweating and panting mess. She rests one arm over her face, covering her eyes while she regains her breath.

"Wow. Just. Wow." Regina moves her hand to look at Emma and all Emma can do is blush and grin. She turns shy wondering what will happen next.

"Oh, don't get shy on me now, Ms. Swan. I believe it's your turn." She flips Emma onto her back and straddles her to begin her ministrations.

The next morning, Emma awoke first and stared at a sleeping Regina. Her gaze was one of admiration and she watched the beautiful brunette breath evenly. 'I could get used to waking up to this every morning' she thought. After a few minutes, a nauseous feeling overcame her and she flew out of bed and ran into the en suite bathroom to throw up. Hearing the heaving in the bathroom, Regina squinted and then blinked awake. Looking around, she panicked. Her head hurt, but she was more concerned about the clothes strewn all over her bedroom. She wracked her brain trying to remember the previous night's events and when it hit her, all color left her face. She had slept with Henry's biological mother. She had cheated on Robin.

Emma strolled back into the bedroom, naked as the day she was born, and climbed back into bed. Noticing Regina's face, she gingerly asked her if she was ok.

Regina flew out of bed and grabbed a robe on the nearby chaise lounge, flinging it on and running her hands through her hair. "This was a mistake. How could you do this? You've may have ruined everything! My happy ending is with Robin! If you know what's good for you, Ms. Swan, you'll forget this ever happened."

Emma was crushed. Her pain quickly turned to anger. "It takes two, Regina. I'm not the only one at fault here. You kissed me first!"

Regina immediately became defensive. She was having none of it. And when Regina gets defensive, her poisonous tongue takes over.

"Ms. Swan, this should come as no surprise to you that you're not wanted. It's become a running theme in your life, has it not?"

The minute the venomous words left her mouth, she realized she had gone too far. Emma had been struggling with her parents having another child. Emma was shattered. The look on her face was devoid of emotion. She was staring into nothingness. The tears welled up in her eyes and her body began to shake. Regina had broken her. Realizing her mistake, Regina tried to back pedal.

"Emma, I'm sorry I didn't…", but it was too late. Emma disappeared in a cloud of gray smoke as Regina tried to reach for her.

Eight weeks have gone by and still no sign of Emma. Everyone is distraught and no one knows what happened to Emma. Regina feels guilty knowing she played a role in her disappearance. The Charmings and Henry keep asking her for help in locating Emma. They gather in the pawn shop to discuss a plan to find her.

"Can't you use a locator spell to find her, Mom?" Henry has looked everywhere and although he knows his mother has tried to find Emma, he keeps asking.

"I've tried several different locator spells, Henry. None of them seem to work. It's like they're being blocked." Regina doesn't know how Emma is deflecting her magic. She's never been adept at magic so how is she doing it now?

"I know, I'm sorry Mom. I'm just worried that someone has taken her. What if she's hurt?"

"I don't think she's hurt, Henry. The town has been peaceful. If there was a new threat, we'd know about it."

"So you mean she voluntarily left me?" Henry looks rejected. 'Was I not enough?'

"Something caused her to leave and we need to figure out what it was. She wouldn't leave without a good reason." Snow is quick to explain her daughter's actions and calm Henry down. Regina isn't sure whether to be thankful for that or annoyed.

Robin had joined the group to support Regina, but was getting annoyed at Emma's behavior. "Regina, this isn't your problem. Emma obviously doesn't want to be found so let the Charmings worry about this. It isn't your problem." Henry glared at Robin.

Just then, Cora walks in from the back room, followed by Zelena. "Well we've got a bigger problem to deal with. The Dark One magic is about to leave Rumple and we have no way of containing it. Merlin is in the back about to cast a spell to release Rumple from his Dark One curse, but we are missing Pandora's Box to contain it.

"I have the box in the vault. I kept it just in case." In a puff of purple smoke, Regina materializes the box and hands it to Cora.

Thank you, Darling. Once we seal the Dark One magic, I will help you find your Emma."

'My Emma? What does she mean, My Emma?' Regina is perplexed by the knowing look on Cora's face as she turns to walk back into the back room where Rumple and Merlin reside. Cora turns to Robin with a snarl and acknowledges his presence, "Pine Cone". He responds in kind, "Witch". Regina rolls her eyes at the two of them. Cora has never liked Robin. She believes both her daughters are too good for him and that he's a waste of space.

Ten minutes later, a raucous is heard in the back room and a horrible screeching sound. A black figure flies from the back room and circles in the air above the Charmings, Henry, Regina and Robin. They stare as Cora and Zelena run into the room.

"The Box didn't work, the Dark One curse is free. It's looking for a host to inhabit! It'll choose someone with the greatest potential for darkness!" Zelena yells. Regina immediately cringes knowing it'll be her, her mother or her sister. After circling the group a minute longer, the black figure busts through a window into the outside world and flies away. Everyone is speechless. Cora is holding the nameless dagger and trying to think of a solution before the curse takes another victim. Not two minutes later, she feels the dagger in her hand heat up. Looking down, she pales seeing the name etched on the dagger.

Regina, seeing her Mother's face, knows she's not going to like the answer, but she asks anyway.

"What is it? Whose name is on the dagger now?"

Cora looks at the group, swallows hard and slowly turns the dagger to face everyone. The gasps are so loud they could probably be heard by a bystander outside.

Regina's eyes fill with tears as she walks up and runs her fingers across the name on the dagger. She chokes out the name.

"Emma Swan".