"And do you, Regina, take Emma, to be your lawfully wedded wife; to have and to hold, through sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, from this day forward for as long as you both shall live?", Archie asked.

Regina smiled at Emma as happy tears rolled down her cheeks, "You bet I do." Emma laughed as tears of her own fell.

Archie chuckled, "Then by the power vested in me and the state of Maine, I know pronounce you ladies, married. You may kiss your bride."

Both women leaned forward, Regina cupping Emma's cheeks while Emma's hands wrapped around her waist. Both dropped their bouquets. The crowd cheered as Haylee and Elena ran up to hug their mothers. The girls looked adorable in their little white, lacy dresses that had an open-heart shape on the back and pink bows on their lower back. The pink of the bows matched the pinks of the flowers that decorated the white, grey and silver wagon decorated with different shades of pink roses and that carried three adorable looking babies. Jade and Joshua were now a year and a half old while their younger brother, Christian, was a year old. The two little boys wore white shirts with grey pants, grey suspenders, and pink bowties. Jade's dress matched those of her older sisters.

The whole town showed up for this wedding. They were truly happy for the couple. After learning of what Snow and Charming had done, the citizens were on Regina and Emma's side. They looked to Lily as their new leader and she flourished in her new position as sheriff. Lily worked closely with the mayor; Cora Mills. As the DA, Rumple handled the court cases fairly.

Lily stood beside Emma and Henry stood up for Regina. They looked at each other smiling as the two women continued to kiss. Finally, as they pulled apart, they turned to the crowd and Archie spoke, "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Mrs. and Mrs. Swan-Mills." Emma and Regina held up their joined hands and everyone cheered. The ladies then walked back up the aisle, followed by Lily, their girls and then Henry who was dragging a wagon of infants. "We will see everyone behind the cottage house for the reception.", Archie announced. The wedding itself had been by the lake at Emma and Regina's cottage house in Storybrooke, but the reception was setup on the acreage behind the house.

Once inside the house, Regina walked up to Emma and hugged her from behind, "You look beautiful in this dress, Darling." Emma's dress was a ball gown with fitted bodice and champagne tulle skirt that glided over her hips and lower torso. Regina's dress was much more daring; a mermaid style dress with plunging neckline, long sleeves and light shawl that fell similar to a cape. Because of their dragon powers, they regained their bodies easily after giving birth.

"I love you so much, Mrs. Swan-Mills.", Emma said as she leaned into Regina's arms and closed her eyes as Regina kissed down her neck. "Mmmmm, that feels so good. Do we have to go outside?"

Giggling, Regina finally pulled back, "Yes, Darling, but then we can look forward to our honeymoon in the Maldives." They quickly got changed into their reception dresses and then prepared to join everyone out back and get a bite to eat.

When they entered the backyard, everyone stood up and cheered. The ladies made their way to the head table and eventually filled their plates with food. Friends would come by and congratulate them and then Ooh and Ahh over the children. The babies were well behaved and managed to stay entertained with the toys that were given to them. The girls, with their endless energy, stayed on the dance floor dancing with each other or anyone that asked. If they got bored, they cloned themselves and danced with their clones which people were fascinated with.

"Ruby! Oh my gosh! Look at you!", Emma stood up and hugged her very pregnant friend.

"Hey, Em. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you two. It's about time.", she winked.

Mal walked up and hugged Ruby from the side, "How are you feeling, My Love?"

"Ugh. My feet are killing me. I'd really like to sit down and eat a bite."

"Anything you want, My Love." Mal kissed Ruby and helped her over to a chair. "Stay here and I'll fix you a plate." Mal knew Ruby's cravings so she walked over the buffet leaving Ruby at the main table near Regina and Emma.

"Hey, Ruby, any word on if the Charmings have left yet?", Regina asked.

Ruby shook her head, "Last I heard from Tink and Fauna, the plan was to send them back tomorrow. Dusty was the only fairy who was willing to work with them and send them back."

Regina rolled her eyes thinking of the pair. She then looked at Neal and Lily on the dance floor feeling terrible for them that their parents wanted nothing to do with them. She couldn't imagine writing off any of her children for any reason. Turning to Henry, she then watched him feeding his baby siblings as Henry Sr and Granny helped out. Her father loved the little ones. She then turned back to the dance floor and saw Oscar dancing with Elena and Haylee.

"We have an amazing family, don't we?", Emma commented as she leaned in and kissed her wife.

"We truly do, Darling. I love you so much." Regina cupped Emma's cheek and kissed her wife chastely on the lips.

Emma leaned back and stared at the dance floor watching Rumple dance with Cora. She then asked her new wife, "Are you sure they can handle our children tonight? They can be a handful."

Regina snorted, "That's putting it mildly." She then turned to Zelena who was dancing with her daughter Livi, "She'll have Z to help them out and I know Mal will be on call should something happen."

Emma nodded, "You're right. I'm just nervous leaving them for the first time. I know Haylee and Elena will be fine. Cora will probably teach them magic to keep them pacified and as long as Jade and Joshua get to stay together then they'll be fine." The twins were inseparable after birth. They'd become fussy if placed in separate cribs or fed separately. The ladies quickly learned to keep the twins together at feedings and when sleeping.

Christian, on the other hand, quickly bonded with Henry. When Emma and Regina became overwhelmed having three infants, Henry stayed with them and helped by taking care of Christian when they had their hands full with the twins. Even since then, Henry has had a calming effect on his youngest brother. The toe-head infant had heterochromia; one green eye and one brown eye. His tanned skin resembled his brunette mother's. If he became hungry and his mothers weren't around, he somehow summoned Henry to the house. They were stunned the first time that it happened. Henry had been on a date when he disappeared while eating at a restaurant. The next thing he saw was the nursery at his mothers' house.

The reception went on well into the evening. Finally, Emma grabbed Regina's hand, "How about we get out of here. I believe there's a limo waiting to take us to our hotel in Bangor." Their plan was to stay overnight in Bangor at a nice hotel in the honeymoon suite and then catch their flight to the Maldives the next day.

"Mmmm, I love how you think, Mrs. Swan-Mills.", Regina nuzzled into Emma's neck. The ladies told everyone they were leaving and soon they were running to their limo as bubbles were being blown by the guests for them to run through. Once the car door shut, Emma quickly pushed the button to close the divider between them and the driver. Then she crawled into Regina's lap, straddling her new wife, and then cupping her cheeks so she could begin devouring her mouth.

"Can't you just send us back now, Ash?", Snow stood in her apartment with her hands on her hips in frustration.

"I told you it would be safer to leave in the morning when I have the other fairies nearby in case I need extra power, Your Highness." Gray, whom Snow called Ash, was the only fairy willing to help the Charmings return to the Enchanted Forest. She wasn't a fan of theirs, but still felt an obligation to help the royal family. Her duty came before all in her eyes. She wanted to perform the return safely, but had doubts that she was strong enough as she was just recently promoted at the convent.

"You'll do fine, Ash. We just want out of this godforsaken town. Please. We know you can do it.", Snow was begging with wide eyes while Charming stood in the back waiting to see how things played out.

Huffing in annoyance, Gray finally gave in, "Fine. I'll need 20 minutes to make the spell circle and another 10 to gather my fairy dust. Please be ready in that time." She then disappeared to gather what she needed.

Snow turned to her husband, "This is it, darling. We can finally be free and get our Kingdom back. Can you believe it? Just another half hour."

David looked into his wife's eyes and was torn, "What about our children, Snow. They'll be here. We won't be able to see them again."

"Those aren't our children anymore, David. You know that. They made their choice. We can start over and forget this happened. We can lead out people and have normal children to carry our legacy." David just slumped and nodded in agreement. He couldn't argue with the logic. His children were lost to him and they needed a fresh start away from the drama of Storybrooke.

Within 30 minutes, the spell circle had been made and fairy dust had been spread in their apartment. Gray debated on going with them to make sure they got settled, but she decided to stay in Storybrooke knowing they could handle themselves in their homeland. "Stand in the center of the spell circle and hold hands so that you stay together. I recommend closing your eyes as the light from the portal may be blinding. Both Charmings nodded in understanding so Gray continued, "You do realize that this is a one-way trip, correct? I have no way of returning you or contacting you." Again, they nodded in confirmation. Snow had already told her that if she needed help then she'd ask the fairies back there to help. Gray reminded her they don't know how many fairies remained, if any, but Snow stood firm in her decision. "Alright then, let's begin." Gray began reciting her spell and waving her wand while keeping her eyes closed in concentration. Soon, the fairy dust along the spell circle began to glow and within seconds, a bright blue light spread from the center of the spell circle out. As it grew bright and brighter, Snow and Charming became more transparent until soon, they had disappeared. When the portal closed and the blue magic died down, Gray opened her eyes and took a few deep breaths, winded from the magical exertion. "It is done." Looking around, Gray took in what was left behind in the apartment. Clearly, the Charmings wanted no reminders of their life here as they left most of their belongings behind. Sighing, Gray looked at her watch, "Guess I'll call Lily and Neal tomorrow and let them decide what they'd like to do with this place."

Snow and Charming appeared in their castle's nursery where they were last seen when the Dark Curse had taken them. They looked around and took in the damage. Snow walked over to the crib and the burned down wardrobe. After grabbing a teddy bear, she held it close and began to sob while shaking her head. David quickly came up behind her and wrapped his arms around his wife trying to comfort her and calm her down. "It's ok, Snow. We're home. We will fix this." He kissed her temple and then walked her over to the balcony so that they could look over their Kingdom. When they reached the edge, both of them looked out in horror. The land was desolate. All dirt, no trees, animals, or any other signs of life as far as they could see. The sky had shades of black and red and rumbling could be heard in the distance. What they didn't realize is that in the last curse from Zelena, the rest of the inhabitants had been sent to Storybrooke and a horrible magical storm caused the destruction of all life in its wake. Snow and Charming were now the only inhabitants of what was left of the Enchanted Forest. Snow turned to her husband, "What do we do? We can't leave?" Charming's eyes just stared in disbelief at their outcome.

"Welcome to the Maldives Resort, Ladies. Right this way." The bellboy showed them to their Honeymoon Suite and was tipped generously by Emma before closing the door. Emma turned to watch her wife's reaction to the suite. It was huge. Several rooms including a kitchen, great room, large master suite with rose pedals leading to the bed and champagne chilled and waiting by the balcony hot tub. The bathroom had a huge walk-in shower with 8 shower heads and two benches. Chocolate covered strawberries sat chilled by the two-person bathtub already filled with bubble bath.

"Emma, this is…amazing." Regina couldn't stop taking it all in. All the small details including embroidered towels and robes with their names on them and heated floors in the bathroom. She walked over to the bed and ran her hands over the silk sheets allowing the soft rose pedals to flicker between her fingers. Emma then came up behind her, wrapper her arms around Regina's waist and burying her nose in Regina's hair taking in her mate's scent.

"God you smell so good." A low growl worked its way to the surface causing Regina's pussy to tighten in anticipation. "How about we wash off our plane ride in that bubble bath over there?" Emma began laying small kisses on the behind Regina's ear and on the back of her neck. Regina just tilted her neck to give Emma more access as she smiled and giggled from the ticklish tongue doing its delicate work. Regina's moans encouraged Emma further until soon she had one hand massaging a breast while the other was venturing over Regina's clothed core. Emma continued her assault on Regina's neck from behind as her hands performed their delicious magic. After a few minute, Emma's eyes glowed a bright blue and instantly, their clothes had disappeared. Before Regina could react, Emma scooped her up bridal style and carried her to the tub, careful not to slip as she stepped in and lowered herself down while still holding her new wife. Her dragon strength was such a turn-on for Regina.

"Mmmm, that feels good." Regina continued the soft moans as Emma's hands worked together on her breasts and core.

"I love you so much, Regina." Emma then inserted two fingers into her wife's tight opening while her left hand continued massaging her breasts and flicking their dusty peaks to attention. Regina began rocking her hips in rhythm with Emma's thrusts and just as Emma felt her walls tightening around her fingers, her left hand then dropped to flick Regina's clit. Regina cried out Emma's name while wrapping her right arm behind her and grabbing Emma's head. She turned and pulled Emma into a passionate kiss as she rode out her climax.

After a few minutes of catching her breath, Regina opened her eyes again and saw Emma slowly washing her body with a wash cloth coated in coconut and papaya scented soaps. Emma's left hand reached over and grabbed a chocolate covered strawberry to feed to her wife while she used her right hand to gently wash her body. Regina then used her magic to materialize the chilled champagne she had seen in the other room and offered a glass to Emma.

Once their skin began to prune, it was time to get out of the tub. Emma grabbed the luxurious, personalized robes and wrapped one around Regina and then took care of herself. Moving to their bed, they sat their champagne flutes down on the night stand and crawled into the rose pedal covered bed and held each other close.

"I still want to taste you, My Dear." Regina leaned in and sucked on her Emma's lower lip while slowly untying her robe. That's when she felt a warm liquid on her lips. Shortly after that, she tasted salt. Regina quickly sat back in worry, looking at the tear tracks on her wife's cheeks. Cupping Emma's face in concern, she used her thumbs to wipe away the tears. "Darling, what's wrong?"

Emma just shook her head and chuckled as she cried. "I feel so silly. I'm sorry. I'm just so happy. I can't believe this is real. I have you. I really have you! We have a family now. A beautiful family!" More tears came as she struggled to gain her composure and wiped her face in embarrassment. Regina just pulled her close and kissed her head as she rubbed soothing circles on her back and arms. She gently lowered them on the bed until they were spooning with Regina as the big spoon.

"You will always have me, My Love. I am yours and you are mine." She continued to kiss Emma's head, her cheeks and her neck as her right arm wrapped around Emma's waist and pulled her closer.

Emma smiled and melted into her mate, loving the feeling of being the little spoon for a change. "I just can't believe how much our lives have changed. I never pictured Storybrooke without you as mayor. I never imagined us in the cottage with children."

Regina snorted, "Well, believe it, Darling. I love our new life. It's quiet and relaxing at the cottage and now that we can use the mirror to transport to the resort in Switzerland to continue running it, we get the best of both worlds."

Emma turned around in Regina's arms so that she could face her, "I still can't believe you let the girls talk you into lessons with them. You're a brave soul trusting those little monsters."

Regina just grinned, "I'll humor them within reason. Mal has been very helpful with my secret private lessons. Wouldn't want to hurt the girls' feelings. Besides, I should know how to ski and I'm to help with the business. I want to help in all aspects that I can." Emma leaned in a kissed her wife with all she had.

"Mom won't be able to teach you much longer when the babies come, though. Ruby looks like she'll pop any day now." Emma giggled at the vision of her friend waddling around their wedding.

"True. She's lucky that she's only having two babies given they mated as wolves. I thought for sure they'd have a litter." Regina busted a gut laughing at that visual which caused Emma to also lose it.

Emma then grew serious and stared into her wife's honey colored eyes, "I have all that I want; a perfect wife, beautiful children, loving parents, and wonderful friends. I'm finally home. And in a strange way, it was all because of Snow's wish. Don't you agree?"

Regina thought on that for a moment and realized Emma was right. In a strange way, Snow brought this all together. She pushed Emma onto her back gently and began untying her Robe. Then Regina began the slow descent down Emma's body, kissing a fiery trail to where Emma needed her most. On her descent, she finally answered Emma. "You're right, My Love. Her wish is what triggered the switch that changed everything."

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