Howdy, my fellow nerds! Flannel is back! After about a month of inactivity, I have returned to bring you all. . .

A Flippy x Flaky fanfiction!

Now I used to love this pairing when I first joined the fandom, like most people. But I grew out of it in favor of different pairings (coughliftyxflakycough) but now I'm writing a fanfic for the fandom's most popular and loved ship!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your less than average (but equally weird) Flippy x Flaky fanfiction :D


Hundreds of boots stomped through the jungle as the soldiers searched for the missing militiamen, sent out to kill the Tiger General and stop his plans for world domination. Only things didn't go plan as two of them were murdered by their ally, who seemingly survived the explosion that sent him deep into the forest. The soldiers stopped at the corpse of one of the men, badly burnt and bloodied.

One soldier knelt down beside the body, poking it with his gun. Another pressed a button on his earpiece, "Sir, we found the corpse of one of the attackers. But no sign of the surviving soldier."

That surviving soldier was Flippy. He was the one who, although unintentionally, murdered his friends after the plan went to hell. He was actually right in front of them, hiding in the insides of Sneaky, his friend and comrade. Blood dripped into his eyes and soaked his clothes, maggots had already started infesting the other man's dead body and wriggled around. Flippy struggling to breathe, his heart pounding. He shut his eyes and wept. He would die if he tried to run, he would die if he stayed here.

"I don't wanna die here. I wanna live."

"Why are you crying like a baby then? Just get out there and kill them."

Flippy's heart skipped a bit, wondering for a brief moment if somehow Sneaky was alive, but then realized the voice was echoing from inside his mind. The voice almost sounded like him but was rough and harsh sounding.

"I. . .I'm tired of killing. I can't do it."

"Bullshit, soldier. You are free so you can kill. You kill so you can be free. Now kill these bastards. Kill. Kill. KILL.

Flippy's eyes shut tighter as the voice's commands rang out at him. His breathing grew more ragged, slowly his whimpers turned to soft growling. His eyes snapped open, but gone was the green color of Flippy. Sickly bright yellow orbs burning in hatred glared out.

And thus, Fliqpy was born.

Meanwhile, the soldiers continued to search just as the Tiger General arrived and marched over to a nearby soldier, who nearly dropped his gun at seeing the general come over. He saluted, squeaked out a "Sir!", and waited for his superior to speak.

"Lieutenant! Status report!"

"No sign of this Flippy, sir. We scrounged the nearby areas and haven't found a trace of him. It's like he vanished."

The Tiger General glared at the other man, obviously not impressed, "You better find him. Or I'll-"

He stopped midsentence as, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the dead body of fallen soldier rise. The Tiger troops all aimed their guns at the sudden walking dead but didn't fire. Too stunned to even move. Then someone burst out of the body, holding a jagged and sharp-looking ribcage that he had ripped out of the dead man. Fliqpy let out a scream of rage and grief as he launched himself at the soldiers, who were too shocked to even react in time. None of those poor bastards stood a chance even if they had started firing before he screamed. Even the Tiger General died, begging for his life. Begging for mercy.

Fliqpy had none.


Hours passed and finally, reinforcement came. Too little, too late. The commander in charge eyed the carnage before him, a wolfish smile on his face. His soldiers fanned out, searching for the team he sent in. As he came to the Tiger base and saw even more dead bodies, he found a single person in the middle of all of it. Surrounded by the mutilated corpses of the enemy was Flippy.

"We got a live one here, boys!" The commander smiled, but his grin soon vanished as he saw the state his man was in. Flippy was covered in blood, missing his hands, and shaking like a leaf, "Jesus Christ! We need a medic over here NOW!"

He rushed over to Flippy, who didn't even seem to notice the older man as he just stared ahead in an unblinking dead gaze. He looked like someone had dumped a bucket of bright red paint on him, and his hands were gone, replaced by jagged and bloodied bones sticking out of his wounds. The commander knelt beside him, hands on his shoulder and snapped the younger man out of it as Flippy looked at him.

The commander had silver hair in a buzz cut and always wore a wolfish smile on his face. Dressed in grey army fatigues, ripped with muscles, and standing at nearly seven feet tall, he looked terrifying to his enemies and he enjoyed that.

"Axel. . .Commander Hawthorne, I'm sorry."

Hawthorne shook his head, a worried frown on his face, "Son, what happened?"

Flippy took a moment to register Axel's question, tired and broken mind racing for a minute before he teared up and whispered.

"I flipped out."


Axel Hawthorne is an OC of my good friend, Andre. I put him in here just cause I figured Andre would like that. If he wants me to, I'll gladly remove Axel from this story. Bbbuutttt if you guys wanna see more Axel goodness, go check out some of my friend's stories. He is Ugandantenno on here and writes HTF fanfic on a lot of different ships (mainly M/M ones, but a few M/F stories here and there.)

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