Years later. . .

Flippy walked down the sidewalk, trying his hardest to ignore the passing glances and whispers of the other tree friends as he made his way into town. No matter how many years went by, he always caught his friends and fellow townsfolk gawking at him when they thought he wasn't looking or whispering to each other when they thought he wasn't listening. And he knew exactly why.

Because of Fliqpy.

A few days after that fateful day on the battlefield, Flippy went through several psyche tests, as Commander Hawthorne was worried about the young man's mental state after suffering such trauma. He was diagnosed with PTSD and honorably discharged from the military, having served and sacrificed enough as far as Axel was concerned. This was just the beginning of his problems, as his PTSD had an unintended and deadly side effect. Every time he heard or saw something war-related, he would do what he ironically call a flip out. He would transform from quiet and kind Flippy into the murderous and brutal Fliqpy, slaughtering any and all of the other tree friends he could find. The only way he would be stopped was if there weren't any more people to kill or, in rare cases, Fliqpy was killed in his rampage.

Even after trying to get psychiatric help (from Lumpy of all people), he was still burdened by Fliqpy's murderous tendencies. But the one good thing about all this was that the other tree friends liked him. They even threw him a birthday party a few years ago, which ended badly as he flipped out. But still, it's the thought that counts.

Flippy looked up from the ground, noticing he arrived at his destination. The library. Happy Tree Town's residents weren't the kind of people to read a whole lot, even the quieter and possibly not insane ones, like Flaky or Pop. So the library was usually empty and this was good for Flippy that no one was going to be here today.

Because he was going to kill himself.

Flippy was tired. Tired of murdering his best friends and having to apologize frantically the next day after they were resurrected. He was tired of wondering just when and how he'd flip out. He was tired of the nightmares, where he was back in that jungle, only this time there were no enemy soldiers, no flips out. The only thing he saw was his dead friends and fallen soldiers, who always screamed the same thing as they surrounded him.

"You killed us! Why'd you let us die, Flippy? WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE US?"

He knew he'd just come back tomorrow after killing himself, but he'd just do it. Every time he was resurrected by the once thought gift, now seemingly the curse of Happy Tree Town, he would do it again. And again, and again. Until he either broke free of the curse or went mad trying.

His alter ego and personal devil, Fliqpy, noticed the green-haired man's plans as he watched from inside their head, as Flippy grabbed a rope from behind the library's counter, where he had been storing it in preparation for this day.

"And what just the hell are you doing?"

Flippy ignored him and continued his plan, tying the rope into a noose before getting it tied to a support beam on the ceiling.

"Trying to kill yourself, huh? You know that won't work, you'll just end up coming back tomorrow. Fresh and ready for the rest of eternity with me."

"Go to hell, Fliqpy. I'm doing this every day for the rest of eternity. And you'll be stuck it in with me."

"Hmph. That's what you think, soldier."

Flippy went back to ignoring his evil side as he stepped onto a chair he took from the library's many tables and put his head through the noose's tightening loop. He kicked the chair out from under him and the noose went taut and begin its deadly work. Flippy's first natural instinct was to struggle as his hands pulled at the noose, but he tried to hardest to subdue his survival instinct. He watched as his vision blur and felt his airway struggled to get oxygen as he started to slip away. But as his vision began to darken and he started to drift into death's embrace, his heart stopped as he heard the faint popping sound, easily heard as the library was dead quiet. He shut his eyes, trying his hardest to tell himself that it was only a firework or someone dropping a glass vase. Anything to keep his evil side at bay. But it was too late. His breathing went from hitched and gasping to ragged and angry as he opened his eyes. Gone was the green color of Flippy, replaced by the cruel yellow of Fliqpy's.

"Nice try, Flippy. But now it's time for me to have some fun."

The evil man grunted and pulled hard, freeing himself as the rope snapped and he fell to the ground. He knelt down in a crouching stance, waiting for the sound to happen again so he could figure out where exactly his latest victims were. A few seconds of complete quiet went by before the man's ears picked up the sound again. He started to run, slamming through the doors of the library and out into the streets. Fliqpy saw across the road was a house, with a bunch of cars parked in the driveway and the house's lawn. Someone must've been throwing a party as it sounded like there were a lot of people there. Fliqpy smiled as he walked silently towards the backyard where the sounds of laughter and music came from.

Time for a little party crashing, don't you think?