Sniffles was exhausted. But he had to keep pushing. It hadn't even been a day since Flaky arrived at his door, the girl being near in tears as she stuttered through her words even worse than usual. But after calming the frantic redhead down, she was finally able to speak clearly and told him everything that happened.

"He wants to what?!"

"He wants you to. . .t-to help him. Use your serum to bring Flippy back. Can you d-do that?"

"I can, but-"

"S-Sniffles! Can you do it?"

Sniffles nodded, a frown on the scientist's lips, "I can. But Fliqpy may cease to exist if the new serum works the way it should. Or it could lock him away as well, leaving our friend a vegetable. There's a lot of risks."

"I k-know, but it's what he wants. It's what he n-needs."

"I understand. I'll get to work on it right away. It'll take some time, but it'll work this time. I'm sure of it."

Now here he was, pouring several jars of liquid into other jars just hoping he could figure out the right chemicals to mix to create the serum again. It took him almost another two hours of working when he mixed the right chemical. The mixture first was bright green before dimming down and turning into a dull blue. The blue reflecting off of his glasses,

Sniffles' smiled wide.

"It's ready."


Fliqpy eyed the three in front of him, a grim frown on his face as his yellow eyes darted from figure to figure. No one said a word for what felt like an eternity, just staying locked in this weird four-way staring contest. He knew what was coming, they knew what was coming. It was only a matter of time.

"You gonna jab me and get this over with? Or am I gonna have to do it myself?"

Axel shook his head, "Colonel- Fliqpy. You know this is goodbye right? You're going to truly die. It's over."

"Gee, way to ease me into this, Hawthorne. You're as comforting as ever," Fliqpy sneered before his face fell and he sighed, "Axel, I'm sorry for what I did-"

Axel raised a hand, stopping the war vet's apology, "You were scared. You just lost everyone you loved in a matter of seconds and fought through hell and back to survive. Anyone would've been driven mad by it. It's not your fault, Flippy."

Fliqpy took a moment to realized he had been called Flippy and for the first time, it didn't feel like an insult. He smiled softly and saluted his former comrade. Axel saluted him back and Fliqpy saw tears glistening in the old war dog's eyes. Though neither said it, they could see it on each other's faces.

They were saying goodbye.

Fliqpy turned away from Axel, and now his gaze was on the redhead beside him. He nodded, a solemn blank expression on his face.

"I want her to do it."

Flaky's red eyes grew, "M-Me? W-Why?"

"Because you were the only person to truly care about me despite the horrible things I've done. You are my friend and I want you to do this for me, your friend."

Flaky nodded, taking the syringe from Sniffles. Both Axel and Sniffles left, as they saw that Fliqpy had no secret plans to try and hurt any of them. He was doing this. With only the two of them in the room now, Fliqpy laid down on the cot, his face calm and eyes looking straight up at the ceiling. Just as the redhead brought the needle down to his neck and was about to inject him, the soldier whispered to her.


"W-What," Flaky frowned, pulling the needle back.

"Can you hold me?"

Fliqpy had a light blush on his cheeks at asking this embarrassing request. Flaky smiled, her own cheeks flushing. She moved to sit beside him on the cot, cradling his head in her lap. She ran her fingers through his green hair and she saw him stare up at her, his yellow eyes filled with happiness instead of the usual murderous rage it normally held. He smiled and whispered to her once more.

"You know, if this is how I go and the last thing I'm going to see is your face. I think. . .I think I'm okay with that."

"O-Oh F-Fliqpy," Flaky's heart nearly crumbled at that, but she knew she had to stay strong.

With a shaky hand, she brought the needle back down and jabbed Fliqpy. At first, the war vet didn't feel anything and for a fearful second, he thought the scientist's serum failed. But the medicine's effect hit him and he felt it. The fading feeling, the sleepy feeling that he didn't even try to fight.

The feeling of dying.

With possibly only mere seconds left, Fliqpy used the last of his strength to pull his face close to Flaky's. They locked eyes for a brief moment, then Flaky closed the gap and they locked lips. And for a second Fliqpy felt something deep in his chest and he wanted to stay. He wanted to stay here, with her so very badly. But he knew he couldn't. As hard as it was, he broke the kiss. Staring into the girl's teary eyes one more time he whispered.

"Thank you."

Fliqpy finally closed his eyes and Flaky could only sob as she gripped his limp body in her arms, realizing he was gone. Moments later, she felt him stir. The war vet's eyes opened and Flaky was relieved at seeing the green eyes of her friend. Flippy blinked a few times before his eyes adjusted to the dim light of the hospital room. He sat up and looked at Flaky.

"I saw everything," Flippy frowned, "He really changed."

"I miss h-him," Flaky sniffed, before giving a smile and a little laugh despite her sadness, "As crazy as it s-sounds."

Flippy put his arm around the girl, a sad smile on his face as he pulled her into a comforting hug. He looked up at the ceiling, whispering so quiet Flaky couldn't hear him.

"I miss you too."


And wow, that's the ending! I hope you all enjoyed this lovely little Flaky x Fliqpy/Flippy fic! It was fun to write as I never really wrote Flippy x Flaky since the HTF fanfic scene was so overflowing with them, but I hope this latest edition to that pile was a different and interesting take on everyone's (and I mean, probably everyone's) HTF OTP!

And if you're interested in reading more about the OC in this story, Axel Hawthorne. Go read some of my friend, Andrei's HTF fanfics, as this was his OC that I used as a little surprise for him.

That being said, thanks for reading and I hope y'all have a wonderful day!

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