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It has been a few weeks after Team RWBY prevented the White Fang, the former peaceful Faunus group turned terrorists and the criminal Roman Torchwick. With the help of monkey Faunus, Sun Wukong and the ginger-haired girl (unknown to them is a robot), Penny. These past events started for Blake Belladonna and Weiss Schnee make amends with each other after the former revealed her identity as a cat Faunus to her teammates. Surprisingly, Weiss didn't care if Blake is or was a member of the White Fang since this doesn't mean she hates the Faunus (like her father and younger brother, for example), only the ones that commit terrorism. But of course, Team JNPR did not take part in any of those events but eventually were informed about it, including telling them Blake's secret which of course they promised to keep as a secret. Right now, it is summer vacation for Beacon Academy and most of the students went home to relax and take a break from their studies as a Huntsmen (or Huntress). Team JNPR has decided to go to one of the Island Resort Vale to relax and train. But today, a somewhat similarly new adventure waits for Team JNPR just as the girls in Team RWBY are experiencing.

"Man, that was a good workout! I say let's go and eat some Pancakes for lunch!" A short orange hair girl named Nora Valkyrie said cheerfully.

"Nora, I suggest we have something nutritious after our training." A long black hair boy named Lie Ren calmly and logically said to his partner.

"Yeah, all that training really got me hungry." Said the blond-haired knight – Jaune Arc – joining in the conversation.

"Meals aside, you've really improved with your training Jaune." The long red-haired girl was known as the 'Invincible Girl' – Pyrrha Nikos –. "If we continue this, we'll definitely have a chance in the upcoming Vytal Festival.

"Oh, stop it. I still got a long way to go." Jaune blushes as he scratched the back of his neck in the embarrassment of his partner's compliment.

"I must agree with Pyrrha, Jaune. As long as we continue this pace, we will definitely have a chance in the tournament."

"Yeah! Will defiantly break their legs! As long as we got you 'Fearless Leader' nothing can stop us!"

Jaune smiled at his team for their kind compliments towards him. "Thanks, guys… That really means a lot."

Before they plan to go for lunch, they decided to go back to their dorm to freshen up. As soon as they entered their dorm, they notice a package in the floor.

"Huh? Did anyone order something?" Jaune asked his team members.

"I don't think so…" Pyrrha narrowed her eyes.

"Na-uh." Nora just tilted her head.

"I don't believe I have…" Ren just cupped his chin with his hand focusing at the package.

Before anyone could react, Nora was the first to move and pick up the box shaking it.

"I wonder what's inside? Who do you think send it? Oh! Oh! Maybe it's a gift from our adoring fans!" The hammer-wielding huntress constantly shaking it in pure excitement wondering what's in the package.

"Nora, I'm not sure if we do have any fans, and you shouldn't be shaking the package so much. We don't even know what's inside." Her partner calmingly said as he calms her down.

"Yeah…, and besides, we don't even know what's-." Before Jaune could finish is sentence Nora immediately opens it. "Inside…" He sighs at Nora's action.

Ren just sighs and pinches the bridge if his nose.

Pyrrha just makes a forced smile and watches what happens.

Team JNPR looks inside the contents of the package and sees that there's only a gaming console, a single controller and a single game.

"Oh cool! It looks like some kind of gaming console!" Nora enthusiastically cheered at what she sees.

"Curious…" Ren examines the console. "I never seen a gaming console like this before…" Using his Scroll's camera and search for the design on the internet, only to find no results. "Strange… I can't seem to find anything about this console…"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Jaune asked as he looked inside the package. But then notices a letter inside. "Hey, there's a letter."

He opens it and reads it out to his teammates.

'Hello, Team JNPR!

I am Triscythe, (Odd name of course, just think of it as my pen name) and just to be perfectly clear I'm a human and big surprise… I'm not from this universe! Dun, Dun, Duuuuuuun! I'm from another world called Earth, unlike your world Remnant, we hold a completely different History (like no Grimm and no Dust, like they don't exist). I promise you everything that what's written here is real and not crazy. A lot to take in I know, but let's get the matter back in hand, shall we? You see a friend of mine is doing a similar thing to your universe with another group like yours (Not going to tell who my friend is and the group he is with is and how we did it because that spoils the fun). Inside the package, I have sent you a gaming console and controller from my reality along with one of the most iconic and popular gaming franchises in Earth's history. Bet you're wondering why I chose Team JNPR for this and how I know you guys and why I want you to play this game. One, because I know who you guys are and way more than you think (just for the record I'm not some creepy stalker that hacked your Scrolls or some creep spying on you from a corner), Second, cause you guys are one, my favorite teams! I am rooting for! Yeah, boi~! So, don't worry about the details and have fun with the game I sent. Besides, this game has a good story and trust me when I say when you start playing, you're going to ask for more! So enough with the chatter and enjoy… (Drum roll) 'Assassin's Creed'!

Have Fun!'

The entire room was silent after Jaune finished reading the letter. Team JNPR having different reactions but not saying anything as hey processed what was written in the letter. Until Nora broke the silence with a big gasp.

"OH. MY. OUM. WE HAVE FAN AND HE SENT US A GAME!" Nora squealed as she jumped in glee.

Everyone sweat-dropped at the first reaction she made. While the rest of Team JNPR discussed about their mysterious 'fan', at first they had their concerns but looking back at the letter they felt there was no ill will on it plus their sender was from another world so he can't possibly some kind of stalker (maybe) and suggested it was out of good intentions. Plus, they did learn that someone else aside from him is doing the same thing but decided to worry about it some other time. They decided to listen to what the letter says after they had their lunch and rested up a bit.

Later that Noon

Team JNPR has finished setting up the console to their TV screen.

"Ok, is everyone ready to play the game?" Jaune asked his friends as they all nod in unison. "Right, Nora if you please."

"You got Fearless Leader!" Nora cheered as she uses the controller and starts the console.

Pyrrha looks at the game cover's title and reads it out loud. "Assassin's… Creed?"

"So, we get to play as a killer?" Ren said with a hint of curiosity in his voice. "I wonder how this is iconic."

"Only one way to find out." Nora said as the rest of Team JNPR watches the screen, bringing up a notification.


Inspired by historical events and characters. This work of fiction was designed, developed, and produced by a multicultural team of various religious faiths and beliefs.

To be continued…