Brother's in Arms Brother as Heroes

Summary- Harry thought his life was over. That just when things should have been going the best for him everything that had come crashing down around him with the added insult of a dagger in the back along with that. But what happens when because of what he felt was the worst thing that could have happened to him Harry finds himself getting the one thing he had always wanted; a family? Sure, it came with a lot of different quirks, both figuratively and literally, but it's got to be better than what he had before right? Harry Potter/ My Hero Academia crossover.

Disclaimer- I do not own or make any profit off of either Harry Potter or My Hero Academia.

A.N-I am writing this because the wonderful stories Pulled to the Future by Cyber Psychic which I really loved and inspired me to write this story.

A.N.N- I am unsure about the pairings that are going to be in this but it most likely going to be a mixture of different pairings for different people. Be it male/male pairing, male/female pairing or female/female pairing. Just letting you know this before you start reading altogether.


Shivering slightly, Harry cursed and attempted to keep some of the little remaining warmth he had within him, actually in him. Despite the icy breeze and nearly frozen rain that seemed to hit him in the worst of places; attempting to rob him of said warmth.

As Harry curled up in as tight a ball as he could, clutching the thin nearly destroyed black robe he currently had around him as tightly as he could get it. Doing his best to ignore the fact that said robe was slightly damp, was now always slightly damp, and seemed to be made almost completely of strips of clothing more than anything else, not to mention completely caked in all kinds of filth, as he did so.

Not that it honestly was able to help Harry all that much, because despite how much he tried said robe barely covered any of his otherwise naked body. And there for offered him little to no warm; nor had it really ever been able to. Even if Harry never stopped trying.

At the moment all Harry could do, was try his best to ignore all of this, and try to be thankful he even had the worn and torn robe in the first place. After all, with it he at least some form of cover. More than they'd want him to have anyway. As said cover while not giving him much warmth did give him a small sense of comfort having it on to begin with. Which again was something They really didn't want him to have.

Seeing as They seemed to want to break him more than anything else and taking the very little amount of covering he currently had; despite how little it actually was. Would have most likely seemed like the perfect idea to help push him further into the dark cavern of madness that the world he was in, seemed to want him to fall face first into.

In fact, despite how little the cloak in question was, Harry felt that losing it could end up being the straw that broke the camel's back. At least when added with everything else he had already suffered through from Their hands. Not to mention everything else he had gone through in the Hell he had to call his life.

Currently Harry, as he curled into himself and attempted to both stay warm and to stop the effects this place had on him from over taking him. Tried his hardest not to think of how he ended up in the situation he was in, and had been in for the last six months, had actually began.

Of course, like everything else that seemed to go on with him lately, it seemed his own mind rebelled against him as well. And Harry found himself once again thinking about just how he had ended up in the utter Hell hole known by many as Azkaban Prison; despite having done nothing wrong.

It had started on a pretty normal day, one that happened to be not long after Harry had finally managed to defeat the so-called dark Lord Voldemort once and for all. In fact, it happened about maybe a little bit over a week after what everyone had started to call the final battle at Hogwarts's grounds.

Harry had sincerely begun to hope that things were going to start going better for him; at least more so then they had been before. Something he was hopeful for because now he no longer had a madman after his head like he had before, and now he finally had the freedom that had been denied by him for so long by others.

He had back then felt optimistic for once. Now that he looked back on it; after everything that had happened, Harry felt he should have known better than to dare be that hopeful; that naive. That he should have considered the kind of luck he had all his life.

Because on that day, after Harry had just left from Gringotts bank having been able to do several things that he had felt needed to be done but hadn't had the time to do so before. From a combination different reason most of which being the lack of time, safety and of course because of the war he had been forced to fight in.

But now that he did have the time, and with the very first thing he had done being the fact he had paid the bank in question back for the damages he had done. While at the same time explaining why he had done what he had when he had done it.

Something that the Goblins had reluctantly accepted. Mainly because Harry had been the only one of his group to actual go there to recognize what he had done was wrong, apologize for it and then explain why he had done what he had done in to first place.

Not to mention being responsible enough for his actions to make sure that he paid back for the damages he had caused by doing what he had. Which put him off the blacklist in the goblins mind back to utterly neutral; similar to how he had been before his disastrous last trip in the bank in question had been.

Though the same could not be said for the others who had been with him during his heist that had ended him up in the situation he just gotten from. As they hadn't even attempted to make right what they had done and had in gone a step further with their attempted to stop Harry from doing so himself.

Telling Harry that what they had done was for the greater good, and that the goblins would understand it. That despite how Harry himself felt about what he had done there was no need to fix it, and that they themselves weren't going to do anything so Harry shouldn't either.

At the same time the Neutrality that Harry now had, certainly came in handy for what Harry had done next. Seeing as Harry had rewritten his will, or to be more precise he really wrote out his first will. As he had felt that since he was no longer in the war, he shouldn't really keep the will the Headmaster had made in his place shortly before his fourth year.

After all things had certainly changed for him since there; not including all the death said war had caused. Meaning a new will was needed, and he had ordered the Headmaster's one to quickly be destroyed and his put in its place the one he had just made; at least until he made a newer one that is. Something that helped sooth some of the growing unease that he had been feeling about leaving the old will there.

Lastly, because Harry had been planning on traveling for a bit and doing what he could to discover who he was; who Harry really was. Something he had never had a chance to do before, as he had to be the boy-who-lived that the wizarding world seemed to need so badly for the war that had just ended. Harry had also taken out an old traveling trunk from one of his family's vaults. One that was currently empty, shrunken down and placed on the necklace that had been designed to carry it, while Harry had planned to go to several nearby shops to fill it up so he could begin his travels.

Or at least that had been what Harry had been planning to do. Because soon after he had exited the Bank, and began to walk into one of the nearby shops, a potion shop if Harry remembered correct, was when things started to take a turn for the worst for him; reminding Harry that he really was fate's whipping boy as it did so.

Because once Harry attempted to beginning his shopping, he quickly began to notice how everyone was reacting to him. How once again they seemed to be treating him differently than they had been just days earlier. In a much more negative fashion.

Seeing as before they seemed to be thankful for him, and a little too touchy for Harry to feel comfortable around them. In fact, Harry often attempted to go out during times he knew it wasn't going to be busy as he was usually mobbed in some way when every he had gone out before. But they had been reacting rather positively to him and seemed to take joy about the fact he was there; no matter how much Harry tried to avoid them.

Now it seemed their reactions had taken a complete flip in the opposite direction; more so then it had ever been before. Even after his fifth year, when everyone seemed to believe he was lying about Voldemort's return those nearly three years ago, it hadn't seemed as bad as it currently was. Making Harry wonder just what was going on and why people seemed to be so afraid of him when he hadn't done nothing wrong; at least nothing he could remember.

This really began to show as people pulled their children away from him. Literally doing their best to hiding them from Harry's view. Before glaring at Harry as if he was worse the Voldemort himself; as if he was a threat to their children.

While at the same time looking so terrified of Harry, and continuously acting as if they were second from scooping up their children and running for their very lives away from Harry. Something that confused Harry greatly until he saw an abandon newspaper on the ground.

One that had obviously just come out recently, and one that had a blaring flashing headline that said: Boy-who-lived, More like the Man-who lived to be Death! With a clear picture of him that looked as if had been taken while he was dueling someone. As he looked rather serious, not to mention utter deadly in the picture. Rather threatening if Harry didn't know himself.

Seeing this headline, and after reading the little bit that he could see, Harry quickly turned around to escape. Not wanting to see just what the wizarding world had planned for him now that they obviously believed the newspapers about him; again.

And at the same time, not wanting to face the fact that the only way the Mistry could know anything like that about him, was if those his so-called best friends, his family, had told them. And there for betray Harry's trust in doing so.

However, before Harry could really escape, he found something hard slamming into his head, and then three times more when he hit the ground; continuously until he blacked out. Once he had woken up Harry had found out that his supposed best friend, and brother in all but blood, Ronal Weasley had used a nearby potion cauldron and hit him in the head repeatedly with it. Something Ron had been continuously praised for in the mocking thing that the Ministry had dared called a trail for Harry.

Where Harry had to listen as lie after lie was spit out about him by those, he had believed had his back. That he had believed had cared for him as much as he had them, that he had believed were his family. By those he had quite literally died for and even killed for during the war.

Only to have that thrown in his face as he was repeatably stabbing in the back as all sorts of obscenities where screamed at him. As they quite literally smacked, hit, or even spat on Harry and called him the worst dark lord in the history of the wizarding world. One that they had luckily caught before he could even begin his disastrous, deadly, plans.

That due to the righteous work of those that wanted what was best for the wizarding world, A.K.A Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, that the wizarding world wouldn't have to suffer through yet another Dark Lord so soon after they had gotten rid of the last one.

During all of this, Harry could only watch, having been soundly silenced before his sham of a trial had even began. As everyone he had fought for, had died for, had come back and lived for, betrayed him in the worst ways possible.

As he did this, and as he was finally sentenced to several life sentences in Azkaban Harry could help give a little bitter smirk himself as he heard whispers of how they were finally going to get the Money Harry had. That they were finally getting what they deserved for putting up with Harry for as long as they had.

Hearing this, even as he was being dragged off to what he knew was going to be hell on earth for him, Harry couldn't help be a little grateful what he had been able to do before he had been captured. After all the traitors really weren't going to be able to get what they wanted from him; at least not nearly as much as they wanted.

Mainly because, despite what the Ministry thought, they held no grounds within Gringotts. Which is why despite having arrested several deatheaters they had never been able to claim their vaults. Like the Ministry wanted to do. In fact, the only thing that the Ministry could do was wait for him to die and activate his will.

Which because he had changed it so much would be a rather big surprise to all those that thought Harry would still keep Dumbledore's will up. In fact, at the moment despite, being in prison Harry was the only who could really do anything with his vaults, or his will for that matter.

This was another reason that Harry, who was now back out of his memories of his more recent past, knew he was in the situation he currently was. As the Ministry and those that had betrayed him those six months ago were attempting to break him and make it so Harry would create a different will that would give them everything they wanted.

Break him so that even without his death that they could get what they wanted from him; in one way or another. As they knew, now, that Harry had been able to change his will before they had gotten him and said will really wasn't in their benefit; at least not as much as they felt they deserved.

Which meant, that even though nothing they were doing was even the least bit legal, those that wanted to break him were doing everything in their power could to make Harry stay in Azkaban even worse than it normal would be.

More so then it had been for anyone else, especially when you include the fact that the Dementors seemed to be permanently stationed near his cell. At least they were when he wasn't having 'visitors' which almost had Harry wished the Dementors where there instead.

Something that Harry hadn't thought would have been possible if he hadn't lived through it himself. But currently Harry was actually experiencing a small break from the others attempts to break him and honestly this break was scaring him more than most of the things they had already done to him.

As he knew it meant that they were planning something for him that was going to be worse than anything else they had put him though so far. As each time previous when he had gotten a break before, especially as long as this one seemed to be, it was always followed by some torturous plan that someone made up.

One that usually put Harry so close to death he could easily swear he could actually hear death itself speaking to him. That he could hear the very voice of his mother and father speaking to him; comforting him. Make Harry wonder just what was waiting for him at the end of this small reprieve, and if he did want it to be the one that finally did kill him; just so he could be with his real family once again.

The sound of a nearby steel door opening, let Harry know that he was about to find out just what they now had planned for him. And Harry unwilling to let them see the fear he had for whatever it was they were planning for him, or at least the painful parts of whatever they planned for him, to show put his face into what had long since became a familiar icy mask.

One that he knew utterly frustrated those that were trying to break him, and a mask that Harry did his best to always wear around any or everyone that came to his cell; for just that reason. As Harry never really wanted to give the traitors the satisfaction of see just how close they were to breaking him; to succeeding in what they had planned.

Though after facing the wands of several people all at once, all firing spells that would knock him out or stun him in one way or another. While at the same time having no room, whatsoever, to dodge said spells, or even a way to defend himself from said spells, did cause Harry to temporarily lose said mask.

Before fighting back to keep it up, even as he was hit by all those spells. Because honestly all that Harry had on was his pure spite when it came defying the backstabbers he once happily fought for.

Waking up, Harry felt his eyes widen in fear once he realized where he was. Or at least his eye temporarily widened before he forced them back into a more neutral fashion, as he stared at the traitors that had obviously waiting for him to wake up.

Waiting for him to react, possible thrown himself back from where they had him placed. And all of who Harry could tell were rather disappointed in the reaction he gave, while Harry himself was rather disappointed he reacted at all.

But then again, when one woke up nearly right in front of what the Ministry called the veil of death it was rather difficult to keep a neutral face. Especially considering just what the veil in question had taken from him not that long ago.

Still despite this, Harry did do his best to continue to refuse to give anyone the reactions they seemed to crave. Even as the Minster, or really the most recent one, began to speak to Harry. After seeing that he had woken up and was clearly stating at them with icy emerald eyes set in an emotionless stare; the Minister's tone both snug and superior sounding as he did so.

"Potter, we have had enough of you attitude. You haven't given in with the generous plans that we have made for you, in a failed attempt to bring you back to the side of the light. And because you are so dark, and because no one know just what powers you may have. It has been decided by me, and my council beside me, that because you will not turn back to the side of light by doing the duty that is expected of you. That we simply cannot afford to give you a chance to escape and unleash your plans on the good people of the wizarding world. Because of this, as a whole, we all agree that it is best to send you through the veil of death; to take care of the stain you have caused on the wizarding world once and for all."

Harry hearing this temporarily froze, his inner thoughts of how long winded the Minister was stopping and then turned into an internal screaming of what did he just say coming out instead. Before his thought once more took a different turn.

As be began to wonder if going through the veil was all that bad of a thing to happen. He knew that the traitors would never get what they wanted from him if he did go through the veil; as thank Merlin for updating wills.

Just as he knew that eventual, they would be able to break him if he did stay. As he knew he was starting to break already, and he really didn't want to give any of them the satisfaction of actually break him when nothing else in his life had done so; at least not so far. So, with that in mind Harry didn't put up any fight when he was shoved through the veil that had claimed his Godfather's life almost four years ago.

Only to immediately regret not fighting about being pushed through the veil, not even seconds later. As, after fully entering the veil in question, and after the second the department of mysteries completely disappeared from view sheer agony suddenly tore its way through his body.

As his previously block magic suddenly ripped its way through his body. As the feeling of all his bones snapping all at once occurred. As if felt like some of those bones where literally being ripped out of him and as every other part of his body felt like it was both simultaneously being melted and frozen together before being utterly crushed by some large outside forced.

Then Harry felt as if all his senses and his very magic left him, altogether. As he suddenly went from feeling too much, to being unable to feel anything at all. Unable to see anything, hear anything, taste anything or even smell anything whatsoever.

Not even the very magic that had been with him all his life; something he had never felt before. As even if his magic had been blocked from him for the last six months, he could at least still feel it during that time.

At the moment honestly Harry felt was even worse than the agony he had just suffered though not even moments ago, and it only just got worse from there. As all his sense suddenly blared back to life more powerful than he ever felt them being before in a very painful fashion.

It was a torture that was worse than anything Harry could recall going through as him mind suddenly felt as if it was being overwhelmed and every nerve felt as if they had been lite on fire; similar but worse the then the Curcio curse he had been under multiple times before. And that was from both sides of the wizarding world, the dark as well as from the so-called light side.

However, it was also something that unexpectedly came to an abrupt end as Harry found himself suddenly slamming on to what felt like a ground and as he swiftly blacked out from the unexpectedness of everything that had happened.

Unable to stop a slight whimper from leaving his mouth Harry began to wake up, his entire body aching in ways he had never felt before as he did so; or at least not in this particular way. Yet, at the same time, even despite this ache feeling, Harry also found himself feeling better than he could ever recalled feeling at the same time.

This feeling, and the memory of what had happened to him before he had blacked out earlier, caused Harry to quickly jump up to his feet. Desperately needed to see just what had happened both to him, and more importantly where he currently was.

Because even after just waking up Harry could tell he was no long in the veil of death. Nor was he anywhere near what he knew was the Ministry of magics. In fact, Harry wasn't even sure he was anywhere near where he had been before, as oddly enough the very air didn't feel the same; if that made any sense.

However as soon as he jumped up Harry found himself falling flat on his back just as fast as he had gotten up. Something Harry immediately knew just why that had happened as he looked wide eyed at his body; or the changes he could see that had happened to his body. Changes that were really visible even from Harry simply looking down at his body, and changes that Harry knew where much more then what he could see at the moment; as currently all he could really do was look straight down at himself.

Knowing this, Harry wildly looked for a nearby reflective surface so he could see just what else had changed about him; he needed to know this. It was by doing this rather wild desperate searching that caused Harry to notice what looked like an abandon mirror in what Harry could tell was a burnt-out building.

Paying no mind to the fact he was in what looked to be a burnt-out building, with what look like several others beside it in a similar state, at least for the moment Harry did. Instead he dashed off toward the mirror he just found; anxious to find out just what else had changed about him. As every instinct he had told him something seriously and life changing had just occurred to him; meaning he had to find out just what it was. And he needed to do so now.

Once he got to this mirror, albeit one that was partially broken, but still showed his reflection just as clear as any mirror would have. What Harry saw when he did this was, something that left him once more falling to the ground again eyes wide in disbelief. This time wondering if perhaps he had passed out from pain and was having a rather deranged pain induced dream; once more.

As currently, his reflection wasn't one that he was used to. Even if it had been a good six month since he had last seen said reflections; and even if he that it would have changed since then, as he knew he most likely had some rather bad scars from all the 'lessons' he had been given while in Azkaban. Not to mention the lack of food, sunlight and other things the body needed to stay healthy; let alone fit.

Still, even with that, Harry knew that six months couldn't have changed his reflection as much as his current one was; not without him noticing it had happened before hand. Or not without the others saying something about it, and they certainly would have said something about what Harry looked like now; that Harry had no doubt about.

As instead of the almost eighteen-year-old he had been before, as instead of the slightly stock but short build he had before, and as instead of the short black-haired teen that he had been before was. There was something completely different in the mirror in front of him now.

His reflection now was that of a small child that looked to be around five years old at the very most. Not only that but the child in question looked both small and fragile even for the age Harry currently looked. But not in a starved kind of way Harry knew he had looked like as when he had really been a child but more in a rather delicate almost doll like way. Making Harry feel rather uncomfortable as Harry had never been someone who was either fragile or delicate; despite how he looked now.

His new look had the same wild black hair he had before, which was a bit of a relieve as at least something was similar to what he was used to, but instead of being cut short as he had been, it now fell to his shoulder; and actually seemed to be more controlled with the heavy weight of the hair.

Though one thing he noticed quickly, and was immensely grateful for was that, thankfully, he still had the brilliant emerald green eyes he had all his life; he still had his mother's eyes. To go right along side his father's hair; in both color and style. Even if it was longer then what his father, or himself for that matter, had ever let it grow before.

But the one thing, or the several things that really, that caught Harry's attention was the biggest changes that had occurred to him. Even more so then the deage he had undergone; at least into Harry's eyes it was.

And this was the fact he now had brilliant silver fox like ears sticking out of his head in stark contrast to the pitch-black hair he had. Not only that but he also had five flowing sliver tails waving slightly behind him.

Which to his disbelieving eyes Harry could feel as he thought about moving them about without a thought. Giving Harry the feeling that with a bit of training or work with them he could control those tails similar to how he could control another limb; like say his hand.

Swallowing heavily and wondering just what had happened to him, and why he now looked like what he figured the Kitsunes of legend looked like. Something he knew because of his love of mythology, and after reading several different books on them; as well as other creatures like them. Not only that but he was also left wondering just why, for that matter, he had been deaged to what looked like to be the age of five after going through the veil of what he had thought was death.

Not to mention, as he finally took the surrounding of the area he had apparently appeared in, why he was in what looked to be a small burnt out house, with a few others beside it, all in what appeared to be an equally burnt out looking forest. An area that Harry noticed looked, and felt, like it was abandoned by everyone else that could be around.

Realizing this and starting to feel a growing panic building up in him. Both because of the fact all the changes that had suddenly occurred to him and the fact that even after going through the so-called veil of death he hadn't died; Harry quickly began to move. Trying to find anything that he could use to either realize where he was or if not, that give him some sort of comfort about what had happened.

Running from the area he knew he had landed from the veil in looking for anyone who could hopeful give him answers. While at the same time mentally praying that no one would have a negative reaction to him new looked; as it was very eye catching and undeniably different.

Because merlin knows he would have gotten all sorts of negative reactions if this had happened while he had still been in the wizarding world; even before that twice dammed newspaper had come out.

Knowing this, and after calming down a bit, or at least numbing down his emotions like he had in his prison, Harry decide to what little he could to prepare for whatever reactions there may be for his new appearance. Only then would he continue on his search for someone to get information on.

To do this Harry began to wonder how he could hide his changes, or at least cover them enough they wouldn't be noticeable. That is when Harry remember the cloak he had been wearing when he had been tossed through the veil in the first place. The cloak that had offered him a small amount of comfort while he had been imprisoned, and the cloak that would hopeful be able to help him once more.

Thinking on this Harry, realized that he wasn't wearing the cloak in question at all, and that in fact he had been running around completely naked. Realizing this Harry fought back a massive blush and began to look around him. Hoping that with his shrinking and deaging that he had gone through his cloak has simply slipped off him where he had landed.

Fortunately, it seemed that for once in a long-time luck was actually on his side, as Harry saw there where he had landed the torn-up cloak he was looking for. Seeing this, Harry quickly went over to said cloak and began to make some form of covering for his new form; even if he did have to regrettably rip said cloak even more to do this.

Harry knowing that all the clothing he currently had was the cloak he had, and even then, the cloak wouldn't be all that much clothing seeing as it was basically scraps, Harry went to work. Trying his best to make use of what he did have to cover as much as he wanted it to.

As he tied the ends of part of the cloak he had together and makes a sort of misshapen shirt that goes to his knees. While using the other, much smaller part of the cloak that was remaining to make a sort of scarf like hooded thing to hide his ears; even if it ended up looked raggedy and barely cover his head.

Even if the entire smell of said cloak had him wanting to throw it as far from his as possible. More so then ever with the one part that made up the so-called hood; considering it was closer to his nose and there for smelled all the stronger to him.

While at the same time, as he did his best to ignore the smell, Harry wrapped his tails tightly around his waist to attempt to pass the off as an overly fluffy fur like belt. All of the while knowing that it really wasn't much, but at the same time he hoped that it would work and wouldn't bring too much attention to him.

As at the moment he felt he could perhaps pass off as child living on the streets or something similar to that. But now that he was covered and feeling a bit more confident Harry took back off running once more in search of the answers he still wanted.

After running around for a good ten minutes Harry found himself, quite literally, running into a young woman and her son whom was by her side. As he did this Harry ended up staring wide eyed at the woman, he had just ran into as he had heard her say, in what Harry felt was a warm motherly voice.

"Oh, are you ok little one? Who are you? My name is Inko Midoriya and this is my son Izuku, he looks to be around you age; maybe a little younger."