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"What's a Shinobi, Old Man?"

The quiet scratching noise of pen on paper ceased its actions as the individual being regarded gave a slight hum at the question.

What was a Shinobi indeed?

Glorified mercenaries? Silent assassins? Murderers?

Perhaps he was thinking too deep about the question. After all, what would a young child truly understand about the intricacies of being a Shinobi? The duties a Ninja had to their village outweighed personal desires. Everyday a Shinobi was expected to perform at 110%. There was no room for error when on the field.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage of Konoha, shifted slightly in his seat. The chair producing a slight creaking noise due to the years upon years of usage. Old, wizened brown eyes stared into a unique set of heterochromatic eyes that displayed an unusual amount of intelligence in them.

A bright cerulean orb in his left and a dark violet in the right. A mane of unruly spikey blond hair framed the boys face with three jagged, whisker-like birthmarks on his cheeks. A young Naruto Uzumaki. No older than 10 years old. Jinchuuriki of the strongest Bijuu in the Elemental Nations. The Legendary Nine-tailed Fox. A walking catastrophe would best describe the creature.

Hiruzen continued to stare at the boy who's eyes were alight with amusement. It was something that always made the elderly man uncomfortable to an extent. The blond boy always seemed to carry himself with far more maturity than usual. Hiruzen assumed it was due to his lineage but he had learned to trust his gut. It was what kept him alive throughout the years. The boys expression was one of innocent curiosity but the 3rd Hokage knew better.

"A Shinobi is someone who puts the needs of their village above all else. An individual who protects their village to their dying breath."

A small smile formed on the boys face as his head tilted. "What if they don't do that?" The old war veteran closed his eyes as his hands clasped together on his personal desk. "Then they are not a true Shinobi."

The young boy responded with a dismissive hum as he made his way towards the giant window of the office. His mismatched eyes gazed upon the various homes beneath the building. The boys gaze eventually settled on his reflection as he stared at his unique pupils.

"I don't want to be a Shinobi."

Had Hiruzen been a lesser man he would have recoiled at the statement. Most children wanted to be Shinobi when they reached of age to enter the academy. When wars broke out children were usually forced into it. A broken system yes, but an effective one.

"Oh? And why is that Naruto?"

Those eerie, mismatched eyes settled on Hiruzens reflection as a small grin settled on his face. "I don't really care about Konoha."

The elderly Shinobi was silent for several moments as he processed the answer. The boy had an outgoing personality when it came to the public eye but his personal watchers would say otherwise when in private and alone. Naruto was one of the rare individuals in the world that could portray themselves in a manner that only they wanted you to see. A rare feat considering Shinobi were forced to always look beyond the norm.

"What do you care about Naruto?" Hiruzen stared directly at the boy who returned his gaze.

The young blond shifted on the balls of his heels as he clasped his hands behind his back. The boys smile grew in size as he responded.

"I care about myself."

The older male frowned minutely at the response of his ward. "Surely there must be something you care about other than yourself?"

The blond shook his head before shifting his body towards the older man. "Nope. Why should I?" Blond locks bounced as the boy tilted his head. A glint of... something flashed in those hauntingly mismatched eyes before disappearing. It was gone before Hiruzen could truly analyze it.

"Some would call you selfish for that."

The boy furrowed his eyebrows in confusion at the statement. "What's that mean?"

"It means you don't care about how others feel and only look out for yourself."

The boys smile disappeared as he stared at the mans face for several moments. The boy shrugged his shoulders before making his way towards the door of the office. "Sounds like me."

Hiruzen continued to keep his gaze on the boy as he began to leave the room. As the boy was exiting the room the 3rd Hokage had one last parting statement for the young Uzumaki.

"I've enrolled you in the Shinobi Academy. You start tomorrow. 9 o'clock sharp. Don't be late."

The boy paused in his action for a scant few moments before shaking his head and exiting the office without a word. Hiruzen frowned at the reaction before sighing lowly to himself. The boy had no other choice than to be a Shinobi and if the boy grew up resenting Hiruzen then so be it. For the betterment of Konoha he would do anything.


"Stay close to me Ino. We have alot of things we need to do today."

A young girl with platinum blonde hair and light teal eyes shook her head and began to trail after her mother. Child-like curiosity bounding through the young girl as her eyes scanned each and every object in the main marketplace of Konoha.

"What are we shopping for mommy?" The mother of Ino glanced down towards her daughter as she took the young girls hand in hers and guided them through the busy streets. A gentle smile framed the brunettes face as she responded.

"I'm making my special Yakisoba recipe tonight and your father is getting off early today. It's a special occasion after all. You're following in our footsteps." The young girl's eyes widened in joy as her body practically vibrated.

"I can't wait! You make the best food mom!"

The older Yamanaka just chuckled merrily as she slowly weaved her way through the many residents of Konoha. The next few hours passed by rather quickly for the mother and daughter. The young blonde was always a step behind her mother until a small commotion drew her attention. The young girl slowed to a stop as she witnessed a young boy being yelled at by a random merchant.

The young Yamanaka tilted her head curiously and began to move towards the commotion. The Matriarch of the Yamanaka Clan turned her head to see her daughter approaching a small crowd of villagers. A frown appeared on her face as she listened to the curses of a shop keeper.

Ino was within several feet of the commotion before a gentle hand settled on her shoulder. She jumped slightly at the contact and gazed over her shoulder to see her mother staring at the scene with a heavy frown.

"I've already told you before you little shit! You're not welcome here!"

The young blond child being yelled at just smiled through the insult. "I said that I want the mask." The shopkeeper glared at the boy before brandishing a broom.

"Get away from my stand or I'll make you."

Naruto's smile grew bigger at the threat as his mismatched eyes bore into the older man. "You'll make me? That sounds mean." The plump shopkeeper grit his teeth as his hands tighened around the wood. "I'm taking the mask."

Naruto's eyes remained glued to the merchant as he reached for the mask. The shopkeeper finally had enough and made to swing the broom to push the child away. The young boys smile morphed into a small grin at the older mans reaction. The broom was halted in place by a dainty hand before being snapped in half a second later.

"You would harm a child?"

Saya Yamanaka stood in front of the young Jinchuuriki before twirling the broken wood from the broom in her hand. Faster than the man could even blink the tip of the wood made direct contact with the center of his forehead.

"And... dead. It is that easy. What possesses you to even have the gall to harm an innocent child?" The woman continued to stare at the man who was practically frozen in place. The man audibly gulped as his gaze shifted between the woman and the blond boy.

"That's not an innocent child!"

The woman raised her eyebrow before shifting her attention towards the young blond boy who was watching the scene with a small grin. Saya studied the boys face for several seconds before pushing the sharp piece of wood slightly forward. A small cut and a slight dribble of blood ran down the mans nose as the boys grin grew larger.

"He is an innocent child. You are the one threatening a child with violence." The woman glanced towards her daughter who was watching the spectacle with wide eyes. Saya turned her attention back to the boy before motioning her other hand towards the mask he wanted. "Take it, young one. I will pay for it."

The young boy turned to the woman in slight surprise before a toothy grin blossomed on his face. The woman nodded with a gentle smile as the boy gazed at several different masks in the shop. Saya's eyes roamed across several different masks that were on display. The designs were very clean and it seemed as if they were crafted by a master. While the shopowner was most certainly a cretin, he had talent atleast.

Naruto's mismatched eyes landed on a specific mask as he stared directly at it with a puzzled expression. The design of this particular mask was that of a Fox. Three concentric ovals encircled each eye hole. The mouth was more akin to a horizontal line that had a slight upwards dip to emphasize a slightly opened mouth.

A unique design sat below the mouth that resembled the same design of the eyeholes. A bold circle being surrounded by two ovals that overlapped one another. A similar design was placed on the forehead of the mask with the addition of a straight line that went directly down to where the wearer's nose would be positioned. The tips of the ears were colored in and emboldened to give the ears more detail. The entire porcelain mask was all white with the designs being colored a deep crimson.

Naruto stared at the mask for several more seconds before grasping it and placing it on his face. The mask loosely held into his face due to it being too big. The boy tilted his head before moving it so that it only covered half of his face. The mask now covering his cerulean pupil.

Saya stared at the mask with a narrowed gaze. What were the chances that the boy would pick the only Fox-themed mask on display? She found it slightly ironic that he'd choose it. The boys gaze found hers and a smile adorned the boys face. The Yamanaka frowned slightly as a knot began to form in her stomach. Saya stared directly into those violet orbs before a wave of anxiety passed through her body. Her heartbeat began to quicken as her entire body tensed.

"Thank you pretty lady!"

The Matriarch of the Yamanaka almost jumped at the sound of the boys voice. His eyes now being closed due to his toothy grin. The woman furrowed her eyebrows as her pulse began to calm down. What... what was that? She swallowed slightly before glancing towards the shopowner who was now resting against the back wall of his stand.

When had he moved?

"Mommy! You still haven't paid for the mask!"

Saya was interrupted from her thoughts as her daughter pulled on her hand. The woman slowly exhaled before nodding her head. She set the money on the stand before turning towards the blond Jinchuuriki who was now staring at Ino.

"Hi! I'm Naruto. What's your name?"

The young Yamanaka blushed at the boy before waving back. His eye was purple! Her favorite color! They were so beautiful.

"I-I'm Ino... Uhh..." The girl trailed off after stuttering before shyly hiding behind her mother. Naruto tilted his head before walking around the older woman and staring at Ino.

"Why are you hiding? Ooooh! Are we playing hide n' seek? I've never played it before... The other kids don't like me. They always stay away from me." The boy trailed off in sadness after his statement. Saya frowned at the boys tone before glancing towards her daughter and gently nudging her for encouragement. The girl slowly stood in front of the boy before giving him a shy smile.

"I'll... I'll play with you, Naruto."

The boys head snapped towards the young blonde in surprise. "Really? You... want to play?" The girl nodded at the question as a smile morphed onto his face. "Cool! My first friend!"

Saya stared at the interaction between the two children with a keen eye. There was... something in the boys gaze that caused an uncomfortable feeling to settle in the pits of her stomach. His eyes were far too sharp for his age. There was too much intelligence in them... She must be paranoid. Yes, Naruto was a Jinchuuriki but there wasn't anything necessarily wrong with the boy. A little boisterous for sure, but nothing too abnormal.

Saya shook her head before gaining the duo's attention. "Would you like to join us Naruto? Ino and I are just finishing up our shopping. I'll take both of you to the park afterwards." Ino grinned at her mothers statement before nodding her head.

The blond boy stared at Saya for several seconds before nodding his head causing his mask to bobble slightly at the action. The woman smiled softly at the boy before holding out both of her hands for the children to take. Her daughter immediately latched onto her left as the boy remained rooted in place. Saya raised an eyebrow at the boy who was staring at the appendage with apprehension.

"What's wrong Naruto?"

"Do... Do I have to hold your hand?"

The woman frowned at his response before slowly shaking her head. "You don't have to if you don't want to, dear." The blond child nodded his head before moving closer to the woman and standing just out of reach. Saya pursed her lips for several seconds before sighing lowly.


"You can't do that Naruto! That's cheating!" Ino stomped her foot in frustration as she glared at her new friend who was sitting in a tree laughing. "Get down here! I'll... Don't make me come up there!" The girl raised her fist in the air and waved it threateningly.

The blond boy swung his legs idly before tilting his head with a smile. "And how are ya gonna do that? You can't use Chakra." The boy grinned as Ino huffed in annoyance. Ino didn't understand how Naruto was able to climb the tree with Chakra. He was the same age as her! Her parents hadn't even started her training.

"How come you know how to use Chakra? That's not fair!"

The boy tilted his head and gripped his chin with his right hand. "Because I'm special!" The girl gave an agitated growl at the response before plopping herself down and resting her back against the tree. The young Yamanaka proceeded to cross her arms and pout. "Awwww! C'mon Ino-chan! There's no need to pout!" The girl gave a 'Hmph' sound and turned her head away as the boy laughed.

Naruto stared down at his new friend before jumping off the large branch he was sat atop of. The boy landed without a sound as he placed his hands in his pockets and smiling at Ino. The girl peeked a single eye open before giggling.

"Why are you laughing?" The boy began to pat his chest and pants as he looked himself over. "Something on my face?" The girl began to giggle more as a small smile formed on Narutos face. The boy sat down beside his new friend as the two began to laugh together.

Saya watched the two children with a narrowed gaze. Her eyes traveled up towards the position that the young Uzumaki had jumped off from.

15 feet.

The woman shifted in her seated position and rested her cheek on her knuckles. The boy not only landed with little effort but he also climbed the entire way up with Chakra. How he learned to control his Chakra to such a degree was astounding. He was a Jinchuuriki with an unprecedented amount of Chakra flowing through his body. To have such finite control of it at such a young age...

Who had taught him?

The woman stared at the ground as she closed her eyes. She had heard rumors through the grapevine about him. She, like a normal person, ignored them. Rumors were just that, rumors. For what reason would she entertain them? According to Anko Mitarashi the boy didn't even want to be a Shinobi.

If that was the case, then why would he go out of his way to control his Chakra? It didn't truly make sense. Saya knew that Hiruzen would force the boy to become a Shinobi whether he wanted to or not. Personally, she disliked the notion. Naruto didn't get a choice in becoming a Jinchuuriki. It was something out of his control and now there was another thing in his life that he had no control over. He would come to hate this village if it persisted. The woman was unaware of what was about to transpire regarding the young boy she was thinking about.

Naruto stared at two boys who stood half a foot taller than him. He raised his visible eyebrow at the boys before smiling at them. "You two look angry." The boys smile grew as the two 12 year olds glared at the boy. Ino frowned at the looks before gripping Naruto's arm in worry.

"Beat it blondie. We wanna talk to the brat here." Ino frowned at the the boy before directing a small glare at him.

"And if I don't?"

The boy sneered at her as he responded. "Then you'll get hurt too."

"Don't threaten Ino again." Naruto stood directly in front of the boy with a small smile adorned on his face. The two boys recoiled slightly as the boy practically appeared in front of them. The Jinchuuriki tilted his head at them before grinning. "You two look scared... What's wrong? Didn't you want to talk?"

The two boys frowned at the question before glancing towards each other. The shorter boy glared at the young blond before placing his hand against Naruto's chest and pushing him backwards. "The only one who should be scared here is you."

Naruto's back collided with the tree as Ino shot to her feet. "Hey! Don't push my friend like that!" The taller boy glared at her before raising his hand as if he was going to strike her. Before his hand could touch the girl it was stopped by Naruto.

The blond Jinchuuriki stared at the boy with a blank expression before slowly twisting his wrist. The boy began to grimace and tried to pull away from the masked boy. His teeth began to grit in pain as his knees buckled. "Ahhh! That hurts! Stop!"

Naruto tilted his head at the request before a small smile morphed on his face. "If you say so." Naruto, in a burst of speed, completely rotated the boys wrist before grabbing the appendage with his other hand and twisting it the opposite direction he was twisting it. The blond child then jerked the appendage downwards and let go of the boys hand.

The tall boy screamed in pain as he cradled his broken wrist. The boys scream alerted several individuals including Ino's mother who began to make her way towards the children. She watched with widened eyes as Naruto rotated his hips, shifted his lower body and proceeded to kick the downed boy right across his face.

The boys head instantly snapped backwards as a fountain of blood shot out from the boys mouth. The boys head slammed against the earth with a booming thud as blood poured down his face. Naruto continued to stare at the downed boy with a small smile before shifting his attention to the other boy just slightly out of arms reach. The blond clenched his fist and took a single step towards the other kid. Before he could take another step Saya intervened between the two and gently placed her hand on Naruto's shoulder to prevent his advance.

The woman's light brown eyes analyzed the child who was clearly unconscious. Her eyes trailed down his arm to the very noticeable fractured wrist. It would be atleast 8 weeks before the boy could use his hand again. Her eyes trailed upwards towards the boys broken nose that was steadily dripping blood.

Saya turned her head towards the young Jinchuuriki who's head was tilted with a small smile. It seemed the boy also knew how to augment his body with Chakra as well. That kick was particularly brutal for a young boy no older than 10.

Several parents and other adults began to crowd the scene to get a better look at rhe child. A shrill cry resonated through the crowd as Saya spotted the boys mother. Who else would scream like that?

The plump woman pushed several men and women aside as she reached her child and began to try to assess the situation. Her eyes rapidly scanned over everyone before landing on Naruto. A nasty glare formed on her face as she made to grab the boys shirt.

Saya idly gripped the womans hand before turning her attention to Naruto. "Why did you hurt him?" His violet orb settled on her face before rocking on the balls of his heels.

"He hit Ino."

The woman stared directly into the boy's single visible orb. For several seconds she remained fixated on his eyes before glancing towards her daughter. "Is this true my little flower?" The young Yamanaka glanced towards her new friend before meekly nodding her head.

Saya scrutinized both children for several seconds before nodding her head. She gently gripped Naruto's shoulder before crouching down and facing him. "Try to be more gentle next time, ok? Not every child is able to use Chakra like you can. You can hurt someone very badly"

The young boy nodded his head rapidly before placing his index and middle finger above his brow in a mock salute. "You got it pretty lady!" His violet orb shut as he gave her a toothy grin.

"That's it?! 'You can hurt someone.' Are you daft?! He assaulted my child! Look at his condition!" The plump woman glared fiercely at the Matriarch of the Yamanaka.

"Your child placed his hands on my child." Saya stood to her full height before gently pulling Narutos head into her hip like a mother would. "Little Naruto here protected my daughter." A cold smile blossomed on Saya's face that caused a shiver to wrack the woman's spine. "If you knew how to properly raise your son we wouldn't be in this situation."

The woman recoiled in shock before standing over her child and pointing towards Naruto. "That... You protect that... thing?!"

Ino frowned at the harsh words before stepping beside Naruto and pulling his arm towards her body. "Don't talk about Naruto like that! He isn't a thing!" The young Jinchuuriki alternated his gaze between the woman who was practically shielding him from harm and his new friend. His lips parted in genuine surprise at the fact that both were protecting him so fiercely despite only knowing him for a couple of hours.

"You are a bigot. A sad, miserable bigot." Saya slight bent her knee before grasping Naruto's hand and gently tugging him as she started to walk away from the crowd. The young boy made no effort to resist and allowed himself to be pulled by Ino's mother as the girl followed suit with her mother and new friend.

"That little demon will be the end of all of us! You protect what you don't understand! He'll kill us all! You're a foo-" The woman was cut off as a Shinobi in a mask silenced her with a chop to the neck. Several other masked Shinobi appeared in the area and began to move people along.

The ANBU member who silenced the woman glanced at the retreating Yamanakas before looking over the injured child. The purple haired woman picked the child up, made a single gesture with her hand and disappeared. Another ANBU member picked the woman up before disappearing right after.

"Don't listen to her words Naruto. You aren't what they say." Saya glanced towards the boy who sported a small smile despite the harsh insults that were thrown at him.

"She was angry." The boys tone was full of amusement and Saya raises an eyebrow at the... odd reaction. Naruto was proving to be an incredibly difficult child to read. Most children, even those in clans, were easy to understand. It wasn't particularly what he was saying, it was how he was saying it. The boy reminded her of a certain Uchiha prodigy in the village.

"Where are we going pretty lady?" The boys masked shifted on his face as he turned his gaze towards the woman. Saya smiled down at the boy as she responded.

"To my home. Would you like to join us Naruto? I'm making a special dish." The boy blinked several times before nodding his head.

"Yay! You're gonna love it Naruto! Mommy makes the best food ever!" Ino pumped her fist with a small cheer as the boy smiled at her outburst.

"I'm sure she does."


Mismatched pupils stared at a plate full of food in slight confusion. The blond picked up one of the utensils before poking the food. "What is this pretty lady?"

Saya paused in her eating before swallowing her food. "It's called Yakisoba Naruto. They are noodles that have been stir fried. Why don't you try some?" The woman gently pushed his plate closer to him as he furrowed his eyebrows.

Ino and Inoichi stared at the boy as he slowly gathered some noodles with his chopsticks before eating the meal. His eyes grew wide before practically shoveling the food down his throat. Saya began to laugh merrily at the boys reaction. The blond boy paused in his actions before giving the woman a grin.

"This is soooooo good!" Saya smiled softly at the boy as he turned his attention back towards his food. He stared at the food for several seconds before a small frown marred his face. "I... I've never had a meal like this."

The woman's eyes softened at the boy as she glanced towards her husband. Inoichi nodded his head slightly before taking a sip of his wine. "You've never had Yakisoba before I take it?" The womans mouth dipped into a frown as the boys eyes glimmered in sadness.

"I've never had someone cook a meal for me..."

Silence reigned in the dining room for several moments following the boys statement. A knot formed in Sayas stomach as her heart lurched. Too often of times did people take for granted the little things in their life. A home cooked meal being one of those things.

"Well if you keep coming over then you'll get to taste more of mommy's cooking!" Ino exclaimed with a small smile before taking a gulp of her juice. A gentle smile formed on Saya's face at the words of her daughter.

Naruto blinked in surprise at the girls words before glancing towards the two adults in the room. Inoichi shrugged lightly before gesturing with his head towards his wife. "If it's alright with Saya, then I don't have a problem with it."

The boys mismatched eyes landed in Saya who nodded her head at the boy. The sheer happiness radiating from the boy was palpable.

This small act of kindess would forever be cherished in the young Jinchuuriki's heart.


"Are you sure you don't want to stay for the night Naruto? It's really not a problem."

Naruto placed the mask that Saya had bought for him on the side of his head before smiling at her. She was flanked by her husband while Ino stood in front of the couple.

"It's ok pretty lady." He sketched a small bow towards the family before placing his hands into his pockets. "Thank you for the meal... And for the mask... And for sticking up for me..." The boy sheepily trailed off with a grin as Saya smiled and shook her head.

"It is no problem Naruto. You are welcome to come over whenever you like." The boy gave her a mock salute as Ino broke away from her parents. She shyly made her way towards the boy before giving him a hug. The boy blinked several times before returning the girl's embrace. The girl pulled away with a small blush before retreating back to her parents who were chuckling at the adorable scene. The Jinchuuriki smiled at the family as he began to walk away.

Naruto made his way out of the Yamanaka Clan Compound before aimlessly walking through the village. His mind ran on autopilot as he maneuvered through the crowds. After almost half an hour of walking the boy stopped at the top of the Hokage Monument. A slight breeze of wind ruffled his spikey locks of blond hair as he stared at the village. Several minutes of silence passed by before he jumped over the metal railings and landed on the stone head of the 4th Hokage.

Naruto slowly made his way to the edge of the giant stone bust before sitting down. He began to idly kick his legs back and forth as he stared down at the village. A sinister smile formed on his face as he began to hum a soft tune.


So much time.

He had plenty of it.

His sinister smile morphed into a grin before he slid his mask down to cover his entire face.

"There's no meaning to a flower unless it blooms."

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