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"What a nice home..."

Mismatched orbs slowly roamed across the lavish home with an appraising gaze. The figure was garbed in a standard ANBU outfit equipped with a small Tanto that rested on the individuals back.

The only distinguishable features about the Shinobi was their blond, spiky hair and the fact that they were shorter than the average ANBU member.

The blond ANBU member slowly placed his hand on the unnecessarily large black gates and began to slowly trail his fingers across it. His black sandals lightly crunching the gravel and dirt beneath his feet as he continued to stare at the lavish home while slowly walking closer to the entrance of the home.

A single violet orb glowed ominously from beneath the Dog-styled mask that sat on the individuals face. A quiet humming noise began to emit from the Shinobi's throat as he slowly crept towards the entrance gate of the ginormous home.

The teenager slowly glanced behind them searching for the sun and noticed that it was just on the cusp of rising in the air. An unseen smirk formed on their face as they spotted a figure crouching on a tree almost 20 meters away.

The man's humming seemed to grow louder as he approached the entrance of the gate. His hands fiddled with the lock for a brief moment before a quiet clicking noise was heard.

The teenager's humming rose in pitch at their successful picklocking attempt as he slowly made his way towards the home. A beautiful plot of land surrounded him as he glanced to and fro.

The grass was vibrant.

The yard was cut to perfection.

The sunlight from the now rising sun encased the home in a beautiful glow worthy of the Gods themselves.

It was tainted by the presence of the blond teen whos shadow seemed to stretch farther than humanly possible. It wriggled and moved in an alien form as the teen continued his slow gait.

His sandaled feet stoped just an inch from the marble stairway that would lead onto the immaculate porch of the home. The teen grew quiet as he stared at the entrance of the home.

He stared.

And stared..

And stared...

Abruptly, the teen began to slowly climb the stairs while retaining his slow gait.

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.

The sound of an old, antique wind chime rang out softly as the boy continued closer to the home. The teen paid the item no mind as he strode closer to the door of the home.

Upon reaching the door, an unseen smile began to blossom on his face. His mismatched orbs trailed along the glass pane of the door and took in all of the intricate designs that were carefully etched into it.

He raised one of his gloved hands before slowly and rhythmically rapping it against the glass of the door.




On the third hit, he lowered his hand back into his pocket and patiently waited for an answer.

Seconds passed by before he heard several voices speaking from within the home. They were muffled and slightly difficult to make out but the teen managed bits and pieces.

"Who wou... knock... six in...orning?"

"Ans... door!"

The blond teen heard silence for a brief moment before seeing a distorted image of a man from the glass of the door. He remained motionless as several locks being turned resounded from behind the door of the home.

The door slowly opened to reveal a man who seemed to be in his mid 40's. He had a 5 o'clock shadow and was rather skinny. His hair was pitch black and the beginnings of his hairline seemed to be receding.

The man's expression was of groggy confusion as he stared at who he believed was an ANBU Shinobi. The man blinked several times before slowly rubbing his face and yawning quietly.

"They..." He yawned in an exaggerated manner before continuing. "They sure love recruiting young. What can I do for ya?"

The blond ANBU Shinobi slowly tilted their head before glancing behind the man, spotting the man's wife. She had relatively short brown hair with thin eyebrows. She seemed to finally be showing signs of her older age as evidenced by the crows feet near her eyes. She was garbed in a silky see-through robe that left little to the imagination. Thankfully, she wore a set of black, lacey lingerie that covered her modesty. She too possessed a confused and groggy expression.

The blond ANBU Shinobi returned his gaze to the rich man before speaking in a rather blank tone.

"Mr. Yoshida." At the older man's slow nod, the blond Shinobi spoke once more. "Hokage-sama requests his monthly check up."

The older man blinked in surprise for a moment before speaking. "Really? Now?" He turned his head towards his wife for a moment, locking eyes with her before returning his gaze towards the short male in front of him. "Those aren't usually done until the end of the month... But uh... Well, come on in, I guess."

Mr. Yoshida slowly stepped aside and gestured with his hand for the ANBU member to come inside. An unseen smile crept on the Shinobi's face as he slowly moved towards the doorway.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as the blond Shinobi slowly tilted his head towards the rich merchant. His violet eye glowed ominously as he stared directly at the older man.

Their eyes met for a fraction of a second before the blond Shinobi gripped the outstretched hand of the man. In a swift maneuver, the blond Shinobi tugged the appendage down and delivered a vicious blow to the man's temple.

He was out before he could even comprehend it. The mismatched orbs of the ANBU Shinobi snapped towards the man's wife and in a burst of speed, took the woman down with swift chop to the throat.

A wheezing noise emitted from her throat before her head slammed into the wooden floors of her home courtesy of a punch to her eye from the blond Shinobi.

The teen glanced at the unconscious civilians before he slowly made his way back to the door. He proceeded to slowly close the door, all the while humming a haunting tune.

Mr. Yoshida slowly awoke from his slumber and heard the sound of steel scraping against metal. The sound was done in a rhythmic cadence.

It almost sounded like a kitchen knife being sharpened.

He managed to finally open his eyes and at first, everything was slightly blurry. It took a few seconds but he managed to finally open his eyes and the sight he awoke to horrified him.

Directly in front of him was his wife who appeared to be strapped to a wooden chair. Her throat had a nasty purple mark and she possessed a black eye. She was seated almost 3 feet in front of him.

His ebony orbs traveled down and noticed that he too was strapped to a chair. He desperately tried to flex the muscles in his arms but grunted in pain due to the action. He gave up on his endeavor as the sound of a baby rang out from directly behind him, completely out of sight.

The gurgles and babbles of an infant continued for several seconds and caused no small amount of dread to seep into Mr. Yoshida's heart.

His... His baby...

"Yuko!" He tried calling to his wife. "Yuko, wake up!"

The now named Yuko began to slowly stir as she groaned lowly. "My h-head... What the hell?"

Mr. Yoshida called out to her in a frantic tone. "We're tied up! Shinji is directly behind me! I can't see him!"

Yuko seemed to finally come to at that specific comment and immediately tried searching for the crib of their newborn baby. A horrified expression formed on her face that caused Mr. Yoshida's anxiety to spike through the roof.

"LET GO OF HIM!" She screamed hoarsely, still recovering from the injury to her throat.

Holding her newborn baby was the blond ANBU Shinobi that had attacked them. The man was slowly rocking the baby in his arms while staring directly into Yuko's eyes.

At her scream, he stopped rocking the child before slowly placing the infant in their crib. He disappeared in a plume of smoke and the sound of knives sharpening rang out once more.

Mr. Yoshida snapped towards the noise and noticed the blond ANBU Shinobi slowly walking towards them. He held one of their kitchen knives in his hand as he sharpened the weapon with one of his kunais.

"Wh-why are you doing this?!" He screamed out. "What do you want from us?!"

The masked Shinobi just tilted his head at the question before slowly ceasing his actions. He pocketed his kunai before slowly walking towards Yuko's position. He slowly placed the knife against the woman's throat who immediately froze at the cold metal making contact with her skin.

Tears began to slowly drip down her face as the flat end of the blade rested against her throat. She dared not speak in fear of what would happen.

"N-no no! Please! Wait! Don't!" Mr. Yoshida pleaded desperately. "I'll give you whatever you want! What is it?! Money?! Drugs?! What?! Please!"

The spiky haired Shinobi tilted his head before speaking in a blank tone.

"Juno Yoshida." The cold metal of the blade slowly danced on Yuko's neck who released quiet sobs from the actions. "Comply or your wife dies."

To make his point clear, the masked Shinobi turned his blade and lightly dug the blade into Yuko's throat. The woman released a grunt of pain as blood slowly dripped from the prick.

"OKAY OKAY! PLEASE!" He yelled out desperately. "I-I'll do anything! Just please... Don't hurt her..."

The masked Shinobi stared at the man for a moment before wiping the blood from the knife on Yuko's cheek. Fresh tears fell from her eyes as the masked man slowly moved away from her position while casually twirling his blade.

"Juno, Juno, Juno..." The teen began slowly, occasionally flipping the knife in his hand. "You've inadvertently placed yourself in my cross hairs. A shame too... The Yamanaka Clan truly enjoy their business with you."

The man seemed confused at the statement and before he could voice that confusion the blond teen continued speaking.

"Why am I doing this? An... interesting question to ask, Juno." The blond ANBU Shinobi twirled his knife before stopping behind Yuko once more. "You should know exactly why I'm doing this."

The short male stared directly into the older man's eyes as he spoke. "You are a sick man, Juno Yoshida. A wife and a kid... Is that not enough for you? You commit these atrocities behind their back and expect no repercussions? That isn't acceptable, even more so when someone important to me was being targeted."

Yuko's eyebrows furrowed in confusion as tears idly dripped down her face. "Wh-what is he talking about Juno?!"

Before Juno could reply the young Shinobi rested his blade on Yuko's cheek causing her to tense up. "What am I talking about, Juno? What sick and perverted fantasies have you been partaking in for the last five years?"

Juno swallowed nervously while desperately trying to escape from his seat. "I-I don't know... what you're talking about!"

The blond haired Shinobi tilted his masked visage at the man's statement before raising his knife in the air and bringing it down onto Yuko's shoulder. The woman released a hoarse scream as the blade sunk deep into her flesh, biting into the bone and causing blood to seep out from the wound near instantaneously.

"STOP! PLEASE JUST STOP!" Juno cried frantically as his wife writhed painfully in her seat.

The masked Shinobi ignored both of their screams as he ripped the knife out of the woman's shoulder. "You're starting to annoy me, Juno. Admit what you've done."

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!" Juno denied as he thrashed against his restraints, desperately trying to escape.

The blond Shinobi stared at Juno for an entire minute, ignoring Yuko's pitiful sobbing and Juno's attempts at escaping. For several minutes he stood silently before shaking his head.

The young Shinobi proceeded to place his left hand on the woman's injured shoulder. Twirling his blade slowly, he leaned over while speaking. "Because of your actions Juno... You get to choose." He finished with a flourish of his knife.

The masked Shinobi slowly walked towards Shinji's crib before slowly picking the baby up. His knife rested incredibly close to the child's throat as he haphazardly held the baby in his arms.

"STOP! PLEASE! STOP STOP STOP!" Yuko screamed hoarsely as she thrashed in her restraints, causing her to scream shortly afterwards in pain due to her shoulder injury.

The blond Shinobi glanced towards the woman before making his way towards her, uncaring of the tears from the woman and her husband. He proceeded to drop the baby in the woman's lap before standing directly behind her while twirling his knife.

His masked visage met Juno's tear stained face as he spoke aloud. "So Mr. Yoshida, which will you choose? Your beautiful wife or your beloved child?" He draped his arms over the head of the wooden chair and leaned against the object, ignoring Yuko's terrified gasp.

Juno's eyes widened in terror as tears continued to fall from his face. "Ch-choose?! What do... What do you mean choose...?!"

The blond teen was silent for a brief moment before he used the knife in his hand to emphasize his statement.

"Choose." He pointed to Yuko. "Your wife..." The knife was now facing Shinji and he spoke again. "Or your child." He spun the knife in a reverse grip before speaking with finality.

"One gets to live and the other dies. And you get to choose which."

The rich merchant's face broke down in despair as he stared at his wife and child. Tears fell freely and showed little signs of stopping.

The masked Shinobi watched on impassively as both wife and husband cried while speaking incoherently. Several minutes passed by before the blond Shinobi spoke once more, his patience finally waning.

"You have 10 seconds to choose. Good luck, Mr. Yoshida."

One second.

Two seconds.


Three seconds.


Four seconds.

"That wasn't an option Mr. Yoshida."

Six seconds.

Seven seconds.


Nine seconds.


There was silence for several moments as both husband and wife quietly sobbed due to their hopeless predicament.

"Very well."

The masked Shinobi twirled his knife before slitting the throat of Yuko without remorse. Her eyes widened exponentially and gurgling noises began to escape her. The copious amount of crimson liquid began to slowly fall to the floor, staining the expensive wood.

The blond Shinobi turned his attention away from the dying woman and stared directly into Juno's broken eyes. His mouth was open and tears fell down his face.

He made no noise.

The blond Shinobi slowly made his way around the dead woman and ignored the baby's wailing. He proceeded to crouch in front of Juno before slapping the man harshly.

"We're not done." Standing to his feet, he turned towards the man's child before gesturing with his blade. "If you want your child to live, you will need to reach him."

Juno's eyes snapped towards the blond Shinobi's before he screamed. "I DID WHAT YOU WANTED!"

"Everyone in this world is capable of committing evil..." The ANBU Shinobi spoke blankly, ignoring Juno's outburst. "But what defines an evil action? Is it the intent? Is it due to the individuals' morals?"

The young male shook his head before speaking again. "No, no no. It is none of those." He crouched in front of Juno as he spun his blade. "You see, it's all about perspective. Is it morally correct to punish an individual who has committed a crime? Of course, because they have done wrong."

The Shinobi pointed the blade directly at Juno's tear stained eyes while continuing. "You, Mr. Yoshida, have done something wrong. And what better way to punish you than taking away that which you cherish?"

The blond Shinobi tilted his head before brandishing his knife and making his way towards Yuko's corpse.


The blond Shinobi stopped for a second before turning his head towards Juno and speaking blankly. "Did you stop when those children begged and pleaded? Using those very same words?" He asked rhetorically.

The masked teen ignored Juno's widened eyes and proceeded to hold out the child's hand. He brandished his knife in his hand and proceeded to spread the baby's hand on Yuko's thigh with his free hand. The teen glanced towards Juno who was now screaming and pleading for him to stop.

"It isn't equivalent to the trauma you caused for several children, but it will make you suffer and that is enough for me. For every minute that you fail to reach my position will be a finger that is cut off from your child..."

To make his point clear, the man's knife sliced through one of the child's stubby digits. The child's cries grew in volume, joining Juno's frantic screams. The man began to viciously rock back and forth in his seat as he desperately clawed at the wood beneath his fingers.

The blond ANBU member just ignored the screams as he watched Juno desperately rock in his chair trying to reach his child.

"I wonder if those children struggled as much as you are now." He spoke offhandedly, ignoring the cries with ease.

Thirty seconds.

The man managed to crash the chair into the ground and due to his actions one of the arms of the chair broke, freeing one of his arms.

One minute.

"Two fingers... Good things often come in pairs..." The blond Shinobi proceeded to slice off another digit from the child while immediately cauterizing the wound, uncaring of the child's screaming and the now freed Juno. The man screamed out in rage and ran towards the blond Shinobi with reckless abandon.

Juno reached Yuko's corpse and before he could try to attack the blond Shinobi, he was stabbed in the throat from behind by a Tanto. He proceeded to gurgle several times before slowly falling to his knees.

Juno continued to stare at his maimed child as his left hand weakly reached out towards his child. Strength completely left his body as his fingers were but an inch away from his child. He proceeded to slide off of the blade that impaled him from behind and crashed onto the floor, dead.

"Even in death, you deny your punishment."

The masked Shinobi stared at his Shadow Clone before turning his attention to the wailing child. His Shadow Clone proceeded to dispell itself as the teen slowly rose to his feet.

The masked Shinobi stared at the child.

And stared.

And stared.

And stared.

The door to Juno's home opened and out stepped Naruto who was garbed in his usual outfit. Gone was the ANBU outfit, mask and Tanto. The only thing he kept from the outfit were the gloves that were still on his hands.

He proceeded to glance behind him and stood there for several moments.


A small smirk formed on his face as he adjusted his own personal mask on his face. After making sure that his mask was positioned correctly, he closed the door behind him and placed his left hand into his pocket.

On his cheek was a single blood stain that was immediately wiped away by his thumb. He placed his right hand in his pocket and began to exit the property. Upon reaching the gate he made sure to lock it correctly, leaving no evidence of his picklocking attempt.

"Did you need to go so far?"

Naruto slowly glanced to his right and spotted Yugao who wasn't in her ANBU attire. She wore the standard Jonin uniform but opted for a mesh undershirt.

He shrugged his shoulders with an eerie grin before replying in a simple tone. "Yes... What would have happened to him otherwise? A prison sentence? Is that really a fitting punishment?" Naruto shook his head while glancing towards the sun. "Speak to the parents of the children he victimized and see if you think differently."

Neko was silent for a moment before speaking again, understanding what the boy was getting at. "Did the child deserve that treatment?"

The young blond was silent for a moment before replying in a matter of fact tone. "Children born from sin are tainted."

The purple haired woman was silent for a moment before she tilted her head, the action being far creepier than intended. "Your morals are rather ambiguous... It will get you killed."

The masked blond shrugged his shoulders before waving his hand lazily. "And I will accept my death with open arms... It would be a blessing."

Naruto began to walk away without another word as Neko watched him leave quietly. She turned back towards the home that housed a now triple homicide and shook her head quietly. She disappeared afterwards while making sure to tip off a random Shinobi so that they investigate the crime.

Yugao did not see the black raven that was perched on a nearby tree, watching the entire spectacle blankly. The bird was motionless for a single second before flapping its wings and disappearing into the sky.

"Sorry I'm late!"

Naruto's voice resounded through the clearing that belonged to Team 7. Three sets of eyes shifted towards the boy's position as he jogged into the clearing. Once reaching his team's position he proceeded to adjust his jacket with a small smile.

"It's unlike you to be late, Naruto." Came the voice of his Sensei. The lanky Jonin glanced up from his book for a quick second, spotting the single black glove on the boy's right hand. He stared at the object for a moment before returning his gaze to his book. Kakashi pushed himself off the tree he was leaning against and gestured with his hand.

"I needed to run some errands this morning..." Naruto adopted a confused expression as he glanced at Ino. "Did Ino not tell you?"

Before the girl could answer, Kakashi spoke. "She did. I was merely curious as to what exactly you needed." The man flipped a page in his book as he glanced towards Ino. "Little Ino claims you needed new supplies."

"He did!" She defended with an adorable pout, her cheeks puffing out indignantly.

Naruto made a flourish with his gloved hand as several Kunai and Shuriken appeared in his hand. He rose an eyebrow before speaking. "Not everyone comes from a prestigious clan that is respected by the village." He stared directly at Kakashi after his statement.

Kakashi's lone eye roamed back to Naruto after his comment. He was silent for a few moments before nodding his head. "Indeed." He replied simply.

Sasuke, who had remained silent the entire time, finally spoke from his seated position under the tree. "What are we doing today?"

"Good question." Kakashi replied without taking his attention off his book. "What do you three wish to do?"

The three Genin blinked at the question as they glanced towards one another. After several seconds of silence, Ino spoke aloud.

"Uhh... You're allowing us to choose?" She asked with a curious tilt of the head.

Kakashi replied with a lazy gesture of his hand. "Yes, now choose... But all three of you must agree on one thing."

Naruto wrapped an arm around Ino while smiling brightly, ignoring her tiny yelp at being pulled into the boy. "How about a mission?"

"For once, I agree with him." Sasuke replied in a level tone.

Naruto ignored the Uchiha's response as a small smirk blossomed on his face. "Are we allowed to raise the stakes, Sensei?"

Ino furrowed her eyebrows at the question before glancing towards her best friend. "How do you raise the stakes for missions? We're stuck on D-Ranks anyway..." She didn't bother hiding her annoyed tone of voice when speaking about the D-Rank missions.

The blond Jinchuuriki chuckled as he booped Ino on her nose, ignoring her small pout. "By raising the rank of the mission." He nodded his head with a smile before turning towards Kakashi. "How about a... B-Rank mission, hmm?"

Kakashi finallly rose his gaze from his book and stared at his Genin. He was silent for an entire minute before eventually shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly.

"No..." He replied flippantly, while turning a page in his book and returning his gaze to the literature. "But I am open to the idea of doing a C-Rank."

Naruto grinned as he replied. "That's better than nothing I suppose."

Unsurprisingly, it was Ino who celebrated.

"Yaaaaaaaay~!" She pumped her fist into the air while cheering. "No more fence painting!"

Sasuke did not respond but it was clear that he was satisfied with the outcome. Naruto relinquished his half armed hug on Ino as he spoke.

"What are we waiting for?"

"A C-Rank, hmm?" Hiruzen's gaze rested solely on Naruto as the entirety of Team 7 stood in front of his desk. "You've been a 4-man cell for all of one week... For what reason do you have to believe that this team is ready for a mission of this caliber, Kakashi?"

Despite addressing Kakashi his gaze ever strayed away from Naruto. In which the young male did not stray away from.

Kakashi rose his gaze from his book for a moment before shrugging. "You gave me the top three Genin from their graduating class and expect them to run D-Ranks for an entire month? C-Ranks are low risk, Hokage-sama."

While Kakashi's question came off as slightly condescending, Hiruzen understood the point he was making.

"I suppose I can't argue with that." The Sandaime glanced down at the papers on his desk before shifting through them. Several seconds passed before the elderly man singled out one of the papers. He skimmed through the contents for another minute before nodding his head with a low hum.

"You're in luck... A merchant has shipment that needs to be transferred to a minor town near the capital of Fire Country." He placed the parchment on his desk before rotating it and pushing it towards Kakashi.

The lanky Jonin idly picked the parchment up while simultaneously pocketing his erotic novel. His lone eye roamed along the information and details before he shrugged his shoulders. "Looks good enough for me..."

Turning towards his students the man handed the parchment to Sasuke who rose a single eyebrow.

"Read the details." Was all Kakashi said as he returned to his own literature.

Hiruzen tapped his desk as the remaining Genin of Team 7 read through the information on their contract. "Send in the client." He spoke aloud to a hidden Shinobi within the room.

Naruto's lone cerulean orb scanned the document for several moments before his eyes narrowed. He said nothing as he rolled the contract up before handing it back to Kakashi who wordlessly took the parchment.

"Isn't this exciting Naruto-kun?!" Ino questioned with a great deal of enthusiasm. "We get to actually do something!"

The blond Genin glanced at his best friend while sporting a small smile. "Id prefer to finally get my hands dirty."

The heiress's face scrunched up as she replied. "I'd... rather not." Her expression shifted slightly as she clasped her hands in an anxious manner. Naruto glanced at the Yamanaka and before he could reply, Sasuke gave his own two cents.

"You do realize you're going to have to eventually kill someone right?" He scoffed quietly while pocketing his hands. "You cant avoid it forever. Get used to it."

Naruto's violet eye strayed towards the Uchiha for a moment before he spoke quietly. "You talk too much."

Sasuke returned the boy's stare with one of his own. "And you care too much... She has to grow up eventually." He rolled his eyes before continuing. "If not, she won't succeed and it'll only hold the team back."

The blond Jinchuuriki continued to stare at the teen before tilting his head. "And you're the expert on maturity?" Naruto scoffed while rolling his eyes. "You're a textbook Uchiha... All bark and no bite."

Before the Uchiha could respond, Ino cut in before the boys came to blows in the office. "Naruto... It's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions." She glanced towards the Uchiha for a moment before continuing. "Regardless if I disagree or not, it doesn't change the fact that I want to avoid killing someone if I don't have to..."

Sasuke glared at Naruto before scoffing and turning his head away. "You won't get anywhere with that kind of resolve..."

"And you should shut your mouth." Naruto spoke from behind Ino, sporting a small smile after his words.

"That's enough." Hiruzen cut in sharply. "I won't have my Shinobi conducting themselves in such an immature manner, especially not in my office. You do not have to like each other but you will work together. Do I make self clear?"

"Crystal." Naruto answered in a rather amused tone.

"Yes." Sasuke spoke blankly.

Following the two teen's affirmation came a series of knocks on the Sandaime's door. The elderly man responded with a simple, "Come in."

The door opened as a rather tall man entered the office. He was garbed in a rather expensive Kimono and seemed to give off a holier-than-thou vibe.

The man glanced towards the Shinobi as he openly appraised them, not bothering to hide his distaste for the individuals chosen to accompany him.

Naruto tapped his mask as he spoke in an amused tone. "You already look disappointed... What a shame."

The rich merchant glanced towards the blond teen before sneering. "Your voice grates my hearing."

A small grin formed on Naruto's face as his violet orb gleamed under his mask. "And you make me sick." His head tilted eerily as he replied quietly. "Your contract states that you have to reach your destination... It didn't state whether or not you had to be whole or in pieces."

The man actually shifted uncomfortably as he stared into the mismatched orbs of the blond teen. There was silence for several moments before Kakashi spoke, calming the man.

"You will be fine, Mr. Saizo. My student enjoys making others uncomfortable." He placed his book away before turning towards his students and speaking. "Gather your supplies and meet at the front gate in an hour."

Naruto and Ino watched Sasuke disappear into the crowds of villagers as the boy made his way towards his home to gather his supplies.

The heiress sported a small frown as she spoke. "He's so condescending..." Her voice was small as she rubbed her hands together. "I've tried to get along with him but..."

Naruto glanced towards the girl before scoffing. "He's not going to change... You're better off just ignoring him."

"I'm not going to do that Naruto." She replied with a shake of her head, jostling her platinum blonde locks of hair.

The Jinchuuriki sighed while placing his hands into his pockets. "If that's what you want." He spoke simply.

The masked teen proceeded to walk away from the building with Ino following at his side. The two teen's were silent as they weaved in and out of the crowds of villagers.

The hairs on the back of Naruto's neck rose slightly as he rounded a corner. He glanced towards Ino out the corner of his mask before speaking with a small smile.

"Go on ahead to the compound and get our supplies. I'll grab some extra equipment for us."

Ino turned towards Naruto with furrowed brows. "Do you think we'll need it?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders while retaining his small smile. "Can't be too prepared, can ya?"

"I guess so..." She shrugged her shoulders before giving Naruto a hug and racing off. "Get me some extra kunai!"

The Jinchuuriki stared at her retreating form for a few moments before glancing towards one of the alley's in the marketplace. He spotted a familiar ebony haired woman who was leaning on the stone walls with her arms crossed. The woman's crimson gaze centered on him for several seconds before she pushed off the stone wall while walking deeper into the alley. Naruto made his way towards the woman before rounding the corner of the alley and coming face to face with Mikoto.

The Matriarch of the Uchiha Clan was once again leaning on the stone wall of the building with her arms crossed. She tilted her head towards the boy who maintained his distance away from her.

Both Shinobi were silent as their unique eyes bore into one another.

Mikoto's Sharingan blazed like an inferno as she remained silent, studying the child in front of her. In return, the boy's unique violet eye gazed at her soullessly.

It was the Uchiha Matriarch that broke the silence. "Quite a mess you left this morning."

Naruto wasn't surprised that Mikoto was aware of his actions regarding Juno and his family. She was a dangerous woman after all and she was certainly keeping tabs on him.

"I took out the trash." He replied simply. "Juno was a sick man."

Mikoto continued to stare at the boy for several seconds before directing her gaze away from the blond teen. "You two shared something in common." Her gaze returned to the boy as she spoke. "You enjoy making people suffer."

Naruto was silent for a moment before replying with a small shrug. "I won't deny that... But Juno crossed a line years ago."

Mikoto scoffed quietly as she closed her eyes, turning her head away from Naruto. "You act as if you truly care about those children he victimized." She shook her head while continuing. "Had you truly cared then you would have ordered that woman to kill him long ago."

Naruto did not respond to the woman's statement, knowing that it was true.

"You specifically targeted Juno... Which means he would have either done something to truly anger you or someone important to you had been affected."

Still, Naruto did not respond.

"Juno was a supplier for the Yamanaka Clan... Would it be incorrect to assume that Juno's unhealthy obsession with children made you nervous? Inoichi does have a daughter afterall... Perhaps the man's eyes had befallen on the heiress?"

The boy's demeanor shifted after her statement. His violet eye seemed to glow as he stared directly at her. An almost oppressive aura seemed to waft off the teen as he pocketed his hands.

"Do you care about your sons?"

Mikoto's eyes narrowed dangerously as she stared at the blond teen. It didn't matter if she was correct or not with her assumption. The boy had a weakness.

A weakness that was incredibly evident now.

But that weakness meant nothing if the boy was capable of controlling her sons as evidenced earlier when he was speaking to Yugao.

Who knew the extent of his ability and what it could potentially do... If someone as powerful as Itachi was capable of being controlled then there was possibly no limit to his ability.

"How many?" She asked with narrowed eyes.

Naruto rose an unseen eyebrow before replying. "How many what?" He feigned ignorance.

"How many do you control?" She specified.

The blond teen just stared at the woman before replying flippantly. "Enough..."

Mikoto was silent for several long seconds before responding coldly. "Every ability has a weakness..." Her Sharingan spun ferociously as she pushed herself away from the wall. "And when I find your weakness..." Her Sharingan spun before morphing and changing completely.

"I'm going to kill you."

Mikoto's body exploded in a cloud of feathers followed by the squalling of several dozen Ravens. The black birds squawked loudly before flying away, leaving hundreds of feathers in their wake.

Naruto followed the birds for several minutes before speaking quietly. "There is no weakness to the power of absolute obedience."

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