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Harry Potter enters the museum with his class on a field trip. his class had won a draw to visit the newly made exhibit for now unclassified military...things. no one knows much of what they will find, but thats the fun thing about it. for the first hour or two its nothing but prototype's that got scrapped for either not working no matter what they did, or just guns, planes, tanks and more stuff that no one wanted but they did not want to just destroy. then they got to the exhibit for scrapped concept ideas that had promise but lacked funds to leave the planing stage.

"and this here is a picture of some machine that would replace war dogs. As some of you guessed with it being here the project was scrapped. now over here is-" harry stopped listening as he looked at the picture of a crudely made walking machine that only vaguely looked like a dog... if he squinted and took of his glasses.

harry is extreamly smart, even though he has to keep his grades low to not make his cousin start ranting about how he obviously cheated or his aunt starts to yell that he should not be a uppity good for nothing like his mother. so while everyone else is looking at a model tank with two turrets his mind starts removing parts of the robot "dog" and replacing them with better ones that would make it larger in the legs smaller in the body and just better then what the picture shows. as he does this his mind wanders and starts imagining having a pet dog like what he is thinking up. he could ride it as it would chase the bullies away. or he could learn to ride a bike like one Dudley is said to be getting for his eighth birthday and ride beside it.

no pov.

as harrys mind wanders and his excitement over what he could do with a robotic dog climbs he unconsciously calls on his magic. it feeling his call and being all but a child itself mirroring its user loves the idea of a robot dog but it cant make it happen as they both do not know how, and it is not strong enough to brute force it into reality. so it does what all magic knows how to do but normally can not due to being to fixed in the ways of its user/master. it entered the nexus.

there is no true way to describe what the nexus is or what it looks like, but one way is to imagine a spiders web that starts at the center and branches out in all directions infinitely reaching and connecting to other points on the web. if a mortal was to even feel the nexus for but a moment he/she would know the begining of the universe and the end of time itself, for the nexus is both older than time itself and constantly being reborn and remade.

harrys magic like all magic is but a node of the nexus that has breached into the dimension closest to the core of the nexus. if someone has a node thats "closer" to the core it does not mean they are stronger or more powerful, the same goes if they have one thats barely able to enter the dimension, what makes a node of magic powerful is the amount of use it gets from the person it is linked with.

harrys magic is one of the closer nodes and has a higher number of offshoots/branches. while it does nothing for harry in his dimension it does allow it to look into the multiple possible timelines to see what the robot dogs possible futures could have been...its going to be busy... but its going to be a good workout.

one week later. harry pov

harry smiles as he uses his lunch break to research into robotics. surprisingly there is nothing he can find that goes past "it does something." so he started looking into what he can find and uses it to make his own robot research. car engine scaled down to be more space conservative, using what he can find about levers and pulleys to make arms and legs... And then he got bored. with what he has now and the amount of research it will take to figure the rest out he will be forty before it leaves the highly experimental stage. plus he still needs to add a mind to it and that is not even been started by real scientists.

so he changes his research. he once saw a man in a uniform missing his arm. his aunt nodded her head at him but then muttered about gimps taking their tax money. harry starts to think about replacing limbs and what he can do to help people like that man. first he read what he could find about the human body and what can be done after one losses a limb. again not much outside of placing a fake leg and saying that its the best they can do. harry using what he is learning makes a fake arm and hand that using flexible branches and some string he could make a grabbing hand. not anything thats super useful as you need all your fingers to use it but its a start. he then thinks of ways it can boost not harmed people. adding strength to legs or making ones eyes see farther than a hawk... harry starts to daydream of people who using stuff he makes saving people from danger or setting records that have been held for years.

inside the nexus

harrys magic sighs as it hits another dead end. gold. the one metal that the core of the nexus will only let the knowledge on how to make to maybe three nodes out of the infinite number of them. it had tried to see how non magic users make it but that way would take over one hundred of harrys already long lifetimes of the most efficient strengthening training and even then the risks would be to great to do it. it suddenly hisses as it feels the ooze that taints it spread. ever since the corrupted node of Tom riddle had more or less sprayed puss when its host had entered the other plain harrys magic could feel itself being fed upon. by using little bursts of magic when it can it can become stronger and push the ooze away but never fully remove it. and it is not able to get to the nodes that could help due to the ooze hurting it if it tries. harrys magic feels a tug and listens to harrys subconscious telling it to redirect away from the robot dog and focus on robot limbs and enhancements. it "sits" in the void between nodes and timelines thinking. it has everything to make the dog but the gold that is used inside the "brain" of the dog. everything else has parts that can be swapped or changed to not need that metal in it, and he wants a way to enhance his limbs with robotic parts... it is risky and no doubt bending every rule about that branch of magic that the nodes have to follow... but maybe, just maybe both projects can be done at the same time. harrys magic rushes to the core. it had to ask the if its possible before trying.

first chapter done.

review and comment any ideas. i leave any rule breaking powers up to you guys. list them of minor bend to splintering of the rules.

rules of magic that cant be broken listed below

1. cant make gold unless the process is known to the host or node.

2. cant do things the host says is impossible. e.g flying without something to help.

3. the node can not do anything that can cause lethal harm to the host.

4. the nodes cant interact with other nodes that are bound to a host within the dimension.