harry pov morning hospital wing

harry opens his right eye and squint's as he gets blinded by the morning light. "...that's bright..." opening his left eye after rubbing the crust that built up on it he saw ron and hermione sleeping next to him in chairs, their bodies held up by the fact the are using each other as support. 'they are almost kissing!" harry thinks as he tries not to wake them. a thump at the other end of the room signals that someone entered the room, the sound being enough to wake them while also forcing them that last inch to lock their lips. "the closest broom closet is that way. you did not hear that from me" Professor McGonagall says as she watches them both glow as bright as rons hair when he actually washes it. ron hits the floor with a groan while hermione spluters excuses for shoving him. "and there is my soap opera for the day gone, thanks." snape says as he slips out of a private room. everyone raises an eyebrow at snape as they read the nameplate on the door saying pomfrey. "what are you looking at? potter is awake" and as if that was a switch harry is crowded by everyone.

noon same day. great hall.

"-and then there is the summoning charm, well it summons things, its incantation is accio with a jab forwards" hemione lectures about the fourth spell since he got let out of the hospital wing. harry just grins and holding his hand up makes a ham sandwich float to his hand. "summoning charm done" harry says with a smirk as he hands the sandwich to ron. after checking he still had his fingers from how fast ron had grabbed the food harry sits down at the Gryffindor table.

he had not even picked up the apple he wanted before the doors to the courtyard was slammed open. " gallen says its got something to do with the first task" ron says as he peels an orange for a half asleep first year who was struggling with it. "suckers bet" hermione says as she moves to be between harry and the group of ten men. "harry potter you are under arrest for use of illegal magic's and the destruction of property." the lead guy spits out as he sneers at them.

"what magic would that be and who's property was destroyed?" harry askes as he takes a bite of his apple. "the spell is unknown but with it having transfigured you into a beast that shows signs of muggle artifacts being implemented it has to be illegal and dark. the property is the pumpkin patch were found laying inside of, it is hogwarts property and as such not yours to destroy." he again spits as he is speaking and has now made almost all around him stop eating so as to not eat something covered in his saliva.

"i have three things to say to you. one. stop spitting when you speak, it is gross and It is ruining peoples appetite. two. the headmaster of hogwarts has already said it was fine about the pumpkins saying, and i quote." you had no way to control where you fell". so thats done and over with. three. the magic to become a robotic wolf is something i had thought up when i was younger and the idea stuck in the back of my mind, if i had to guess my magic had prepared the ability if i ever had the thought or was in need of it and when i fought the dragon it was reason enough to bring the childish idea back from wherever it was stored." harry monologues while eating his first apple and grabbing a second.

"a likely story to cover up the obvious use of dark magic. you are going to azkaban where filth like you belong!" the man yells. everyone who could see his eyes looking at harry and hermione knew he was not talking about harrys unique skills but his blood status. "you are coming with us now." her snarls as he goes to grab harrys arm, only for hermione to stand up and get in his face. "you can not just throw people in jail you racist bastard!" she says intentionally spitting all over his face. "move mudblood!" a spell flys from his wand that with harrys enhanced vision he was able to see had come from a holster on his wrist.

even with harrys enhanced body he could not move fast enough at this close of range to block the spell. hermione was blown into his arms with the front of her robes mostly gone and her rib bones being visible. 'that was a blasting curse ment for demolition. he did not put much power into it but the damage is severe. she has three broken ribs and most others are cracked in at least three places. her lungs and heart are ok but she is missing a lot of skin and muscles that help her breath. medical attention greatly advised.'

harry did not even hesitate as he started flowing his magic over her body and having it boost her natural healing, as he did this he decided he will learn proper healing magic as what he is doing is not the best for more than minor injuries. harry only moved his head when he felt a minor pain curse hit his shoulder. "do that again and you loose that arm" not even a second later harry flicks his left arm and is now holding a bloody katana as the guy who must be part of the magical police... aura? whatever, the guys arm hit the floor wand still glowing with an incomplete spell before he hit it as well clutching his stump. "i got this you deal with that dunderhead." snape says as he starts to heal hermione.

harry just picks up his third apple, he kicked the second one he was forced to drop to heal hermione into the screaming mans mouth. "you should stop screaming. i did say you would loose the arm if you attacked me again." harry states taking a large bite of his apple. two of the other men who had come just nod and pick up the limb and the armless man. "we will take him away. have a good day mister potter." and with that they left without much fanfare. "huh. i would have thought they would have dragged me into a cell for attacking the guy?" harry comments still eating even after all that.

"you had not raised your wand to attack until after you were struck and had given a word of warning. they could not so much as sneeze without giving you a legal reason to strike them down. its a law that even the purebloods find stupid but no one wants to stub toes trying to remove it." snape says as he regrows hermiones skin and covers her body with a cloth to save her modesty. "she is as healed as i can at this moment. she will need a proper healer to fix the scaring and muscle damage but she no longer has visible bones."

"that is the dumbest law ever." ron says.

this is the last chapter im posting. i started this after three days of it floating in my head but once i got past the first task i just could not figure out where to go with it.

if you want to continue this story your self go ahead. all i ask is you keep harrys glowing a thing. i had plans to make it be a thing that pops up when he is serious but could not write it into what i put.

i am sorry for making you wait for a failed book.