AN: A word of warning, this chapter is even darker than the first one.

Alipheese had closed her eyes and was pretending to sleep. In truth, she didn't need sleep at all – as an entity born from darkness, her body didn't need to spend time resting – but the act was enough to fool her first monster, who was currently attempting to sneak away.

This was the third such attempt. Soon after her transformation, she had stopped listening to anything Alipheese had to say and had done her best to return to her village.

"Stop," Alipheese called out. "There is no point trying to escape."

Rather than listen, the monster spread her wings and tried to fly away. But she'd only had her new form for less than a day, so her flight was clumsy and she soon collided with a nearby tree, then fell to the ground. And she wouldn't have been able to escape even if she was experienced at flying – Alipheese had caught, and assimilated, birds who were masters of the sky.

As she approached her monster, Alipheese inspected her injuries. Some cuts and scrapes – less than an unmodified animal would suffer, but more than I would upon experiencing such an impact. It – no, I might as well use 'she', as the humans do – is less durable than I am. I might modify her further in the future.

Come to think of it, I never asked for her name, even though I introduced myself.

Alipheese paused briefly. She had been observing humans from afar for days, but now was the first time she had interacted with another intelligent being. Her social skills were therefore lacking… something she would need to correct if she wanted this experiment to succeed.

"What is your name?" Alipheese asked. "I apologise for not asking you earlier."

The monster didn't reply, instead frantically searching around in the surrounding leaf litter. She picked up a sharp rock and used it to cut her own throat.

It took a few seconds for Alipheese to realise that her monster had attempted to kill herself. She hurried over and laid a hand on the bleeding wound. Over the course of a few seconds, the wound was sterilised of pathogens, the blood was returned to its vessels, and the wound was sealed up so perfectly that no traces were left. Healing such a minor wound was trivial using dark energy – in the past, Alipheese had experimentally dismembered herself, then reattached herself with no lasting effects.

"I don't understand why you would do such a thing, but don't bother," Alipheese said. "I won't allow you to come to any harm, not even of your own making."

The monster looked up at Alipheese, her eyes containing an emotion that the dark elemental did not recognise. "You… don't understand at all."

"I do not, so would you enlighten me?" Alipheese said.

The monster sighed and got to her feet. "Fine. First, my name is Minagi. And the reason why I try running away and killing myself… imagine this. One day, you go to sleep as normal, then you suddenly feel more pain than you ever felt before in your life. The pain stops, but then you see that your body has… completely changed."

Minagi gestured at her horns, wings and tail. However, Alipheese found this attitude confusing.

"But your appearance has not changed that significantly," Alipheese said. "The structure of your face, your torso and your limbs are unchanged."

"Maybe by your standards, but for me, this is sigin - significant," Minagi said. "And just what are you, anyway?"

Alipheese had prepared an explanation for just this situation. "I am the living embodiment of an element, a force of nature such as fire, water, or light, though in my case I embody darkness. I am darkness given intelligence and physical form."

"That's – okay, I'll assume you're telling the truth about that," Minagi said. "Why do you look like – like that?"

"My appearance is due to assimilating many different organisms over my life," Alipheese said. "Whenever I encounter an animal, plant, or fungus that attracts my interest, I take it into my body."

Minagi blinked, a growing horror on her face. "Wait, then the reason you look human is – is because you ate a human!?"

"Indeed," Alipheese said. "Though, strictly speaking, I assimilated approximately two hundred humans, but only chose to display the features of one."

Minagi turned and attempted to escape yet again. This time, Alipheese didn't even let her get a head start. She opened her mouth and a long tongue shot out, coiled around Minagi and reeled her in.

"I will not say this again," Alipheese declared sternly. "You cannot escape. Nor will I allow you to harm yourself. Cease these futile attempts."

Minagi screamed and struggled, though she could not break free of the powerful muscle.

Alipheese sighed. She now understood why most animals were solitary in behaviour – sociality could be truly frustrating.


The next morning, Minagi had quieted down. However, Alipheese could still sense a turbulent mixture of anger, sorrow and frustration from her. Still, she seemed willing to listen, so Alipheese took the opportunity to explain her current experiment.

"While I have encountered and assimilated countless organisms throughout my life, I never encountered one who was intelligent like myself. Simply put, I never had someone else I could talk to. I therefore spent the last two and a half million years trying to create it. But all of my attempts failed. I identified the sections of the brain responsible for intelligence and expanded them, but this never produced any significant increase in intelligence."

"…The brain?" Minagi said. "But don't we use our hearts to think?"

"No, intelligence originates in the brain, the heart only circulates blood – but that is irrelevant to this discussion," Alipheese said. "Returning to the topic, I had only failures for millions of years – then I saw humans for the first time. I realised that your kind had just what I needed. So I assimilated a village of humans and began using their genetic material for further experiments."

"And you never thought of trying to just talk to us," Minagi said.

"It would be pointless, as humans have a limited lifespan and cannot control their bodies as I can," Alipheese said. "I would never be able to interact with them as an equal. But you, after my modifications, are different. From my analysis, I've determined that you no longer suffer from biological aging. As long as you do not suffer from significant trauma or malnutrition, you will never die."

Minagi remained silent, presumably digesting this revelation.

"However, I was still unable to create intelligence even with knowledge of the human brain," Alipheese continued. "Giving apes the same brain structure, and modifying the rest of their bodies to accommodate this, produced no results. I might have given up altogether, but I encountered a human male by chance. He showed arousal to my appearance, so I thought of trying sexual reproduction."

Minagi's jaw dropped. She looked Alipheese up and down. "No person would ever want to lay with – with something that looks like you!"

"Regardless of what you believe, that is the truth," Alipheese said. "The human did not survive the intercourse, but he gave me what I wanted, his essence. However, I wasn't able to use this to birth a child directly, presumably due to my mixed nature. I therefore decided to try implanting my zygote – my undeveloped offspring – into an existing organism, where it could potentially grow by following the existing structure. My first attempt was on a human male, who simply perished. My second attempt was on a human female, resulting in your creation."

"So all this – killing hundreds of people without feeling a thing – was just because you wanted a friend?" Minagi said angrily. "You – "

Suddenly, Minagi stopped. She began to display a range of physiological changes, such as an increased heart rate, tremors, and flushing, which Alipheese recognised as being the signs of sexual arousal.

"Wait – why is this happening now!?" Minagi said.

"Interesting – it appears to be an unexpected side effect of the transformation," Alipheese said. "Elevated libido – this is convenient."

"How is this convenient!?" Minagi asked furiously.

"It facilitates creating more of your new race," Alipheese said. "After all, I was not planning to stop at having only one intelligent creation."

"You think I'll – go along with your disgusting plans!?" Minagi said.

However, Minagi's arousal did not subside. On the contrary, it increased over the next few minutes, to the point that she had trouble remaining standing.

"If this continues, your health will be compromised," Alipheese said. "Wait here."

Alipheese grew the silk glands of a spider in her arms and proceeded to bind Minagi to a large tree using several layers of webs. She then rushed towards the nearest village – the same village she'd taken Minagi from.

She has proven quite disagreeable, Alipheese thought. If I bring her a human from her former social group, it may improve her opinion of me.

Hiding herself from perception again, Alipheese snuck into the village and searched around until she found a human male of a similar age to Minagi. Conveniently, he was currently alone in his hut and crying about some recent misfortune. Alipheese quickly wrapped him up in her flesh, left the village and returned to where she'd left Minagi.

"I have found you a suitable mate," Alipheese announced, as she released the human male onto the ground.

"What's going on!?" the man cried. He caught sight of Alipheese and screamed.

"Ark? Is that you?" Minagi said.

"…Is that you, Minagi?" Ark said, noticing the person in question. "You're still alive? I thought you'd been taken by an evil spirit!"

"That's basically what happened – anyway, you have to get away from here!" Minagi said.

Alipheese cut off Minagi's webs but then raised one hand, conjuring up an invisible dome-shaped barrier. This would keep the human or the monster from escaping.

"Do not try to undermine me further," Alipheese warned Minagi. "Now, if you two are acquainted, then you should have no issues with mating."

"M-Mating?" Ark said, confused. "Wait, what happened to you? You look… different."

Minagi flinched as if physically attacked. "It's her fault… anyway, you have to get away – I – I can't hold back much longer!"

Ark gulped. From his reaction, he'd now noticed that Minagi was very obviously aroused.

Alipheese had to wait five more seconds before Minagi finally gave into her desire and pounced on the man.

After ten minutes, the deed was done. Minagi stood up, literally glowing with energy. Ark was now no more than a withered husk, as if he'd been left in a desert for years.

I suppose I should ask about her current status, Alipheese thought. "How do you feel?"

Minagi looked at her creator and laughed, clearly exhilarated. "I feel amazing! It's unbelievable – I've had sex before, but it was nothing like this!"

"So the transformation comes with increased sexual pleasure as well…" Alipheese noted. "Is there anything else?"

"I was hungry and tired before, but now I have so much energy!" Minagi said. "I feel like I could run, fly for days without stopping! If this is what it feels like to be a – what did you call me before? – a monster, then maybe it isn't so bad!"

"That rush of energy is the result of consuming human male essence," Alipheese said. "I experienced the same when I mated with a human male, though the energy was miniscule in comparison to my own, so it was not noteworthy."

"I see… but how come it only happened now?" Minagi asked. "I've never heard of anything like this happening before."

"This is pure speculation, but from our two cases, I believe that only beings of darkness can derive nourishment from this source," Alipheese said. "It may be similar to how a herbivore, such as an aurochs, can feed on grass, but a carnivore, such as a lion, cannot."

"Well, whatever the reason, I can't get enough of this!" Minagi said. "Hey, Ark, ready for another – "

Minagi screamed when she realised that her partner was dead.

"How – how did this happen!?" Minagi said, cradling the corpse. "Quick, you have to help him!"

"As I explained before, this also happened in my case," Alipheese said. "Presumably, while beings of darkness can gain significant energy from mating with a human male, doing so is also fatal to said male. And while I can heal injuries and illnesses, I cannot revive the dead."

"You knew that this would happen – how dare you!" Minagi said, charging towards her creator.

Alipheese extended her tail, coiling it around Minagi and firmly restraining her.

"I did," Alipheese said. "And I refrained from stopping you because I wanted you to learn a lesson. You are no longer human. You are a monster, a being far beyond humans. Remember this."

Minagi broke down weeping.

Alipheese assimilated Ark's corpse, then moved on, still holding her experiment in her tail.


For the next week, Minagi refused to speak to Alipheese or eat anything. Her hair became stringy, her skin dry and cracked, her figure thin and skeletal. Her arms, face and neck became covered with scratches due to her efforts to distract herself from her growing libido. And the effects went beyond the merely physical. She began producing an aura similar to that produced by certain animals when making courtship displays.

The last of these symptoms attracted Alipheese's attention, even if it couldn't affect someone of her power. The main characteristic of dark energy, its mutative effect on living tissue, could be used to rapidly adapt to one's situation – this was something Alipheese had used herself, for example by entering water and growing gill-like structures to breathe. Minagi seemed to be enacting the same phenomenon, but unconsciously – while her mind refused to eat, her body devised an adaptation to lure in prey.

However, Alipheese's patience came to an end. She'd allowed Minagi's selfishness so that she could gather data on how starvation occurred in a monster, but no more.

"Enough," Alipheese said. "It's time for you to feed."

Alipheese picked up a freshly-killed rabbit and brought it to Minagi's body, forcibly merging the two. Minagi made no attempt to resist. Her figure filled out again and her vital signs returned to more normal values. However, she hadn't fully returned to her previous state. For one thing, she was still emitting the lust-inducing aura.

"Your libido is not simply for the sake of reproduction… it seems that you require sexual intercourse as much as you do food or water," Alipheese speculated. "In that case…"

Alipheese picked up Minagi and then extended her own wings: one large pair from her waist, three smaller pairs from her snake tail. She took to the air and flew rapidly, soon arriving at Minagi's village.

"Wait, why are we…" Minagi said, shocked. "No, no, no, no, no…"

Alipheese hid herself from perception and deposited Minagi in the centre of the village, in sight of dozens of humans. She then rose into the air and watched the proceedings.

First, the humans stared in shock at Minagi. This was understandable, as they had were looking at someone who resembled the one who'd inexplicably disappeared from their village, but with clearly inhuman features. Minagi looked ashamed and tried to stand up, but she was too weakened from starvation.

Next, the humans all began showing signs of desire. To Alipheese's mild surprise, this was not limited to the males of the optimum reproductive age: the younger and older males, along with the females, all showed desire as well. However, the youngest of the humans didn't react beyond showing confusion – presumably, their brains were too immature to feel sexual desire.

Then the humans approached Minagi and surrounded her.


Three days later, Alipheese landed. The village was now filled with piles upon piles of corpses, all with looks of utter bliss on their faces. The only villagers who weren't among the corpses were the youngest ones, and this was because Alipheese had already assimilated them on the first day. She now went around doing the same to the rest.

Minagi was sitting in the centre of the village, looking absolutely satisfied. Moreover, her appearance had changed. The left half of her hair glowed with faint purple light, while the right half glowed blue. Her skin was covered in distinctive patterns, an array of lines and curves that began at her shoulders and extended all the way down to her ankles. Finally, as Alipheese ascertained using her keen senses, Minagi was now pregnant – with twins, in fact.

The offspring… presumably, they will be closer to humans than their mother, though I can't be certain at this stage, Alipheese thought. I'll need to wait until they're born.

"How do you feel now?" Alipheese asked.

Minagi smiled, a smile that Alipheese had never seen on any human. "To be honest? I'm feeling ashamed of myself… for not realising what you were trying to tell me sooner."

"So you've changed your mind?" Alipheese said.

"I have, though maybe not in the way you were expecting," Minagi said. "During that amazing celebration, I discovered one of the things my new body can do: sense the thoughts and feelings of people. And because of that, I could tell that everyone here experienced the greatest pleasure possible – in fact, more pleasure than they would have felt in the rest of their lives!"

Minagi raised her head and laughed triumphantly. She then picked up a shrivelled corpse, one of the few that Alipheese had yet to assimilate, and gently touched its face.

"You know, when I was human, I wasn't anything special. I did get a few looks because of my chest," Minagi said, poking one of her hypertrophic breasts, "but I never expected to do anything important. But now? I got the chance to make everyone – almost everyone, happy. And I'm guessing you've figured this out already, but soon I'll have two children, who'll be able to experience the same amazing things as I have."

If she can sense that, she is certainly starting to understand the potential of her body, Alipheese thought. She asked out loud, "So you are now willing to follow me?"

"Yes, but with just two conditions," Minagi said, putting the corpse back down. "First, I want you to promise that you'll do everything you can to make sure that these children of mine are born and raised safely. Second, I want to spread this kind of pleasure to everyone we meet, so that nobody has to go to their graves without experiencing it. Is that fine?"

Alipheese considered these conditions. The first was something she was already planning to do. The second was more complicated. On the one hand, there was the possibility that Minagi's unrivalled lust would interfere with her experiments. On the other hand, this was as agreeable as her creation had ever been. Eventually, she acquiesced.

After Alipheese finished assimilating the corpses, the two of them left the now-deserted village and headed towards the south.

"So where are we going now?" Minagi asked.

"Towards the nearest coast, where I plan on creating my second monster," Alipheese replied.

"Are you going to use a human again?" Minagi asked.

"No, I'll be trying a different organism this time, most likely an aquatic one, to see if my techniques still work," Alipheese said. "I can't predict how it will turn out, but it will certainly be different in shape to you or me."

"Hmm… in that case, I'd like a name," Minagi said.

"A name? But you already have one," Alipheese said.

"No, I meant a name for my kind – for both myself and my future children," Minagi said. "You've come up a name for your creations in general, 'monsters', but from what you've just said you're going to be making several different kinds of monsters. I want a name for my kind, specifically."

Alipheese deemed this an acceptable request. The two of them traded suggestions as they travelled.

"How about 'succubus'?" Minagi suggested eventually. "It sounds similar to the name of a certain sex position, so it seems appropriate."

Alipheese agreed, and so Minagi, the first succubus, was born.

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