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The planet that Alipheese had made her home possessed three continents: one near the north pole, one just south of the equator, and one in between the former two. The central continent was the largest by far and was where Alipheese had created her daughters via monsterisation. It and the southern continent were the only ones inhabited by humans, and thus the most suitable for monster settlement. The northern continent was a cold and dry wasteland with barely any plant life. However, Alipheese chose to part with her daughters and move to the northern continent, with the goal of making even this barren land into a home for monsters.

First, there was the issue of the continent being lined by mountains, making it nearly impossible to access except by air. Alipheese spent a week constructing a port where boats and swimming monsters could land. She then spent several days constructing a path through the mountains. This would not only allow people to colonise the continent but also ensure a stable food supply, due to the abundance of fish in the surrounding sea.

She then searched around until she found an area that had relatively little snow. She landed and confirmed that this was a volcanic hotspot—an area that was heated up by an upwelling of magma underneath the planet's crust. She dug a hole until she exposed an aquifer, creating a hot spring, then piled up and compressed the earth to build walls around said hot spring. After a few days, she had created a large building with multiple rooms. This would serve as the primary base of monsters on the continent.

However, Alipheese still wasn't satisfied. She searched around until she found another hotspot, this one located towards the south. There was no aquifer here, so Alipheese had to dig out a massive trench leading to the hotspot from a nearby glacier. After two days, she'd succeeded in creating a river. She then altered the chemical composition of the nearby soil to make it more fertile and planted special seeds, which had been enhanced by Kanon to grow in such conditions. After a few months, the barren tundra had been transformed into verdant meadows and groves of trees. This would serve as the primary base of humans on the continent.

Another problem, which Alipheese discovered when she tried and failed to do it, was that she was unable to telepathically communicate with her daughters due to the sheer distance. It was not an insurmountable problem—further research should make it possible to project telepathic waves across intercontinental distances—but currently they would only be able to communicate by meeting in person. Alipheese took a break from her work to revisit her daughters and tell them about this, then returned to the northern continent.

Come to think of it, I should give this continent a name, Alipheese thought as she landed on the continent. My daughters already came up with one for the central continent—"Sentora"—and if I plan on settling monsters and humans here as well, a name would be helpful.

Alipheese spent several hours thinking—there was nothing in this empty landscape to interrupt her. She considered hundreds of options, combining and splitting up existing words. Eventually, she came up with a name that was both imposing yet also simple to say and to write: "Hellgondo".


Over the next twenty years, Alipheese continued her work, building new structures and expanding existing ones. Her daughters visited on average once every six months, telling her of how they'd spread out from the town and colonised the entirety of Sentora. In the latter half of this time period, her granddaughters began to migrate to Hellgondo, bringing humans with them. They called her various respectful epithets such as "Founder", "Dark Goddess", "Monster Lord" and "The First".

When there were over a thousand monsters on Hellgondo, Alipheese was satisfied. Some of her granddaughters had managed to give birth to male human offspring, though these inherited a few monster genes. This made it easier to establish a permanent settlement on the continent—though human women were still kept here, to ensure that the human population could be maintained. On the other hand, her granddaughters showed signs of ageing on a cellular level, meaning that they would eventually age and die unlike their progenitors. Still, the pace of monster reproduction was fast enough that this wouldn't be a significant problem.

I've done virtually all there is to do here. If I continue, there's a chance that development will be too influenced by the preferences of a single person. Just like limited genetic diversity, that is a path towards stagnation and death. I can leave Hellgondo to my granddaughters for now.

Hmm… it has been a while since I last saw my daughters.

Alipheese reviewed the most recent information on her daughters. She decided to visit Tamamo first, due to some concerning rumours originating from her territory.

After a few hours of flight, Alipheese arrived at the northeast region of Sentora, a region that was heavily forested. Here she discovered two human armies, each numbering more than a thousand, clashing. They used weapons considerably superior to those of twenty years ago, being made of silvery metal instead of wood, stone or bone, and wore protective armour made from the same material.

This metal… iron? From the experiments I performed long ago, I know that high temperatures are required to smelt iron, higher than an average fire can produce. Human technology has certainly advanced in the past few years… but more importantly, why has Tamamo not stopped this conflict?

Suddenly, Alipheese noticed a familiar dark energy signature. She followed it to its source, landing on the summit of a nearby hill. Here she found Tamamo-no-Mae, the first kitsune.

"Welcome to my territory, mother," Tamamo said, standing up and bowing.

"It has been a while—however, what is going on?" Alipheese asked. "Why are the humans fighting each other, and why are you merely watching instead of stopping them?"

"I was actually planning on explaining this on my next visit to you, but this saves some time," Tamamo replied. "I've been thinking about how to manage humans for the past twenty years. Under our rule, they are safe from harm, but that means they risk growing stagnant. A few years ago, I came up with the idea of making the humans fight against each other, by influencing their minds with a small amount of lust magic. This ensures that the weak are eliminated from the gene pool and only the strong survive, improving humanity as a whole."

"That is a sensible idea… though I must ask, is there any chance that this will threaten the human population?" Alipheese said.

"I took that into consideration as well," Tamamo replied. "It's the reason why I always observe the battles myself, like I'm doing right now. However, most of the time there's no need for me to intervene. One of the armies surrenders or flees after taking a few casualties. Look, that's happening now."

Tamamo pointed towards the battle using her tails. Indeed, one of the armies was now at a clear disadvantage. Most of this army's soldiers threw down their weapons, some in order to surrender, others in order to flee. A few held onto their weapons and continued fighting, resulting in them being cut down. The battle came to an end, with the living outnumbering the dead by a factor of five.

"I also make sure that the fighting doesn't spill over into my sisters' territories," Tamamo continued. "And when they come over to visit, I let them have their pick of the strongest humans, those who've proven themselves in battle."

Eventually, Alipheese agreed with Tamamo's actions. They were similar to her own desire to prevent stagnation amongst monsters, and they helped maintain unity among her daughters. She therefore moved on.

Less than an hour later, Alipheese arrived at a large town. Three roads led out of the town and into the distance, presumably towards other towns. At first glance, the town appeared to be flooded. However, on closer inspection, she noticed that the "water" was unnaturally blue and moving against gravity.

Alipheese landed on the roof of a house. She now saw that there were countless men floating within the slime, their faces locked in expressions of unthinking bliss. After a few moments, a humanoid body formed out of the flood of slime near her.

"It has been a long time, mother," Kanade said.

"Indeed," Alipheese said. "However… is all of this part of your body?"

"It is," Kanade confirmed. "I discovered that I alone can do all of the work in this town, provided that I receive sufficient energy. It's more efficient than having humans work. The humans here also agreed to it, and I make sure that they are as healthy as possible."

"And of course, it gives you justification to feed on them constantly," Alipheese said. "More importantly, if all of this is part of you, where are your daughters?"

"They are in the other towns of my territory," Kanade replied. "They manage their humans in a manner closer to that of my sisters, giving them more autonomy. I send some of my bodies to inspect those towns on a regular basis, as well as to pick up any men who wish to join me."

"You seem to have your affairs in order," Alipheese said. "In that case, I will not take up any more of your time."

Alipheese took off. She briefly visited the nearby towns, confirming that they were indeed as Kanade had described them, and moved on to her next destination.

Even when permitted free will, some humans still willingly choose a life of eternal submission, Alipheese thought. Humans never cease to intrigue me… perhaps I should have spent more time studying humans in their natural state before beginning my experiments.

Next was the sea off the north coast of Sentora. Alipheese spent several hours flying above the surface of the water. She eventually located her target and dove in.

Travelling along the seabed were Hiruko and over twenty of her offspring. There was considerable diversity among said offspring: only three of them were scyllas like their mother, with the rest showing traits of other aquatic animals ranging from crustaceans to cnidarians.

Hiruko looked up and pointed at Alipheese with a tentacle, saying, "Hey, children, look! Your grandmother's coming to visit!"

"Really? This is my first time seeing her!"

"She's huge!"

"Calm down, be polite to her—"

Alipheese descended to the seabed and greeted the children. She talked to Hiruko and learned that the scylla was travelling around the world to see the sights. She and her children had been to coral reefs, submarine caverns, kelp forests, undersea mountains, even a deep sea trench on one occasion. And whenever Hiruko found a man whose personality she found interesting, she mated with him to add to her family.

"So far, I've had a total of fifty two children," Hiruko said. "Not all of them are here with me because some wanted to stay where they were born, and some wanted to stay behind in one of the places we pass through. But I always make sure that they know how to live on their own before leaving them."

Once she was satisfied, Alipheese left Hiruko and returned to the surface. She flew towards the south.

The southwest region of Sentora was primarily desert. Here Alipheese discovered a large pyramid constructed from granite blocks. Although clearly artificial, it was larger than any human building, being close to a small mountain in size. The south face of the pyramid contained a large opening with no doors. Alipheese landed here and entered the pyramid.

The main inhabitants of the pyramid were monsters with avian and reptilian features. These also showed a diversity of traits: some had avian wings and legs, some had the lower bodies of snakes, some were covered in scales and had digits terminating in claws, and a few had snakes for hair. The remainder of the inhabitants were humans. All of them parted respectfully as Alipheese proceeded through the pyramid.

In a large room at the top floor of the pyramid, Alipheese met the fifth of her daughters. Saja was sitting on her own coiled tail and embracing a man with one wing. Notably, said man was different than the one she'd chosen before, having green hair instead of red.

"Welcome, mother," Saja said. "Have you been doing well?"

"I have, thank you," Alipheese replied. "You appear to have been successful as well, judging from this structure and your many children. Though if I may ask, who is the man next to you?"

"This is Saron, and he is a local to this area," Saja explained. "My last husband, Gerun, died a few months ago…his heart was growing weak near the end. I mourned him for several weeks. But just last month, I met Saron, and we knew the moment we saw each other that we were ideal partners. Isn't that right, Saron?"

"Yes, that's right," Saron said, in a manner that suggested he'd done so many times before.

The previous man was still fairly young when I last saw him… Alipheese thought. It is likely that Saja's attentions were slightly too intense, hastening his death.

Paying no more attention to this topic, Alipheese talked to Saja about her management of her territory. Saja planned to expand and build more settlements throughout the desert, primarily around the few oases. The discussion lasted until dusk and Alipheese decided to stay in the pyramid for the night.

The next morning, Alipheese left the pyramid and headed east. The desert gave way to grassy plains. Eventually, she discovered an unnatural expanse of vegetation that contained seemingly every species occurring on the planet. Wetland sedges and desert cacti coexisted, as did tropical palms and boreal conifers.

Following the trail of dark energy, Alipheese arrived at a town in the centre of the strange vegetation. The buildings of the town were large trees, reshaped by magic into forms more suitable for habitation. The population was mainly plant monsters, who were either rooted in the ground to enjoy the sun or walking around on their roots.

In the centre of the town was a large tree with a sign at the front indicating that this was Kanon's residence. Alipheese landed and went inside. There were countless wooden shelves in every direction, and every single one of them was filled with books—a recent invention, these were bundles of paper glued together along one side and used to record information. Kanon herself was nestled in between two of the bookshelves, using her hands and tendrils to sort the books.

Alipheese spent a few minutes conversing with her fourth daughter. Kanon had been busy with developing the expanse of vegetation, taking care of her offspring and building up her collection of books.

"—it can be a pain sometimes, I'll admit," Kanon said. "Still, I have lots of people to help me, so it never gets too much for me to handle."

At that moment, an elderly human man entered the building. He was surprised at Alipheese's presence, but nevertheless looked towards Kanon and said, "Lady Kanon, is this a bad time?"

"No, no, we were just finishing up," Kanon said, licking her lips. "I was just thinking that it was time to add a new book to my collection…"

Kanon extended her carnivorous organs towards the man, who was looking giddy at the prospect of being consumed. With nothing else to discuss, Alipheese left the building and took to the air.

Eventually, Alipheese arrived at a town that was built for a population capable of flight. The buildings were tall, with doors in the upper walls and roofs covered in vegetation. Most of the monster population were succubi, though a few were a different race of monster. This new race strongly resembled human women, but with red eyes, sharp canine teeth, and a black membrane surrounding their bodies. These were vampires: an offshoot of succubi who had lost most of their inhuman features, but gained a thirst for blood.

A succubus with blue skin and black hair flew up to meet Alipheese. She bowed her head and said, "Welcome to Babylon, Dark Goddess. What brings you here today?"

"I am here to visit my daughter and observe her progress," Alipheese replied.

The succubus nodded and led Alipheese to a large space in the northern part of the town. Here, Minagi was currently training in martial arts by sparring against five other succubi at once. When she saw Alipheese approaching, Minagi defeated all five of her opponents with a single sweeping kick. She then picked up a white ribbon from a nearby bench and wrapped it around her body, in a manner that emphasised her figure rather than concealing it.

"So you've finally decided to visit, mother?" Minagi said. She spread her arms wide. "Well, what do you think of Babylon?"

"It seems to be managed quite well," Alipheese said. "The population is large and growing, without any problems such as crime or discontentment among the humans."

"It's not like I spend all of my time having sex, mother," Minagi said, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, how have you been lately?"

"I am currently visiting all of my daughters to observe their current status," Alipheese replied. "I have already visited the other five."

"Really, you left me for last?" Minagi said. "And here I thought you actually cared about me."

"I did not mean to—it was only because you are the furthest from—"

Minagi burst into laughter. "Come on, it's just a joke! You didn't do anything wrong, I understand your reasons."

Alipheese let out a sigh of relief. She talked with Minagi for a while, then flew around the town of Babylon to inspect it in more detail. After a few hours, she was satisfied and began to return to Hellgondo.

As she flew through the cool air, Alipheese was lost in thought.

All six are fine, as are their children and grandchildren. At this rate, it will not be long before monsters outnumber humans.

Hmm… I previously decided to stop at six, since I wished to focus on expanding our territory. But now that is complete, and there are no remaining challenges to monster dominance. I can try making more. Insects are an interesting possibility… there are so many different species that even I have not discovered all of them.

But first, I need to find a human man and mate with him. I no longer have any of the sperm needed to make zygotes. Without it, I cannot perform monsterisation. I am similar to my progeny in this aspect, needing a male to create new life…

This thought caused Alipheese to remember that moment, over twenty years ago, when she'd first tried to create a monster. She'd abandoned the option of gestating the zygote herself, since its chimeric genome would prevent it from developing properly. However, Alipheese now had detailed knowledge of monster biology, including monster gestation.

In theory, I should be able to make one now… a true daughter of my own. Not that my existing daughters are suboptimal in any way, but a daughter of this type would inherit more of my genes and, in all likelihood, more of my inherent darkness. Yet she still would not be a clone of myself, thanks to the input of human genetic material.

Yes… it is something I must do. After I create the first insect monster, I shall begin work on this…


Minagi tilted the waterskin and drank the last of its contents. She handed it to the blue-skinned succubus standing next to her.

"Will you be continuing your training, mother?" the blue-skinned succubus asked.

"No, I've had enough for today," Minagi replied. "You can stop for today as well, Lilim."

"Thank you, mother," Lilim said, before walking away.

Minagi headed to her home, a large tower in the centre of Babylon. She reached her bedroom and closed the curtains. Once she was away from any prying eyes, Minagi punched a wall with enough force to crack it.

Hah… I still can't get used to it. I'll never be able to talk to that monster without letting out my frustration like this.

Minagi sat down on her bed and took several deep breaths. However, she still couldn't let go of the feelings boiling away within her heart.

Twenty years ago, Alipheese had little knowledge of humans. She had watched them from afar, but she'd never spoken to one prior to her monsterisation of Minagi. Consequently, she had little knowledge of the subtleties of human communication. She'd improved over time, but this was of no help when a former human had been deceiving her from the start.

Ever since that time, ever since Alipheese had led Minagi into killing her own lover and then the rest of her village, there was never any hope of a proper relationship between the two.

She doesn't understand… she never understood that I might hate her for that. But of course she wouldn't. She used to eat humans like she did any other animal, and even now she doesn't care about humans except in a pragmatic sense.

Minagi closed her eyes. Even now, she could picture the faces of her friends, family, lover, everyone she'd known growing up. But she could only keep them there for a few seconds before they were replaced by shrivelled corpses.

I'm a monster as well… that's something I can't change. I've killed enough people to populate a large town. I can't bring them back to life… but I can make sure that their deaths weren't in vain.

After the unwitting massacre of her own village, Minagi had decided to feign obedience to Alipheese. She kept her true feelings hidden, waiting for an opportunity to strike. She had seen potential in the other monsters created by the dark elemental: if she could teach them to follow her way of thinking, she could obtain their help in rebelling against their abusive mother. As part of this, she had asked them what they thought of their mother during the moments when said mother was absent. Unfortunately, all of them turned out to be aligned with Alipheese.

It must be because they were originally just dumb animals, plants or—what was the word again?—slime mould. They don't care about humans either. They just see them as toys, food, sources of information, or "husbands". And I also couldn't get my own daughters to agree with me—my "mother" and "sisters" had too much involvement in their education.

Eventually, Minagi had been trapped. There were no physical restraints on her body, but still she was trapped within the expectations of her monstrous family. If she tried to change her behaviour, tried to stop acting as a literal sexual predator, they would definitely notice. And even aside from those expectations, she still suffered from an unending thirst for male essence.

But I can't give up. I'm the only one in a position to do anything about her. If I give up, the world will be ruled forever by monsters.

That's right… I have to do something. But I won't accomplish anything by myself, and my "sisters" won't help… so how about I create my own allies? I've been watching her work right from the beginning, I should be able to do something similar. I'm not a twisted mixture like her, so I won't be able to make something too different from myself, but it should be possible for me to make succubi… and if I pay attention to their development, I should be able to make them powerful—not as powerful as myself, but powerful enough—and to make them loyal to me.

Minagi sat at her desk, pulled out paper, quill, and ink, and began writing down her plans.

Three should be a good number… any more would take too much out of me. And they should each specialise in something different, so they can cover each other's weaknesses. One in pleasure magic, one in unarmed fighting, one in swordfighting…

After just twenty minutes, Minagi had filled out several sheets of paper with her plans. To keep them organised, she used a different colour for each of her planned creations: purple, red and blue.


Castor shivered. It was possible that he'd be caught at any moment—if the monsters discovered he was missing, they would never let a healthy young man like him escape. Still, he forced himself to keep moving, to keep following the succubus in front.

"Almost… almost… We're here!" Lilim declared.

Castor looked up to see light. He and Lilim emerged from the tunnel into open woods. He turned back, but Babylon was not visible due to the distance and the obscuring trees.

"You should be safe now… at least from us monsters," Lilim said.

"Th-thank you," Castor said. "How can I repay you for this?"

"It's fine, you don't have to do anything," Lilim said. "In the first place, it's our fault for keeping you humans like livestock. You shouldn't have to suffer all this to begin with… Anyway, there are rumours of other free humans hiding in the hills to the east of here. I'm not sure if those rumours are true, but if you can find them…"

"Got it, thanks," Castor said.

Lilim returned to the tunnel and disappeared. She would return to Babylon, back to her duty as the servant of the Great Whore. He would never see her again.

Castor shook his head. There was no sense in remaining here and risking being captured—that would only waste Lilim's efforts. He checked his bag again—it contained a knife, flint and steel, dried bread and fruit, and spare clothes—and began walking towards the east. As he walked, he thought about what life had been like in Babylon.

At first glance, life in Babylon was a paradise for a man. He would never have to worry about famine or sickness or war, and there were countless succubi and vampires eager to give him indescribable pleasures. If he was particularly lucky, he would be able to enter the bed of Minagi, the Great Whore of Babylon, the most experienced and the most insatiable succubus. Once he reached the end of his lifespan, he would then experience the ultimate pleasure of having his life itself drained from his flesh.

But two months ago, Lilim had freed Castor from the mental manipulation of her fellow monsters. This had allowed the young man to see what Babylon truly was.

One of his friends had been approached by a lustful succubus, but he wasn't in the mood at the time. The succubus had ramped up her seduction magic until said friend agreed, then proceeded to ride him in the street.

Another friend, this one a scholar, had been involved in an academic debate with a vampire. After considerable argument, the vampire lost her patience and bit him in the neck. The pleasure of vampiric feeding had broken the friend's will.

These were simply the two cases that were most familiar to Castor. He had seen many more in the past two months. All of it had led him to realise the true nature of the freedom in Babylon: it was the freedom for monsters to do as they pleased with humans.

Remembering all this filled Castor with a burning anger. He wanted to give in to his primal instincts and take revenge on the monsters, to make them pay for all they had done to his kind. But his anger cooled as he realised the hopelessness of the situation. He was only one weak human, up against countless monsters with superhuman capabilities. For that matter, he was shorter and weaker than any of the other men he knew, tilting the odds even further against him.

I can't fight them. I can't beat even a single one of them. And even if these free humans really exist and even if I can meet up with them, we still wouldn't stand a chance against even a small village of monsters.

…But what if it wasn't just humans on our side?

Castor remembered the succubus who had just helped him escape. When she'd first freed him and allowed him to see the truth, he was naturally suspicious of her intentions. He'd wondered if she was the kind of monster who enjoyed betraying men before raping them. But this suspicion turned out to be unfounded.

Not all monsters are like that… there's at least one who isn't like that, and with so many monsters in the world, there have to be others. If I could find them, get their help…

No. No, that's a stupid idea. There's no guarantee that any more good monsters exist, and even if they did, how would I find them?

Shaking his head, Castor continued walking towards the east. After a couple of hours, he felt hungry and so stopped to eat.

While sitting on the side of a hill and munching on bread, Castor looked out at the landscape. A gentle breeze stirred his purple hair.

More importantly, the rumours of free humans… there can't be too many of them if they've managed to hide from the monsters. Still, I can't survive out here on my own. I need to find them. It'll be a tough life… but it's better than staying and being the plaything of monsters.

Castor remembered the other humans back in Babylon… the ones he'd left behind. He clenched his fists.

No, I can't. I can't do anything to help them.

I'm not a hero, after all.

AN: This is the end of Dark Genesis. I should emphasise that this is ultimately just my version of events, it is not meant to fit canon 100%.

Minagi being rebellious is something I planned ever since the beginning. A human woman who was suddenly transformed into a monster with a thirst for semen is hardly going to like the one responsible for this. Of course, we currently don't have details on how the Six Ancestors were actually made, so my portrayal will almost certainly end up contradicting canon.

As for Castor… it should be fairly obvious who he is, or rather, who he's related to.

My next story will be "Holy Genesis", and it'll be the direct opposite of this in that it will feature Ilias as the main character.