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Hello, Lily, darling!

URGENT business!

Fleamont is RETIRING!

Yes, WONDERFUL, isn't it? Such an occasion MUST be honoured with just the right amount of tasteful d├ęcor, jovial community, and strategically poured alcoholic beverages. I trust NO ONE else to get it right.

And GOOD NEWS! My son is home and has promised to remain on level ground long enough to assist in party planning!

And he wouldn't dare break such a promise to his mother, who may one day soon be going off to her own ETERNAL retirement.

Talk soon!


Author's Note: So in a desperate attempt to claw my way out of a truly dedicated writing slump, I opened a document one day and began to bargain with myself. "Write 100 words. JUST a 100 words! Easy!" So I did. And then the next day: "Just 200 WORDS!" And the next: "Just 300 WORDS!" And as I started doing this, I thought...well, what if it was EXACTLY* 100 words? And then EXACTLY 200? And then EXACTLY 300...and so on and so forth, you get the picture, and BOOM, ta-da, here is this story. A story where each successive chapter is going to have EXACTLY* 100 words more than the last. Because there's nothing like a gimmick to keep the juices flowing. I'm a couple of hundreds ahead of the game presently, so I'll update every few days as I feel like it, and we'll see how long this goes. Mucho bisses, thx, here we go. =)

*"Exactly" according to Word's word count function, anyway. I'm not pulling out my abacus as these things get longer, and even A03 is counting in a different way already, so don't come and word count shame me, WORD TOLD ME IT WAS FINE.