Another Day Another Ling

Author Notes: time for a mini series~ Hi guys this is Mako, and thanks to Sen I have been given quite the predicament. I wanted to make a new Yona story for awhile and though Sen was just as excited as I am-wanted to make sure I was in the Yona Zone.

So in prep for the series he gave me a challenge with this here mini series. I'll wait till after this story is done to reveal the basic of basic requirements that was given to me~ Let's see how I do. I do not own Yona of the Dawn!

3rd P.O.V

"Welcome~ How can I help you this fine day!" The young man smiled at the latest pair of customers, though he held no true kindness or excitement for their arrival. "Whatcha got for weapons Sen?" Blasted official, what he wouldn't do to take one of his knives and stab them to death.

However he's done this many a times before, developing the perfect mask. "Well my dear friends-I have just the tools for you~" Another day, another ling, that was the life that Sen the merchant lived.

Sure it was always his dream to open up shop, and make a decent living with his little sister, but he didn't want to deal with these assholes. They weren't protectors. They weren't friends, but scumbags who thought they could do whatever they want because of who their boss was.

The port of Awa despite it's supposed lively nature and beautiful ocean scenery held a dark secret. Travelers wouldn't realize just how miserable the city was under Yang Kum-Ji's control. Even if newcomers or the higher ups found out-it wouldn't do any good.

Or at least that was what Sen thought. "Come again~" He long ago gave up on the king, and tribal leaders and other elite individuals from helping his home. It was just as well. He didn't want to rely on some pompous outsider.

"Sen-did you do inventory check?" This was the city civilians problem. "Yeah. Is it time Mako?" So it was up to the city civilians to fix it themselves. The girl gave her elder brother a fierce nod. "Yep. If we don't get moving now we'll miss our appointment at the rendezvous point."

With a grin he stretches, following her into the back of their shop. "Alright. Dress up and remember to stay by me while I get the crates. Jae Ha said he'd be running a bit late today and the last thing we need is to run into trouble before he arrives." It was a risky business for the pair.

Mako especially, but neither of them would change their decision. "You got it." Quickly she rushes upstairs to her room. Switching into male clothes once more. Many would consider it bizarre. A woman pretending to be a man, but it was actually common these days.

"Ready when you are big brother." With the recent rumors of women being kidnapped and sold overseas, girls like Mako had to protect themselves no matter what. With her it was easier to blend in with her taller and slimmer physique. Her hair tied and covered in a hood, and her clothes overly bulky.

Plus she was a tomboy. She had everything going for her. No one would know the difference. Well except for Jae Ha, but...he was an oddball. When they had first come across him about a year ago...well the guy nearly found himself murdered.

What kind of man grabs a guys hand and starts complimenting him? Acting like they were a wonderful couple in the making? And it wasn't even Mako he started flirting with! Though he did it almost immediately after she tried separating the two.

His first impression wasn't great. Neither was his second-nor third. However, he grew (eventually) on the pair of merchants-especially when they found out why the green haired man "desired" them so much.

"Where is he?" Sen was pacing, growling and cursing under his breath while his sister kept count of how long they had been waiting. Currently she was sitting on the ground, holding her leg while leaning against one of their crate of goods. "Time." Mako could only sigh, making sure to keep her voice low and naturally deep.

Not sure as to who would or could be listening. "Sixteen minutes and forty-two seconds." A noise of frustration escaped her brother. "Bastard pirate. What the hell is taking him so long?! Should've been here by now." The longer they were there, the more dangerous the situation started to become.

Granted their meeting spot was by the cliff side far from the city, where no one goes. But still. It made them extremely nervous. Jae Ha may be an idiot, but he kept his promises. For him not to arrive meant trouble-whether he was the cause of it or not it was up in the air.

Their agreement was to wait until the twenty minute mark before returning home. "Ah there you are~" Glancing up the two watch as the man of the hours falls, landing gracefully in between them. "Dammit Jae Ha where have you been!? Had us worried sick you bastard!" Words could not describe how pissed Sen was.

Especially when he brought Mako's hand to his lips, completely ignoring her elder brother. "Must you always be fashionable late? We were about ready to head back. You know we can't risk getting caught." Taking her hand back, the girl in disguise makes sure to wipe her hand on the dirt.

Getting rid of any germs the flirt might have. "I apologize beautiful. But I'm afraid I had some business to attend to, one that due to a little mishap made me lose my sense of time. I am sorry." Neither sibling felt better, even if the green haired eccentric was sincerely apologetic.

Rolling her eyes she just stands up, refusing his hand of aid to push one of the three crates with her foot his way. "Tell Gi-Gan that some of the officials came by to buy some weapons, and medicine. It wasn't a lot but it was enough to make us nervous. We're thinking they're going to set sail again tonight."

Humming the Awa pirate goes through the various weapons, bandages and food for his crew. Surprised to note that the bundle was more than usual haul. There was even some alcohol and clothes in the crates.

Sen wraps an arm around his friend(?) not even giving him a chance to ask. "We heard that a few of your boys got banged up in the last fight and are still recovering, take this and consider the extra stuff as a donation. Though the regular stock is still going onto your tab."

Thanking the siblings Jae Ha collects his loot. "Wouldn't have it any other way." Mako snorts waving her hand as she gets ready to go. "Just wait till this nonsense is over. You'll be thinking otherwise." A laugh is shared between the group before parting ways.

It was another day, another Ling.

To be continued

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