Another Day Another Ling

Chapter 6

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3rd P.O.V

"I can't believe it." Mako stood there with tears gently falling down her cheeks. It was finally over. The sun was caressing the sky, providing everything with its warmth. "We're free." Many of the girls around her were in that same daze like state.

For so long the people of Awa felt so suppressed and scared, but within a single moment-one that was engraved into their minds for all eternity it has ended. However it was a day Mako had been dreaming of for years.

At long last it had been realized, and she had helped made it happen. After Yang Kum-Ji left his precious merchandise to quiver in tears, Mako saw Yona and Yun giving the girls' hope. Giving reassurances and offered them a future without fear or depression.

Yuri, another prisoner had promised her aid, using her knowledge of ships to help where she could. Mako said nothing but she had followed them, silently stealing a sword off one of the unconscious guards. Poor sap according to Yun would be out half the day.

By the time he would wake up-the battle would be over. "Perfect." The sword was long and smooth, the cold metal was nicely polished and well cared for. Mako knew her blades as a merchant and thanks to her brothers' training was more than capable in using it.

Quietly she followed the trio, and sprung when Yuri was held hostage. "Ha!" Due to the injury and the shock of being attacked from behind, Yuri was released. "Go!" Yun and Yona needed no prompting. Quickly they fled upwards. "Why you little-" The mercenary had no chance to finish his reply.

He was ill prepared for a stab to the leg. "AHH!" Mako watched with an uncaring expression as he fell onto the ground, clutching his leg. "Be a good boy and take a nap." With all her strength, she slammed her swords hilt down upon his head.

Knocking him out alongside some of his already unconscious allies. "You ok Yuri?" No bruises, or cuts could be seen. The woman could only exhale in relief, she was lucky, had it been another second and she would probably be on the floor bleeding to death. "Yes. Thank you."

Nodding in satisfaction Mako retreats, prompting her fellow captive to follow. Together the two return to the room where all the others were being held. "I-is it safe?" Mako really hoped Yun and Lina would succeed, right now all of their lives were on the line and those two were their best bet.

"It's all clear. Let's go." However Mako doesn't voice her concerns, if she did, there would only be panic. The most she could do right now was act as their sword and shield. She had faith.

They climbed the steps, their feet thudding against the wood as the starlit sky came into view. "Ah!" But the fresh air and beautiful night was quickly interrupted with the sight of unconscious bodies littering the floor. "Look-up there!"

Her red hair swayed in the nightly breeze drifting across the waves. A fierce gaze full of determination reached out to the sea, her bow out and ready to fire. No one moved. She was mesmerizing, she was terrifying. And the words Lina stated earlier before the battle began rang through Mako's mind.

'If you want to live, please take that hand. Because those people you call stupid are willing to risk their lives to change this town and help those in need.'

All of them had been effected, motivated with her conviction to do what's good. To make their home shine the way it should've. Something that had been denied the last decade.

Yang Kum-Ji, the pirates, the kidnapped girls and remaining mercenaries watched in slow motion as Yona released her arrow. Silence. Not even a sound from the sea. The warlord didn't move-couldn't as it landed, forcing him into the ocean where he would forever lay. That silence still trickled as a glorious dawn approached.

Everyone's eyes was on Yona as she was basked in the eternal glow of the sun. Her face stoic as she had taken down a man who deserved no mercy for the crimes he had committed. And now would pay for.

"It's over." Mako could only gasp out, tears were streaming down her face. Her words broke the spell that laid over everyone. "We did it!" Cheers rang across the ships. The pirates' captain smile as she took in the beautiful sunrise. "Dawn has at last arrived."

Things became a blur as the women were rescued and then escorted by Jae Ha and his crew. A weight had been lifted off their shoulders as they made their way back to shore.

Friends, family, lovers-reunited and safe. Causing a city wide celebration. Of course despite being heroes, the captain was a shrew mistress who demanded payment for all the hard work her and her boys.

"Our payment is gonna be costly. Enough booze and food to stuff all of Awa." It was an order that was happily received. All except Yun who would rather have every injured individual wrapped up in proper bandages and resting.

He found himself going red in the face from all the screaming and lecturing. But there was another who had no care for the celebration. "No-you can't kill them!" One man, covered in blood and oozing malice still had his blade.

His thirst for death and vengeance not yet filled. "Back off Jae Ha. They need to pay." Jae Ha understood Sen's feelings very well, but the battle was over. Everyone was free-Mako was alive and safe.

"I'm not letting you finish them off Sen. It's over." The green dragon was trying to stop his friend. Madness was all the pirate could see, insanity and rage still peeking through. However the voice they'd both been wanting rang loud and clear. "Knock it off Sen. You're scaring the girls."

Sen didn't release his blade, nor his desire to kill every last mercenary and official who willingly followed Yang Kum-Ji...but he did pull his sister into a tight hug. The matter temporarily dropped. With such a touching scene one wouldn't think Sen spent nearly the entire night committing murder.

Crying into her hair. Mako smiled, even when her brother started insulting her. He kept switching his emotions and statements around, letting go of all his fears, and just being grateful she was alive. "I swear to the heavens you are not leaving the house for a month-two months!" It was going to take time.

" many people did you kill?" For the city to calm down and grow into the prosperous place it once was. "Not That many. (?)" As well as Sen to recover from the scary captain's wrath.

The end~

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