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Vogler was taken care of and House found himself standing in the doorway of Dr. Allison Cameron's apartment once again. He made himself do a double take at what he had just sworn that Cameron had stated to him. 'Dinner? She wants ME to take her out to dinner?' "You'll come back to work if I go on a date with you?"


He found himself taking a deep breath and looking to the floor for a moment before he looked back up at Cameron, seeing her bright hazel eyes staring back at him. "Okay, I can do that." Seeing her hold out her hand, he gently grabbed it in return and shook hands before she smiled at him and quietly shut her door, leaving House to stand there, wondering what the hell he just agreed to. 'I know what I agreed to… I want her working for me again, I don't like not having her around the hospital… but at what cost? Do I have some sort of feelings for her? Maybe… Will I admit that to anyone? Hell no.'


House smirked as he watched his miniature tv, his head propped up on the handle of his cane as he watched the soccer game on the tiny screen.

"So, Cameron is coming back to work for you?" Wilson asked. He sat next to his friend on the medical exam table, grabbing into House's bag of pretzels.

"Yes she is."

"How did you get her to come back?"

"Are you doing her? Who's coming back?" The man sat on House's other side asks.

Wilson snorted, before coughing a few times. "Who is this guy?" he questions.

"Patient." House answers. "He's supposed to go back to work when he's done here. I guess that I do as well." House turned toward his patient. "You don't know her."

"Did you lower her hours? Raise her pay?" the man asked.

"Wait a minute, why would Cameron come back to work for you?" Wilson questions, a pretzel waiting in his hand, halfway to his mouth. House puffed out a breath of air as he glanced over at Wilson, willing him not to speak another word, knowing that his friend would quickly hit the right track. "It's not like she came back to work here because she likes you…" Wilson tapped at his knee in thought as he looked over at House, seeing the look in his eye made Wilson widen his own eyes and stand, quickly pointing at the man in front of him. "It is because she likes you!"

House's patient started to grin widely and wrapped an arm around House's shoulders, while Wilson continued to pointing at him. "You should do her." The man stated.

"Keep talking and your exam will end with a prostate exam." House replied as he looked at his patient before brushing the man's arm off of him before proceeding to turn and look at Wilson. "I agreed to take her on one date."

Wilson's eyes looked like they were going to explode from his sockets. "You what?!" he exclaimed.

"You should totally do her now!" the man exclaimed, grabbing around House's shoulders once again.

House rolled his eyes and shoved the man's arm off of his body again. He turned and pointed at his patient. "You shut up." He then turned back to face Wilson, "She's not giving me a choice." The small tv was quickly becoming forgotten as the subject had quickly turned from the game to House's deal with the young woman. Wilson looked at House as he furrowed his brow, looking more and more confused.

"She's making you do her?" the patient quickly asked.

"Date her." House quickly affirmed as he rolled his eyes.

Wilson once again had a smile on his face as he leant back against the counter behind him. "The young beautiful doctor, falling for her gruff older mentor, her kind nature bringing them both closer together…"

House stood, quickly grabbing the tiny tv into his hand, his other quickly grasping for his cane before he took a few steps towards the door of the exam room. "For Christ's sake…" he sighed.

Wilson just smirked as he watched House leave the exam room before he turned to the man that had been House's patient. "You can keep the bag of pretzels," He quickly pulled out a small pad and a pen from his lab coat and wrote onto it before tearing off a sheet and handing it to him. "Here's your work note, have a nice day." He said with a smile. Getting a nod in response, he turned and left the room, heading to the nearest place he could think of to talk about House… the Dean of Medicine herself, Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

Cuddy looked up from signing off on patients charts when she heard her office door open, not expecting to see Dr. James Wilson standing in front of her desk. "What has he done now?" she huffed; expecting to hear what House had done that he shouldn't have for the third time that week.

"Well, I don't know if you would say that he has done anything… you know how Dr. Cameron quit working for him a couple of weeks ago correct?" Wilson asked as he stuffed his hands into his lab coat pockets.

"Yes…" Cuddy answered cautiously, "Do I have to get a hold of authorities?"

"No! No, nothing of that nature. Have you heard that Dr. Cameron is coming back to work for House?"

"I got her email this morning… What's this about Wilson?" She asked as she leant back in her chair, putting one hand to her temple, feeling a headache beginning to form, as was the usual when House was involved in her day.

"Apparently she only came back because she got House to agree to go on a date with him."

"A date? Greg House is going on a date with Allison Cameron so that she will continue to work for him?" Cuddy asked incredulously.

"Yep… I was just talking to House about it. If he agreed to it, he really doesn't want her to not work for him, so he likes having her around."

"Obviously. Do you think that he has feelings for her?"

"He had a good time with her about a month ago when he took her to see the monster trucks that came into town that I told him I couldn't attend. I'm glad I decided not to go now."

"Well… I guess we will see how this rides out. I hope that it goes well for them, but we know how House is."

"Yes… we know how House is for certain."


House Chase and Foreman all stood around the white board in the diagnostics meeting room, trying to figure out why their patient had suffered a stroke.

"Well, there's ischemia on his scan, I hope that it's not permanent." Chase states as he walked over to look at the patient's CT scan more closely.

"I still cannot believe that you scared this man into having a stroke." Foreman replied as he tossed House's large tennis ball to him.

"The man isn't dead or dying, so that's good news… C'mon guys, give me something good here." He said as he turned and tossed his ball to Cameron as she walked into the room, barely managing to catch it in her hands.

Turning from looking at the CT scan to see who House had tossed the ball to, Foreman smiles wide. "Hey! What're you doing here?" he asked as he walked over to her and enveloped her in a short hug, which she quickly returned.

"I work here last I checked." She chuckled, smiling.

"In this office?" Chase asked as he walked over to also give her a hug.

Cameron smirked. "Yes in this office. House practically begged me to come back."

"I hope you took him to the cleaners." Foreman said as he watched Cameron toss House's ball back to him.

"Same salary that I was making before, nothing special… so what is we looking at here?" Cameron asked as she walked up to look at the CT scan.

"Twenty three year old male came in with grinding teeth, ended up having a stroke." House said, speaking up.

Chase moved to sit in the chair closest to him. "The man needs an MRI so we can find the cause of the ischemia."

"He can't have an MRI." Cameron said as she looked back at Chase.

"Why not?"

"Unless you want his jaw rocketing across the room, I'd advise you not to put him near an MRI."

House smirked as he swiveled the ball in his hands around, leaning more of his weight onto his left leg. "Dr. Cameron is correct. The young man has a metal plate in his jaw, major reconstruction by the looks of things which causes us to be cleverer about things. Get and angiogram to rule out vasculitis, an EMG for peripheral neuropathy, tox-screen to eliminate drugs, an echo to rule out cardiac emboli." Cameron, Chase, and Foreman all nodded in response as they proceeded to head out of the room and out into the hallway. "Oh and Cameron?" House called out.

"Yes House?" she quickly turned, her hand resting in the glass doorway.

"I'd appreciate if you would keep the terms of your new contract to yourself. We don't want everyone clamoring for the same perks that you acquired."

Cameron felt herself flush pink in embarrassment as she nodded and proceeded out into the hallway with her colleagues. 'Jesus, why did he have to announce that to the world?'

"What perks did he give you?" Foreman asked as they continued to walk.

"Nothing that either of you would be interested in." Cameron answered as she willed herself to stop blushing; damning her stomach for feeling the massive amount of butterflies that she currently felt.

"So it isn't money, office space, parking, or insurance… anything that he could possibly offer you that we would be interested in." Chase pondered aloud.

"He agreed to go on a date with me." Cameron said, feeling a small grin begin to form on her lips.

"A date?"

Foreman grinned, "A date? A dinner and a movie, hot, naked and sweaty kind of date?" he asked.

Cameron chuckled. "He only agreed to the first two."

Chase grimaced. "But… but he's so old?!"