The case of the missing instruments

This starts with the band in Corey's garage during the day.

Corey: Alright guys, lets jam. I think giving the public of how amazing we are by leavening the garage door open is a good idea.

Laney: I don't know, this looks like a bad idea.

Kon: Relax dude, its a good idea.

Outside on Carie's front yard the Newman where playing soccer. Playfully kicking and headbutting the ball.

Carie: I think this was a good idea to play soccer and have a break from music.

Larry: I agree, but the only thing that bothers me is that we gotta clear shot of grojband.

Konnie: Just ignore them.

Kim: Yeah, I don't even know its.

When Carie kick the ball she bank it off some trees and landed straight into their garage. When the ball hit the switch to close it the ball pounded them so hard it knocks them unconusius.

Newman: Uh, oh

Carie: This is bad.

They run inside her house to avoid suspection. Then the ambulance and police officers arrived.

The doctor: Looks like their are going to be in the hospital for a while.

The officer: Great we will be looking for something that might have caused the incident.

While there were talking, Carie, Konnie, Kim and Larry discuss what to do while under Corey's window.

Carie: We need to get that ball and those instruments. ( In a hush tone)

Konnie: Why.

Carie: If they think their gone, they won't be able to identify it as a ball smash.

Larry/Konnie/Kim: Oooooohhhh.

Carrie pulled out a grappling hook and shot it to the window. They crawled down the window seeked past the police and stole the instruments and took their ball back.

Carie: (in a hush tone) Ok. Let get out of here.

After climbing throught the window, they transiton to Konnie and Kim's garage they were in a panic.

Larry: What are we going to do, if they find out that we accidentally did this, we are going to jail, again!

Konnie: It is going to be the business bashed plan overall again.

Carie: We are not going to jail! Here's the plan, we have to make a big sacrifice.

Larry: What will it be ?

Carie: Our instruments.

Konnie/Kim/Larry: UUUHHHHHH, NNOOO.

Konnie: But Carie, its ... Its them.

Carie: I know, but we can't go to jail. Besides I've got a backup for all.

As she goes to the wall that she put a switch on it, turned. After it turned over they saw different instruments that was cooler then their old ones.

Konnie: Wahho Carie.

Larry: This is amazing.

Kim: When did you do this and whoa!

Carie: I know. Now lets spray paint our old instruments to look like theirs.

While they were doing that, grojband band had finally wake up in a hospital.

Laney: What happened?

Trina Corey's older sister stands on the side with a grind.

Trina: You guys were all unconusius and had to be brought to the hospital for some reason. Anyway it was awesome [ ha ha ha, happily ]

Mania: Do you guys remember anything?

Corey: I can't remember anything that happened.

They all when back to Corey's place. As they were walking into the Garage.

Corey: Man that was... AAAAHHHHHHH !

Kon: What's wrong Core...


Kin: Our instruments are gone!

Trina: ha, Best day ever.

Than an officer came in to report to them.

Corey: Officer what happened ?!

Police: Well from what we can tell? You've been robbed in broad daylight.

Kon: Who did this? ( he said in a panic )

Police: We don't know? It seems to be a master of thievery. I mean, who else had the nerves to steal instruments in broad daylight while you were playing without a hint of evidences.

All of grojband: Newman. ( all with a scary stare )