Grojband fanfic part 3 ; the ride

But as he played he notices a yellow spot on his orange to red gutair.

Corey: That's weird, why would they be a yellow spot on my gutair right in the center ? Oh well, not important, Lets jam !

They were on their way to the dump outside of town to get rid of the instruments after school they accidentally ran into them.

Carie: Okay this plan has got to work. We need to be careful this time, no flaking out ok.

The rest: Got it.

They were on there way to the next towns' dump when they ran into them.


Carie: Riffin, what you and the your friends doing here?

Corey: Just rocking out with my sweet gutair. Jealous?

Carie: Hardly.

Corey: What you got there.

Carie grabs Corey shirt in a enrage manner.

Carie: Nothing, to you!

She let go of his shirt and walk away, The rest followed.

Kon: That girl has some angry issuses.

During the evening the sky was bathed in orange and white clouds all around. The Newman were about to leave on their bikes.

Carie: Ok guys lets roll.

As they ride their bikes to a pedestrian stop to stop, the mood started to change.

Carie: Hey, what with the different soundtrack?

As they looked behind them they saw four robots form Bellium to get their instruments.

Carie: Oh boy. Looks like Bellium was being bullied for a while. I swear he makes it hard to be happy for him.

Larry: Great, now are we gonna do!? ( in a panic and annoued tone)

Carie: Divided and conqure. Spilt up and meet up at the library. Now let's get savage.

The all went in different directions Carie straight, Larry west and Kim and Konnie east then Kim went southeast. As the music became more dramatic the started. Bellium sperate his robots in a crazed see Carie pedaling hard up the street, she turns and see a tractor with meachinacal arms right behind her.

Carie: Where did he get that tractor from?! Guess I have no choice.

She remove the rubber from the handle of the bike, and flip a switch to activates motorcycle mode on her bike.

Carie: Well here we go.

She races down the street jumping off trash bins and manuvaring around people. She then fakes left and right until the Tractor lose control and crash into a big garage bin and then the tractor crash into a wall and into firey burst of destruction and a made a huge trash Bon fire break out as Carie left the secens .

Carie: Well, that steered the other way. I wonder how Larry is doing?

We go to Larry been chase by a dirt bike with large wheels, and razor sharp automatic plough, with rubber bullet shoting out from its steering wheel.

Larry: AAAAAHHHHHH! Where did he even get a dirt bike?

He speeds up on his bike jumping on ralls and moving back and forth on the sides of the street, nervously. He then saw a pole and knew what to do.

Dirt bike automated voice: Target aqquried.

Larry screamed as he activates motor bike mode, he came closer to the pole when finally reach, he plant the pole into the ground and turned with the bike and leap back then turned left to another street as he ride away fromthe dirt bike so it could crashed into a tree.

Larry: Geez, I wonder how the girls are doing?

We go to the Kim getting ready to do something.

Kim: Boy, those drone are really determined to get back at me and those other guys, poor jerks.

Her phone rings.

Kim: Hello, oh hey Konnie.

Konnie on the phone.

Konnie: Hey, Kim I just got off with Carie and she said remind you to meet at the library. You got that ?

Kim: Sure, I remember.

Konnie: You also sure your cool handleing those drones?

Kim: Sure, its time I lose them anyway.

Konnie: Ok, see you at the library.

She hangs up and Kim is done setting up her catapult. After they were done talking Kim fired five large paint balls one after the other until she hit each drone. As she pedaled faster the drones got crush under the wheel of a truck. Finally they got to the library.

Carie: Ok guys luckily the library is near to outside of Peaceville all we need to do is ...

She was inturped by a vehicle's roar.