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Chapter 9

My dick slipped in and out of the vaginal walls of the woman beneath me, her breasts mashed up against the floor. My pelvis slapped up against her ass every time I shoved my hips forward while fluids leaked from her soaking pussy every time I drove out.

"Yes...harder…" she moaned in bliss while her eyes were glazed over. Her body could do nothing more than accept this dick that was reshaping her cunt. My hands found their way onto her perfect meaty ass and used them as support. I gripped onto her flesh tightly and admired their size and plushness as my cock penetrated her womb.

I wasn't sure what form of sadism overcame me when I felt the urge to give them a hard slap. I couldn't resist the temptation of dominating her completely, so with a raised hand, I brought it down on her hard.

She suddenly yelled from the impact, her body seizing and her vaginal walls constricting my shaft incredibly.

"You like that don't you?" I said before slapping her ass again, her jiggly bottom rippling from the impact. She didn't have to respond as her body's reaction gave me all the answers I needed. Every time I slapped her flesh, her inner flesh would coil around me tighter and quiver in such a way that it was nearly impossible for me not to paint her insides white.

I sent an aggressive thrust forward, penetrating the entrance into her womb, before viciously slapping her ass. With a scream, she came all over the floor while her vaginal walls squeezed my cock. I let the pleasure overwhelm me before releasing a stream of cum inside her without caution. I reveled in this euphoric feeling as my balls continued to clench, allowing me to pump more seed into the woman beneath me.

After a few more moments of last-minute spurts, I finally pulled out my cock from her pussy. Like a drain had been unplugged, viscous cum dripped out of her pussy onto the floor while the Seductress's body twitched from time to time. After a moment, she collapsed onto the floor and suddenly moaned in bliss while cumming once more.

I could feel myself becoming energized with her sexual energy and loved watching as her body continually shuddered from the pleasure.

You have gained 2000 EXP!

You have gained +2 stat points!

"Round 2 complete…" I thought before dragging the woman closer to me and enjoying her erotic scent.

So here I was sitting on the floor of the 'League Dojo', my back against a wall and a bombshell laying against my chest, as I contemplated the many life choices I had made leading up to this point. Maybe it was that moment when I decided to fuck Jaina raw? Or maybe it was when I decided to try and hook up with someone who was most likely a mass murderer? Yeah, that sounded just about right.

The shuffling movements on my arm alerted me to the Seductresses regain of consciousness. She opened her eyes after a few blinks and looked at me with an unfocused gaze for a moment before she seemed to regain clarity of mind.

Like that, she stared up at me silently and I stared back while my free hand roamed and messaged her springy chest. It was only after a while of her heart rate increasing that she finally spoke up.

"How…?" She asked, ignoring the hand massaging her cleavage.

I leaned into her neck as breathed in more of her delicious scent. "Lady, you never had a chance." With that, I gave her breasts a soft squeeze. God, her body was incredible.

Regardless, however, she didn't even react. She merely looked somewhat absentmindedly ahead. "That thing you do at the end, it feels so…"

"Incredible? Wonderful? Ejaculation inducing? I don't mind you praising my sexual prowess even more." Of course, after fucking her to submission, I got a bonus in the form of sexual energy which made them feel incredible and intense pleasure for a moment before collapsing from the overload of it. The incredible thing was though, that she was able to quickly recover from my absorption of her sexual energy. Additionally, I could sincerely say that in terms of skill in bed, she was the best sex I had ever gotten. I wasn't surprised considering the type of person she was, but I was still definitely looking forward to training with her again if the opportunity presented itself.

"What did you do?" Tali's al Ghul asked as she came out of the shadows of the corner of the room and looked at me with a penetrant gaze.

"Nothing much," I said while playing with the Seductress's breasts. "I just took a little something-something from her if you catch my drift."

"No…I have no idea what you are talking about."

"A shame," I said with a chuckle. What? Did she expect me to tell her what I could do if I laid around with women? If there was one thing my late parents ingrained into my skull at a young age, it was that I was to never trust anyone in the streets of Gotham no matter how nice or trustworthy they seemed, especially if they were the queen of an assassin guild…well that last part was more implied (along with common sense) than anything else.

May they Rest In Peace.

Of course, this didn't apply to women I slept with because I knew I had some measure of influence over them. They wouldn't betray me because it wouldn't benefit them in any way should they do so. They would never get to sleep with me again and I was quite sure their bodies wouldn't like that.

Tali's sighed. "It is a shame…such a shame indeed." She said with a hand on her cheek. "And here I was hoping you would allow me to experience it as well…"

My lips twitched.

So that's how she wanted to play it huh.

"Well, no matter." She said, revitalized. "As I've instructed, learn to manage your desire and use it to your advantage without letting it take advantage of you. For now, however, I will allow you to use her to satiate your appetite, but I expect more from you, William Meyers."

And you will get much more than you bargained for…the large package. I would make sure of it, one day, but for now. "Since you've given me such a delicious meal…" I began as I watched the seductress on my lap emit fluids of arousal from her pussy. "Don't mind if I partake in it."

"Of course, enjoy to your heart's content and remember…" Talia said as she walked away and to the back door of the dojo. "As long as you join us, she and many others will be at your mercy."

I raised a brow.

She was going all out to get me on whatever side she was on huh?

Well, for now, I would just enjoy the benefits of associating with her.

Now then.

"Let's continue where we left off, shall we?" I asked the woman on my body who looked up at me in need and whose body quivered in response.

-DC: Gamer-

You have gained 2000 EXP!

You have gained +2 stat points!

You have gained 2000 EXP!

You have gained +2 stat points!

You have gained 2000 EXP!

You have gained +2 stat points!

You have gained 2000 EXP!

You have gained +2 stat points!

I left the league dojo, took a deep breath, cracked my neck on both sides, fixed the hem of my shirt, and made on my way. Worthy of being such an incredible seductress, the lady was able to last multiple rounds with me. We rutted for hours on end and every time I absorbed her sexual energy, she would collapse for a moment, wake up after some time, and we would do it again.

It was very fun.

Maybe I could just use her at times to just farm for stat points? She had the most impressive ratio of the number of rounds she could last with me to the number of stat points I could obtain, of all the women I had slept with thus far.

It was a very appealing thought.

Now then.

My date with Barbara was in around an hour, just enough time for me to stop by Jaina's place and take a quick shower. Women always had this unnatural ability to sense if a dude had been with another woman moments prior. I figured I might as well do a reset and wash myself off completely before going anywhere near Gordon's house.

Those thoughts led me back to my woman's place in no time. I didn't bother to knock as I took out the keys to the house from my inventory, put it in the lock, turned it and opened the door. As I closed it behind me and walked deeper into the house, I could hear pleasure-filled moans coming from the room.

My interest piqued, I carefully tiptoed to the source of the commotion and placed my ear against the door, hearing the moaning sounds of Jaina and…Sophia?

What was she doing here?

Scratch that, it was quite clear what she was doing here…

I opened the door just a smidge to see the Albino version of Jaina penetrating Sophia with a strap on, fluids gushing out of my supervisor's pussy uncontrollably while she lay on her back on the bed. Her breasts flopped magnificently as she was pounded by Jaina's White Rabbit doppelgänger.

I just closed the door.

I…didn't even know what to say about that.

"…Alright then."

"They've been at it for quite a bit."

I perked up and turned around to see Jaina leaning against the couch with a mug in her hands while she donned a see-through dress that left nothing to the imagination. She took a sip and exhaled softly. "You've spoiled them you know. Now, how was your night?"

"Great, as always," I said as I walked towards her. "But it felt like it was missing something…" I said as I tilted up her head and kissed her.

She closed her eyes and went into it with me for over a minute before placing a hand on my chest and gently pushing me back. "You've been with another woman recently…someone new." She said as she stood up and took another sip of what I had smelled to be tea. "Naturally, I don't care-"

No, I was pretty sure it wasn't natural to not care if your man was fucking multiple women at a time…however, I wasn't complaining.

That woman intuition though, I'm telling you.

"-Unless they are a part of our activities, I would rather not smell them on you. Go shower."

"Actually…I was about to go do just that. I got a date in like 50 minutes you see, and as you so wonderfully demonstrated, a woman can tell whether the man has been sleeping around."

She paused and raised a brow. "A date you say? With who? Wait, don't tell me…" she took another sip, her eyes closed in thought before she opened them. "It's that redhead isn't it?"

How did she…

"Ohh please, it's obvious." She said with a smile as she leaned forward, her hot breath beside my ear. "When it comes to bad girls like me, you show no mercy but for good girls like her…you're too soft." She blew into my ear and kissed my cheek before walking away, leaning me somewhat speechless.

"Well, that's not really-"

"Have you plowed her brains out yet?" She asked in amusement as she sat on the couches armchair and crossed her legs. Not like it mattered since I could see everything through that dress.

I opened my mouth to say something…then I stopped…then I simply stated, "I was getting to that?"

"I'm sure." She said, her voice tinged with sarcastic assurance.


"Don't be." She said simply. "I prefer your dominating side anyway but if you want to make it up to me…" She smiled as she placed the cup down and pulled down her panties before spreading open her legs, giving view to her thick dripping lips. "Just fuck me a little bit will you?"

"I thought you wanted me to take a shower first?"

She grinned and turned around, her beautiful ass on display for me to see. "I never said we couldn't do both."

Well, …you'd have to be gay to say no to that.

-DC: Gamer-

You have gained 1100 EXP!

You have gained +1 stat points!

"10 minutes."

I put my phone back into my pocket and quickly made my way towards Barbara's place of residence. After having a bit of sex and washing myself off, I was then dressed up by Jaina who seemed to have more fun with it than I would expect.

Dark denim-covered my legs, secured in place by a leather belt. I wore a simple polo shirt and some dress shoes.

Nothing too crazy.

As I made my way along the streets, I stopped in front of an accessory store and thought for a moment before going inside.

Coming out, I now sported a nice looking watch (well, at least I thought it was nice looking). With my attire complete and with three minutes to spare, I hastily made my way over to Barbara's place. As I dashed through the streets of Gotham, the world behind me blurred as I moved between the people walking by me until I finally arrived at my destination.

"And with a minute to spare…" I muttered.

I rang the doorbell as I waited outside the door with my hands tucked into my pockets. I whistled a small tune for a bit until I heard the sound of heavy footsteps approach the door. With a click, the door was unlocked before it opened in full…and then my expression changed.

I stopped my tune as I stared straight into the severe gaze of the Police Chief. His gaze carried the vicissitudes of a man who had seen and been in some tough shit. He stared me down relentlessly for a moment before he finally spoke. "I take it you're Will? Well, you're late."

I blinked and looked at my new watch to see that it was exactly 4:30 meaning that o was just on time. How was I…?

"When you set a time to meet someone and you come just on time, you might as well be late." He explained with a tinge in his tone. "Now come in. Don't keep my daughter waiting any longer."

"…Yes, sir." I said somewhat quietly as I followed him in. Jeez, the guy played the overprotective dad role to a T and he was kind of frightening.

I walked into the house following him from behind where we arrived at what seemed to be the living room. He sat down on the couch and gestured to me to do the same on the furniture opposite form him. I did so without hesitation and simply sat there while trying not to lose my nerves over the man's stare. His expression was completely indifferent, but that just made it even more uncomfortable for me.

Thankfully, he broke the ice.

"Alright, let's start with the girl." He began his gaze becoming increasingly solemn. "Tell me of the circumstances that led to you meeting her." The Police chief asked as he took out a small notepad from his pocket followed by the click of a pen that had appeared in his free hand.

I leaned into the couch and sighed a bit. "I was going to an acquaintance's place and I happened to come across the girl surrounded by some…unlawful individuals. I got her away from there and she decided to follow me back. Thankfully, my acquaintance didn't mind and so Cassandra stayed the night and I brought her here earlier this morning."

"Cassandra huh…" he stated as he noted down some notes. "Did she tell you that name?"

"Well, not verbally at least…" actually, I was pretty sure she never told me her name.

"Hm. How many were there?"

"About 5?"

He paused for a moment, his eyes looking at me intently. "So, you took on 5 men by yourself barehanded and defeated them while still being able to protect a girl?"

"I've lived in this city all my life…I've picked up a few survival skills."

Jim Gordon tapped his pen on his paper as he then asked. "Why didn't you first report this to the police? She would have been handled much sooner there."

I hesitated a moment, deciding and contemplating what and how I wanted to say what was on my mind. "…No offense sir, but I have a hard time trusting the Gotham City police force in general. The only individual who I feel like I can even trust there is you…sir. That's why I brought her here so that I could feel assured that nothing bad would happen to her."

There was a moment of silence after which Gordon sighed and put his pen and paper down to the side. "My daughter says you're a bright kid, someone with a future." He began as his eyes observed me with the precision and intent of a man who had been doing this for years. "I've never seen her so enraptured before by someone else…someone with the drive and talent to go somewhere. Someone with the ability to get themselves off these streets and live a life not consumed by…well crap."

I smiled a bit at that.

"The question is though." He continued, his voice turning harsher and his eyes staring so profoundly into my own that I felt like he was looking through me. "Do you have a destination?"

I blinked.

My mind processed his words, my neurons firing in response to his question, but nothing came of it. No matter how much I thought about it, I could only stare at him mutely. My brain couldn't even come up with an answer to a question this simple.

What exactly was I trying to accomplish?

Did I just want to take it easy and fuck women all day? Slowly grinding my way up in life?

Did I want a life of luxury and influence? Able to command and change the world?

Did I want to live in the shadows and enjoy myself? Manipulating people in the dark?

My mind deliberated…ruminating over what my goals were.

Did I even have any?

I had never given much thought as to what I wanted to do in life before and after obtaining this power. At best I thought I would be able to get some mid-end job at a decent place within the city after graduating from college; that had been my plan going into college. But now…was I going to be satisfied with that?

Of course not.

There was no way I was going to be satisfied with a life of mediocrity. I had incredible power on my fingertips, a power that people would kill for, a power that people would sell their souls to obtain. Out of the billions of people on this planet and the Quadrillions…Quintillions, Sextillions and even Septillions of intelligent life in this galaxy alone and more beyond, I was the individual who had obtained this ability. Why the fuck would I squander it doing something so mediocre?

But then, what did I want to do?

My intelligence and Wisdom were incredibly high and I could already think of numerous ways to quickly climb up the social ladder…ways I could influence the world either through the dark or through the light. I could even increase my stats further to gain a better understanding of well…everything. So the question now was, where did I want to put my skills to work?

All these thoughts zoomed through my mind in mere moments, only a few seconds of silence passing by after the Police commissioner had asked his question. Idly tapping my finger on my knee, I closed my eyes for a moment and sighed before opening them and giving him my honest response.

"I don't have one yet…sir."

There was no change of expression on his face, no sign of disappointment or scorn as he leaned back into his couch. "You're still young after all, no matter how smart you are…" He said somewhat lost in thought as he stared up at the ceiling for a bit. "Ask yourself this question whenever you have doubts kid: 'What am I doing this for?'. As long as you don't lose track of the answer to that question…I think you'll be alright."

I…really didn't know what to say to that. I suppose that even if I increased my intelligence and wisdom, it wouldn't instantly make up for the lack of worldly experience. The man was older and had lived in this city for longer than I had been alive…I only wondered what sort of difficult situations he had been in that had required him to make the tough decisions. In response, I could only nod.

We remained there in silence for a moment until the clattering sound of footsteps coming down the stairs reached our ears. Turning my head, I saw Barbara come and immediately, I couldn't help but internally whistle in appreciation.

Skintight jeans covered her lower frame and accentuated her shapely legs which spoke of years of training and conditioning. Her simple but elegant white silk shirt with a leather jacket while she carried a small purse in her hands. There was very little make-up on her already gorgeous face, the only exception being the shade of lipstick she put on that matched the color of her hair.

Her heels cracked against the floor as she approached us and I immediately felt compelled to stand up.

"You look-"

"You look gorgeous, baby," Gordon said with a smile as he hugged his daughter.

With a beaming smile, she responded with a "Thanks dad." Before she looked at him sharply. "You didn't make things hard for Will, did you?"

"What? Of course not." Jim Gordon said with a smile as he looked in my direction. "We were just having a man to man chat, talking about the future and all that. Isn't that right William?"

I nodded and walked up to her. "You're father treated me well…he gave me a lot to think about so I'm appreciative for that." I glanced at Jim as I said that, the man returning a subtle nod in response.

"Well if you say so…" Barbara stated before, with that gorgeous smirk still ever-present on her face, she wrapped her arms around mine and looked up at me. "Shall we?"

"Uh, yeah," I said with as much suave as I could muster,

She chuckled then looked at the Police Commissioner, "Alright Dad, I'll be back in a few!"

"Alright, you two have fun." He said with a genial smile, how hands tucked in his coat pockets, but then, his expression abruptly changed and darkened. "But not too much fun."

Barbara said nothing as she laughed a bit and turned away before dragging me out of the house. I staggered a bit at the force at which she pulled me and shared a laugh before we began to make our way down the street.

-DC: Gamer-

The sounds of human interaction reverberated around the region in front of the wide doors of the regal auditorium in front of me. People from all types of social classes, both rich and poor, lined up to get inside this building.

I was quite curious as to what type of person would attract guests from such a distinct class of individuals. Looking at the venue they had chosen, however, gave me some insight as to how high up in the entertainment industry they were.

"The Gotham City Auditorium…" I couldn't help but state with a whistle as I gazed at the grandiose construct where the rich folk frequented for their amusement. "And you're telling me that the woman who rented this place out for her show is your friend? Who even is she?"

"She's more like an acquaintance," Barbara said after a little thought before continuing. "I think you've heard of her once or twice; Zatanna Zatara."

I paused.

"Come again?"

Barbara smiled, looking at me with unhidden amusement as she continued to drag me along. "Yeah, she's a professional magician who goes around performing magic tricks for audiences worldwide. I've heard she's pretty good at it too."

No. Fucking. Way.

I looked at the woman on my arms with narrowed eyes, the recipient of my gaze rolling her eyes. "You're telling me that you are somehow acquainted with the greatest magician of our time and that she decided to perform here? How…?"

"A lady has her secrets." She said before leaning in close and whispering in my ear. "And maybe after the show, I can show you mine…"

I remained silent for a moment before smiling internally.

The redhead then turned around before continuing to drag me ahead. "Now come on, let's get settled as soon as we can."

I was, lost in my thoughts as she dragged me into the building, my mind thinking about what she had just told me.

Who didn't know about Zatanna Zatara?

She was a gorgeous magician who had made a name for herself not only because of her incredible ability to capture an audience with her skill but also because of her charisma and attractiveness. She was so beautiful that it was nearly impossible to keep your eyes off of her while she did her magic (pun intended), not that anyone in their sane mind would want to miss out on her fascinating tricks.

In this world where aliens were proven to exist and people could fly on their ability, Zatanna was still able to make a name for herself because she was just that good. I had watched some online videos of other magicians trying to debunk her skill, but every single prominent magician had come to the same conclusion: Zatanna's magic tricks were indecipherable.

It made me wonder now, however, if her magic tricks were just tricks or if they involved something more…Mystical? I was a Homo-magi apparently, so it wasn't far fetched that there were others of my kind out in the world who had awakened their magical abilities. It would be foolish and arrogant of me to presume otherwise. Just thinking about it made me much more eager to meet her up in person, though I wondered if I would even get the opportunity to.

I broke myself out of my thoughts as I found that Barbara and I were next in line to get our tickets checked to attend the event. Walking up, the redhead flashed two decorative tickets that almost seemed to glow and passed it onto the usher whose previously lax expression immediately brightened. He called over an individual waiting on the side and gestured towards us.

"I see. Right this way, please." The new attendant stated as he motioned in the direction we should walk with his hand and followed behind us.

I couldn't say I wasn't a little surprised at how we were being received for this show. We followed behind the attendant as he led us to a viewing booth that lay above the regular viewing areas below. We had a clear and unobstructed line of sight to the stage where the magician would be performing.

Each booth had adjustable curtains that could conceal or reveal the inside of the booth all with the pull of a hanging rope. The entrance to the viewing booths was obstructed by a lockable door, so it was possible to maintain the utmost privacy in each room…

Looking to my left and right, I saw the unobstructed view of the other booths around us. In time, people began to line up into the auditorium and take their respective positions above and below, all the while Barbara snuggly rested on my arm.

I idly tapped the armrest of my chair, my eyes narrowing in anticipation as I gazed at the empty stage below. I was really curious about this woman. It was very possible she was like me and if that was the case, maybe she could teach me a thing or two. So far I had been fumbling around with my abilities, not having any idea about what I could potentially do or how to train in magic.

Right as I was continuing to ruminate over what to expect, the light abruptly dimmed. As the short startled cries and subsequent silence of the audience pervaded the auditorium room, a brilliant spotlight shone on the center of the stage.

"It's starting." The woman in my arms said with her excitement unfiltered.

There was a sudden burst of smoke in a puff that covered the area of the spotlight before it quickly dissipated. A long pole that seemed to reach up to the ceiling somehow appeared from the area of the smoke. I raised a brow at that interesting trick, but I could think of a couple of ways that could be done without magic. My other brow, however, subsequently rose when a woman slid down the pole.

The reason for this?

She was incredibly stunning.

Fishnet stockings were the only things covering her sexy thick thighs which were further accentuated by her high heels. She had long black hair, dazzling blue eyes and nice pink lips that almost begged you to kiss them. She wore a tight-fitting white dress shirt with the same color bow tie and a blazer with long coattails that secured her stage magician look. The entire ensemble was completed with the classic top hat and wand.

The clack of heels against hardwood signaled her landing.

And the crowd erupted in applause.

"Well, …she sure knows how to get people excited."

I was met with a dull stare courtesy of Barbara. "Did she get you 'excited' too?"

I couldn't help but smile a bit. "Someone did, but it certainly wasn't her."

"You and your slick tongue." She said with a playful scoff.

"You have no idea how slick my tongue is."

"Ohh yeah?" She asked challengingly before she deftly straddled me, her arms rested over my shoulders. "Show me."

I couldn't help but exaggeratedly sight. "It seems like I have no choice but to accept your challenge."

She smiled.

I grinned.

Wrapping my arms around her, I pulled her closer to me and captured her lips with mine, immediately reveling in their softness and…taste?

I broke away for a moment. "Strawberry huh?"

"Who doesn't like strawberries?" She said matter-of-factly

"Well, even if I didn't before, I do now." With that, I kissed her once more, this time making sure to intrude her oral cavity with my slithering tongue.

She moaned and pressed her body up tighter against mine while her hips started to grind up against the growing bulge in my pants. I reached my hands down and grabbed a handful of her firm ass and pulled her closer, her body grinding itself even harder against my groin. My dick was pressed painfully against my pants as most of the blood in my body streamed towards my second head.

Ahh crap.

I could feel my dick twitching madly.

If I released here, it would be an extremely discomforting mess to sit and deal with…

My mind sank deeper into its hazy lustful state while the beautiful redhead on my body continued to exchange oral fluids with me. The feel of her heartbeat against my chest as her soft breasts pressed up against me…the warmth of her soft skin…the movements of her hips…If this carried on…!

My eyes snapped open.

Slowly, I eased my way into finishing the kiss before I broke apart from her. A thin strand of saliva connected us for a moment before it too broke apart. I couldn't help but lick my lips at her lingering flavor.

Barbara's face was red while her breathing rate was greatly elevated. She stopped grinding herself against my uncomfortably bulging cock and decided to simply rest on my chest, not looking at me in the slightest. "…I think your tongue was alright."

"Just alright? It seems like we'll have to practice again later then." I said with a smile on my face.

Though, I internally sighed.

I was this close to losing my sense of reason during that moment…if it hadn't been for Talia lecturing me (literally only a few hours ago) about controlling myself, I probably would have just said 'fuck it' and bent Barbara over. This place, however, was probably not the right place for these kinds of activities.

Ever since I had awoken my magical Incubus half, my lustful appetite for women had grown and grown without showing any signs of abating. It was to the point where I felt that Gamer's Mind wasn't going to be as effective if this went on. I legit couldn't go more than a couple of hours without thinking about fucking a woman's brains out (unless I was sleeping. That didn't count).

Ok so maybe, just maybe, I had a bit of an issue controlling my sexual urges…

That might become a problem…

I was brought back to reality as Babara quietly stated, "…Why don't we focus on why we came here?" I could tell she was still a bit flushed, which I found adorable.

Seeing as I needed to calm my hormones down (aka, my raging boner which Barbara had taken the liberty of sitting on as she lay her back against me), I couldn't help but agree with that sentiment. "Why not? I'm curious to see what tricks your friend can pull out of her hat."

With a little more invigoration in her tone, she slightly shuffled her body position and stated with a smile, "Trust me, I think you'll have a good time".

"I like the optimism, but I'll be the judge of whether she lives up to her hype," I said while focusing on the performance ahead.

Zatanna gave a dazzling smile to the applause for something she had done earlier that I had completely missed…not that I regretted it in the slightest.

"My next trick is something that you've all no doubt seen before from magicians new and old."

She explained through the speakers.

"But what I can't make up for in quality, I'll make up in quantity."

It took me only a moment to understand what she meant as she took off her top hat and showed the inside of it to the audience.

"As you can see, it is empty, but now…" Turning the hat's cavity upwards towards the ceiling, Zatanna took out a wand and waved it in the air a bit. "With just a little bit of magic..."

She touched it to the hat.

There was a short moment of silence…

A dove suddenly flew out of the hat.

I raised a brow and remained silent as nothing else happened for a few moments, while the rest of the crowd seemed to mirror my sentiments-

Another dove suddenly flew out…

Then another…

And another…

Three more flew out…

Followed by an additional five more.

Then more and more and more birds flew out of the hat in a circumstance that should have been physically impossible. No, there was no physical way she could have hidden that many birds in her clothing and/or in the hat without it having been grossly evident.

How had she…?

"Don't tell me…"

I carefully spread out my mana awareness to feel the flow of energy in the atmosphere. Its ebb and flow were stable but I didn't go too close to the magician just in case she could really use mana. I wasn't sure how she would act to my presence so it was best that I was cautious…more so than I had been all the time following after I obtained my roommate.

The doves circled the magician and flew throughout the crowd, some landing on certain people and chairs while others continued to flap around. One even made it over to our viewing booth and landed on Barbara's shoulder before pecking her cheek.

"That tickles," Barb said with a smile as she stroked the bird's feathers causing it to preen happily.

Then, it turned its gaze towards me and simply stared into my eyes as if it wanted to look at my very soul.

I blinked. "Um, hi birdy? How's the weather in that hat? A little toasty I'd presume?"

The avian creature, however, didn't seem to have a sense of humor as it stared at me unconditionally for a moment to the point where my skin was starting to feel uncomfortable from its gaze. "You know, I don't think it likes me much."

"Don't tell me you're put off by such an adorable little creature?" Barbara said smugly.

My face twitched and I reached out my hand to touch the bird-

It immediately flew away along with a flock of other avian creatures before they once more circled Barbara. The speed of their circulation rose exponentially to the point where I could only see a few blurs of white surrounding the magician before in a puff, the birds all inexplicably disappeared.

My body froze.

For a moment, just the tiniest fraction of time that I could perceive, I could sense the mana shift subtlety. It was such a minuscule change, that I would have completely missed it if not for my mana awareness being right at the edge of the occurrence.

"Magic…" I couldn't help but mutter.

She could manipulate mana.

The only traces of existence remaining of the avian creatures were the floating white feathers that were slowly dropped to the ground and piled in a circle around the magician. Silence dominated the auditorium as Zatanna Zatara bowed for a moment.

Then the stadium erupted in applause.

I could hear some loud whistles as well, as the people went crazy over that 'cliche' magic act and stood up while excitedly showing their enjoyment. It was well deserved too because while I could probably replicate the first part of the trick through the use of my inventory, I had no idea how I would be able to replicate the second trick…

Who was this woman truly?

My eyes narrowed as I contemplated something before my curiosity easily crushed any sort of reservations I could have possibly conceived.







My blood ran cold.

My brain stopped working.

For just a moment, I could feel an overwhelming fear creep into my spine while the hairs on my skin stood on end.

Then immediately, I felt my emotions settle down courtesy of Gamer's Mind. That, however, didn't stop my body's natural response to the completely unexpected situation that had just occurred.


How had she blocked the information display from Observe? If her level was too high, there should only have been "?" at most, but this…

How could observe just be blocked like that? And by another homo-magi no less? As a matter of fact, what even was observe as a skill? How exactly did it function if it could be detected and blocked out?

There had to be a rational explanation for this. The cosmic entity had said it was weakened so it is completely possible that she was simply able to bypass my skill with that fact in play. I truly didn't know who she was or what she was capable of so it was possible that I was simply thinking too hard about the situation.

Either way, this meant one simple fact.

This woman was undeniably more powerful than I was at this moment in time.

Well, this sucked.

"-ool wasn't it Will?"

The sound of the voice snapped me out of deep thought. It took a moment for my brain to catch up to what Barbara had said, though. "Yeah, cool..."

Luckily, it seemed like Barbara hadn't noticed as she soon after followed up with, "Ohh look, she's waving at us."


I almost felt my heart stop beating for a moment as I turned to see Zatanna waving right at our direction while the crowd went wild from another trick she had pulled. She then stared at Barb and me for a moment before winking, but I somehow knew…she had been staring at me from the very beginning.


You have received a mental message. Would you like to accept it?


My heart rate increased exponentially for a brief moment, however, my mind remained calm. Time seemed to slow as I looked ahead and gazed at the options before me. I then focused my sight on at Zatanna who was looking straight at me with a somewhat surprised and contemplative gaze.

What to do…what to do…

Answer it?


Become a magician and try a vanishing act?

Decisions, decisions…

I mean, I suppose I could just vanish right now and stay in my ID for a period of time, but not only would that likely not help my relationship with Barbara, I wasn't sure if I could hide from this magician forever. I also could excuse myself after the show regardless of what the message said, but that still lead to the issue of how long I could hide from a magician whose capabilities I had no clue about.

Ohh look, now she seemed a little bit annoyed.

I selected Y immediately after.

Don't freak out just yet, I just want to talk. I promise I won't try to banish you to hell or something...not unless you give me a reason to. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

How was this supposed to leave me with any confidence? Wait, hell was legit too?


You have received a mental message. Would you like to accept it?


I hesitated for a moment while tapping my chin before clicking Y once more.

How can you block my telepathy? Wait, you're too much of a novice to be able to respond with an answer but then how can you…You know what? Never mind. Just meet me afterward and don't try something stupid like pulling a vanishing act.

I'll find you.

Right as soon as that message was completed, my perception of time suddenly returned to normal and I now noticed that I could hear sounds again.

My eyebrows jumped in surprise.


There was no way...

Did she just?

"It seems like the next act is starting," Barbara said excitedly before she perked up as if remembering something. "Ohh yeah! After this, we can go backstage and meet her. Maybe you can learn a thing or two about how she got so far."

I strained a smile. "Sure…"

My luck was AIDS.

This was why you never tried to screw with fortune.

-DC: Gamer-

So here I was in the backstage VIP area with Barbara in hand while I put up a front of calm indifference to the going on around me. Well, I was calm, but even if my mind was steady, that didn't mean my body didn't naturally have its own reaction to the circumstances I was in right now. All those physiological reactions to stress: Increased heart rate, body temperature, and breathing rate, were making this situation even worse for me.

There were some rich folk here and there mingling with each other while the guest of the hour had yet to make her appearance.

Aside from the small bits of terror seeping my bones throughout the entirety of the show, I found her display of magic quite fascinating. If it wasn't for the fact that I wasn't quite comfortable being on the same planet as her, I would have been very glad to meet her acquaintance. It would have been fine if I had been able to, at the very least, only see question marks on her stats but for her to be able to do what she did…

Maybe I was blowing things out of proportion and she had just applied a pretty fancy magic trick, but not only my rational mind but also my instincts agreed with each other (for the first time) that Zatanna Zatara was not someone I wanted to take lightly. To be honest, I wanted to smash, no question about it, but that wasn't something my body and mind thought would be good for my reproductive capabilities if I tried.

I then noticed that the room had become quieter while the clicking of heels against hardwood floor echoed throughout the room. The alluring form of the female magician herself made its presence known as she captured everyone's attention.

The people flocked around her, greeting and showering her with pleasantries. She deftly and expertly circumvented each person who came up to her with a few words and a polite goodbye. She flicked eyes towards me from across the room and smiled before giving me a wink.

My face twitched.

It felt like forever as she finally separated from all the people that had been surrounding her and appeared in front of Barbara and me with the same charming smile on her face. She turned to focus on Barbara and spread her arms. "Barb."

Her face beaming, Barbara Gordon reciprocated the action. "Zee."

With that, they embraced each other for a moment while I simply stood to the side, trying to make myself as invisible as possible. I got a distinct feeling it wasn't working though…

They separated after which Zatanna asked. "Where's daddy bird? Don't tell me he got caught up with work tonight?"

"Well, with the Gotham city Arkham Asylum breakout, you can say that things have been a bit hectic," Barbara stated with a distressed sigh. "I'm sorry he couldn't make it, but you know how he is."

"Indeed I do. That aside…" The magic woman began as she finally glanced my way. "Why don't you introduce me to your handsome friend? Very few people can get your attention from what I remember."

Barbara perked up. "Right! Zee, this is William." She began as she gestured towards me. "And Will, this is Zatanna. I usually just call her Zee."

"Pleasure to meet you." Zatara stayed with an outstretched arm.

Keeping up with my facade, I shook it. "The pleasure is mine."

With a grin on her face, Zatanna looked at Barbara before asking, "Hey, you want to get us some drinks real quick? I want to get to know your friend in the meantime."

With a pleasant smile, Barbara agreed and began to walk away.

Immediately, Time seemed to slow…No, it wasn't that it seemed to slow but that it was slower…I could see everyone else move and talk in an extremely slow manner while only Zatanna and I remained in 'normal' speed, relative to us of course.

This kind of power…it made what little magic I had been able to create by myself look like nothing more than cheap 1$ parlor tricks that you could find at any convenience store around the block.

Manipulating time?

What type of bullshit was this?

I literally couldn't even begin to comprehend how such a thing was even possible with any form of power…was this the level one could reach with mastery over the arcane?

Zatara and I stared at each other for moments on end, her eyes seemingly gleaming as she stared into my own while I simply tried best not to let too much of my trepidation show.

"So, you're the magical and demonic presence I sensed…" Zatara finally began as she stated while looking me up and down. "An Incubus huh…but only half and also a homo-magi lineage…" she muttered a few things under her breath as her eyes glowed. "What I don't understand is how you were able to block out my telepathy despite being a novice user of magic…?"

It seemed like she was talking more to herself than asking me a question, further exemplified by when she finished while idly tapping her finger against her chin. She returned the grin to her face as her eyes focused on me. "I will be honest, I was planning on dealing with you like usual when I first sensed you, but that was before I found out that you weren't spawned from hell. Now, I just don't know what I should do with you. At least my trip here wasn't wasted…"

"You could always just leave me alone." I said, providing a quite reasonable solution to this situation. She wouldn't have to deal with me and I wouldn't have to deal with her. It was a win win.

"And where would the fun be in that?" She stated as she stepped up closer to me, however, I couldn't help but take a step back. "Oh come now. Don't tell me you're not interested in all. Of. This." She stated as she cupped her hands under her chest and winked playfully.


Sex was fantastic and I wouldn't be able to have it anymore if I stopped existing, thank you very much.

"I think I'm good for now. Thanks for the offer though."

If both my mind and my lustful instincts were telling me to not fuck with her (Both literally and figuratively), then there was a high chance that staying away from her was the smartest decision to make.

She seemed somewhat put off by my rejection as she pouted slightly. "I can't believe an Incubus of all creatures rejected me. You do like women right?"

I just have her a blank stare.

"Hmm, guess so then." She said in thought. "Maybe it's the human half of you that's suppressing your usually insatiable urges…?"

I took a step back. "Maybe you're just not as attractive as you'd like to think you are." Yeah, that was a lie fatter than the obesity epidemic in the U.S.

"Wow, you know how to bring a girl down." She said with an exaggerated sigh.

I smiled a bit uneasily. "Then, you think you can leave someone who has no interest in you alone?"

"Unlikely." She said while stepping forward.

Immediately, and without any warning, she was right in front of me, her arms already wrapped around my waist. My body's first instinct was to freeze and freeze I did as I failed to conjure any means of getting out of this situation.

How had she…?

"The only reason you can perceive the rest of the world as slowed down is that I allowed it." The sexy magician girl stated as she pressed up against me, though my body wasn't reacting how it typically did in the presence of a well endowed woman.

"What do you want from me?" I asked simply. Honestly, if she wanted to fuck me, she could just say so and if she wanted to kill me or banish me to hell or whatever, she could just do it. I wasn't really feeling it with her at this moment.

"Nothing." She stated as she released me from her hug and slipped a palm into my chest as she touched my bare chest. "I just need to keep an eye on you for now. Magical beings who lose control of their instincts can cause quite the problem you see." She explained as I felt a cool sensation on my skin.

Eyes wide, I quickly stepped away from her and took off my shirt before looking at the intricate design on my skin that had most definitely not have been there before. It was two triangles overlapping each other like the Star of David while a circled encompassed them.

"What is this?" I asked in mild anger as I remained still, not knowing what I could even do against such an opponent.

"Relax, it's not meant to harm you," Zatanna explained halfheartedly. "It's a two-way tracker so I can find you and you can also find me."

My eyes narrowed in suspicions. Why would she design it to be two ways? Didn't that kind of negate the point of putting this thing on me in the first place?

"I hope you can understand, but Incubus tend to cause problems when they can't control themselves." She began. "I want to keep tabs on you, but you also need someone to help you control your magic. I would rather have you train in a controlled environment where I could evaluate you. Channel a bit of mana in that little thing and you can find my home."

I furrowed my brow while my mind thought intently. "Why would you help a stranger you hardly even know? And teach them at that? I'm sorry if I find your act of goodwill to be a bit disconcerting, but I have trust issues with people who can manipulate time like their little bitch, you see."

She chuckled a bit. "Let's just say that I find you…mystical, even for my standards. How you can block my telepathy as a clear novice mage is beyond even me and shouldn't be possible, yet here you are."

"The fact that you are trying to gain access to my mind in any capacity doesn't shower me with much faith in you. What makes you think I'll even bother coming?"

"Aside from your rampant curiosity and desire to learn how to harness the power you have…" she began as she leaned forward, exposing a bit of her cleavage as gravity did one of the greatest things it could have possibly done in this situation: giving me a little sneak peek of the goods. "I highly doubt you'll be able to resist."

I had to take a deep breath and separate myself from her. "I think I'll fair fine without you for a while." It wasn't like I didn't already have many women I needed to satisfy anyway.

She stood up straight with a knowing smile on her face as she asked. "Tell me, how many women have you captured so far?"

My expression immediately hardened.

"Come now, I know a thing or two about Succubus and the like." She said with a wink. "How many has it been? 2? 3? You're a little new to the game and you have some self-control so I doubt you've accrued that many bodies."

I remained silent and vigilant. I wasn't sure if it was some sort of transgression that I had captured the minds and bodies of women through sex and made them seemingly wholly devoted to me…yeah, I could see where that could be an issue.

She laughed at my difficult expression for a while before suddenly appearing behind me and patting me on the shoulder.

My heart nearly stopped again. "…If you're trying to kill me by giving me a heart attack, you're making great headway."

"Oh, lighten up." She said as she slapped my back playfully, though I certainly wasn't in the same mood. "As long as you don't try to make Gotham into a city-wide whorehouse, I can't say I care much about what you do, although…" The temperature suddenly dropped a bit as she appeared in front of me and looked me directly in the eyes. "You and Barbara seem to be hitting it off well, huh? She's a grown woman so she can make her own decisions, but I'm not sure how much I agree with her choice."

"She's a grown woman who can make her own choices.."

The temperature then returned to normal. "You're right, it's ultimately up to her and seeing as you haven't slept with her yet, all her current actions are because she genuinely likes you."

"How did you…?"

"A link." She began. "When something like an succubus or Incubus sleeps with an individual and said individual ingests their bodily fluids, a sort of link forms between them. It is possible to detect it depending on how strong both individuals in question are." She quickly explained in summation. "In any case, one hasn't formed between you and her meaning that you either don't want to sleep with her, which, let's be honest, is highly unlikely."

I couldn't disagree with that statement.

"Or…" she paused and skimmed through my eyes making me feel a bit uncomfortable as she smiled wittingly. "You might like her a bit more than you let on and you might be having second thoughts about sleeping with her because you are worried about would it would do to your relationship…"

I thought for a bit…but I wasn't even sure what I could say.

I liked Barbara a good deal. She was probably the first real person I could consider a friend and spending time with her was always enjoyable for me. I could confidently say that I liked her, but we literally had only known each other for like a little bit over a week. I highly doubt I felt anything more than that.

"Aww, that's so cute!" She said with a wide grin. "Just an FYI, if you do plan on having sex with women, then as an Incubus I think there are some things you should be aware of first"

I raised a brow. "Yeah...?"

"First thing's first." She began looking at me seriously, "Have you gotten anyone pregnant?"

I blinked.

Now that I've thought about it again, I had never actually worn any when having sex. Now obviously, I knew this was a terrible idea and that at all times it was best to practice safe sex, but I just couldn't help it. That being said, I really hoped they didn't get pregnant…

"Don't worry, the likelihood of any random woman you've been sleeping with getting pregnant is near 0 anyway," Zatanna stated as she waved off my concerns. She paused for a moment as if trying to find the best way to say whatever it is she wanted to say. "Well, two conditions must be met for creatures like Incubus and Succubus to conceive a child." She began before lifting her index finger. "First, you have to want a child, subconsciously or consciously, for you to impregnate a woman. Easy enough to understand since it would make sex difficult if Incubus had no control over that aspect of life."

I supposed that made some sense? I mean, we were talking about magical creatures here so there wasn't much I could say about the fact that we could control if we wanted to get someone pregnant or not.

"And the second condition, well…" she pursed her lips and explained. "It's not necessary per say, but simply put, having some feeling of love for the woman you are having sex with makes it near guaranteed that you'll have children with them Now, isn't that romantic?"

I furrowed my brow.

Well, that was some fairy tale bullshit.

"Hormones or something," Zatanna said with a shrug as she saw my confusion. "You release something from your brain when you're in love that does something to your body that makes your sperm even more viable. I could care less since I typically just banish any Incubus I come across to hell if they cause too many problems, which they tend to do. In any event, if you do like Barbara, I would recommend playing it safe because even if you don't want anything unforeseen to occur, your half-human lineage might mitigate the conditions somewhat. Welp, I think I've acted like the perfect info dumb. I've said everything that's needed to be said."

And with that, she snapped her fingers.

Immediately, the noise began to fill the room once more as the people began moving at normal speeds again.

Zatanna and I stared at each other silently, the former smiling while I just remained blank.

I realized...

I don't think I liked her much.

Thankfully, I was saved from this moment of awkwardness as Barbara came back with drinks in hand. "Here you go." She said as she handed them to each of us.

I took mine and looked down at the footing ice cubes, my mind somewhat lost.

A lot of things had just been thrust into my face at once and I had no idea what to make of it all at this single moment. However, there was one question still on my mind, gnawing at my skull.

What exactly…did I want?

Edit: Zatanna isn't all powerful or anything, nor can she overpower the system. Let me start with that.

"Observe" is just a skill Will has, and like all the other skills he has, its strength is tied to Will's proficiency in the skill and his personal strength.

With that being said, Will observing Zatanna and her blocking it from sensing her is just her blocking the skill and not the system itself.