Chapter 2: A New Home

Hello and welcome to what I guess is the first real chapter of this story now that the typical intro is out of the way. Small note I removed the flight ability for a bit felt like it should be done just a little later. The name Shin was just a random name I picked since I couldn't think of something better. Something I would like to say to clear up a review is mc isn't going to be shota when i made the first chapter I was thinking with more detail than I actually put. He won't be a shota just about the same height as most of the characters. Some characters are known for being on the taller end like yuugi so I just wanted to have a couple laughs. Anyway nothing new here besides my slow writing speed so onward to the story.


Everything hurts. I don't think there's anything that could compare to that. Groaning "Some warning would have been nice you know… Hold on what's wrong with my voice." I definitely sound younger than I was before. Opening my eyes I was met with a dusty floor? I slowly stood up taking in my surroundings. I was in a hallway? There was a thin layer of dust on everything. Why did everything look bigger? "Why am I in a freaking teenageers body?! What did you guys to my body!"

[Changes in your form are the result of the following Penalties]

[Big Things Come in Small Packages: Users body will be stuck in a teenage form.]

[Your current form is:]

[Age: 16(22) | Height: 5' 4"(~162cm) Hair: Black | Eye color: Grey]


Speed: C+

Strength: C

Intelligence: B-

Vitality: C+

Max Magic: C-

Magic Power: C

[Skills: Eastern Dream(limited):]

?'?: Dark Power(1/5): Magic and Strength increased at night

Magic: You can use magic.

Deep breathes… "Really you made me a teen for as long as I have that penalty. That's just wonderful thank you." It wasn't really that bad they could have done worse but with my height. I was lucky I was at least average height... for girls. Looking around I couldn't place where I might be. I expected to be near Muenzuka or someplace that I would recognize at least but instead it looked like I was in someone's abandoned home. It wasn't falling apart but I could see some cobwebs and smell how musty it was.

Looking forward at what I assumed was the front door I walked over and looked outside. The sun was shining and from the small lights dancing around some trees I'd say there was only one place I could be. The Forest of Magic; the same place where Marisa and Alice live. As amazed as I was at the beauty of the forest this wasn't good. While the forest was known for being relatively safe some youkai still lived there and I definitely wasn't strong enough to defend myself. Going back inside I asked the system "Where am I and what's with these stats?"

[Quest: Relics From the Past : Rank D]

Explore your surroundings and find out where you are.

[Reward: None]

[Stats show your relative ability in a given area. C rank is average for humans.]

[Dark Power is a partial skill of Eastern Dream. To unlock the abilities of Eastern Dream you must interact with the inhabitants of Gensokyo and learn more about them. Requirements follow but some skills may have additional requirements. First skill was given for free.]

Level 1: Meet them and exchange names

Level 2:Play a game of Danmaku with them

Level 3: Achieve friendly status with them/ Capture 5 of their spellcards

Level 4: Become good friends with them

Level 5: Locked behind Event Quests. Event Quests will appear after reaching Level 4.

"So I get stronger by befriending them? Well that's interesting but….oh no." I just realized a major problem with this. Sure it sounded good having everyone's power by simply meeting them but how would beings with the power to instantly kill you react to someone with so much power? Fear often leads to bad choices that could lead to me getting killed. I'd have to be real careful to use a lot of power or unique abilities where others can see. This would be tricky and why they restricted it the way they did made sense now.

As far as the quest goes that doesn't sound bad. Whoever's house this is or was it doesn't look like anyone has lived here in years. Looking around a little more I found a small living room with some pictures of young kid with red hair in witch outfit. She didn't look like anyone I could remember from the recent games but she did seem familiar. Looking around a bit more I found a rather small kitchen with a stove and a fridge they looked like they used to be powered by magic but whatever kept them going had long since gone out. There was a room with a kid sized bed, stuffed animals, and some books ranging from kid stories to the basics of magic and alchemy.

Opening up the last door though had my mind racing. It was obviously the larger bedroom with bed that looked unused but on wall next to bed slightly glowing was a very iconic staff. Longer than I was tall was a silver staff with a crescent moon on the top. Above it was a large portrait of probably the most infamous person in the pc-98 games. A mature face, long green hair, in her blue and white outfit, and a blue sorcerer hat with a white bow. "Mmm-my gg-god, she's real." sure Zun may have written off the pc 98 games as non-canon but Mima especially maintained a good following with many fans wishing for her to return in the next game. Seeing her staff knowing she was real was surreal; the pictures made sense now that was Marisa when she was young. Heck even my ability made sense now; Mima got stronger when the sun had set and the moon had risen. She wanted to kill off all of humanity at first by taking the power of the hakurei though it looked like after being defeated by Reimu she appeared to cool off a bit. Reimu had sealed her but Mima was strong enough to break free of the seal a month later. "This is just to cool." This was where Mima raised Marisa, where she taught her everything, her home.

[Quest Compete: Find out where you are]

I slowly backed out of the room. Mima was someone you didn't want to make angry though that did make me wonder "If her staff is here then where is she? I mean she's not weak and people don't really die in Gensokyo.".

[New Quest: Finding the Lost Magician | Rank: A ]

Locate the whereabouts of the spirit Mima.

Oh.. That's definitely a quest I can get behind. While she isn't my all time favorite in Touhou but she's definitely one of the characters i'd like to meet. Anyway I moved back out to the living room to lay out my sleeping bag. Marisa's bed was to small and Mima's room was just a little too creepy to sleep in. I put my backpack down next to it and went back to marisa's room to grab a book on the basics of magic. If I had really gained the ability to use magic a little bit of studying wouldn't hurt. But as I grabbed the book.

"Hey, who are you?" it was a kid's voice but that didn't stop it from scaring the hell out me.

"Whaa.!" I spun around as fast as I could looking at the small form infront of me.

[Black Cat of Ill Omens: Chen Yakumo : Threat LV: B]

Chen? What was she doing here? Shouldn't Yukari or Ran at least be here to make sure I'm not dangerous? She was cute with a red dress and a green hat covering her cat was trying to look stern but it wasn't working very well.

"HEY. Can you hear me?" she got even closer to me. She was about a head shorter than me. I should answer her "Oh sorry, you startled me that's all. My name is.. Shin. What's your's?." Why did i say Shin? My name was...Shin? Had the system messed with my brain?

She looked visibly happier breaking away her "stern" appearance. "I'm Chen. It's nice to meet you. Ran sama was busy with Yukari-sama so she sent me, her greatest Shkigami to find out who you where." She looked proud before her hands flew to her mouth "Oops iwasn't supposed to tell you that now Ran-sama will be angry. Wait you won't tell her right?" She had a slightly worried look in her eyes.

My god she's adorable this is precious. I shake my head "Sure I won\t tell her, but who is this Ran and Yukari?" The cat youkai smiled brightly "Ran-sama is the bestest, she's nice and her tails are really fluffy there so nice to sleep in. Yukari-sama is nice to but she's kinda lazy. Ran-sama does her work for her all the time…. Wait don't tell Yukari-sama I said that. She's not lazy, nope she's funny and that's it" Hehe even Chen thinks Yukari is lazy, this is too good.

I offer my hand to Chen "It's nice to meet you Chen. I'm not really sure how I got here though. I just woke up a little while ago." It wasn't a lie I didn't know how the system got me here but at least I was dealing with Chen so it shouldn't be bad. She nodded "Hmm, you're probably just another Outsider that slipped through." She stood straight up and smiled, "Well, Looks like your here now so I'll give you the greatest welcome.". Her tails where moving faster now. She gave me a slight bow "Welcome to Gensokyo, It's a really fun place full of beautiful Danmaku games."

It feels good to hear that. Sure I'll have to be careful no to die young but there's no place I'd rather be than here. Before I could say anything she ran off "Byyye, I have to tell Ran-sama I did good. I wonder if Yukari-sama let her go yet".

If the rest of my interactions are even half as good as that I think I'll be fine.

[Eastern Dream Unlock]

Chen Yakumo Lv1.

Speed: Speed Increased 1 rank

So that's how this works. That's good but I'm still sore from getting this ability. I think I'll Study this book on magic then go to sleep. I can't help the smile that comes to my face. "I can't wait for tomorrow.


Speed: C+ - B-


Well that's it for chapter 2 I hope you enjoyed it. I felt good after I got started it was neat to see people all over the world come take a look at my little first chapter. I do work 5 soon to be 6 days a week so I can't promise updates as fast as this one but I will work on this story and post the next chapter as soon as i can.

I'd like to think i came up with a clever way of limiting Eastern Dream to not break things for quite a bit. I'm using letters for stats because I don't want to work out the math of abilities. If I were to do that I think I'd burn myself out. I don't think anyone was expecting it to be Mima's ability right off the start but I figured eh why not she doesn't get enough love in fics nowadays. I can't promise when she and the other pc-98 characters will make appearances but know they will eventually. I'd like to think that I made this a good sized chapter not sure on how big it is yet but it feels right to me. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to dm me or just leave it in a review. If you have any ideas on penalties or maybe rewards you might like to see that's fine I'm just having fun with fic.