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The Trial-Prologue


The sound of traffic was the only sign of activity that was consistent that night. Nightwing lowered his binoculars, even neighboring blocks were quiet. He reached into his belt and took out his scanner, all that was reported was petty theft and false alarms. He let out a sigh, getting up from his crouched position he stretched his back. Then bent down to touch his toes.

"I thought my night was bad."

In an instant Nightwing took out his escirma sticks at the sudden voice. He then relaxed.

"Jason, what are you doing here?" slight annoyance in his voice.

Jason jumped down from the ledge he was on. Walking over to the other vigilante. "Well, I thought I'd check-in on my little brother."

Nightwing placed his weapon on his back. "Last, I checked I'm older than you."

Jason came to stand beside Nightwing looking out at the city. "I meant Damien."

"Hm." Dick said as he resumed his stretches.

Jason crossed his arms. "You know, I can't decide if his cocky-arrogance is inherited from his parents or if it's just his way."

Dick looked at Jason. "Both."

Jason couldn't help but smirk at that answer. "Seeing, as he wants to rule the world with his merry band of misfits and Gotham is actually not folding in on it's self in terror I thought I'd come and see you."

Dick stopped. "...I guess I'll take that as a compliment."

Jason huffed. "Oh, I'm sorry did you want an elliptical with those yoga moves?"

Nightwing simply raised his hands in surrender. "Easy. I'm just not used to you being on my turf is all. Have you talked to Bruce?"

"Tt, you're kidding, right?"

"I thought maybe ice has smoothed over for you two." Dick answered.

"Just so you know there will be no smoothing over. At least, not from me."

"You do realize Bruce, isn't the most easiest to talk to when it comes to feelings."

Jason became stern. "Best you drop this before I drop kick you into the next building."

Dick laughed. "I'd like to see you try."

Jason stepped forward. "I'm serious."

Dick gave a knowing smile. "C'mon, I've been in this life for a long time, experience alone puts you to shame."

Jason couldn't help but bait the challenge. "Yeah, well I can hold my own, wonder child."

"Awe, this is cute display of brotherly affection."

Both men turned their attention to the familiar red head. Jason crossed his arms. "Hardly, more like forced enjoyment."

Barbra laughed. Joining them. "Clearly, there is fierce testosterone being thrown out in the open."

"Oh, god. This isn't a booty call. Heard enough stories as it is." Jason groaned

Barbra drew in closer to Nightwing giving him a kiss. "You want to watch?"

"I'd sooner throw myself in the lazarus pits." Jason mumbled.

Dick deepened the kiss then dipped her, causing Jason to roll his eyes. "Very Mature, guys."

When they parted Barbra pointed. "Looks, like I'm not the only one blushing."

Jason gave an incredulous look. "Get over yourself."

Dick grinned. "Oh, yeah. Giving carrot top a run for his money."

"I will toss you over the ledge, I swear it."

Dick put an arm around Barbra's waist. "He gets so cute when he's mad don't you think?"

Jason tried his best to stay intimidating but the joyous air between him and the couple just made him drop it all together.

"You two. Are hopeless."

Barbra placed a finger to her chin. "Hmm, I wonder do you kiss?"

Jason stepped back. "Don't even think it!"

"Awe, come here."

Dick laughed but the warmheartedness was broken as an explosion sounded in the distance. The bat trio ran to the roofs edge.

"Out a ways, propane line?" Batgirl asked as they say the plume of smoke rise.

"Could be, best check it out." Nightwing stated taking out his bat hook.

"Can't do anything just gawking at it. C'mon." Jason barked out before he leaped off the edge

Barbra followed suit followed by Nightwing. By the time they arrived they found it was a car that was lit on fire. In an abandoned parking space behind a abandoned store.

Jason approached the car while Barbra and Dick scouted the space. Jason looked to both of them as they stepped forward.

"No one inside."

A cry sounded bringing everyone's guard up. Barbra looked over to see a figure beside a trash container. She ran over to see it was woman. Hands and legs bound together.

"It's ok, you're safe." she said as she tore the tape.

Then she cried out as the woman gave a dark chuckle and lunged at her. This brought Jason and Nightwing to unsheathe their weapons as three more figures appeared attacking them. All three engaged in their opponents. Effortlessly, each attacker caved, running away. Jason lowered his gun as Nightwing ceremoniously put his weapon back in place.

Barbra frowned then looked at her partners. "That was weird."

Jason sheathed his gun. "She's right, that was a little too easy."

Then all three were startled as static burst in their ears. Barbra clicked her ear piece. "Batgirl to Batwoman, come in." she was unsettled. "Coms are down."

"Something is off." Nightwing turned to Jason. "I think we..."

A bang ripped through the night air, Alarm rippled through the space, as Barbra and Jason watched as Nightwing collapsed hard to the ground.

"Nightwing!" Barbra shrieked as she ran to the fallen vigilante.

Jason saw movement up on a roof top. In one swift movement he took out his gun and shot at the figure, running.

Dick was was wide eyed as he clutched a hand to his head. Barbra supported him as she came beside him.

"No no no, Hey, Babe Hi, hi. Dick stay with me! Stay with me!" she choked out.

Dick desperately tried to focus, his blue eyes riddled with agony and fear. He gasped, his body failing him as his limbs began to shake.

"B..B..Bar.." he sputtered out.

Batgirl felt her heart drop. As, Nightwing, jerked in her arms fighting to stay conscious. "Dick! DICK!." she looked over at the other vigilante, his efforts failing to get the criminal. "JASON!"

Jason cursed, before he turned and ran to his fallen brother. He quickly was at nightwings side.

"Nightwing! Hey, Richard! Richard!" dread quickly replaced his anger. "Dammit." He removed his glove with his teeth placing two fingers against, Dicks throat. "He still has a pulse. We need to keep pressure on the wound.

By now Barbra was a mess, barely keeping it together as Dick went limp in her arms. "Oh, my god Jason!"

"Barbra, you have to get it together. We need to get him to a hospital."

Barabra turned her tear filled eyes to Jason. "We can't transport him like-like this. No one can hear us, Jason."

Jason gritted his teeth. "That isn't true."

Barbra cradled Dick to her as she uncontrollably sobbed. Jason fired off his gun several times into the air.

"HEY! HEY! I know you have super fucking HEARING! COME ON!" He yelled as he fought the panic rising with in him. He fired off another round. "SHOW UP!"

A sound burst caught both vigilante's attention. Barbra relief was dampened by her remorse.

"B-Barry." she choked out.

Barry's eyes widened as he took in what he saw. "What happened?"

Jason stalked over to the superhero. "He needs to get to a hospital."

Barry knelt down beside Barbra. "It's alright."

Barbra brushed her arm over her eyes. "No, he..he can't show up to a hospital like this."

Barry placed a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I will take care of him."

Barbra watched as Barry gingerly lifted Dicks' limp body in his arms. "I'll take him to Bludhaven Memorial."

Then he was gone. Jason helped Barbra to her feet. "Barbra, we need to go now."

Barbra barely, felt herself stand. The only thing she was aware of was the blood that stained her hands.


The doors to the ER burst open. "What do we got?" a doctor asked as she met the paramedics.

"Male mid twenties, GSW to the head. unresponsive, BP 120 over 60 and dropping." the male paramedic stated.

"Lets get him in trauma 1 have OR on stand by. lets move!"

As, Jason and Barbra entered the ER Barry was standing there to greet them. Barbra was simply dressed in a blue tank, ripped jeans and a long brown cardigan, her appearance was contradicting to the strong Bat family she was a part of. Tonight she was a young woman barely holding it together for the man she loved.

Jason wore a red jacket and a grey t underneath and jeans. His demeanor was anger, towards the situation, towards, the man who fired the shot, but most of all angry at himself. He approached the nurses station.

"Can you tell me what you have done with a patient brought in here? Richard Grayson."

"Oh, I'm sorry I don't know the details." the nurse stated.

Jason banged his fist against the counter. "How the hell do you not know!"

Barry stepped forward looking at the nurse. "Sorry, he's upset." He grabbed Jason by the arm. "Jason, this isn't going to make things easier."

Jason glared at the nurse then looked at Barry. He ripped his arm out of Barry's grasp, then walked over to the waiting area. Barry turned to Barbra, her red hair a mes as she fiddled with the ends of her sweater. He gave a sympathetic look.

"Barbra, I'm so sorry."

She tried to muster up a smile, just then the doors opened behind them. When her eyes landed on the older man she went to to him.

"daddy." she managed before she wept in his embrace.

"Barbra, it's alright sweet heart I'm here."

Barry walked over to where Jason stood by the vending machine. "Listen, I'm going to go. Bruce has been on a mission with the league for the last few days. By now they should be back. I'll let him know."


Barry turned to leave.


Barry nodded. "Lets, hope it was enough."


Barry entered the hall of justice. As, he approached the league Hal smiled. "Barry, since you weren't here. You get to be the one to work with the titans."

Artthur laughed. "It wasn't all that bad."

"You weren't the one trampled by a kid elephant." Hal reminded.

"Good work everyone." Cyborg announced. "Peace has been restored once more in the galaxy."

Hal's smile diminished some at the solemn look on the speedster's face. "Hey, you alright?"

Barry made his way toward Batman. Clark also, noticed the lack of joy from Barry.

"Bruce, Dicks been shot."

Batman remained silent. Barry swallowed. "It's not look'n to good. He's at Bludhaven Memorial."

Batman ran out of the hall. A hand on his shoulder stopped him. Clark looked at him. "Let me get you there."

Bruce didn't argue as he took hold of Clark's hand, knowing full well he wasn't strong enough to do it on his own.