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The Trial- 2

The ticking of the clock dominated the small space. Barbra leaned on Alfred's shoulder as he stared at the magazine open on his lap. Jason lay on the floor his feet and legs resting vertical against the wall eyes staring up at the ceiling. Damien sat beside his father who gave comfort to his youngest simply by draping his arm along the boys shoulder's. Tim paced...paced...and paced, cracking his knuckles as he normally did when he was bored or stressed. The clock ticking became so loud that Tim broke.

"I'm heading to the bathroom." he announced not even waiting for a response.

Jason sifted his mind over and over wondering how he could have missed it? How could all of them missed it. The not knowing was boiling the frustration and worry up until finally he broke.

"Ugh, I'm going for a walk."

He walked out. Barbra shifted her head causing Alfred to look at her. "Do you need anything Miss Gordon?

"...I'm ok."

Alfred looked at Bruce sitting across from him. Damien stood. "I think Tim had the right idea."

Bruce didn't bother to question as the boy exited. Jason walked back in moments later taking up his usual spot. He couldn't manage down the end of the hall without wondering if he missed hearing an update.


Tim made his way back from the bathroom walking back to the waiting room, he hated hospitals. Never been in one before and so far he wanted to tear everything apart. The smell...the smell was the worst. He walked passed a vending machine then paused seeing something that caught his eye. He walked over to the vending machine then peered around it to see a space between it and the wall.


Damien quickly brushed a hand over his eyes as he gathered himself together. "Hey, any word?"

"Hope not, would really tick me off. If something happened while I was in the bathroom."

Damien stood. "Not much better beside a vending machine either."

Tim fell into step beside Damien. "You ok?"

"Yeah...just needed a minute."



The ticking was persistent As the night hours gave way into the early morning, everyone had rotated positions to not get stiff in one place. Alfred rose from his spot coming over to Bruce.

"Master, Bruce perhaps, you should get master Damien something to eat."

Damien gave into sleep resting against Barbra. Bruce shook his head. "He doesn't need it right now."

Alfred placed a hand on Bruce's. "I think it best you do."

Bruce knew this was Alfred's way of getting him out of his own head. Just then a nurse came into the room.

Barbra tapped Damien as everyone got up.

"Looking for the family of Richard Grayson."

"We are his family." Alfred answered.

"Is he out? Is he ok? When can we?"

He raised his hand up to ease down the questions fired at him. "Looking for immediate family."

Bruce got up. "I'm his father."

"By blood?"

"His parents died when he was a kid." Barbra said stepping forward. "Is everything alright?"

"We need to know more of his medical history. It's just a precaution."

Jason fumed. "We've been sitting here for hours and you came by to ask us a bloody fucking questionnaire!"

"Jason." Tim warned placing a hand on his shoulder in attempts to calm him down.

The nurse blinked. "huh...the doctor will be out momentarily to fill you in."

Everyone looked at Jason as the nurse briskly left. He scoffed shaking his head. "I know...I know.

Footsteps alerted them to the doctors, both looking exhausted but the lead surgeon stepped forward.

"We, just took him up to ICU he made it through the surgery. However, we ran into some complications."

"Complications?" Bruce managed out.

"He suffered a cerebral edema causing us to perform de-compressive craniectomy."

Tim closed his eyes as his tiredness played with his mind as he tried to figure it out. "W-What is that?

"Brain Swelling, had to remove part of his skull to relieve the pressure." Bruce answered.

Barbra raised her hand to her mouth turning away while Tim slowly sat down in his seat Jason diverted his eyes to something other than the doctor letting out a shaky breath through his nose. Damien chewed the inside of his mouth as took his own seat.

The surgeon was a bit surprised at the accurate description; he carried on. "That is what took us longer. We placed him in a medically induced coma until the swelling comes down. We'll let you know more once he's settled."

"Thank, you. Doctor."

Silence. The room again was ticking. Growing louder and louder.

Tim rose from his seat, picking up the chair he brought it over to the clock. "I have HAD it with this STUPID clock!"

Bruce placed a hand over it to prevent it from moving earning a angry huff from Tim who then stormed off out of the room.

"I got him." Damien reassured as he followed his brother.

Barbra bit her thumb her eyes darting over to the clock. "He's got a point."

Jason walked over to her. "Hey, why don't you go home get some rest."

"Gee, I don't know Jason. maybe it's because my boyfriend is fighting for his freaking life!"

Jason crossed his arms a long his chest. "It wasn't a question but whatever...do what you want. To hell with this."

"Master Jason."Alfred firmly stated.

Jason lowered his arms. "Listen, old man. If you think you can-"

"Enough." Bruce warned. Clearly not wanting any unnecessary drama. "Everyone is tired. I get it, but none of what is happening in this room right now is helping Dick. From here on out we will be on shift work, those who are not staying in the hospital is going home to sleep, shower and whatever you need to blow of steam. Barbra that starts with you and Tim. Alfred take Damien with you."

"But-" Barbra began but surrendered as Alfred ushered her out of the room. "Bruce, you will tell me if anything changes?"

Bruce nodded.


"I don't get it Bruce...I was right there. I was right there and I missed it."

"What happened?"

"It was a simple mission. Nothing out of the norm...at first." Jason ran a hand through his hair. "Burning car on the outskirts of the city. No one inside. Barbra caught sight of a woman tied up. Per usual next thing we know we were ambushed."

"Why didn't you send for back up?" Bruce asked half part anger the other confusion.

"Because after a few blows, they turned tail and ran like damn cowards." Jason anger diminished some as he was brought to the final moments. "..We all knew it was off but then Dick was on the ground. We were just standing there like idiots! I fired a few rounds but nothing landed at least didn't have the chance to go back and look."

Both Bruce and Jason turned to see the first rays of sunlight peak through the ER windows.

Bruce ran a hand over his face. "Can't change anything that has happened, at least, for now."

Jason couldn't remember the last time he and Bruce actually had a decent conversation but it was certainly messed up on how it came to be.


"I want to make it clear. This journey will be a long one, as trauma's like this usually are. No one comes out being shot in the head without repercussions. Now, Mr. Grayson is a young fit healthy man those are all strengths in his corner but this is a monumental obstacle that he faces and he will NOT be able to do this on his own." the doctor explained.

The group in front of her took in every word being said. The small waiting room was filled with them a moment of silence fell on them as they processed the information.

"What are we looking at recovery time?" Tim asked.

"Your looking six months to a year. It really depends on the individual, of course there is a risk for set backs."

The doctor watched in awe as she saw the lack of emotion coming from the oldest to the youngest. Though it sure was heartbreaking to hear this.

"Side effects." Bruce stated not so much a question but an order.

She swallowed. "The symptoms can vary."

"Out with it." Jason added the first real anger she did see from the group.

"Memory loss, black outs, seizures, mood swings, muscle weakness, nausea, blurred vision, fatigue lack of appetite.. If you want to learn more we have pamphlets for you to read. There free." she suggested.

Like that was going to make this any easier. When silence began to become too much Barbra got up from her chair.

"Can we bring him home?"

"It's not likely he will be-" her pager went off. "I'm sorry, I have to go!" she quickly sprinted out of the space.

Alarm rippled through everyone as they heard the words.

'Code Blue ICU Code Blue ICU.' came over the PA

To a room full of vigilantes, with all the skill, with all the power, with all the gadgets, with all the technological advances at their disposal and there wasn't a blessed thing they could do about it. Truly sucked.

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